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File 137142603539.png - (688.26KB , 1283x955 , dullahan.png )
176236 No. 176236
Ye olde thread: >>173756

Was overwhelmed with nostalgia when I saw EpicNameBro start a Vagrant Story LP. But since I left my original copy with my parents, I had to emulate it, which worked surprsingly well. It's still fucking fantastic amazing spectacular. You should all play it.
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>> No. 176243
>Kingdom Hearts L2/R2 camera control
Wow, it has been a long time, I really don't remember that. What was the R stick used for again? And any word of them changing that for the HD Collection?
>> No. 176247
File 137144186891.jpg - (23.59KB , 256x300 , j.jpg )
Has anyone else played this yet? When you're not focused on Leeloo's ass, this is a pretty great game. (see: girls in games, mis cis tumblr, etc)

At least, good concept with some neato mechanics (see: memory changing) and a solid twist on a simple intuitive fight system.
>> No. 176261
File 137144440570.jpg - (161.02KB , 1280x720 , Go203cS.jpg )
Yes I played it. Actually played it too hard and stayed up all night to the point I got sick.

It wasn't the most amazing gameplay but it was enjoyable and I liked the plot. Also the aesthetics of the setting and Nilin's abilities.
>> No. 176266
If they can wrangle a sequel I think the game would play better as an open world along with fine tuning the mechanics (not making the combos so locked into certain patterns and making the memory remixes a bit more variety instead of just one solution things)
>> No. 176267
There are only 4 times you can memory remix and they are all boring, you just roll around an option until it does something. The combat is simple, but can be very hollow when you get to the point where you're just dodging until that brief moment where you can attack once or twice. And according to Tiki, there are some serious bugs you can get.
>> No. 176277
It's used for switching between commands like the D pad. They do give the option of using it for camera control in the HD collection, thankfully.
>> No. 176290
I like the idea of a combo being a pre-set series, and you tuning in results to capitalize on them. Combos to access your toolkit gives the endless punch punch kick punch an edge.

That being said, the point where you stack your combos to only do two-button recharge (ala: dodging endlessly until you can turn on your real ass-beatin mode) kind of shows it's flaws. I'd like to see the idea taken further, moreso focusing on player skill before stopping at instant-health punch.

Memory remixing too, could use a lot more attention. What could be, and seems-to have been at some point, as key point in the game had a ton of potential.

Honestly, I thought the plot was one of the worst parts of the game. The aesthetic was spot on, as was the overall world/feel, but the plot you had to take to get there borderlined on parody. Your guide is Edge, who wants you to take down the man and throws vague pseudo-Fight Clubs at you the whole game.

I'm not going to lie, when I got the gist of the game, I was expecting Ghost in the Shell: Mirror's Edge Forever and I can't bring myself past that crushing despair.
>> No. 176294
File 137148599934.jpg - (280.04KB , 1281x959 , wasted design.jpg )
No, seriously you guys. Play Vagrant Story. One of the best games ever made. You don't need a beastly PC to emulate it. And it holds up so well.
>> No. 176296
What the shit, I JUST got done watching the Gametrailers Final Fantasy Retrospective and then I read this.

Also guys? Brutal Doom is fucking awesome. Just sayin'.
>> No. 176300
Ah, the days of when Square was still good. So good.
>> No. 176309
>Rhianna Pratchett not working on Mirrors Edge 2

well that is a strike against it.
>> No. 176314
What did she do for the first game that was so good? I wasn't particularly impressed with it, or with Heavenly Sword for that matter.
>> No. 176325
Moreover seeing how Tomb Raider turned out in the Narrative I thought she'd be better with Mirrors Edge this time around. Shame she wont get the chance apparently.
>> No. 176335
Good to know Spoony still has the touch.
>> No. 176350
>Of course that’s not all, and Respawn started working on the game without any exclusivity in mind. Things changed when they realized the potential of the cloud feature brought by Windows 8 and Xbox One.
Welp, there goes my interest in that game.
>> No. 176353
File 137157228387.jpg - (111.61KB , 679x612 , 1330051114717.jpg )
>they realized the potential of the cloud feature brought by Windows 8
>> No. 176363
Tom Francis talk about the success and future for Gunpoint, as well as continues to prove himself to be the hero the industry needs, not the one it deserves:

>> No. 176372
wah what are we going to do on the hitsoundyoutube thumb

I suddenly wish to play TF2 again.
>> No. 176373
Content Patch - June 18th, 201…youtube thumb

Regarding Dead Rising 3, Capcom actually came out and said "We want the CoD audience."
>> No. 176374
Alright, only a month or so until the Steam Summer Sale.

I belong to a survey site where I get "points" (displayed as US$, but it's not) that I can trade in for gift cards and stuff. 99% of the offerings don't interest me at all, but you can get Gamestop gift cards (Gamestop is how I got in in the first place.) So before the Steam Sale I'll get a $50 wallet card from Gamestop with these gift cards and go crazy buying more games that I won't play for years. :3
>> No. 176376
And it has to be the month where I'm spending a week in Oshkosh with my flight school. Damn you, Gabe. Dam nyou.
>> No. 176377
Be honest here: Do you not have enough unplayed games to last you till Halloween sale?
>> No. 176379
I have enough to last me until the Halloween Sale in 2015. http://steamcommunity.com/id/tukaro/games?tab=all
Note how many of those have no hours on record.

And that's only on Steam; I have two games in UPlay and a dozen or so boxed games. And that's only on PC; I have another 40ish titles spread across three consoles and three handhelds.

But I'm still going to give gaben so much money. :(
>> No. 176383
Content Patch - June 18th, 201…youtube thumb
>> No. 176390
File 137158838951.jpg - (598.15KB , 1763x1080 , waitwhat.jpg )
So this screenshot from the upcoming Civ V expansion was rather interesting.
>> No. 176394
What is? Can you summarize it? Not gonna watch the whole thing. Totalbiscuit is grating to me.
>> No. 176397
>Totalbiscuit is grating to me.
You and me? We tight.
>> No. 176407
Old news. The developers decided that Paratroopers needed a late-game upgrade.
>> No. 176408
File 13716008847.gif - (0.95MB , 500x265 , tumblr_moba2dSbOD1stlzxpo1_500.gif )
Dead Rising 3 is seriously the fucking worst.
>> No. 176410
"Get yourself a PEN."
I'd play the shit out of a Re-Animator simulator making formula selecting lab locations getting test subjects.
>> No. 176411
Wait there is a dr3 coming? This is the first I've heard about it

Oh its an Xbone game, never mind
>> No. 176412
File 13716031347.gif - (967.60KB , 500x265 , tumblr_moba2dSbOD1stlzxpo2_r1_500.gif )
Make it like a combination of X-Com and Spore where like, you can just mix and match bodies and then send your minions out to semetaries guarded by Sheriff's, swat guys and Hill's "Survivors."
>> No. 176413
It's an Xbone game with pay to win, brown and targeted to the "call of Duty" crowd.
>> No. 176415
Freshness matters, also intelligence breeds better thinkers but they are also prone to instability and biting you in the ass.
>> No. 176416
OH MY GOD YES, Timed Corpse freshness and possible turning on you is THE BEST IDEA EVER, put in an element similar to like in X-com where using explosives destroyed the parts you can recover where in this it would be like you try to kill the opponents without mangling their bodies too much.
>> No. 176426
... This I have to concede.
>> No. 176464
File 137162852641.gif - (1.39MB , 240x252 , R2qFh.gif )


Must-have Final Fantasy VI Adv…youtube thumb
>> No. 176473
Was looking forward to playing games and listening to the Giant Bombcast during it. Turns out that is kinda impossible with how fucking low they mix the sound for those. Never really noticed since I usually work while listening to it. But goddamn that messed with my plans for today something fierce. Either no playing games or no listening to Bombcast.
>> No. 176476
Man, tell me about it. Giant Bomb really needs a good sound guy.
>> No. 176491
File 137166186638.gif - (2.51MB , 350x224 , 1371661510788.gif )
Pls no, Witcher 3.
I'm broke. Pls.
>> No. 176557
It's so wavy
>> No. 176565
File 13717022926.jpg - (419.70KB , 1680x1050 , witcher2.jpg )
Playing The Witcher for the first time.This game is pretty great! Although the fact that it's built on the Aurora means that it keeps giving me flashbacks to the tens of hours I spent playing Neverwinter Nights in my youth, haha.

