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File 137400065256.jpg - (107.18KB , 430x323 , medieval-ii-total-war-20061117040135501.jpg )
177932 No. 177932
Okay this is sort of random but can anyone give me advice on how to NOT SUCK as a general in Medieval II Total War (Kingdoms)?

I bought this game on the cheap awhile back, installed it and played a bunch of skirmish battles to try and get a feel, and got wasted 90% of the time, think I managed to scrape by in 2 siege battles with high losses.
After reading an LP for Shogun 2 I really just want to go back and atually play it this time.

And so this isn't a totally superflous thread how about making it a Total War... General?
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>> No. 177955
I've never been sure how retraining works. Heard it was glitched
>> No. 178025
Are you charging fixed positions with cavalry?
>> No. 178027

I know you are meant to use cavalry to flank or hit units when they are not formed up tight but my micromanagement skills might need more practice.
>> No. 178075
Without seeing what you're doing, it's kind of hard to help.
>> No. 178098
File 137434699594.jpg - (0.98MB , 1360x880 , 1351216214229.jpg )
Is there a mod which gives you KNIGHTS with GUNS?
>> No. 178119
I guess I'll just have to rough it now I've actually completed the Tutorial.

I want to play as Scotland but you have to unlock the other nations by conquering them, so I'll play my first game as England, try not to get my knights ripped apart?
Are you supposed to charge them in, disengage and pull back, then charge them in again instead of leaving them mired in melee?
>> No. 178160
Are they ever going to make a Total War game that covers multiple periods of culture and warfare in one continuous game as like say a game of Civilisation?
>> No. 178198
File 137460977554.png - (1.70MB , 1024x960 , Spearman vs tank.png )
>> No. 178201
File 137461814412.jpg - (198.19KB , 921x682 , mixed techlevels.jpg )
>> No. 178202
How do you act when you have an army that has joined the Crusade in order to not have anyone desert on you from it?
Is it that your army has to be one step closer to the target of the crusade than it was at the start of the turn because I heard that somewhere.
>> No. 178227
File 137470744428.jpg - (49.43KB , 850x400 , quote-it-is-better-to-be-feared-than-loved-if-you-.jpg )
Answer me this, High Dread or High Chivalry

I say Chivalry, because I am a friend of justice!
>> No. 178252
Are you making sure you are retraining the right units in the right facilities?
>> No. 178255
File 137477349283.jpg - (76.81KB , 432x648 , 1336998480521.jpg )
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