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File 139225333992.jpg - (85.43KB , 595x842 , 5079172b_Bravely-Default-Flying-Fairy-Agnes-Specia.jpg )
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>> No. 186311
File 139573989738.gif - (1.25MB , 303x228 , horror.gif )
>> No. 186325
File 139580529819.jpg - (84.53KB , 320x240 , zlCfzRrqKC0rXvZ7jQ.jpg )
Really wishing I hadn't wasted that 10,000 damage friend attack.
>> No. 186326
Florem Gardens is a good place to top off your levels, both of them. Those little shrub things give a lot of points and tend to show up in groups.

I've read of people maxing their party there but it really, really, REALLY isn't necessary, and you don't get to call the game grindy if you do that on your own free will.

File 134716863052.png - (0.96MB , 708x945 , RockManWorld3.png )
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Since the Archie thread is now Archie general, I'm going to try making a thread to talk about the games. You can either discuss the new X-Over title and complain about Capcom taking a shit on the series, or you can watch me talk to myself, fascinated by my apparent autism.

Anyway, I've finally sat down and am going through each of the Megaman games, except for non-canon/japanese only titles, MM7, MM8, X7 and X8. Reason being I've replayed MM7/MM8/X8 to the point where I can beat the games blindfolded, and X7 was so awful I don't even want to look at it again.

MM1 sucked. Record breaking in graphics, sound, and level design when it came out, but compared to later games it is an abomination. No e-tanks, no invincibility to spikes, Elec Man's stage, and a lack of decent checkpoint spots are what mark it down.
MM2 was alright. Overrated, but it's still a classic and easily the best entry to the series for newcomers. Soundtrack is still awesome, and I never found it to be too easy. Rather, I thought it was almost as hard as MM1. I'm playing on difficult mode here, and I have played normal before and it is indeed very easy, but I think this is the way the game was meant to be played anyway. The main problem is when you get a game over, you lose all your e-tanks, and the Wily Machine is almost impossible without them.
MM3 was better, and easier. I'm playing these on the Anniversary collection, which for some reason replaces Top Man and Magnet Man's themes for music from MM7, which pissed me off a little. I also didn't like how the Doc Robot stages pad the game out which is unnecessary. What I do like, though, is Rush Jet lets you go wherever you want in this game, unlike the rest of the games which make him hard to control.
MM4 isn't as good, but it's even easier. Too easy. It's really generous with 1-ups, you'll get at least 3 per stage. Skull Man even has 3 e-tanks in his stage. I also didn't need to use the charge shot in this game and found rapid fire to be a much better option. Not much to say otherwise.
MM5 is much better than 4, and slightly harder as w
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>> No. 168230
That is exceptional. Thanks for sharing.
>> No. 168814
Street Fighter X Mega Man V2 -…youtube thumb
>> No. 171156
It's funny. I look at someone playing X6, and it looks really fun. It actually makes me want to play it. But looking back, all experiences I had with that game were horrible and I never want to pick it up again EVER.

About to hop into MMZ, but I'm surprised nobody hacked this series to bring back the blood in the JP release. Oh well. Also, from what I remember from this game...it's the hardest in the entire series.

File 139507674039.png - (968.47KB , 1360x768 , namco_violamy2.png )
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It seems Project Soul has cancelled SCV's original story.

SC's official website no longer has the original bios of the characters.

Raphael no longer looks for Soul Edge but instead he is looking for Soul Calibur to heal Amy.

Amy's bio remains the same.

Viola's bio has been modified and no longer shows her story. Only general data like her enigmatic birthday and birth place.

Sophitia's death is no longer certain.

There's no mention of Graf Dumas anywhere in the bios of Nightmare or Patroklos anymore.

Could this mean we will have a SC6 after all or that Lost Swords will pick up where SCV left but with a different story?
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>> No. 186223
>Could this mean we will have a SC6 after all or that Lost Swords will pick up where SCV left but with a different story?

I think is more the latter.
>> No. 186240
File 139555867390.png - (54.52KB , 311x394 , talimstory.png )
This is the last part of Talim's story.