I've got a little problem, though. I've finished Haren Brogg's quest in chapter one (to kill the drowners that were fucking with his stuff) but the cocksucker's disappeared. It doesn't seem to matter what time of day I go around that dock area, he's not there. And if he has a house, I can't find it. Any advice?
>> No. 176567
Real time fur engines.
>> No. 176570
I really need to get back into that game, I'm a couple hours behind where you are.
>> No. 176576
Due to a lack of a steady income, and parents who try to dissuade me from buying games a lot of the time, most of my games are gifts from friends, all of which are greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart, and they're all games from 2-3 years ago that have gone down to $20 or less. I've even told my friends not to spend more than $20 on a game for me.

So a short while back, it was my birthday. I got a couple games from friends, plus the DLC for said games. Again, all of the games were $5, $10 at most.

Another friend proceeds to flip out at me when she sees the games come up on my Steam feed, calling me an entitled rich asshole who gets things whenever I want from Mommy and Daddy, and then proceeds to buy herself several games, all of which are more than the total cost of everything I got for my birthday.

>> No. 176630
File 137176154663.jpg - (56.14KB , 1536x1152 , 1371759180470.jpg )
Tell me about Halo, /cog/. It seems to have quite a bad rep because of dudebros, but I think it looks interesting. Is the singleplayer worth the time?
>> No. 176632

I've only played the first one. It was enjoyable, good mechanics and weapons. Decent story and writing. Great aesthetics. Only problem was that the level design was unbelievably repetitive. Recycled area after recycled area. One level, the Library, has become infamous for it, but the whole game was like that.
>> No. 176633
With the occasional talk about how AAA games are overblown and over-budgeted, I wonder if anybody's really down a breakdown of the average budget for mainstream projects. Hell, how much of that money goes to the actual development? Most of it seem to go towards marketing, licensing and big name talent.
>> No. 176634
...Yeah, I would too.
MAX IS WEAK!!! The Videogame Dilemmayoutube thumb
>> No. 176637
>that deep feeling of shame when the Wii Fit Trainer comments on how inflexible you are
>> No. 176673
Check 12:50ish in this video
Let's Play The Witcher Episode 5: Ambiguityyoutube thumb

This LP is all I can say as far as seeing the game's directly is concerned though.

And speaking of The Witcher, turns out Times of Contempt comes out in English on July 1st! I'm still reading the Song of Ice and Fire novels, but that's cool to know.
>> No. 176681

Yeah, I figured it out like twenty minutes after posting that.

You know, the one thing that really bugs me about the combat is that Geralt takes a year and a half to take his sword out, and if you've got a fight right after a scene transition or a door you don't have the option of having it already out. Groups of enemies can seriously fuck up your health bar in the time it takes him to get ready to fight.
>> No. 176701
>Most of it seem to go towards marketing, licensing and big name talent.
Everything wrong with business in a fucking nutshell.
>> No. 176702
and by big name talent I assume you mean actors instead of developers.
>> No. 176706

Ouya is truly everything we knew it would be: total garbage.
>> No. 176721
I doubt everyone on this board is a subscriber. TNTs are still getting archived on Twitch. Ouya stuff starts at 54:00. Though the Last of Us multiplayer match was also kinda interesting. But yeah, that thing was even worse than I imagined. What a piece of shit.
>> No. 176732
File 137184786630.png - (8.87KB , 300x300 , 137088785541.png )
>In a local restaurant, having a late lunch with a co-worker
>there's a family of, I assume at least, Russians as it sounds like they're speaking that.
>almost choke to death on my food when one actually says "Chiki briki iv damke"

I blame stalker generals.
>> No. 176736
File 137184941753.jpg - (66.02KB , 475x302 , fear-and-loathing.jpg )
They had to restart the system just to add a second player.
>> No. 176738
Using a PS3 controller, which is annoying to set up for PC as well sometimes. Ouya still looks like crap, though.
>> No. 176740
File 13718546228.png - (190.10KB , 270x378 , really.png )
His expression says it all.
>> No. 176741
Honestly, I'm still interested in the Ouya, if only because
1.) Like everything nowadays, it's hitting the ground running, so of course it's going to suck at first. From what I'm seeing, most of the problems (so far) are software-based, which is fixable.
2.) From my perspective it really isn't fair to put it in the same lane as the main three consoles. It's really seems more aimed at a niche-in-a-niche like the Steambox platform (the gaming/home theater PC crowd).
3.) It lowers the barrier for indie devs who want to get their feet wet with little hassle.

At worst, there will be lessons to learn from its failure. After it comes out.

Games like COD and Battlefield are not sold on technical merit (ha) alone, and publishers tend attract people from other fields (screenwriters, comic book artists/writers, movie stars....) to anchor non-gamers. But yes, among people who know their vidya "big name talent" could refer to well known/popular developers. But then, "big name" and "talent" being used together would probably be very contested in those circles, I think.
>> No. 176742
I'm more concerned about issues with control latency. That's a big problem. Like, HUGE.
>> No. 176762
I feel like there's more to gaming than just "hardcore" and "casual" fans. It's a really blurry spectrum, and I think it's partially because a lot of people have very different gaming habits.

What I haven't seen discussed often are people who only seem to like one genre, or one franchise, even (example: I've met people who only play Pokémon, and could not care less about gaming otherwise, and I've met a couple of people who are content to only ever use their XBOX for HALO and Netflix, and nothing else, or people who only play RTS games, or only MOBAs), and never seem to step out of it, or be interested in doing so. I'm guessing for some of them it's difficult to persuade them to play anything else, although for others it may be just a lack of knowledge of anything outside the one thing that piqued their interest.

There also seems to be a group that just hops from AAA title to AAA title, with no real theme in what they play other than it's the big release of the moment. Granted, this happens a lot with films, too. The trend seems to be to play the big hyped thing once, finish it, and never replay it again.
>> No. 176765
Inside Titanfall: Official Beh…youtube thumb
I like the subtex I hear, "yo dog, I hear you only care about the multiplay so we put the epic campain stuff in it!"
Just like Killzone 3.
>> No. 176774
This game looks FUCKING AWESOME. It's a roguelike/metroidvania thing with crazy traits and a whole bunch of other shit.
>> No. 176775
Yep, pre-ordered it.
>> No. 176778

I remember TB looking at this game a long time ago. It's 5 bucks on GoG right now so I grabbed it, it's quite enjoyable, even if the dialogue occasionally makes me want to kill myself.
>> No. 176779
File 137194252828.png - (319.07KB , 1362x768 , mini rogues.png )
Oh God, this game is dangerous. It has the typical roguelike trap of "Just one more try. Real quick.". But it's so much fun. Loving all of the secrets you can find. It feels a bit unfair at times, though, even if you are expected to die a lot. Some room configurations are just downright impossible to clear without getting hit.
>> No. 176783
You have my full attention.
>> No. 176785
File 137196221814.jpg - (42.58KB , 640x360 , Ratigan is going to lose his temper quite soon.jpg )
>replaying Silent Hill: Downpour
>Overlook Penitentiary
>don't get to keep all the ammo and health I hoarded in the town proper
>bullshit enemies everywhere

There are a lot of things I like about this very strange and admittedly very uneven game, but this last section IS NOT FUCKING ONE OF THEM JESUS CHRIST GODDAMMIT.
>> No. 176786
Classic Game Room - REMEMBER ME reviewyoutube thumb
>> No. 176793
File 13719900643.jpg - (119.22KB , 1024x576 , Killer-is-Dead-DLC-10.jpg )
Killer is Dead 'E3 2013 Traile…youtube thumb

The new Killer Is Dead trailer looks promising.

As is the...first DLC episode.
>> No. 176809
Still better than homecoming
>> No. 176812
I thought the combat in Homecoming was refreshingly dynamic, if glitchy at times, and I found myself genuinely afraid of fighting common enemies (rather than thinking "goddammit not again" as I do in Downpour) for the first time since those baby headed assholes in The Room.

