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File 138069062652.jpg - (38.42KB , 640x480 , sddefault.jpg )
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Old Friends,
New Foes,
More Chaos!

It's a return to Tartarus in more ways than one as Makoto Yuuki fights to conquer the ominous ziggurat on the big screen while those who would defend his legacy must solve the mystery of its catastrophic resurrection.

Too far in the future for you? Then go back to where it all began with the latest installment of the core Shin Megami Tensei series that has you straddle the line between Monster and Messiah in a story that will take you beneath the Earth and into the darkest depths of the soul.
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>> No. 187184
File 139943456127.png - (622.64KB , 1000x647 , P4D Assemble!!!.png )
Wait a second, if this is a remake anime, maybe they'll use Yumi and Daisuke's stories for the Sun and Strength Social links this time around.


They could make the Marie thing work though. The makings of a good story are there, the climax is well written (the part where the fog parts and Marie sees all of Inaba was quite sweet), as is the beginning, but the middle section with the awkwardly done interactions with the IT was where it suffered; this poor set-up harmed its conclusion as it's where the emotional payoff was supposed to happen. Again, I don't think the concept of the character is unsalvageable, it could very well benefit from the efforts of this slightly tweaked creative team.

But enough of that. Time for Dance!
>> No. 187196
>Shy, uncomfortable, blushing Naoto
>Yukiko blushing but being into it
>Chie being stronk
>Rise being confident and having fun
>Yu being fabulous
>Yosuke being shy and awkward but following his buddy
>Kanji not giving a shit
>Teddy being Teddy
This might be the only game where I want to fuck all the main characters.
>> No. 187209
File 139951491170.png - (217.85KB , 1122x977 , p4u himiko.png )
Holy shit, it's Echoes Act 3!

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Rise K…youtube thumb

File 139900264639.png - (382.02KB , 929x543 , Mario RPG.png )
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>> No. 187155
>With how big turn based RPGs are over there

This isn't true anymore, actually. In fact Japanese RPGs have been dead for years.
>> No. 187157
Huh, shows what I know.

What kinds of games are they playing nowadays? Is there any dominant genre or is it about a varied as it is here?
>> No. 187158
These were the most popular games in Japan last year, according to some websites.

Monster Hunter 4 (2.5 million)
Tomodachi Collection (1.45 million)
Luigi Mansion 2 ( 500,000)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (440,000)
JOJO Bizarre Adventures (420,000)
Ace Attorney 5 (340,000)
Mario & Luigi RPG 4: Dream Adventure (320,000)
Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life (280,000)
Donkey Kong Returns (270,000)
Shin Megami Tensei IV (260,000)

So, Nintendo still obviously controls the Japanese market, but we see a LOT more variation than when it used to be nothing but shitty JRPGs and Nintendo Mario games.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 135847254897.jpg - (165.61KB , 580x786 , zero-megaman-17328856-580-786.jpg )
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When I was young, I thought Zero was a girl.

My first D&D character was a Premade character known as Boogerface.

The first D&D character I MADE was a half-dragon fighter named Dragoon Darkfire. Which is where my name comes from. I got the name from Beyblade.

I also roleplayed on Play by Post forums for a while and it was as terrible as you imagined.

I also didn't buy any Dreamcast games except for like, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Most of the games I got for it were burned because my mom knew a guy who could do it.

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>> No. 187064
>Literally the entire ending part of the game doesn't make any sense without knowledge of Trigger.

The ending made it's connection to Trigger through several scenes of information dumping. Stuff like Lavos and Schala had so little bearing in the story-plot itself, they could of easily been written out and have the end boss be a freak of nature created by or for all the time-travel experiments.
>> No. 187065
That's still basically admitting that the game has no real ending without the attachment to Chrono Trigger. And if you tried to write out Schala, wouldn't you have to write out Kid?
>> No. 187070
The end boss is the fusion of a time-altering monster and a powerful magic-user during a unnatural space-time. And Kidd is the clone of that person trapped inside the monster. Their names were pretty irrelevant until just before you have to fight it. And the game didn't have much of a ending even with CT.
The narrative was poor for Serge having no drive to move the plot but just be dragged along into smaller, unrelated conflicts until the plot kicked him in the gut a few times.

File 139210057087.jpg - (255.40KB , 1024x768 , loadout.jpg )
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So I finally got around to playing Loadout today after seeing _STAR play it on his channel months ago and holy hell is it amazing.

For those not in the know, it's a free to play arena style shooter. Think Quake or Unreal Tournament 2004, but in 3rd person. The main hook of the game is you can build just about any kind of gun you can imagine and it tends to be pretty balanced.

This said, the game DOES have its problems; some of the maps feel pretty empty at times and could use an extra two players to keep the pace up and some weapon mods end up being pretty worthless, but you can test your weapons out on training dummies before you buy them.