It gives the impression that Talim could become Soul Calibur's next host.
>> No. 186241
File 139555896538.png - (54.30KB , 309x393 , raphstory.png )
Ralph's story no longer mentions anything about infinite stairs or waking up inside dungeons.

File 137963498831.jpg - (67.90KB , 678x462 , EOTSWOTM concept art 4.jpg )
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Silent Hill 4 Soundtrack - Nightmarish Waltzyoutube thumb

Pic unrelated to link.
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>> No. 186050
For any sad track
>> No. 186104
Mega Man ZX Tunes OST - T09: S…youtube thumb

Mega Man ZX Advent Tunes OST -…youtube thumb
>> No. 186113
Say what you will about the game, it still had some damn fine arrangements.
Vampire Killer - Castlevania: …youtube thumb
Bloody Tears - Castlevania: Ju…youtube thumb
Beginning - Castlevania: Judgm…youtube thumb
Clockwork - Castlevania: Judgm…youtube thumb
Mad Forest - Castlevania: Judg…youtube thumb
Dracula's Castle - Castlevania…youtube thumb

File 138047291831.png - (172.00KB , 640x463 , 1380409410490.png )
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>No Steam Machine thread

Well, let's change that.

>The OS


>The machines


>The controller

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>> No. 185293
Valve is going to release Steam Music, part of Big Picture and SteamOS. Group to join for Beta Invite: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/steammusic

Whether this is just support for playing music through Steam or an iTunes competitor is unknown.
>> No. 186103
File 139491408475.jpg - (342.60KB , 2000x1434 , DOG_controller_MED[1].jpg )
New photo of the changes to the controller.

Considering how much extra attention the pads will need over D-pads, I'm disappointed in the button placement; I would think they'd be harder to reach in a timely manner. I would have preferred they went along each pad; that way you need only a relatively similar stretch for each.
>> No. 186107
File 139493206343.jpg - (118.74KB , 500x460 , tumblr_mtkb4wr3DA1qayy2qo1_500.jpg )
Looks like they tried that original and QA demand was at least high enough it was changed.

Little bit sad we've also sacrificed any pretense of having the touch pad but given the added cost, impracticality of it as a customizable technology and the spectacular and catastrophic failure of the WiiU it's hardly surprising it got axed.

We gotta wait to see what this looks like as a final product especially given it's a camel.

Still pumped though.

File 138230072988.jpg - (36.59KB , 500x338 , Giant+Bomb+bombcasts3[1].jpg )
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Old Thread autosage etc

Listened to the newest Bombcast. I am now convinced that where the rest of Giant Bomb settles for weekends, Drew has adventures.
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File 135795916258.jpg - (100.03KB , 873x627 , 40K_6th_rulebook.jpg )
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So a while back, PSN put out Space Marine as one of the Playstation Plus pack in games, and that has somewhat rekindled my interest after several years of bascially forgetting about all these half finished models sitting around me. (Can't play these games with no opponents, and no games means less incentive to actually paint)
Apparantly, since I last payed attention, they've done not only a Fifth Edition, but also a SIXTH edition. Dayum. And they've gone and like doubled the price of everything.

Anyway: 40K (and WHFB and Specilist and competing brands like Warmahordes) General.

I'll start off few ideas that have been floating around my head since stating to paint this stuff again:

Dark Angels: With their willingness to 'disappear' Inquisitors, how possible do you think it is that they might just steal their codes/id and send out Inner Circle members as fake Inquisitors to find those rumours of the Fallen that they'll occasionally abandon IG to die in order to investigate? Because with the whole 'lumbering bureacracy' theme of the Imperium, I'd imagine it'd be quite easy to miss a lead you saw on TV by several decades. And 7 foot tall cyborgs are less suspicious when they are Inquisitors.