Basically, I like all the games. The only one I'd never want to replay is the first one because DAMN that shit did not age well.
>> No. 176844
File 137215076988.png - (144.20KB , 1000x757 , Killer_is_dead_tumblr_moxl33zAOo1rkrn29o1_1280.png )
New Killer is Dead Trailer is up:

『KILLER IS DEAD』第5弾PVyoutube thumb

Victor turns out not to be such a pushover
The screaming women from the last trailer is attached to something...vile
And Mondo, the best dressed man in the game, meets David, the least dressed man in the game...who is also King of the Moon.
>> No. 176847
Maybe it's because I haven't played a traditional JRPG in ages, but I'm actually kinda OK with DQ9's retarded amounts of grinding.
>> No. 176849
File 137216797578.jpg - (157.88KB , 800x1080 , completely accurate.jpg )
>> No. 176850
File 137216884235.jpg - (41.85KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mo8s39VcP21qdu9ouo9_r1_500.jpg )
>We purposefully built the Xbox-One wrong as a joke
>> No. 176863
So about this tracker that gives you a different rank depending on how many Steam games you have.

Are they counting DLC and stuff like Source Filmmaker as games? Mine says I have 50+ games, but looking at my list, I don't see 50 games.
>> No. 176865
File 137219783589.jpg - (1.74MB , 1058x1607 , FC3_Blood_Dragon_box_art.jpg )
I'm a little late to the party on this but Blood Dragon is RADICAL!

Way more awesome than Farcry3
>> No. 176888
I didn't enjoy it, but I seem to be the odd man out.

I will have to give it a second chance.
>> No. 176893
good its getting a full developed sequel then. gotta love more music from Powerglove
>> No. 176895
Since I got a new video card, I can't play HL2 for more than 20 minutes without the video driver crashing. TF2 would sometimes, as well. :(

Just flashed my BIOS with a new version that "increases compatibility", so here's hoping it works.
>> No. 176898
Had that happen a few cards back, I think it was more a conflict between the motherboard and the card something to do with voltage control while OC.
>> No. 176905
Goddamn it B-team, you had one job!
And you Dark of the moon'd it!
>> No. 176908
something tells me this was in Dev Hell for w bit longer than they like to talk about and just got boosted to the top due to their Cinematic Universe plans.
>> No. 176909
Not playing as a stupid yuppie is a +1 right there.
>> No. 176913
File 137224833123.jpg - (12.46KB , 320x180 , mqdefault.jpg )
Oh God, this part. The bitch tears just won't stop. I've never felt so bad about getting a ship in a JRPG before. I don't even want to play anymore right now. Too bummed.
>> No. 176915

Because we can't end E3 with out hearing from someone who hates absolutely everything.
>> No. 176922
File 137227927195.jpg - (70.30KB , 219x300 , cover_orig.jpg )
These "free to play" arcade games you can download off Xbox Live are so fucking stupid, they force you to connect to the remote servers even for single player gameplay and surprise surprise the servers are always down.
>> No. 176925
What game is this?
>> No. 176934
Valve has taken Steam Trading Cards out of beta and expanded the list of games that are part of it: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?category1=998&category2=29

However, there are still very few "big name" games outside of the more recent Valve titles. And you still can only every collect half a set just for playing a game. There are "booster packs", but the requirements are stupid:
>Booster packs are granted randomly to eligible users as more badges are crafted by members of the community.
Your level increases your chances, but to get a higher level you need more badges, which means more cards, which means you better start paying someone money.
>> No. 176936
>which means you better start paying someone money.
Or not. Do they even do anything?
>> No. 176943
Did beanie babies do anything?
>> No. 176944
Dragon Quest IX
>> No. 176948
Sentinels of the Starry Skies.
>> No. 176952
My goal is to complete one full set of Steam Trading Cards for each game I own, but it's been hard to find people to trade with, since I only want a 1-for-1 trade of my dupes for dupes they have and I don't.

I can't use the Marketplace, since I buy games very infrequently. There's a Steam "you must buy one game a year to use the Marketplace" quota, and last time I actually bought a game, it was a Humble Bundle, and that doesn't count as a Steam game, Steam codes, or no.
>> No. 176953
A slow, agonizing, march of death, grinding, and puns.
>> No. 176955
You can't do that with just a 1-1 trade. You only ever get half the cards for each game you play, once, so the best you can do is get a badge for half of the games you own that have cards.

There are booster packs, but apparently they don't drop that often.

Actually, speak of the devil. I just got two drops:
Good job, Valve!
>> No. 176958
You can't just trade your extra Sniper card for your friend's extra Demoman? Again, I don't really have money if they're forcing you to just go on Marketplace.
>> No. 176959
Hotline Miami is sogoood.
>> No. 176972

Proof we need to start preserving games better.
>> No. 176975
Are you playing it on vita or PC?
>> No. 176978
I have this strange urge to somehow facilitate the creation of a JRPG that's about dinosaurs. Just so that I can fight a boss called Despairodon.
>> No. 176998
>> No. 177001
Oh, these aren't screw-ups, they're chat smilies.


No, you can do that. But Steam only drops Ceil(amount in set/2) cards per game you own. Ever. So you'll get five cards, and can trade your extra Demo for an extra Sniper, but you'll still have only five cards. You can take, say, your four Half Life 2 cards and trade them for the remaining four TF2 cards to get one set... but then you'll have no HL2 cards.

So if your goal is just one full set for each game using only 1-1 trades, you can't do it. At most you can complete half of the games (rounding down) you own that have trading cards.

Now, there are booster packs, but these drop randomly, only drop when someone else crafts a badge, and you chance of getting one is only based on your level (above 10 is 10%, 20 is 25%, etc.)
>> No. 177003
I loved it so much on the PC that I got it for the Vita/PS3.
>> No. 177032
Man, the actual game is much harder than the demo. Much, much harder. Ridiculously harder. Chests are far more rare. You have less health. All abilities and magic got nerfed hard. Some room layouts are even more ridiculous. And the later levels are just straight-up bullshit. It's bullet hell, without bullet hell controls. You have to platform your shit through that. Good luck with that if you don't have multiple double jump runes equipped.
That said, it's still a great game and fucking addicting. Just so, so hard.
>> No. 177075
How do I get people to get off my back because they like a game and I have no desire to play it?

Like Mr. "I exclusively like RTS'es" and the one RTS I like he thinks is crap. Or the people who are like "SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM" and they come online just to talk to me about it and I don't own it or care.
>> No. 177081
File 137249069651.png - (90.86KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mlqp40PM0u1qjfs3eo1_500.png )
Today I learned Turok had already been around for 40 years as a series of comic books before there even was a video game. I feel both incredibly dumb and enlightened.
>> No. 177082

>> No. 177109
"I'm happy you're so into this game, but you should find someone else to talk to about it."
>> No. 177193
Routine - Alpha Gameplay Traileryoutube thumb

Oh boy, another game that I will own but probably never play because I am a little bitch who shits himself in games like these.
>> No. 177195
>>steam claims I have four more friends than it shows on my main profile page

>> No. 177205
>preorder for Lightning Returns is a Cloud costume.
Way to keep it subtle Square.
>> No. 177281
File 137289026621.png - (21.55KB , 187x252 , 1299690518069.png )
>> No. 177282
[maniacal laughter]
>> No. 177283
When a writer describes the protagonist of their game as "determined", isn't that a given?
>> No. 177286
You can have a lazy protagonist who wanders through various challenges without much thought towards the overall goal of their quest, though it's not the kind of thing I tend to think of first.
>> No. 177296
File 137292699316.jpg - (7.10KB , 360x422 , shakeshake.jpg )
Been playing Mischief Makers. I had forgotten how incredibly fun the game is.

Only one gold gem left til I have all 53. Man is it a bitch to get though.
>> No. 177298
Out of all things
It took a football game to convince me Next Gen Graphics are actually a thing.
[New & Official] Game Features [PES 2014]youtube thumb
(feel free to mute.)

Wait, seriously?
Thats awesome!
Are the comics any good?
>> No. 177300
...huh, did not expect this.
>> No. 177304
That's kinda cool. Not that I need it. I've still got the PS1 disks. Twice. One case is still untouched. I'm glad in retrospect I was such a timid kid and didn't voice complaints when I got the second one for my birthday. Dunno how much a mint version is worth now.
>> No. 177310
Finally, I can try and see what's the whole hype about it.
Still waiting for my FFVI remake.
>> No. 177313
...There's been a PC version since it was originally released. You do know that right?
>> No. 177314
Yes, but I never managed to get it.
I even heard there was a fan patch that improved some of the menus and graphics.
Now that is available on steam, it will be more easy to get.
>> No. 177315
>I even heard there was a fan patch that improved some of the menus and graphics.

