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177023 No. 177023
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>> No. 177024
I'm going to be honest with you. When HL3 really does get announced, I'm going to miss hearing about it being announced/hinted at/etc every other week.
>> No. 177026
It's a common mistake, but Saturn isn't actually the god of time. Saturn was the father of Jupiter, and therefore associated with Chronus. Chronos was, confusingly, a separate titan associated with Time. Chronus was just the father of the gods, son of Gaea the Earth and Ouranous (Uranus) the Sky. He had a glaive with which he cut off his father's testicles, and they fell into the ocean. I think that Venus was born from the ocean and is implied to have come from Ouranous's sperm. But he never got up to time shenanigans.

That said, it's such a common mistake to conflate the two that it's entirely possible Valve made the same mistake. Maybe even more likely than that they kept the distinction between the two. Even a lot of people who know the difference just go along with the "Saturn = Time" thing because it's such a pervasive belief.
>> No. 177044
I want to habeeb, but I'll wait until we get a bit further in this to see what's going to happen.

Also, anyone know what was in the update? HL2 doesn't seem to have a nice wiki like TF2. I was playing it a bit to get cards, I think I'll play through the whole thing to see if anything else changes.
>> No. 177054
Also, I think it's disingenuous to call this an "ARG", unless the full ARG starts Saturday. If it's just a teaser puzzle to an announcement tomorrow, that's not an ARG. I Love Bees was an ARG; Potato Hunt was an ARG; so far, this is not.
>> No. 177059
>> No. 177068
He means June 29th right?
>> No. 177070
Wonder if those Summer Claim Checks will be part of it.
>> No. 177072
>yfw all of this is just a lead up to their Summer Holiday Sales
>> No. 177073

>I'm going to miss hearing about it being announced
>hinted at

He listed three things HL3 FUCKING CONFIRMED
>> No. 177074
Hopefully worth something this year like maybe Skyrim Legendary edition for 20 or below.
>> No. 177076
If it's not outright said to be related to HL3, or even as an ARG of anything at all, I'm not buying it. I've heard so many false claims, none of which were related to HL3, that I don't think anything is.

Part of me thinks there was a continuation of HL planned, but now, due to so much fan hype and other projects that came up since then, Valve is not continuing Half-Life. It's over.
>> No. 177092
Guys, it is pretty clear what is going on when you thing about it.

Steam is pushing forward on the "Steambox" console of their, codenamed Piston.

You know what really helps a new console sell? Exclusive Games.

HL3 Might be nearly finished by now, but they are waiting till they have a Launch prepared for Piston to reveal it.
>> No. 177095
Valve would be absolutely foolish not to release HL3 for PC.
>> No. 177097
Certainly, they will, but the Steambox might get an earlier release. Just to help boost sales in the first month or so.
>> No. 177101
Last time I checked, Valve shot down any official involvement with the Piston, which is really just a small gaming PC
>> No. 177102
Yea that was part of that "Great Cleansing" a couple months back.

looks like someone walked away with a AR project though. Again likely dropped in favor of focusing on Rift tech.

>> No. 177108
Is the steambox basically a gaming-only PC that plays whatever you've bought on Steam?
Cos thats the best idea ever.
I'd totally buy that.
>> No. 177110
Well, supposedly it will be a custom-rolled version of Linux; so you'll play any games that have been ported to Linux.

However, if that is the case, it will have far better driver support for various video cards than we currently have, AND you'll see a massive movement by indies (and maybe a few AAA studios) to port to Linux, likely with Valve offering incentives to do so in order to bolster their Steambox offerings.
>> No. 177119
>so you'll play any games that have been ported to Linux.
I've always wanted a very expensive humming paper weight.
>> No. 177121
File 137257575867.jpg - (76.74KB , 600x446 , 136623944186.jpg )
>> No. 177124

...Nah, I'd rather have a gaming-only pc that plays my whole Steam library.
Maybe have customizable video, graphics and audio cards,... That'd be so cool.
>> No. 177125
In case you guys didn't see, this was just about Surgeon Simulator 2013 being on sale today (Saturday = Saturn's Day)and the same team doing an update for Team Fortress.
>> No. 177130
I'm thinking coincidence. It's not exactly something that they needed Steam Trading Cards out of Beta for, was it?
But it was something I was excited about. That game is too fucking expensive for what it is, a three stage [as] game made intentionally bad so they wouldn't have to work on making it good.
>> No. 177137
What update?
>> No. 177139
Word is another big update is incoming.
>> No. 177159
But Saturday has come and gone and it's not here yet.

Of course, we (well, I) just assumed it would be yesterday. It could just mean on a Saturday.
In 2018.
Valve Time.
>> No. 177161
It could easily mean next Saturday. Maybe they didn't expect people to figure it out so fast.

I do find it odd that the letters SA are highlighted. They can't just mean Saturday by themselves. And on top of that, a line is drawn between Mercury and Venus.
>> No. 177166
Yeah, I was trying to figure that out, too. If it was just to highlight SA, then why the line between Venus and Mercury (the sexiest of the Sailor Scouts)? But those names don't fit, the order of planets (SMVEMJ with the Sun, or MVEMJS without) don't seem to mean anything.

It could be that the arrow is just finishing "The time is", meaning that something is going to happen on a Saturday, but the blanks are for something else. You know what else has six letters?


(Another interesting note: Mercury is in retrograde on the 6th of July, a Saturday. And "stationary direct" on Aug 3rd, also a Saturday. Fuck if I know what that means, something with astrology.)
>> No. 177167
The line seems to be going towards Mercury more than Venus. On the periodic table, Mercury is element 80. What is right before Element 80?

Au. GUST. (Well, Gold.)

I have no idea what the fuck I'm rambling about.
>> No. 177174
Well, hmm...what do Mercury and Venus have in common? They're the only two planets in our solar system without moons.

>> No. 177178
>Gaben has three chins
>HL3 confirmed.
>> No. 177222
So we're still playing the waiting game?
>> No. 177228
Can one truly wait for something that will never happen?
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