Thousand Sons: I find it a bit weird that Tzeentch is the only Chaos cult who's elite cult marines are locked into a single background- Khorne, Nurgle, and Slaanesh can always recruit more Beserkers, Plague Marines, and Noise Marines, because they're all more tied to behaviours/god given gifts than the Heresy Legions that created them. But Rubrik Marines are ALL Thousand Sons, unless there's some fluff I've never seen that has people replicating the spell. It just seems so much less customizable in terms of fluff (and while one of the reasons that I kind of fell off of the hobby was the ever lessening of hobby/creative content by GW, they still seem to encourage "make up your own colours and backstory!" as much as ever)
Should there, I don't know, be a more Flamers-style Tzeentch Marine? Or is that just covered by the icon?

Speaking of the old hobby content- Appar
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>> No. 185904
The Codex Astartes Does Not Support This Gameyoutube thumb

>TotalBiscuit brings you a short history of Warhammer-inspired games and ends by taking a look at the newest WH40K title by Eutechnyx, developers of Ride to Hell: Retribution

>> No. 185919
File 139394574290.jpg - (14.88KB , 350x346 , mussolini-1.jpg )
>the newest WH40K title by Eutechnyx, developers of Ride to Hell: Retribution
Holy shit
>> No. 185930
File 139399809024.png - (43.18KB , 249x230 , 1389837870174.png )

File 139399592237.png - (381.91KB , 625x790 , cad-20110701-a0325.png )
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I remember time ago in a thread about video games that will be cool comics there was a quarrel about western creators being unable to do justice with Zelda because westerners see a generic fantasy setting while Zelda actually is filled with japanese references and the like.

Could somebody expand this argument? Please.

File 139311985411.jpg - (487.63KB , 667x1000 , twitch_plays_pokemon_by_tsaoshin-d77g03b.jpg )
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Anyone else here been checking out SaltyBet's retarded little brother?

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>> No. 185847
I'm not aware of any particular imgur. I've just been following this tangentially and saw no one else posted that it was finished...
>> No. 185850
>>Link's Awakening that's been hacked to include Pokemon elements.
Honestly this sounds way cooler than Gold/Silver.
>> No. 185851
But trying to play a non-turned based game through twitch it nearly impossible.

Anyway, they changed to a similarly-hacked Super Mario Land, but now it's just "The End" screen.

File 138654984980.jpg - (123.77KB , 525x310 , StreetPass%20GET[1].jpg )
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Last time: >>181775

>Take 3DS while doing errands
>Get 9 (!) hits
>One of them has a guy promoting his FA account
I wat'd.
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File 136424796591.jpg - (105.11KB , 800x600 , 131345477528.jpg )
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>Being kicked from an MVM server for picking any class that isn't engie or heavy
>One dude trying to micromanage the entire team, even telling them what upgrades to get
>Getting blamed for a failed wave because you chose sniper instead of chalking it up to 400 critboosted ubered robots
>People going for DPS instead of tactics in general
>Treating TF2 like a job instead of a video game you play for fun in your free time

>Everybody picking Pikachu in SSB
>Nobody picking Kirby

>Everybody talking OOC in DarkRP
>Get mad when you do odd IC RP

>Any bots ever in L4D
>Any runner ever in L4D

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 178714
Its at that point to assemble Quick Medic Heavy Demo Pyro teams charge up and then level whatever they've got outside and send them back to spawn.
>> No. 178739
That only works if red team is retarded.
>> No. 178744
Guaranteed victory, then!

File 138972560076.jpg - (385.05KB , 1600x1108 , 2417157-9453113778-24593[1].jpg )
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Backer codes are loose people, I'm DLing right now. TIME FOR TIME SCHAFER PEOPLE
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>> No. 185249
Agreed, I also liked the setting of Vella's quest better. I found most of the cast of Shay's quest really irritating and wanted to get through that part of it as fast as possible. Though maybe that's precisely the point.
>> No. 185252
>> No. 185254
I think I would've liked Shay's route better if it was harder and gave me larger opportunities to explore but then at the end he gets spat out into Vella's world so...uh...problem solved I guess.

The twist really sold the rest of the game to me (although it's included in the price tag, so it's already kinda sold sorta), and I agree that it's the most satisfying sort of twist, it both blindsides you and leaves you smacking your face wondering why you didn't see it coming. I love how both stories throw red herrings about it, with the computer's tale about sacrifice and the shipwrecked Lorusan in Vella's story throwing hints that he's Shay after 300 years in cryosleep. I swapped between both stories twice during playthrough, so I really should have noticed how the number of rescued critters correlated with the number of sacrificed maidens, but I didn't, and it was glorious.