Not exactly. There's no overhaul: there are mods to improve the graphics, but none of them cover every model in the game, so a lot of things will look off and inconsistent. Especially with the FMVs since those still use the original PS1 models and will look weird as well. The PC version also has a ton of bugs and the FMVs are poorly converted, but I guess those can be fixed with mods. There's also a retranslation mod: don't touch it. Just don't.

If it's your first time playing the game, you're much better off playing the original PS1 release, or at least unmodded (besides bugfixes and stuff). That's the best way to experience the story.
>> No. 177322
File 13729760064.jpg - (126.91KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mp53wse9re1rbt3wzo1_500.jpg )
I just realized my favorite parts of Red Dead Redemption were when it was basically 3D harvest moon with guns.

>> No. 177346
This version also has problems with the music, such as missing parts and low audio quality. One of the tracks is missing the vocals.
>> No. 177379
File 137312161954.jpg - (105.67KB , 460x640 , l_5059d3f8e3c21.jpg )
In an unprecedented move, Bamco International says "Fuck it."

>> No. 177403
>> No. 177404

NIS also delivers.
>> No. 177416
File 137315877558.gif - (695.96KB , 500x227 , A;SDFJA;SKFHDA'.gif )
>> No. 177422
FF7? Really on Steam? Dope!
>> No. 177434
Well don't get too excited: even though the Vita remake, 1+2 Reload, is indeed both games with extra content... they are only translating the first half for us, at least for now.
>> No. 177439
Not till the new Civ V expansion is released.

>> No. 177441
I can deal. I've only read the LP thread for the first game anyways.
>> No. 177442
File 137316698071.png - (161.66KB , 405x344 , 1354924305828.png )
>translate one half but not the other even though they're part of the same game
Seriously? Or do you mean that they're only translating the original PSP version?
>> No. 177443
Nope, explicitly Vita.

I guess because $$$$.
>> No. 177450
I saw that. I still have the WinXP version. Wish there was a way I could redeem that for this...

Sadly, it looks like nothing has been changed on the Steam version--a straight port, with a few small adjustments and extras. At least it's only $12, which is decent. It does have an Achievement system and "Press A to win"[1] enhancement. And I laughed at the "Cloud Save" feature (saving on Steam to load saves from another computer is great, but I just find the pun--intended or not--chuckly.)

Really would like an FF7 with updated graphics and menu, though. I think Squeenix is holding an FF7 remake back until they're desperate for money, at which point they'll make enough to last for a few more years.

[1] Near literally:
>Character Booster – Find yourself stuck on a difficult section or lacking the funds to buy that vital Phoenix Down? With the Character Booster you can increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button, leaving you to enjoy your adventure.
>> No. 177452
File 137318492370.gif - (304.36KB , 450x363 , This_is_stupid_Large.gif )
>Character Booster – Find yourself stuck on a difficult section or lacking the funds to buy that vital Phoenix Down? With the Character Booster you can increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button, leaving you to enjoy your adventure.
>> No. 177454
It's called Grinding is FUCKING DUMB, here is a solution that isn't a fucking time vampire to being stuck at a part when you want to progress the story but not grind your hours away.
>> No. 177455
If you need to grind in FF7 to progress the story you must be pretty stupid.

Also, everyone who pays for this deserves a beating because paid-for cheats imply that modding is 'illegal' and anyone who thinks a company should get to decide what you do with your singleplayer game on your machine needs to die in a fire.
>> No. 177457
Okay, Tiki, I can understand not wanting to waste hours on trash enemies to move forward, but having a button to just turn on God mode is going way overboard. There should be at least some semblance of difficulty or strategy involved when fighting bosses.

Besides, grinding in a Final Fantasy game shouldn't be necessary. Long as you fight what comes at you, you should be fine. If you find yourself low on funds or level, you could either risk a new strategy (focus more on potions, only buy weapons strong against the next area, try certain stat effects at the start of battle to throw it in your favor), or just break down and train a little more to make the whole thing easier. That's an option. Sacrifice time for ease.
>> No. 177458
I've always found FF easy save for that one boss who acts a roadblock in game. I've only had to ever grind a few times in that series.
>> No. 177459
Who the hell grinds in FF7?
>> No. 177460
I'm of two minds on it: on the one hand, it takes away any sense of accomplishment because others can just Press A To Win; on the other, I know how jRPGs can have really annoying parts you just want to get through, because the story has always been a huge part of RPGs in general.

So it's kind of like climbing a mountain face vs. taking a helicopter to the top: if all you wanted to do is see the view from the top, and you don't particularly care for such intense climbing, then there doesn't seem a point to the former at all. But if you like climbing, the helicopter is just plain cheating.

But if they're going to max out all of that, they should have just gotten rid of battles entirely so you're basically playing Harvest Moon with a more epic story.
>> No. 177462
...Why are people pretending that FF7 is difficult? Seriously, what?
>> No. 177463
Also an option is just ignoring it entirely.
>> No. 177465
I can't speak out against it since I've used cheats in RPGs before to give me infinite cash. I've NEVER had to grind for XP, but I've always had to grind for cash and that pissed me off. But this meant that I could buy a shitton of potions and ethers that still made the game way too easy.

The reason I did this is I only ever cared about the story, and that's the logic behind the Character Booster. I couldn't give 2 fucks about the gameplay in most JRPGs with random battle systems because they always took me out of the story and made things feel like a chore. The only exception I can think of is FF6, because stuff like Edgar's crossbow made random battles come and go so fast I hardly noticed them.
>> No. 177466
This is all moot as well since the DRM is far too insufferable to even play the fucking thing, avoid it like the plague.
>> No. 177471
You're anti-Steam Tiki?
>> No. 177472
No, you have to sign in to Square to play it in addition to Steam, fuck that shit.

Also it freezes on the intro for keyboard controls.
>> No. 177481
>you have to sign in to Square to play it in addition to Steam
Well, fuck that shit.

Why do companies keep insisting on trying to shoehorn their own products into games available on Steam? Okay, cool, you have uPlay and Origin and other completely worthless shit. If you want to link your games in with that, fine, do it on those platforms. But don't fucking make me sign up for some more shit if I get it off Steam.

It's like buying a multi-platform game for the 360, and the game refusing to play unless I have a PSN account. Why.
>> No. 177495
File 137325401583.jpg - (49.70KB , 470x259 , news_new_images_of_killer_is_dead-13721.jpg )
Boy between Killer Is Dead and Drakengard Three I've gone from never getting the games I want to having two murder harems in the same year.
>> No. 177496
File 137325426553.png - (207.94KB , 400x464 , tumblr_mp3bthilF81r0t8auo1_400.png )
>> No. 177497

Maybe that's their way of getting the game out to a broader audience while also letting themselves collect mass trials of data on player behavior?

Or just infrastructural incompetence. Same diff these days tbh
>> No. 177502
>In an interview with Games Industry, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami chatted about the current state of Japanese game development and what inspired his latest foray into the gruesome world of survival horror with the upcoming The Evil Within. Interestingly, it seems the more action oriented path Capcom has taken with Resident Evil — specifically the last two games in the main series, which Capcom has aimed at the Call of Duty market — looks to have been at least partially responsible for Mikami’s return to the genre.

>Mikami hasn’t made a horror game since Resident Evil 4 back in 2005. Since then, he’s seen many concepts which he’s “strongly disagreed with,” and while he wouldn’t divulge exactly what he’s unhappy with, he did mention that Capcom “started going in a different direction with Resident Evil,” and that is at least partially responsible for his goal to make a “true” survival horror game with The Evil Within. More after the jump.

Could you fuck up harder capcom?

