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File 137020176778.jpg - (566.33KB , 1280x933 , tumblr_mnrs8cBJ3v1qzwtdlo3_1280.jpg )
175148 No. 175148
The demo is resoundingly being praised right right now.
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>> No. 175150
I want this game so badly but I don't have a fucking PS3.
>> No. 175152
File 137020252828.gif - (787.42KB , 245x245 , tumblr_mnmzbxDpLV1qettp9o6_250.gif )
That blows, this game looks incredible.

I've had people tell me it's what Dead Island's lying trailer promised.
>> No. 175153
Never ever trust a trailer Tiki,
>> No. 175154
So far its been Walking Dead: Fungus Among Us. Best one can hope is that its a good zombie survival game.
>> No. 175155
I never do, but the demo has been perfect sans the upside down trap sections.

It IS a fucking incredible game, forget zombie game.
>> No. 175156
I love Naughty Dog. They may only do what's popular, but they do it DAMN well.
>> No. 175158
All i have to say is a Demo is no longer trustworthy after Alien's Colonial Marines. I mean sure there have been changes but none so drastic as that game and it's demo.
>> No. 175160
If you want a good zombie survival game and you have a 360 you should look out for State of Decay, its almost out for download.
>> No. 175162
Oh? how so?
>> No. 175163
The demo made it seem like significantly less of a buggy clusterfuck than it actually was.
>> No. 175164
And also contained a massive amount of scripting and effect engine changes that just weren't present in the "finished" product.
>> No. 175176
Meh, not for me.
I want to play predator not pray.
But it will be fun to see Ellie's character development.
Will she grow up to be a mad killer or not?
>> No. 175177
I am Legend ending would be neat, I mean the good one before they changed it. Benevolent guardian or the nightmare the new species sees when they close their eyes. I'd love to play something like that before the whole Zombie fad collapses.
>> No. 175257
I dont think you will get that from this game with the plage being caused by this: cordyceps (Parasitic Fungi)youtube thumb
>> No. 175265
File 137045030257.jpg - (29.46KB , 492x264 , untitled.jpg )
The Pope has spoken.
>> No. 175268
>> No. 175269
File 137046315829.png - (332.75KB , 562x790 , Screenshot_2013-06-05-14-55-02-1.png )
The Last of Us is so good professional journalists don't even have to explain why it's good.

>> No. 175270
>Write Review for Video Game
>"Go play the video game."
>Get paid

Reviews are shit and you're stupid to read them folks.
>> No. 175276
>Daily Mail
Uh huh.
>> No. 175278
File 137047578030.jpg - (435.54KB , 1920x1200 , 1347728318181.jpg )
>that feel when I live in central Boston and love the zombie genre but give absolutely zero fucks about this game

I just can't get hyped for this.

I want a game where you actually feel bad for the zombies. Like, major bad feels. Pic related is the only thing that came close.

This. . . this will just be another shooter on rails, set in my hometown. I can feel it. The disappointment is coming.

Game over, man.

Game over.
>> No. 175283
I..WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? The entire point of this game is sympathy for the infected and resource management due to bullets being a commodity.

Just go play the demo.
>> No. 175304
>10/10s all around
>barely any fucks given about this game
>now suspicious

This went right into my "looks neat but I don't actually give a fuck" bin. Now everybody seems to be shitting themselves. What'd I miss?
>> No. 175305
Game gets amazing scores. /v/ screams bloody murder and calls it an overrated piece of shit before even playing it. So really, just the usual is happening.
>> No. 175322
Tis no videogame, tis a movie and as such will watch the cut scenes on Youtube.

