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File 135697667354.jpg - (336.54KB , 960x1115 , xiii.jpg )
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When you read all the hate online, it's easy to think that FFXIII was the blunder of the century, but it sits comfortably in the the top 10 best selling FF games. Its sequel, while not as successful, still sold ok. And with its limited development costs it probably made a decent profit.

Unfortunately... it doesn't like SquareEnix will learn any lessons from FFXIII. The decent enough sales will only encourage them to do more of the same with slight variations. Final Fantasy is finally dead.
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>> No. 178625
Like I said.
>> No. 178626
They're really turning her into their own Elmyra aren't they?
>> No. 178627
Either you meant Elvira, or you and I have very different memories of Tiny Toon Adventures.

File 137142603539.png - (688.26KB , 1283x955 , dullahan.png )
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Ye olde thread: >>173756

Was overwhelmed with nostalgia when I saw EpicNameBro start a Vagrant Story LP. But since I left my original copy with my parents, I had to emulate it, which worked surprsingly well. It's still fucking fantastic amazing spectacular. You should all play it.
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>> No. 178611
Overgrowth (Alpha) Gameplay Verdictyoutube thumb
Only watched a few short demo videos of it a few years ago. Seems to be coming along somewhat nicely, I guess? The mechanics look amazing, I just wish there would be an actual game to accompany them.
>> No. 178615

File 137488886779.jpg - (32.67KB , 800x566 , igns4[1].jpg )
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ITT the best vocal /cog/ related tunes

Starting with a couple easy ones:
Melodies Of Life - (English) -…youtube thumb
Silent Hill - Room of Angelyoutube thumb
Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru …youtube thumb
We Love Katamari Soundtrack - …youtube thumb
Portal 2: End Credits Song 'Wa…youtube thumb
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>> No. 178336
I was kind of shocked to see OC Remix only had one single Psychonauts remix on the site. I thought the game's soundtrack (and heck, anything Peter McConnell does) was ripe for remixing.
>> No. 178339
Get rid of the s in https
>> No. 178426
Aka so bad its so good!
Also look in the comments for the bigget wtf.

File 137460770775.jpg - (83.34KB , 500x728 , 600full-blastfighter-poster.jpg )
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>> No. 178269

This game does look quite good, but I still have to wait for a console release.
>> No. 178273
Looks a lot like Metal Slug, in a good way. Also, are those Paul Robertson Sprites?
>> No. 178276
Yup, the whole game was drawn up by him.

File 137400065256.jpg - (107.18KB , 430x323 , medieval-ii-total-war-20061117040135501.jpg )
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Okay this is sort of random but can anyone give me advice on how to NOT SUCK as a general in Medieval II Total War (Kingdoms)?

I bought this game on the cheap awhile back, installed it and played a bunch of skirmish battles to try and get a feel, and got wasted 90% of the time, think I managed to scrape by in 2 siege battles with high losses.
After reading an LP for Shogun 2 I really just want to go back and atually play it this time.

And so this isn't a totally superflous thread how about making it a Total War... General?
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>> No. 178227
File 137470744428.jpg - (49.43KB , 850x400 , quote-it-is-better-to-be-feared-than-loved-if-you-.jpg )
Answer me this, High Dread or High Chivalry

I say Chivalry, because I am a friend of justice!
>> No. 178252
Are you making sure you are retraining the right units in the right facilities?
>> No. 178255
File 137477349283.jpg - (76.81KB , 432x648 , 1336998480521.jpg )

File 134627184736.png - (302.29KB , 500x410 , tumblr_m9j3m1wjDc1qfh2bxo1_500.png )
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I don't know if seeing the Leviathan is really worth all the shittyness added to the plot by the DLC. I mean, like, I'm conflicted.
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>> No. 174635
As a consideration, any kills made in the Mako earn one-third experience points. Weakening them with the rover, hopping out, and finishing them off yourself gives normal experience. This includes parking the thing on top of Geth mechs.

I tried doing a full playthrough myself recently, but the Mako really needs forward boosters or something.

If I recall correctly, some enemy types scale but just as many are fixed. Level has a bigger impact on loot, from enemy drops and the shops.
>> No. 178239
Gods damn it.
>> No. 178241
File 13747538562.jpg - (52.91KB , 450x1080 , TaliConcept1.jpg )
Oh that's nice they flat out fucking lied about her design process then.

File 137429652656.jpg - (22.41KB , 320x240 , Deus+Ex+1[1].jpg )
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/cog/ when and why did the war on good HUDs begin?

Like most things in life, Deus Ex figured things out years ago: almost everything you could want to know was up there whenever you wanted it, and everything else was clearly shown a mere click or keyboard press away.

Nowadays, devs seem bound and determined to conceal information from the player, to force us to open up menus and fuss with them for an age to find out what should just be up on the screen to start with. And don't get me started on replacing a nice, helpful health display with that red screen garbage.
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>> No. 178159

I don't know what game you were playing, but Mario 64's health bar never goes away unless it's been full for several seconds.
>> No. 178165
It still occasionally annoyed a bit that it didn't just stay there. Not all that much, but I never appreciated it getting out of the way. There quite simply was enough room for it, and I'd rather such a thing be static than move around needlessly.
>> No. 178170
Actually, now that I think about it, Mario 64 was released back when CRT televisions were more common and avoiding screen burn-in was more of a concern.

File 137436128283.jpg - (253.52KB , 1280x720 , 611500_20120906_screen002[1].jpg )
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ITT we celebrate the games that are just straight up fucking insane

Pic related, it's Way of the Samurai 4. The WotS series in general has a tradition of being batshit, but 4's pretty much the top. Two Best Friends did a basic video and then a playthrough series of it. And here's a Giant Bomb QL for 3: Quick Look: Way of the Samurai 3youtube thumb
>> No. 178122
I am a big fan of the WotS series.