"Free to play? What's the catch?" I hear you asking. Surely there must be some sort of micro transactions to keep the game alive right? Right. BUT it's only for aesthetic items for your character. Sure you can burn some scratch on EXP bonuses or to get in-game currency you use to buy weapon upgrades, but after an hour or two of playing you'll have a decent amount stacked up already.

Go ahead and hop on Steam and give this game a try if you're into Arena style shooters.
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>> No. 187042
3.0 now live:

>> No. 187043
>New weapon part
>Beamshits fixed and more barrels made viable
>Faggots who don't collect explode after a little
>Fix to death snatch suiciding
>Ranked introduced
>> No. 187060
Here's some handy stuff that may or may not be slightly outdated now:


File 139739870257.jpg - (193.87KB , 640x448 , 4.jpg )
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Hi /cog/, do you like flash games and fan games?

What are your favorites?

Mine is:
>Zelda: Return to Hyrule (Zelda fangame by lierinwait of YoYo Games)
>Ginormo Sword (Hack n Slash flashgame by babarageo)
>> No. 187026
Bump because fangames are cool
>> No. 187028
File 139867369213.png - (14.18KB , 256x168 , example.png )
Dude. If you want to play games like the old 2D Zeldas, you can't go wrong with Zelda Classic.

File 139251448246.jpg - (519.46KB , 635x800 , rpg_parody_by_giobobobo-d4o06dw.jpg )
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Anyone else getting Hyped for going down to South Park, mebbie have ourselves a time?


South Park: The Stick of Truth…youtube thumb
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>> No. 186262
Unknown, they had a lot of their earlier drafts they left out of the final product so they've got stuff to work with. I wouldn't mind some more Canada.
>> No. 186315
File 139577345212.jpg - (510.57KB , 765x864 , 1395718224799.jpg )
>> No. 187027
File 139866902566.jpg - (57.47KB , 1280x720 , stick_of_truth_02.jpg )

File 137279089823.jpg - (96.31KB , 500x375 , traditional.jpg )
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I don't see anyone talking about the traditional aspect of the traditional and vidiogame aspect of the board, so lets try and change that.

LFG? Amazing moments? Homebrew? Edition bashing? Other?
This is your spot.
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>> No. 186976

Hey that's how I roll...play.

Say what you will, it's within the scope of a Paladin's personality to favor negotiation (plus, it turned out that mind-control was in play, so I was right.) This other DM was just big into "Evil! Brou-hahaha!" side of things, and it showed. Very railroad-y, too, after the session he told me "You're not playing a Gnome right, I'm gonna race-change you, okay?"
>> No. 186977
That guy sounds like a dick but at the same time if the rest of the group wants to kick in doors and wreck face, that's maybe not the best campaign to be playing a negotiator in.
>> No. 186978

It was really more two or so specific people who liked the rolling/combat stuff more than the walking around and talking stuff, and it's not like we didn't have plenty of both through the campaign, I was just pretty good at diffusing a situation where the other players would have just rolled for initiative.

File 13980362743.png - (237.52KB , 598x634 , tumblr_m5vyuliFFL1r8bjb8o4_1280.png )
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My favorite rival ever was Gogandantess from Onimusha 2, he didn't give a fuck about any demon plans, he just wanted the honor of being THE GREATEST OF ALL DEMON SWORDSMEN and he earned it.

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>> No. 186933
File 13982883062.jpg - (61.10KB , 554x313 , kid2_thumb.jpg )
I've thought about this a while, I don't think David is the rival, I think the case could be made for Mondo as David's rival.
>> No. 186935
File 139829038667.png - (106.86KB , 320x180 , Untitledreqwfe.png )
I doubt many did play with the first Army of Two, but I always thought thig guy was a worthy, hilarious rival for the main characters.
>> No. 186937
File 139829126118.jpg - (43.00KB , 560x637 , Onimusha-soul-arte-056.jpg )

GARGANT, Samanosuke's rival through Onimusha 1 and 3 and the secret boss of 4 is radical.

File 134514653570.png - (564.17KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2012-08-16-15h39m02s52.png )
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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time gamescom Traileryoutube thumb

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>> No. 186919
Sonic: Lost World 3DS? The next Sanzaru game? Maybe if you stopped creaming your pants over Sly Cooper you'd pay attention to what's happening in the gaming world.
>> No. 186920
Sonic Boom 3DS. Whatever. Fuck it.
>> No. 186922
Again, gaming boards have the angriest posters.

File 137965076516.jpg - (683.73KB , 1504x1504 , tacticsogrepsp[1].jpg )
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So I've been playing the shit out of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for the PSP, having got it when the semester started as my commute game. Got my first ending and while I have some issues with how things go down at the very end, I can safely say that this is by far the best game on the PSP, and probably the jewel in the crown for the Tactics style of JRPG/SRPG. If you like FFT, you owe it to yourself to play this fucking game, it's SICK.