Fuck Naughty Dog. All they do is make MOVIES. The last actual videogame was Jak X Combat Racing.
>> No. 175324
yea kinda think that is what we'll hear from TB about this saying that the kinda standard mechanics can be ignored for the story or he'll rail against the mechanics breaking his immersion into this piece of "art" apologies not really hammering the game just Total Biscuit and his whole obsession with "game art" when people start talking about games like this in transcendent tones.
>> No. 175331
It's a PS3 exclusive. TB only does PC stuff. We won't hear shit about this game from him.
>> No. 175333
You've not heard him fawn over Heavy Rain.
>> No. 175336
I saw the GameStop exclusives and my brain just went wow this game had some promise but Games that give a distinct preorder advantage tend to suck. I can get adding neat things but fuck there's a limit.
>> No. 175338
Skins and multiplayer stuff? it's really nothing great or game breaking.
>> No. 175340
Man, I was sure some of it was on single player. Nevermind.
>> No. 175341
Two joke skins for after beating the game and just enough extra starter money for a bullet clip at the start of the game.
>> No. 175346
Any information on what the DLC is to come with their season pass?
>> No. 175349
Naughty Dog has announced it has plans for three DLC packs at this stage: one is a single-player story pack, and the other two offer additional multiplayer content, including maps.
>> No. 176000
File 137115969972.jpg - (125.21KB , 500x313 , tumblr_mocilbkbxm1qkeen3o1_500.jpg )
Over-hyped POS, mediocre or glistening gem we'll find out tomorrow.
>> No. 176003
Already watched a full playthrough of it. Only gameplay complaint I can see without playing it myself is that it's pretty easy to be QTE killed in melee range or oneshotted, depending on the enemy. You can do most encounters with stealth if you try hard enough, though.
Story is good, but predictable once the basic components are in place. Better than average videogame writing, on par with a pandemic Hollywood movie or novel.
tl;dr, almost as good as reviews make it out to be
>> No. 176004
either way the " female with an older father figure" looks to be the next thing in gaming.
>> No. 176009
Next thing? The Bioshock series has been going for years by now.
>> No. 176020
Well more to the point of seeing it shape their protege along a path like Fable kept promising but never delivering. Bioshock 2 did that quite well. Infinite not so much really. Others of note in that are Walking Dead and maybe Last of Us will live up to that level of feels.
>> No. 176107
>8 minutes in and already crying

no don't do this to me I just wanted to have fun
>> No. 176109
>> No. 176181
>in the hotel
>accidentally knock over a water jug
>guys around the corner "WHAT WAS THAT"

I'm sweating while playing a fucking video game oh god
>> No. 176193
>Ish's place
Wow, yeah, this is getting under the skin a little-
And then Dagda was in a very quiet mood for a long time.
>> No. 176199
>> No. 176200
File 137137992635.gif - (743.67KB , 160x220 , tumblr_meri90wfgK1ricgg0o7_r1_250.gif )
Oh God I am crying harder than I EVER have for a videogame.
>> No. 176201
File 137138178684.jpg - (146.52KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mocbdhtC4q1r6cnz4o1_500.jpg )
You don't...feel good...killing anything in this game, like at all, it's somewhere between mercy killing and hate crimes.
>> No. 176202
I trust Tiki's opinions, sol now I want to play it. I don't have nearly enough money to buy it used, though.
>> No. 176204
File 137138764222.gif - (371.30KB , 400x225 , tumblr_mogfykW5YJ1spqcc0o1_400.gif )
With any luck and how many copies will get into circulation you may be able to get it off Amazon cheap once people beat the campaign, the only thing I wonder about is how good the multiplayer is because if it's really good I can't see this game devaluing anytime soon.

And to the "Uncharted with Zombies" people Joel is fucking old and feels like shit to control, I don't mean the controls are bad I mean you the player feel like Joel feeling like shit while playing, he's unbelievably immobile compared to Drake.

If I had to term how Joel feels I'd say stealth tank, I was getting serious Man hunter vibes playing this.
>> No. 176211
And again this game has me crying.
>> No. 176213
Maybe Telltale can hire whomever did writing for this for their season two so we can get more feels rather than just Clem.
>> No. 176214
File 137140920259.jpg - (1.73MB , 1680x2583 , The Last of Us - American Dreams 002-012.jpg )
Wow, the comic is SUPER CLOSELY tied to the game without being required.
>> No. 176217
Fuck fuck fuuuuck why can't this game have a PC version?
>> No. 176218

bros lets roll together map sneakan curb stompan bow and arrowan while craftan
>> No. 176229
I suck at the bow so hard because my brain keeps telling me it's Laura Croft's super murder bow and then I get hard murdered.
>> No. 176245
>The unlockable concept art for Chapter 9

oh man

oh man I was not ready for that
>> No. 176246
I haven't played that game, but to me the bow is like the single most precious weapon, because it's the only ranged weapon that doesn't break stealth. Also does enough damage to one-hit kill most enemies when they haven't been alerted, even with a body shot (and this is while playing on Hard, too).
>> No. 176252
File 137144250232.jpg - (34.26KB , 426x331 , rxn (395).jpg )