>> No. 177503
As shitty as Resident Evil 5 and 6 were, it seems a bit odd that the creator of Res. Evil 4 aka the guy who started that new direction is the one to rail against it. Then again, that just shows how intensely they've fucked it up.
>> No. 177505
It's Metroid Fusion/New52 Wonder Woman/Everything Grant Morrison/Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore ever did conundrum

You create this super well received departure from a traditional series but the second you hand it off and other people try and use it become just INFINITE SERIES DESTROYING PROBLEMS, usually spiraling out of trying to emulate the same success without understand what was good about it.
>> No. 177528
>New52 Wonder Woman
>Everything Grant Morrison
>Alan Moore
>implying those "new directions" were good ideas to begin with
It's all about writers who can't write the stuff as they're set, so they adapt it to what they know or wanna make. Same shit as bendis. It might draw attention initially, but when you think more objectively about it, even the editors would say "what the fuck was I thinking anyway...?!".
>> No. 177530
File 137331635053.jpg - (21.32KB , 400x278 , william-birkin.jpg )
Because for all the changes to the gameplay RE4 made, it at least bothered to stick to the original survivor horror elements enough that it still felt like a Resident Evil game. The story was as dumb as always but it was tongue-in-cheek enough that it was still campy fun like the old games. RE5 and 6 on the other hand are taking what's in essence B-level horror and suddenly trying to treat it as a serious Hollywood blockbuster action movie, which shits all over the whole point of the series.

RE4 was an evolution. RE5/6 is a bunch of scientists looking at that evolution, then splicing genomes together into what they think will take it to the next level but just creates an unstable mutated monstrosity.
>> No. 177532
I feel like one of the root problems is ditching the attache cases, I mean there is way more to it but that feels very emblematic since resource management was completely removed.
>> No. 177533
I still thought RE4 was perfectly scary. The castle sewers, that goddamn whale, those FUCKING Regenerators? Not to mention the overall atmosphere. The main reason RE1-3 were scary were the terrible controls made you feel so powerless and I really don't think it's a worthy tradeoff.
>> No. 177536
The attache case was something I liked about RE4, because item management became a mini-game. You were still concerned about space, but not to the extreme extent of RE1-3/X, but you didn't have to stop at every potential item pick up and go "oh shit do I really need this is there anything I can drop right now". But every now and then you'd have to re-organize things to make sure you could hold as much ammo and herbs as possible in order to be ready for any situation.

It was also nice how things like Treasures weren't included in that at all.

A lot of situations were certainly intense, but there were few areas in the game where I was "afraid". The only one that sticks to my mind is the sewers and those fucking invisible bugs.

Yeah, a lot of the scariness from the earlier games was because aiming was absolute shit and you had minimal ammo to start with. But you also had enemies that would pop through windows (I think there was some randomness, too, so on a successive playthrough you wouldn't go "okay a guy is about to pop out") and even doors in some cases. The "cinematic" camera didn't help because it could easily hide enemies, even when you knew they were there you couldn't aim because you couldn't see them.
>> No. 177537
In all honesty Regenerators are the second scariest videogame monster of all time, second only to Chimeras which were also from resident evil.
>> No. 177542
Starting Metroid Prime 2. Only ever played one. Was a bit freaked out when I realized that Mothman was an actual speaking character
>> No. 177543
Nah, Silent Hill's got creepier monsters. Regenerators do remind me of Heaven's Smiles though. Wonder if that's an intentional shoutout like the gun or a coincidence.
>> No. 177545
Silent Hill's enemies are much more unsettling than scary which makes them scary, an intelligent kind of fear, like you see something like the Lying figure and it's so obscured and wrong that your brain tries to figure out what it is and the fear come from that pure filling in the blanks back of your throat bile sick to your stomach wondering.

In Resident Evil it's all about your reptile brain, the most base kinds of fear, sickness, insects, animals, things you can't reason with or really beat but always have to struggle against to survive.
>> No. 177550
The fucking Oven Man is the only time I've ever screamed because of a video game, and it was a fucking jump scare.
Just walking along, the merchant's nearby and peaceful music is playing so I know this isn't an area where enemy's spawn, just taking a nice breather--WARGLEBAERGLEROAR
I had to take like a 20 minute break to calm down, I could feel my pulse in my neck.

But really the entirety of the island is scary. I was scared pretty much through the entire game my first time through, because I'm secretly a little girl, but in successive replays(I have like 15 save files on my RE4 disk, most of which have multiple playthroughs on them) the island still ALWAYS creeps me out. I think it's because it's so close-quarters, while most of the game is really open. You don't have any breathing room, if an enemy's chasing you, you can't kite it across the map.
The left path after the cabin, the one with the Bella sisters, also creeps me out for the same reason. Scary-looking enemies with scary voices who can insta-kill you, along with dozens of other enemies, all in close quarters? Hahaha nope, I'll take the El Gigante any day.
>> No. 177551
The best part of that is that it is the ONLY jump scare in the game.
>> No. 177552
File 137333371147.jpg - (74.31KB , 398x579 , hokutonoken5.jpg )
I could never take most of the island enemies seriously because they reminded me too much of Hokuto no Ken with their 80's fashion. The abandoned hospital was pretty creepy though. As was the cathedral, especially with that droning music in the background.

While it's not so much scary as just disturbing, the Novistador acid face death sequence is probably the most gruesome thing I've ever seen in a Resident Evil game.
>> No. 177555
File 137333745257.gif - (2.95MB , 390x293 , 136917203657.gif )
>Find out my mother has a Playstation 2
Huh. Kind of a surprise, I didn't expec-
>She's beat God of War
>> No. 177556
That sounds pretty damn awesome.
>> No. 177559
Remember the first time you casually blow off a dude's head only for him not to fall down but spawn a giant eye tentacle and holy shit aren't these guys supposed to be a big deal I mean the last one was a video sequence why are they suddenly random spawnwhatthefuckmancomeon
>> No. 177560
File 137334330071.gif - (2.56MB , 167x190 , 1372914599382.gif )
>mfw I haven't beat God of War
>> No. 177567
Only got a PS2 early this year and GoW 1 a couple months ago. The first boss was pretty cool after all, but dunno if I'm finishing it in the foreseeable future. I'm way further on GoW 2.
>> No. 177569
Then you start seeing the kind who are worms and try to eat your head...and the chestburster looking kind that spews acid and runs around...jesus, I feel kind of sick remembering the animation for its numerous legs.
>> No. 177576
I still think S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is scarier than every single actual horror game I've ever played. I still vividly remember my first night. Those fucking noises, man...
>> No. 177584
File 137337213763.jpg - (428.01KB , 1280x720 , 012.jpg )
Spelunky HD is finally coming to PC. Now I have absolutely no reason to ever turn my 360 on again. Hooray!
>> No. 177604
Steam has Half Life 2 on sale for 75% off for their "mid week madness". 75% is 3 quarters. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.

(Actually, this does seem like an odd thing to put on sale during their normal sales setup...)
>> No. 177639
Could you imagine if it just showed up on steam one day?
>> No. 177641
I'm genuinely curious as to how many people have spent more than $15 on Steam but don't have Half-Life 2.
>> No. 177642
>75% is 3 quarters. HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED.


>> No. 177649
It would be amazing. Both the gaming community and the media would shit their collective pants and then buy it.
>> No. 177653
>Valve [...] today announced the public launch of the highly-anticipated Dota 2.
>> No. 177657
Where was the Mac port I was promised, Valve?
>> No. 177660
Depends on who gets to do it.
>> No. 177665
File 137349051012.gif - (424.06KB , 256x144 , meatballs.gif )
>> No. 177716
File 137356158223.gif - (1.08MB , 295x221 , SFPnd.gif )
>> No. 177726
File 137356537759.png - (49.79KB , 250x250 , sadfsdf.png )
>>Brother got the new Sims expansion pack
>>Island Paradise told him his houseboat was built on a haunted ancient Indian burial ground

>> No. 177738
File 137357801249.png - (23.57KB , 649x527 , teethandcarlos1.png )
I'm enjoying Project X Zone. I'm mean the the plot so far is meh, but fuck it. I gots Tron Bonn teaming up with Yuri and Estelle.
My favorite team is a toss up between Frank West/Hsien-Ko and Chun-li/Morrigan.
Followed by Dante/Demitri.

My favorite Special Attack is Zephyr/Leanne' Midnight Bell.
Second is Frank West/Hsien-Ko's Dead Rising

I like this game and Soul Hackers. I think they're good games at least.
>> No. 177739
I would want to play the previous crossover game, Namco X Capcom, before I moved onto Project X-Zone.