The plots can be crazy-awesome samurai goodness, yes, particularly in sidequests. and yes you are right in saying 4 is crazier than the previous games.
>> No. 178158
>> No. 178166
I still think it a pity that we never got a Wii port. The gyroscope would have been excellent for controlling it, and having the sounds of things you collect come out of the Wiimote would cause smiles.

Oh well.

File 137020176778.jpg - (566.33KB , 1280x933 , tumblr_mnrs8cBJ3v1qzwtdlo3_1280.jpg )
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The demo is resoundingly being praised right right now.
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>> No. 177855
It's a joke. He's pretending the manga doesn't exist because it's turrible.
>> No. 177875
Have you heard of pukachevs gun? If not, look it up.

Now consider this: pukachevs penis
>> No. 177876
Ooooh...the "original" part should have clued me in.

File 137311902192.png - (205.30KB , 300x369 , Grand_Theft_Auto_V.png )
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I have a question and I'm not trying to be insulting or a dick and I'd just like to know.

Does anyone care about Grand Theft Auto anymore? like Five is what, 3 Months away? The only time I ever see anyone talk about GTA is in relation to how Saints Row is way better.
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>> No. 177734
File 137357195645.jpg - (142.15KB , 1087x402 , No this isn't real.jpg )

Japanese are very humble culturally, they naturally have a tendency to downplay their own achievements when being polite.
>> No. 177741
>all that Engrish
I riked it
>> No. 177744
I made up a number.

I understand, but I'm not talking about just that.

File 136117625842.png - (458.02KB , 900x720 , team_lung_cancer_2_by_liquidsilk-d3hus4e.png )
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Gonna g'head and start us a new one to revive interest and since the last one's kinda outdated in OP and topic.

Topics to start!
>NECA Action Figures and their code for Genuine Classless Update hats
>The announcement of the Chess Set. What Classes are what pieces?
>Steam Market beta and how you can make half a dollar off DOTA2 invites: or; How I learned to stop worrying and price crates at over 300 dollars each (go look, I ain't kiddin')
>Incoming Promotional Items. Brutal Legend Hair and Taunt and Demo/Scout Sneakers.

I've also found a lot of good fanart to fill the thread out with.
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>> No. 177447
One of the reasons I like the TF2 fanbase is that it's the one place where I can like TF2, Portal, Half-Life, and L4D all at once. On Tumblr the Half-Life fans are over there hissing at the Portal fans, refusing to accept that the two games canonically share the same universe, the Portal fandom keeps to itself, and the L4D fandom also keeps to itself.
>> No. 177448
I heard TF2 fanbase on Tumblr has pretty nasty shipwars (seriously? fucking seriously? shipwars in fucking TF2?) so you should probably also stay the fuck away from them. A few years ago I remember the Sniper/Spy and Ukescout fangirls on /v/ of all places were already bad enough, and I bet those who've moved onto Tumblr have probably festered into the worst type of yaoi fangirl.
>> No. 177516
Thread locked since it's the older of two dueling threads. New thread (fetishist butts and all) is >>176971.

As a note, if someone posts a new General before the old one hits auto-sage, feel free to report it so it can be deleted before it gets traction

File 136579840763.jpg - (118.46KB , 494x750 , tumblr_ml3zfsJvde1qcbajko1_500.jpg )
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>> No. 176833
New events posted for Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess.

>The newly announced dates for Season 1 and Second Quest include:

>Season 1
>Baltimore, MD; Meyerhoff Symphony Hall; July 27
>Newark, NJ; New Jersey Performing Arts Center; August 9 & 10
>Grand Rapids, MI; Devos Hall; October 19

>Season 2 "Second Quest"
>Austin, TX; The Long Center; June 29
>Philadelphia, PA; Mann Center; July 25
>Toronto, ON; Sony Centre; September 7
>Seattle, WA; Benaroya Hall; September 12
>San Jose, CA; San Jose Civic; December 14
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 177327
Majora's Mask Symbolism! Moon …youtube thumb

Majora's Mask Symbolism! The F…youtube thumb

Majora's Mask Symbolism! THE E…youtube thumb

It nearly took him to the hospital but it's finished.

A decent anaysis of the symbolism of Majora's mask. Though I wish he went into the tower of babel stuff anyway.

Anyway it's a good way to kill an hour.
>> No. 177328

File 13724067621.jpg - (322.06KB , 1920x1080 , xrenLAE.jpg )
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>> No. 177178
>Gaben has three chins
>HL3 confirmed.
>> No. 177222
So we're still playing the waiting game?
>> No. 177228
Can one truly wait for something that will never happen?

File 137031285970.png - (425.77KB , 950x515 , sod-logo-1024x555.png )
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State of Decay is confirmed for being available for download from Xbox Live on the 5th, this Wednesday.

Anyone else (really, really) looking forward to it?
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>> No. 177088
Bloody hell after the patch I'm seeing way more ferals than usual
>> No. 177170
which base is best?
>> No. 177189
I'd appreciate it if any replies to this used spoilers or kept it vague.

File 136098980968.png - (36.26KB , 500x300 , 624781-lets_play_super[1].png )
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Watching people play video games. Started on Something Awful, went other places.

Master List

Giant Bomb
Two Best Friends
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 177078
And so I did not have to pay for this game.
>> No. 177128
Best Friends Beat Em' Ups - Du…youtube thumb
Guys VS Games - Disneyland Gen…youtube thumb
Guys VS Games - Disney's Alice…youtube thumb
>> No. 177305
Dark Soullllssssyoutube thumb
I wish his streams would be longer and more consistent.

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