>"Imma shoot this Clicker in the head with the bow and arrow so it'll be all silent and everything"
>"I'll recollect the arrow when I'm done and everything"
>"this plan is perfect what could go wrong"
>shoot Clicker in the head with bow and arrow
>the arrow breaks and bounces off their head
>> No. 176272
You have to hit them in the back of the head, the fungal growth is like a face plate.
>> No. 176275
Which is why they resort to making click noises to navigate the environment.
>> No. 176283
File 137147665353.gif - (924.69KB , 500x281 , tumblr_m217d6inWd1qdippyo1_500.gif )
That's three good cries thus far.
>> No. 176293

>stay with me
> then fucking walk
>he tried to

>> No. 176301
File 137149043963.gif - (377.65KB , 500x425 , tumblr_mjmfyqCIRl1qmvy8zo1_500.gif )
>> No. 176322
File 137150395352.gif - (0.96MB , 245x182 , tumblr_mohp02XAkW1qb05aco4_r1_250.gif )
>> No. 176326
Finished the game. Still processing.

I'm stumped as to what moment this is about.
>> No. 176327
They that likes leaves.
>> No. 176328
Still zero clue. Just use a spoiler.

Hey, when Ellie tells David "I'm infected and so are you", was the latter part just pure bullshitting? Because if I missed her blood getting on a scratch of his or something, it would put the whole lodge fight in a very different context- a man losing his sanity and trying to take another infected down with him.
>> No. 176329
Hell, it also just recontextualizes things if he BELIEVED her.
>> No. 176330
The Giraffes
>> No. 176331
Ohhhh. Yeah that was pretty cool.
>> No. 176339

She bit him while they were dragging her onto the table.

Saw these plot points coming from a million miles away. Gameplay lead to them in ways I never expected. This game is perfect. There is no wasted time. There is no bloat or excess.

I think this is one of those things that ruins all things remotely like it by comparison.
>> No. 176342
File 137156007568.gif - (0.96MB , 500x567 , tumblr_miszh846p11qlxohso1_500.gif )
You know, I assumed the flame thrower was such a huge deal I didn't even use it once because I was saving it.

Also how many of you would do what Joel did towards the end or leave it alone ?
>> No. 176348
>> No. 176354

I like how you asked that. You didn't ask if you thought it was right or if it made Joel bad. Kudos, because I think that was the point. I probably would have done the same thing. Hotel wasn't given a choice and neither was Ellie. That's a decision that I would have needed her explicit agreement to following her own saying of what the risks are compared to the potential benefits. Truth is, in not sure it was Ellie who was immune or the infection in her that mutated (probably both), but whichever the case, there was no guarantee that her sacrifice would lead to a cure, vaccine, or even a weapon. No one day down and talked with her about it. Then again, maybe they shouldn't have. And maybe that's why they didn't. Not many would deny their species such a chance, but I could easily see the doctors waving it off out of rising elite actually doing so. There is no right and wrong. I've always known that and it's the lens I look at everything at.

Do you guys think, after everything that Joel and Ellie went through, humanity was worth saving?

>> No. 176496
File 137166867298.png - (279.12KB , 512x384 , rxn (111).png )
>Joel's actor is a scrawny young blonde guy
>> No. 176559
There's an audio log stating it's the fungus in her body that mutated, and the doctor- probably the one you're forced to kill- sees a very real likelihood that it can be used to create a cure in the same fashion as the fungi used to make penicillin. (Funny how that's the drug that saved Joel's life.)

I'm not Joel, and if somehow found myself in that kind of situation I don't know if I'd be any better than him, but: As soon as he started killing fireflies, I knew I didn't agree with what my character was doing, and wished he wasn't doing it. I "played along" very reluctantly.

The best thing would have been to let Ellie wake up, let her actually make the choice you know she'd make, let her say goodbye. But if it's a binary option to walk away or do what Joel did? Walk away.

Because just in the next 10 years there are a thousand other girls like Ellie, and like Sarah, who will die (directly or indirectly) for want of a cure. If there was only a 50% chance that Ellie's sacrifice would change anything? Then that means an average of 500 girls like her will die thanks to Joel's actions. If/when Ellie finds out the truth, finds out just how badly he's betrayed her trust? She'll hate him, and he'll deserve it.

>> No. 176561
>Do you guys think, after everything that Joel and Ellie went through, humanity was worth saving?

When you've got a whole load of bad apples, the real culprit's probably the barrel they're in.