I actually managed to download it and the translation patch once but my computer wasn't able to emulate the game in any playable fashion.

If we're talking about characters I love in Project X Zone it would have to be Jill/Chris (none of the blonde jill or generic marine chris crap), Zephyr/Leanne & Vashyron and last but not least SANGER ZONVOLT! THE SWORD THAT CLEAVES EVIL!
>> No. 177740
How exactly does that game work with so many characters? Are only a small set of them playable? Or do most of them only appear in the sense of a special move or two instead of being full-blown characters? Does it use a format similar to Suikoden, or SRW, or Nippon Ichi games, or what?
>> No. 177748
Story progression wise, your on the rails for this one. There are in between chapter stops to setup and equip items to units, and save.
Then to the next chapter to go. It can be jarring at first, but you get used to it....or quit the game.
I think it plays like the Fire Emblem game for 3ds. (I only played the demo)
A grid floor; turn based style game. Difference is that when combat occurs, you go to a screen with your characters and the enemy on it plus a list a of attacks to choose from. Starting off you get 3 attacks and a certain amount of times you can attack. (in the beginning it's also 3).

Well characters come in two forms.
A Pair Unit: Two characters that move as a single unit. Chun-li/Morrigan is a Pair Unit. Pair Units CANNOT be split up.
Over 12 pair units so far.

A Solo Unit: These characters are unit that can ONLY be placed with a Pair Unit. In battle a Solo Unit can do a solo attack with the L button, which counts as a separate attack from the Pair Unit.
Over 10 so far.

How do they handle so many characters? I hope you like fighting enemies.

God dammit, don't remind me.
But if your talking about order I think it's NXC, Endless Frontier (series?), Project X Zone.
>> No. 177755
Someone on Best Buy made a stupid and set up a promotional game purchase to be purchasable separately.

People are reporting successfully purchasing and installing via Steam, but I've only successfully purchased thus far. But, in case this is legit and just slow, I thought I'd share the link so others can benefit:

>Get Metro: Last Light for 1 cent

(And, if it's botched, I wasted a penny.)
>> No. 177756
File 137359545313.jpg - (49.12KB , 219x300 , DustAETbox.jpg )
I am loving the shit out of this game, holy shit.
>> No. 177790
I know there's a fairly good game hidden underneath it and that I should be supporting a dude who works this fucking hard for a labor of love, but fuck me I just can't get over the art style.
>> No. 177809
File 137374360017.jpg - (33.38KB , 640x344 , 5m5iwZz.jpg )
>selling cards for change to buy copies of Bad Rats to annoy friends
>See a tank sim for the same price
>Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command
>love me some sims
>oh god 4:3 aspect ratio
>oh god those textures
>won't even work with FRAPS

Man, this looks like it was made in the late 90s


>> No. 177821
Classic Game Room - DEADPOOL reviewyoutube thumb
>> No. 177877
File 137385929896.jpg - (23.73KB , 389x448 , 1371811739067.jpg )
>all these games on sale on steam
>Most of them I have been wanting to play forever
>No point in buying them because my computer is such a turd that it will seize up and die if it tries to run anything more intensive than TF2 with 3 bots on minimal graphics settings
>my life when
>> No. 177883
Well, when do you think you'll get a non-turd computer? It's not like the games expire, unless Steam and/or the internet implode somehow.
>> No. 177884
File 137388035732.jpg - (40.18KB , 572x374 , 125486332483.jpg )
>finally have a beastly computer
>buy tons of games during steam/gamersgate sales
>can't wait to play all those viddagams!
>spend all my free time masturbating and emulating games I've played 15 years ago
>> No. 177890
Welcome to my world.

>Pretty ace computer
>150+ game backlog, on both PC and console/handhelds
>Spend all free time masturbating or playing TF2
>> No. 177916
>Ubisoft's senior vice president of sales and marketing has said the company won't begin any projects that can't be turned into franchises.
In other words:
>Ubisoft's senior vice president of sales and marketing has said the company wants to breed a horse, then use adamantium claws to bury into it, ride it until it falls over dead, dismount, then continually beat it with a baseball bat. Once the horse carcass stops moving with each thump, it will be sold as a stuffed animal.
AKA giving good, interesting, one-off experiences doesn't give good quarterly profits, so fuck it. We Infinity Ward now.
>> No. 177918
File 137396001194.png - (2.97MB , 1920x1080 , dcs 2013-06-29 05-35-01-97.png )
Am I the only one that disliked Hotline Miami? The music was awesome, I liked the setting, and I really liked the sort of premise. But, the gameplay just felt like tedium to me.
>> No. 177919
So what? You can tweak the gameplay and end each story as standalone with each new release while still leaving room for a sequel. EVERY game company EVER wants to turn their games into franchises, this is nothing new. Just because it has the same title as the last game only with a big 2 at the end doesn't mean it has to be a rehash.
>> No. 177920

You're probably not the only one, but you can count me out. I loved the tension, the brutal difficulty (which avoids being frustrating by letting you retry rapidly and painlessly), the trial and error and tactical thought needed.

Except for the boss fights. Those just sucked.
>> No. 177931
TUN: Mostly Not Brokenyoutube thumb
On vydya journalism.
>> No. 177938
>BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt is a prequel to the forthcoming BioShock Infinite and provides insight into the mysterious sky-city of Columbia prior to the events of the game.
>> No. 177944
>barely 50 pages long
>shitty font for the main handwriting look, illegible slop for the details around illustrations
>about the size of a man's palm+fingers together
Greed, simply put.
>> No. 177945
That is way fucking overpriced.
>> No. 177946
Looks like that's the limited collector's edition of a $3 ebook that'll be on Amazon.
>> No. 177948
>a $3 ebook
Oh. Well, that's much better, but they failed to mention the eBook version... But I need a Kindle to read this, don't I?

Oh well, off to the Pirate Bay...
>> No. 177949
I've no idea how Amazon handles Kindle downloads, but Calibre e-book manager has a built-in reader for most e-book formats in case you like it and want to buy it later.
>> No. 178011
PS3 + Dragon's Dogma + Demon's Souls is still €220. That's not a price I'm willing to pay for two games. But I really wanna play them. Goddamnit.
>> No. 178032
Oh yeah, Best Buy caught on quickly, I guess, and a few days ago I received an e-mail saying my order was cancelled and my card was not charged. Oh well.

Which is too bad, because it would have been funny if they did do all those penny charges, losing money on each transaction...
>> No. 178043
Good for them? I mean, sorry you (and I) didn't get that $.01 game, but hey.
>> No. 178055
File 137421919483.jpg - (57.18KB , 625x469 , 3ozhve.jpg )
STRIDER: Reveal Trailer (PS4/X…youtube thumb

>Double Helix
>> No. 178058
>> No. 178060
The worst part is there is nothing to say about it other than it's ruined.
>> No. 178061
Its like what THQ wanted to do to the Saints Row series after Three and removed all the cheeky fun Self Parody. Its like if they had succeeded and Violation hadn't just told them that wasn't going to happen.
>> No. 178063
From what I can recall of MS's E3 conference, it's turned into a generic Survival Horror from Capcom, including a steroids-packing lead. So, agreed, it's ruined. Fucking capcom.
>> No. 178064
Yup, buy-able Airstrikes.

The fucking worst.
>> No. 178076

Because I know how much you youngsters love the Giant Bomb chats.
They start talking about DR3 around 59:11. They have a lengthy discussion about what's in the game. I think DR3 might be like DR2. I didn't think I'd like Chuck, the time skip, or the new location (I still think it would have been better in Vegas outbreak), but I did. So I'll hold off judgment till I try the game demo at Gamestop or something.

It's blind baseless hope! OK!
>> No. 178085
File 137430649835.jpg - (178.07KB , 1600x900 , 2013-07-19_00001.jpg )

Guys Sang Froid is fucking amazing

It's so fucking good and well-designed and well-made and original. It's this incredibly refreshing gem of a game. And it is so fucking cheap- $15 AND it is half off till the 22nd.