The wait for the next part is going to be agonising. Has there been any indication as to how long it will take? I'll have to keep an eye out for how well it's doing, saleswise. I can't be unique in not being a backer and buying the game full-price.

File 138120473929.png - (462.17KB , 646x477 , sb1.png )
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For those who haven't heard of saltybet.com, it's essentially betting fake currency on random AI-controlled MUGEN matchups.

No real money is involved, you just go there, see the newest random matchup, and try to guess which one will win. Entire thing is 24/7. It's pretty goddamn amazing.
56 posts and 39 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 185075
Some general tips for Saltybetting:

1.) There are only three or four truly "real" DBZ characters. You'll know them when you see them. Otherwise, betting DBZ is a crapshoot.
2.) "Pixels" (aka 8-bit-looking characters) are often good characters. Same goes for the GBA-style Castlevania characters -- those motherfuckers know how to wipe the floor with the blood of their foes.
3.) Waifus are not always safe bets. You'll have to watch for a while to get a feel for who the good waifus are.
4.) When it comes to the "God tier" characters (Dark Donald, Rare Akuma, DUANE, and so on), don't even bother betting unless you're in the Top 20; otherwise, it's HOLLA HOLLA GET A FREE DOLLAR time.
5.) Most of the "MK2" Mortal Kombat characters are real. Doesn't always make 'em a safe bet, but it does make them worth betting on if they look like the favorite. Same goes for "16-bit" Gundams (aka Gundams from the SNES Gundam Wing fighting game).
6.) Don't judge a character because of their size. Big characters can be fucking potatoes and small characters can whomp all kinds of ass before you can blink.
7.) Never go all in, no matter how sure you are of a bet. Even the Gods can be beaten; I saw the nigh-unbeatable Duane lose during the weekly Shaker Classic a couple of weeks ago. I repeat: NEVER go all in.
>> No. 185076
>Never go all in, no matter how sure you are of a bet.
This depends on how much money you have. When you've barely got any money (below 500/1000) then going all-in might be a good idea, I think.
>> No. 185199

That mike is such a trap. He often can't figure out how to hit the fighters in his tier.

File 137059227226.gif - (54.83KB , 500x389 , 1370589779450.gif )
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Anyone picking up Animal Crossing this week?
137 posts and 47 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 184360
File 138796949928.jpg - (27.01KB , 400x240 , BcUvQxfCIAAN7Gq.jpg )
I hope you got what you wanted
>> No. 184944
File 139020012476.jpg - (243.73KB , 750x353 , test_recycle.jpg )
Funny thing, I found this article on http://about.me/ericfarrow
Which I found mentioned by one of the people I met via street pass.
>> No. 185147
File 139102772346.jpg - (334.57KB , 650x794 , The D is silent.jpg )

File 135891074037.jpg - (532.30KB , 600x808 , eo4_faithful_demo_01.jpg )
168974 No. 168974 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
The hype train knows no breaks. I know what I'm going to be using my DS for all of next month.
18 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 181976
I've been trying the demo, which is my first try at an Etrian Odyssey game. It's pretty sweet: it's quite engrossing to draw a map while juking around purple antelopes and living piles of rocks that look like other, not living piles of rocks.

I really like that random encounters are something that happens from filling up a meter you can see, instead of something that can happen any step; it makes them tremendously less annoying. And for that matter, I appreciate that money management does not feel like a complete waste of time.

As a side note, this is the first JRPG I've ever heard of where one of the party members is Canadian.

Anyway, hit the level cap, now I'm mostly deciding whether to do a physical or digital copy (same price, so it's slight convenience versus SD card space and potential resale); I can carry the save from the demo over either way, right?
>> No. 185084
HEY GUYS. Untold is on sale for half off ($20) in the eShop until tomorrow.
>> No. 185088

I bought it the other day. 10 hours and 2 stratums in. I like it, even though I've played 1 before.

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