Humanity in The Last Of Us is no inherently better or worse than humanity today. Good people in that world are forced to resort to awful things or fall prey to natural selection, purely due to the horrible & desperate circumstances everyone is now in. That's the way things are, and the way they'll continue to be unless some kind of miracle happens- you know, like a cure or something.

>> No. 176613

I tried my best to imagine these situations from the perspectives of different people within the story. That doctor had been part of a team desperately struggling with failure after failure to find anything close to a medical solution.

Remember when Ellie woke up later in the truck? "What the hell am I wearing?" I tried thinking of why the medical team would have prepped her for surgery without her knowing. I tried imaging why they would go ahead and rush into something this important basically ten minutes after she arrived. The conclusion I found most likely was that they had no idea how things were going to turn out and were just desperate for a chance to try something.

Odds work differently in the medical world than anywhere else. Anything above the certainty of death is considered "a good chance" in medicine. This makes anything the Fireflies said especially suspect and subject to paranoid hope to me. The doctor said the fungus in her mutated. Marlene said Ellie was immune. Ellie herself? She could breath the spores, which doesn't make sense if it was the fungus itself that mutated within her. There was something special about Ellie that made her immune, something you could almost certainly no replicate under laboratory conditions, and they just wanted to jump straight into necropsy? Even after that doctor's recording that said there was no fungal development in her brain? No part of that seemed to fit together for me and it just screamed of desperation.

Then, looking at it from Joel's perspective, why would he care if humanity found a cure? His entire life is a testament to the ugliness of human behavior. People cheat, exploit, suppress, murder, rape, and even eat each other when things get bad. People who dedicate their lives to helping people ultimately lose to fear and panic, and people die because of it. In a sick and sad way, things just make more sense these days for Joel. Decisions involving other people are easy now. Losing Ellie in exchange for going back doesn't balance out from Joel's perspective. There's nothing better about a larger world to him, and the most important thing he sees is giving the chance for a life in THIS world to someone he cares about.

>> No. 176616
"That's the way things are, and the way they'll continue to be unless some kind of miracle happens- you know, like a cure or something. "
>> No. 176618
File 137175197982.png?spoiler - (12.84KB , 608x158 , Untitled-1.png?spoiler )
This, basically.
>> No. 176622
So, how's the actual game play and mechanics.
>> No. 176625
File 137175786188.jpg - (305.95KB , 950x476 , i-GLQjhhF-950x10000.jpg )
>> No. 176647
Hmm. I don't debate that those who were making that call are mostly implied to have done so for flawed reasons, and your point with the doctor certainly seems feasible. But I was talking about whether the choice itself was the right one.

Let me ask this: When Ellie said "After all we've been through. . .everything I've done. . .it can't be for nothing." What do you think she was talking about? And whatever that is, do you agree with it?

Really solid, original, and interesting. It's NOT an action-adventure game. It's a survival stealth game where screwing up on sneaking around shifts an encounter into resource-consuming action. The fundamental zombie encounter is several "Runners" (who can see you and will cost you health unless you're just facing one) and one "clicker" (who is blind but hears non-stealth actions, can only be damaged/killed with consumable weapons only, and WILL instant kill you the second it lands any kind of melee attack). It's all about picking targets off one by one & avoiding (fleeing) any kind of confrontation with an actual group of enemies. Resources all make this easier, but you have to be thoughtful about how/when you use them. It's totally great.
>> No. 176648
Sounds good. Too many times have I played narrative based games where the game play didn't have much to do with it, wither by being generic or an excuse to call it a game when it would have made a better book or movie. This sounds like it makes good use of its medium.
>> No. 176671
File 137178160767.jpg - (85.34KB , 550x733 , 1328892546455.jpg )
>Not getting Bill the first time

>Frank's letter

>The magazine

I can't fucking believe I couldn't put two and two together.

I am actually feeling pretty sad for him.
>> No. 176792
File 137197727339.gif - (15.66KB , 275x300 , like this except people.gif )
Yeah, I'm split on reading the spoilers out of curiosity and keeping away in the million to one chance I some day get a PS3 or they make a PC version, even though it's been 18 years since Naughty Dog released anything on a non-Sony platform.
>> No. 176814

A more critical review of the game that praises the presentation and story, but finds the gameplay lacking.
>> No. 176816

I am reminded of the E3 2012 "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?" video:

Anthony: "Favorite Ellen Page simulator?"
Ash: "Which one?"
Both: "HA HA HA"
>> No. 176827
Ellen you bet on the wrong Pony.
>> No. 176828
File 137208995235.png - (83.32KB , 250x215 , safe_applejack_human_big-macintosh_toy_traditional.png )
Heh, pony.
>> No. 176834
File 137211025550.gif - (434.34KB , 268x193 , tumblr_inline_mos66wkRxa1qcg6kt.gif )
>Giraffic Park
>Point Broken
>> No. 176861
so was there ever any hoopla about the "attempted" scene in this game or was it too far in game for the regular group that pays attention to notice.
>> No. 176884

There is no "attempted" scene, if it's rape you're referring to.
>> No. 176887
More using phrasing to link it to the Tomb Raider scene that caused such a kerfuffle and how some people seem to be reading certain events.
>> No. 176932
With Tomb Raider the negative reaction to that was because they used it in the previews along with scenes of horrible murder which rather than the desired effect of "OH MAN LOOK AT THE SHIT SHE IS UP AGAINST HERE" carried an unintended worry about the tone the series was taking being a super gross sexualized form of torture porn.

When it actually came out the confusion was all cleared up.
>> No. 176938
Yea I can see that, this actually has weight in the given situations rather than seeming just to be someones sick fantasy like the Lara Croft stuff was talked about by some of the developers.
>> No. 177155
>> No. 177156
An honest mistake.
>> No. 177157
Going into the article I was thinking "that's why you use 555 for everything", but apparently they did. I would never have thought that 1-800-555 would work, either.
>> No. 177164
So that is what is leading to mankind extinction.
>> No. 177253

Now here to take the piss out of everything.
>> No. 177261
It sounds like Ellie is a less useful (and less legal) Elizabeth.
>> No. 177262
Not everyone can have the powers of a fucking god
>> No. 177265
Powers that ultimately boil down to more supplies, specifically placed turrets, and being a key.
>> No. 177299
Strong as she is Elizabeth needs Booker for combat as while she can hold her own against most she doesn't actively butcher over 200 infected and cannibalistic raiders like Ellie does.

I'd put Ellie at roughly a hundred time more useful than Elizabeth.
>> No. 177578
>Fastest Selling New Software Title in the History of PlayStation(R)3, and Fastest Selling PlayStation(R)3 Title of 2013

>TOKYO, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that the global sales of The Last of Us(TM) exceeded 3.4 million units(*1) as of July 3rd. This remarkable sales figure was achieved in less than 3 weeks since the global launch on June 14(th) . The PlayStation(R)3 (PS3(R)) exclusive title -- released to universal critical acclaim -- has surpassed all sales expectations to become the fastest-selling PS3 title of 2013(*2) .

>The Last of Us delivers an evocative journey of survival in a world radically transformed, twenty years after a virulent pandemic of the cordyceps fungus has ravaged the human population. The rich story provides a realistic experience that explores the depths of humanity through main characters Joel and Ellie. Their journey is rife with emotionally charged moments as the narrative centers on themes of survival, loyalty, love and redemption.

>"These sales figures are a testament to the blockbuster quality of The Last of Us," said Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. "The teams at Naughty Dog are true visionaries and their storytelling capabilities are second to none, this title is an undisputed demonstration of that. SCE continues to be committed to delivering unique gameplay experiences that redefine the interactive entertainment industry and The Last of Us is a perfect example."

Bravo Sony.
>> No. 177579
They're both cool in different ways, IMO just leave it at that.
>> No. 177581
Wow between this and the crushing failure of ZombieU there is probably some reevaluating going on.
>> No. 177606
Reevaluating of what?
>> No. 177608
A western studio delivers the biggest success the PS3 has ever had and hammers home the ever growing importance of exclusives and places renewed value on story elements.

Meanwhile the WiiU hinges all their success on ZombieU along with a few other games which while all exclusives have little to no story elements and gets hit with such failure a large produce losses enough confidence to change an exclusive to a multiplatformer.