Check the Giant Bomb quick look out if you need proof, just GET IT.
>> No. 178124
File 13743649296.jpg - (37.11KB , 254x358 , 254px-Samurai_Western.jpg )
Am I the only one who has played this? It's sort of like an in-between of Godhand and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It's even kind of comedic.
>> No. 178126

>> No. 178135
So don't know if its been mentioned but apparently there is going to be another Tomb Raider game. And Gail Simone is involved with a comic that leads into it.
>> No. 178144
I saw a copy at my local game store for 5 dollars US. I did some sleuthing and ended up wanting to pick it up. So of course it was gone the next time I went in.
>> No. 178145
Shame. It's a really great game.
>> No. 178186
File 137456179940.jpg - (139.20KB , 1280x914 , SOTL - Concept Art (4).jpg )
Hey, who's got two thumbs and finally got around to playing Spec Ops: The Line?

It's this guy!

Got it for sale off of Steam and it was definintely worth the weight.

Some damn fine writing. Can't wait to play through it again and pick up on all the details I missed the first time around.
>> No. 178199
I have found what happens when you cross Jontron with Benzaie in UK.
This fucker: Destruction Derby Deux - Caddicarusyoutube thumb
Aw man, that was like the first game me dad go for himself for my and my sisters Playstaion.
To bad we only got to see the first level in the totall destrution mode.
What the vid.
Ouch. But still good times.
>> No. 178200
Wrong thread dude
>> No. 178203
>Small acute social point-and-click adventure. The main character of the game is Masha, a resident of a regular town in 90th. She is a loving mother and careful wife, but her husband, full of different problems, falls down to the alcoholism and domestic abuse. Masha agrees to tolerate, but not when it is about life and health of her child, she is ready to do anything... The game is not recommended for pregnant women and very impressionable people.
Holy shit Russia.
>> No. 178209
No your wrong!
Its a review not a lets play.
>> No. 178218
I also played it. It's got some good stuff, as you get to the second half there are a couple really good moments, and it's also way more polished than I expected in certain respects. But...

Say you make a game that takes place in an office building at night.

It is dark in the office building. "I want to be able to see," thinks the player. He moves the character over to the light switch. There's no option to use it. The player shrugs and proceeds onwards.

A majority of the game's cutscenes focus on emphasizing the negative consequences of attempting to proceed through this building in the dark. There are multiple instances where your character is unable to achieve their goals because they're not able to see clearly.

At the end of the game your character confronts the person who assigned him with this task, saying "how could you expect me to do this crazy thing in complete darkness." And the camera zooms in on this NPC, and the music stops, and the NPC says:

"Why didn't you just turn on the lights?"

If you make this game? Sir, you have NOT created a stirring critical piece that inspires players to question their complacent acceptance of video game map lighting. What you have created is a game where I am playing the role of an idiot.
>> No. 178225
Assuming you're referring to the white phosphorus scene, how would you have done it otherwise? I get your point and I agree with it, but I can't really come up with a better alternative myself.
>> No. 178245
I keep starting up Civ 5 games and then just abandon them in the middle. I feel like the starting up and building your civilization, going through the early ages, is great fun. But once you get to about the Industrial Age, where all of the world estate is basically locked down and there is no more settling, the game becomes a horribly boring grind to the finish point.
>> No. 178247
I just can't get into the bioshock series. The game play is so rudimentary and the levels are so tiny. Stories are alright, but not a big draw when playing a game far as I care.
>> No. 178248
File 137476587553.png - (1.70MB , 1920x1080 , DustAET 2013-07-23 11-30-10-24.png )
This game is overrated as hell. At least by the press.

Is it bad? No Way José! It's still really fun. It's Symphony of the Night lite. And goddamn the playtime, you definitely get your money's worth. If anyone has been curious about Dust, I can recommend it. It's pretty fun.
>> No. 178283


Stupid compulsion to finish each and every game I own before selling. Next I'm going to do Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones for Gamecube.
>> No. 178284
File 137480704917.jpg - (151.95KB , 600x778 , Screenshot_2013-07-25-21-44-28-1-1.jpg )
Rumor system releases:

Black 3DS XL, Pokemon 3DS Bundles, Wii U + WW HD bundle, 12GB PS3 $200.
>> No. 178293
File 137484134848.jpg - (66.42KB , 480x443 , JIfLGLr.jpg )

Your turn, Atlus.
>> No. 178298
File 137484724911.jpg - (557.21KB , 890x1231 , gabe_newell_portrait_by_freddre-d4rnffi[1].jpg )
Not today Bobby
>> No. 178310
File 137487907680.gif - (921.42KB , 464x261 , tumblr_inline_mp60lftQ6O1qz4rgp.gif )
>read the link as "Activision buys Atlus".
>> No. 178319
File 137490123950.jpg - (42.63KB , 525x481 , 1334291376146.jpg )
>Immortal drops for Dota 2 Compendium owners.
>Get a Kunkka blade.
>That nice, let me see what else I can get.
>Get another Kunkka blade.


>Check the /vg/ chat channel.
>Everyone going tits up because it has a new particle effect for his ult.
>Market price skyrocketing.

>> No. 178326
A new mouse and keyboard feel so fucking weird. Suddenly I'm bad at videogames again.
>> No. 178330
File 137493599226.png - (111.95KB , 500x347 , tumblr_ltpkfwLaev1qgu3eo.png )
>>Jay and Silent Bob in Plants vs. Zombies 2.
>>Varying levels of want and not want and not sure if want.
>> No. 178342
File 137496081864.jpg?spoiler - (184.46KB , 900x1350 , the_wind_is_blowing_by_thelaserhawk-d5v7svj.jpg?spoiler )
Okay, Wind Waker down. On to Twilight Princess or skip to Skyward Sword, /cog/?
>> No. 178343
Go ahead and play Twilight Princess. It's not as good as the other two, but Midna's either the best or the second best companion character in the series, and it'd be a shame to miss out on her sass.
>> No. 178344
I like Twilight Princess a lot. Granted some of the levels aren't that great, but it's great at setting an atmosphere and has some amazing bosses.
>> No. 178345
If she's not the best, who'd be?
>> No. 178346
Spirit Tracks Zelda. It's a close call. They're both very fun.
>> No. 178348
File 137496696895.jpg - (52.70KB , 475x408 , fezSuckMyDick.jpg )
>> No. 178350

Phil Fish's Twitter Breakdownyoutube thumb
>> No. 178351
King of Red Lions was the best, IMO.

Looking at the long list of when the shitfest started, one of his early statements is "We [indies] are not going anywhere," and he finishes the ordeal (in about an hour!) by cancelling Fez 2. What a whiny bitch.
>> No. 178352
He's pretty good, too. But I think we can all agree that bottom tier belongs to Navi and Fi.
>> No. 178357
Whoa there, Fi was fun.
>> No. 178358
Fi was fun, especially with the dancing, but her "HEY LOOK AT THIS THING" was far, far, far more annoying than Navi and offset all of that.
>> No. 178359
Yeah the problem with Fi isn't Fi herself, it's that in Skyward Sword Nintendo reached new heights of handholding (and so most of what she told you was completely asinine) and her text couldn't be rapidly skipped through.
>> No. 178362
>Whoa there, Fi was fun.
Can I ask why exactly you have this wrong opinion?
>> No. 178365
>Fi was fun

I had no empathy for this character. She was SO fucking cliche and I guessed what would happen to her at the end from the getgo. Her gimmick was incredibly annoying and not cute in any way, and her dance felt out of place and was just overall more creepy than anything. She was WAY more handholding than Navi ever was, and didn't contribute much to the plot unlike Tatl and especially Midna. And like >>178359 said, her text couldn't be skipped.
>> No. 178366
> didn't contribute much to the plot
She was the central McGuffin. A dull one mind you, but still.
>> No. 178369
File 13750185156.jpg - (51.76KB , 349x324 , 1358369157167.jpg )

See that's what I was thinking.

Linebeck was fun too, but Phantom Hourglass on the whole wasn't very good.
>> No. 178370
Spirit tracks took everything bad about PH and made it better.