And then Matsuno announced his new project at TGS! http://www.joystiq.com/2013/09/19/vagrant-story-creator-matsuno-working-on-digital-game-unsung-sto/
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>> No. 186809
File 13978141584.jpg - (75.84KB , 954x506 , BlfLK71CAAAubQt.jpg )
>> No. 186816
There's no way that thing's fully loaded, or meant to be viewed that close.
>> No. 186819
File 139784618815.jpg - (67.98KB , 594x515 , 1392637007450.jpg )
Tales of Hearts R Localization Confirmationyoutube thumb

Ugh, FIIIIIINE, I guess I'll get a Vita.

File 13668416807.gif - (2.98MB , 500x281 , oOm.gif )
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Platforms: PS3/PSV
Release Date: August 6th, 2013
MSRP: $49.99 (PS3), $39.99 (PSV)

Image Trailer - 『ドラゴンズクラウン…youtube thumb
Promo Movie #1 - 『ドラゴンズクラウン…youtube thumb
Fighter - 『ドラゴンズクラウン…youtube thumb
Sorceress - 『ドラゴンズクラウン…youtube thumb
Dwarf - 『ドラゴンズクラウン…youtube thumb

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>> No. 184671
And then you have reactionary groups to that who spend all their time mocking and insulting the first reactionary groups (see this thread for examples). The end result is that little actual, meaningful discussion takes place over whether or not this game is sexist or misogynistic.
>> No. 184672
so uh, why are we talking about this again

not only is this a dead horse at this point, but this thread has gone months without a post in regards to the subject
>> No. 186793
Since It's bumped I think we can all agree this is a really fun beat'em up and that Kotaku is a fucking worthless blight on humanity.

File 134600676513.jpg - (28.20KB , 478x480 , rf Alice angry.jpg )
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>> No. 177280
The original adaptation is pretty straight. It cuts some stuff for time (like Dorothy getting the golden skullcap that let her summon the flying monkeys) and changes a couple of tiny things, like making the slippers silver instead of red, but the plot is more or less the same other than the "all just a dream / you were there and you were there etc" bit. But using those things to say "there's never been a straight adaptation of Wizard of Oz" is like saying there's never been a straight adaptation of Lord of the Rings because they cut Tom Bombadill.
>> No. 177995
File 13741246838.png - (65.69KB , 260x260 , rf Alice I dunno lol.png )

Oh shit...
>> No. 186761

File 136583116722.jpg - (193.81KB , 570x881 , elizabeth___greytone_by_radiant_grey-d5yezpb[1].jpg )
172487 No. 172487 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Old thread hit autosage: >>171320

So here are the Voxaphones. They're in OGG, I can only play the format through Windows Media Player with the Windows 7 Codec Pack, and half of them have the default name (the others at least at least have who made it.) Also I'm pretty sure I'm missing 2.

However, I spent three+ hours going through 2000+ files, so I figured I'd upload what I had and do conversion et al. another day.
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>> No. 186530
File 139667379525.jpg - (89.97KB , 750x593 , image.jpg )
>> No. 186546
This dlc isn't just badly written, but it manages to dump on the entire franchise preceding it.

Thats impressive, in a terrible and pathetic way.
>> No. 186554
File 139687314532.jpg - (241.06KB , 950x1295 , 139924-george-lucas.jpg )
It's always weird to see a creator destroy their own legacy, because they've gotten too much freedom and power.

File 139045086811.jpg - (280.42KB , 1158x1477 , cover-vita-toukiden-the-age-of-demons.jpg )
185011 No. 185011 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Finally, a Monster Hunter clone that's a Monster Hunter clone!
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>> No. 185736
File 139327982141.jpg - (128.00KB , 960x544 , 0151.jpg )
Aaand the DLC unlocked for EU/NA, too! Holy crap, is the second mission fucking hard! Went in with a couple of guys from /toukigen/ and we got destroyed!
>> No. 185795
File 139352749668.jpg - (214.20KB , 960x544 , original.jpg )
Aww yeah!
Some of those new offerings look goddamn ridiculous. Really looking forward to all that faction stuff and what it's going to mean for online. And holy crap, I didn't think they could get anymore freaky and disturbing with the monster design.
>> No. 186477
File 139645266672.jpg - (53.57KB , 400x568 , 1396451626872.jpg )
Toukiden is getting the good ol' Monster Hunter rehash treatment. Supposedly double the oni, two new weapon types (naginata and firearms), new special attacks, even more fucking Mitama and a new NPC buddy.

File 138886130268.jpg - (103.94KB , 1024x576 , gonnagetraped.jpg )
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Old thread: >>182697

And now, for your bug-viewing pleasure:
Ascension of the Jackdaw (Assa…youtube thumb
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>> No. 186443
Game Theory: Are Gamers Killing Video Games?youtube thumb

Look at this shit.
>> No. 186447

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