There is a lot to be digested in the significance of the contrast between the two, or at least that is what I was thinking, maybe I'm just rambling.
>> No. 177638
The lack of story element can be compared to a degree, but the fact of the matter is that ZU wasn't a very good game in all comparison to tLoU. Most importantly of which is game play.
>> No. 177769
File 137366556625.jpg - (204.83KB , 480x520 , tumblr_mor5m14tgE1r2eg6ao5_500.jpg )
Holy shit
>> No. 177778
I don't know, Tiki. That pic looks a little shopped to to me.
>> No. 177780
Yeah, those glasses were definitely shooped in.
>> No. 177792
File 137371476964.jpg - (125.71KB , 1024x477 , tumblr_mor5m14tgE1r2eg6ao1_1280.jpg )
Swing and a miss.
>> No. 177797
File 137372523438.jpg - (120.26KB , 1096x904 , pedo van video game.jpg )
Pedophile love story, entire game is them playing firetruck, she even almost gets raped on screen at one point.
>> No. 177798
She's pretty clearly a daughter figure he feels so protective over due to the loss of his own daughter, you sick palmfucker
>> No. 177802
But anon, didn't you know that everything ever is always about sex?
>> No. 177813
>playing firetruck

okay that gets a chuckle and is a funny way of picturing the following.
>> No. 177814
Hey, Joel's a stand up guy.
Ellie on the other hand...
Sure she is fine now but give it 1 to 3 years and then
Gods help Joel when that happens.
>> No. 177815
T4 stop it
>> No. 177817
File 13737545831.png?spoiler - (617.03KB , 938x1580 , ToadtheShroom.png?spoiler )
We gotta go with the other method of possible immunity transmission. But now..I cannot unsee the final evolution...the horror.
>> No. 177818
>final evolution
Joking aside, this term's always bothered me.
>> No. 177822
what you have against pokemon?
>> No. 177823
Other than the fact that that's not how evolution works at all?
>> No. 177824
evolution never stops and the pokemon version isn't really accurate to IRL
>> No. 177825
It's how Pokemon evolution works!
>> No. 177831
Everyone gets so offended when people suggest a sexual interest, yet no one stops to realize that the girl won't stay a kid forever...

She'll grow up into a hot chick living with a lonely guy, things will happen. Hell things would probably happen even if he was her genetic dad.

Has no one read the lord of the flies, people don't really act rationally in an isolated survival situation.
>> No. 177832
With how shit p4c has been lately, I give it 10 posts before this turns into an incest acceptance thread.
>> No. 177835
The fuck are you on about now? It's the same as it's always been.
>> No. 177837
And doesly that how alot of people now know the word to mean.
That the evolution of language for ya.
Ton of new words and meanings all the time.
Yeah, its a bad scenario all around.
Hope that she read a book on "growing up" at that school of hers or Joel is in for an even harder time.
Aunt Flow is an even bigger bitch in the post apocalyptic wasteland.
Just saying~
But there is hope!
Thank you swedish tv for talking about this in it history programing so I could google years later.
Hygiene is importent!
>> No. 177840
Exact they aren't living isolated, they are living in Tommy's town, safe from Guards and the quarantine zones, the only thing they have to fear are roving packs and bandits.

Plus he very clearly thinks of her as his daughter.
>> No. 177842
Yes im sure the monsters and cannibals will help them uphold morality. The fact is that shes not his daughter so theres nothing wrong with pursuing her, and the only reason there isnt a romance is because shes too young.
>> No. 177843
File 137381456998.jpg - (88.02KB , 635x479 , index-1.jpg )
>the only reason there isnt a romance is because shes too young
What if they're just not interested in each other? What if it turns out that she's not into dudes? Could you really not think of any reason besides "she's too young" for them to not get together? Good lord. Not every story ends in a dicking.
>> No. 177844
>Not every story ends in a dicking.
True, but there's a reason that "ends in sex" is a meme.
>> No. 177845
>Ellie steals Bill's comic books

0/10 would not waifu
>> No. 177847
It was bad enough in Bunny Drop and Oreimo when they threw away all that character development so we could get yet another millionth "heroine bangs the MC" ending. I honestly have yet to see a story where the main male and female characters aren't into each other romantically and clearly don't end up together by the end, and not because they're actually related.
>> No. 177848
You should never mention Oreimo and Bunny Drop in the same sentence.

As for male/female leads not being linked, there's always Hill of Swords
>> No. 177851
>You should never mention Oreimo and Bunny Drop in the same sentence
Why not? They're both hella garbage.
>> No. 177852
Bunny Drop is great.

One of the best anime original series out there.
>> No. 177853

Pacific Rim kinda?
>> No. 177854
Considering the context, I have a feeling they're solely referring to the manga.
>> No. 177855
It's a joke. He's pretending the manga doesn't exist because it's turrible.
>> No. 177875
Have you heard of pukachevs gun? If not, look it up.

Now consider this: pukachevs penis
>> No. 177876
Ooooh...the "original" part should have clued me in.
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