Except for flute playing. That was horrible.
>> No. 178371
It still wasn't a good game, though.
>> No. 178375
File 13750463281.jpg - (878.60KB , 1920x1080 , knight.jpg )
Well, I'm definitely leaning against Twilight Princess as my next Zelda game now, but I spontaneously decided to avoid the potential franchise fatigue of three zelda games in a row, and got Dark Souls instead.
>> No. 178376
File 137504746419.png?spoiler - (1.22MB , 820x1252 , emlan_comic.png?spoiler )
Well then, prepare to die and all that.
>> No. 178377
He's such an over-dramatic ass.
>> No. 178380
File 137505148197.gif?spoiler - (206.74KB , 500x500 , that dark souls guy.gif?spoiler )
Prepared to Actually Care About Not Dying, dying anyway, dying gain, an the die some more. and although I thankfully (I like being surprised) know little abut the game, I know it's mostly going to be due to some combination of wheels and skeletons.

Oh, and this guy is in it.
>> No. 178382
File 137505485321.png - (484.60KB , 800x1000 , 1328890595581.png )
>> No. 178384
>> No. 178399
File 137511756778.jpg - (15.59KB , 575x350 , You-Died.jpg )
Okay, I've had my lesson in humility now. Is there a "beginners guide to not sucking so terribly"?
>> No. 178403
Whenever you do get back to doing Zelda games, honestly, give Twilight Princess a shot. A LOT of people have a big hateboner for it because the game was massively hyped for almost four straight years and then failed to be the exact Zelda game they wanted.
It's got some flaws, but what it does right, it does REALLY right.
>> No. 178407
File 137513311648.gif - (1.17MB , 170x113 , 1328802722576.gif )
You either look up guides for everything or bang your head against it till you start winning.

Remember though, magic is your friend.
>> No. 178408
I will. After all, how could I pass up on, well, THIS:

So picking knight wasn't the best idea then? Well, I got combat with the regular enemies down quite well now, but currently the Taurus demon is giving me some trouble.
>> No. 178409
File 137513957091.jpg - (142.78KB , 465x964 , 1328796878548.jpg )
Really it depends on how you play games, you sorta have to experiment to find your style, all of the classes are just stat advantages and with leveling up and Knight can work the same way as a pyromancer if you want, but yes magic is generally massively advantageous at the disadvantage of spells having limited uses and moderately long start up times.
>> No. 178410
Are you using a lance? If no, get a lance.
>> No. 178412
File 13751427541.jpg - (68.81KB , 700x1014 , 1328816137273.jpg )
Oh my god yes, Demon or lightening, Lightening is effective on fucking EVERYTHING except blue dragons.
>> No. 178415
File 137514759888.png - (327.84KB , 295x493 , 1342557255952.png )
Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering what happened after DA2 that meant Hawke's companions all left him/her but one. Feels sad, man.
>> No. 178416
>Elemental Weapons
Pffft, enjoy your nerfed scrub shit.

It's all about bows man. You haven't played Dark Souls until you've had a thirty minute flipping duel with Artorius, chipping away at him, always one hit from death.

>> No. 178417
You can have a bow too.
>> No. 178419
I am mostly just joking.

Although seriously, haven't elemental weapons been nerfed significantly by patches?
>> No. 178424
Yes, but it didn't make a huge difference is PvE, just PvP.
>> No. 178428
>Mentions Dark Souls
>Thread is now dark souls general

Having pretty fun kicking in shields and swordmurdering with my knight, but find him somewhat lacking in the dodge department, especially against bighuege bossmonsters. Do dexterity help with that, or is dodging in general hard in this game?

Also, this game really don't fuck around. Normally you'd expect a save point directly after a boss fight, not a dragon.
>> No. 178429
File 137519030137.png - (448.00KB , 720x406 , 1328897705996.png )
Basically it works by weight, the heavier your armor the slower you move, as a knight you have a pretty heavy armor so you are slowed down a piece, the ways around this are to boost your endurance which boosts your max weight thershold and the higher that is the less you get burdened by your armors and the other is to only wear light armors or some of the rings you can find like Havel's Ring I believe which boosts that limit by 30 points.
>> No. 178444
I absolutely adored Avadon the Black Fortress. I'm so glad I bought that Spiderweb Humble Bundle.
>> No. 178482
Does pointing a large fan at your Xbox, say side on so its blowing across/through it while its on a stand made from books and junk, increase its lifespan and reduce heat damage over long periods of time? Just asking
>> No. 178503
>Shinji Mikami, creator of The Evil Within and Resident Evil, has expressed his view that continued sequel development of horror franchises is a serious problem that hurts their effectiveness.

>“Sequels are a big problem in horror entertainment,” said Mikami to Eurogamer. “As a horror game series continues you begin to know who the enemies are going to be. Just this knowledge naturally makes the game less scary.”

>“So to capture a wider audience designers add more action. That further reduces how frightening the game feels.”

>Mikami explains that The Evil Within is an attempt to return to the roots of the genre, aided by the new graphical power available in current and next-gen engines.

>“Instead of trying to introduce new ideas I want to return to survival horror’s roots. We’ve strayed from that,” he said. “I want to explore fear again, and that sense of overcoming fear, one that’s unique to games. That’s one reason I’m making The Evil Within.”

>“Really, I’m making this game just because it’s fun to scare people.”

Might as well have said "JUST LOOK AT DEAD SPACE!"
>> No. 178504
I imagine the effect would be minimal unless your Xbox's case has been taken off. Most of the heat in the Xbox is going to be internal. External stuff hurting the thing would mostly come from having the vents blocked or keeping it so hot that the heat on the inside isn't getting out anymore--which mostly comes down to "Don't keep it in a small, enclosed space with a bunch of other tech."

It'll help, but I wouldn't wager much money on it being a significant help. If you're that worried about heat damage, you should probably consider modding it to be water cooled.

...or just don't play it for long periods at a time. If you play for like an hour or two then stop until the next day, the only reason you would have much to worry about would be if you had a first gen 360 from back before they started working out the kinks with the hardware.
>> No. 178512
Hey, I know sales posts and shit arent usually kosher, but I mentioned this a while back and it was either Thirteen or Autonymoose who said they were interested ... ? So I just wanted to mention that im selling my xbox slim (250gig) and three games (infinite, prince of persia 08, and tales of vesperia) for $175
>> No. 178515
It makes a massive difference in the DLC though. All bosses have insane resistance against elemental and magical damage and even have an additional special resistance against split damage for good measure. Then again, you can easily skip the DLC on your first time through and go back to it during your second time, after you wiki'd up a bit and got yourself the +15 weapon of your choice with the best stats to utilize it.
>> No. 178524
>gifted Recettear
>kind of rude to get a game and not try it
>But.. people will see..
>go offline
>> No. 178525
It's Recettear, the goon translated capitalism simulator, everyone likes it. Or at least the capitalism part, the dungeon stuff is eh....
>> No. 178535
WATCH DOGS - Aisha Tyler Gamep…youtube thumb

So Watchdogs..current Gen Consoles need not apply from the looks of things and LANAAAAAAAA!!
>> No. 178552
File 137532320513.jpg - (74.66KB , 400x390 , 1374981584428.jpg )
>dungeon stuff
>> No. 178554
For the record Migs, the game actually lies to you and tells you the completely wrong way to capitalize. Doing so correctly, you should almost never be going to the dungeons.

The actual most profitable thing in the game is selling vending machines out of vending machines. Also don't do that "130% of the price" thing because that doesn't raise customer affection/max wallet values. And if your partners want to buy something, especially in the case of Louie, just massively underprice it.
>> No. 178562
The closer we are getting to its release the more pressing the question is: How the fuck do I avoid Dark Souls 2 spoilers without just completely abandoning the internet for several months? I already got spoiled on several parts of the Comic Con demo and I'm kinda miffed about it.
>> No. 178568
I want to get into Yakuza. Do I need to start from the first game, or can I jump to the current gen titles? Is Dead Souls only good if you're a fan?
>> No. 178569
I really wish I knew how to answer this.
>> No. 178589
Yakuza 3 has optional story recaps for 1 and 2, I haven't played 4 yet though.
>> No. 178609
Things are looking good for a Tomb Raider sequel and Simone is writing a comic that is supposed to be the lead in. So think Pratchett the younger will be able to develop Laura as she intended? And if done well do you think she could do her own Arkham style Batwoman game?
>> No. 178611
Overgrowth (Alpha) Gameplay Verdictyoutube thumb
Only watched a few short demo videos of it a few years ago. Seems to be coming along somewhat nicely, I guess? The mechanics look amazing, I just wish there would be an actual game to accompany them.
>> No. 178615
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