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File 134627184736.png - (302.29KB , 500x410 , tumblr_m9j3m1wjDc1qfh2bxo1_500.png )
162204 No. 162204
I don't know if seeing the Leviathan is really worth all the shittyness added to the plot by the DLC. I mean, like, I'm conflicted.
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>> No. 162227
>Mass Effect

>> No. 162231
>August 2012
>still caring about mass effect

>> No. 162251
I care, in that I have the same amount of sSadness for its passing as I do for Command and Conquer and KOTOR. EA killing them and prancing around in their damned skin.
>> No. 162255
You're right Nurse! I will wait for all the DLC to be out and maybe also on sale before I got back to the single player.
Meantime there is always porn.
Thank you Reginaprimata, thank you.
Yeah fuck EA ect.
>> No. 162266
>> No. 162365
Overall, it was pretty cool.
The missions had a lot of variety and did a good job at giving you some different experiences.

But damn does it make the starchild even more unbearable.
>> No. 162606
I liked it.

Any advice for an Insanity Run? Sentinel or Soldier like last time?
>> No. 163853
Atlest they arnt done whoring out the univeres yet.
>> No. 163854
When all other options are dead, assume the creepy nerds in your fandom still watch anime and will pay the money needed to make an animated feature of your product a sound investment.
>> No. 163866
AkA the standard EA way.
See the Dead Space, Dante's Infärno and Dragon Age animes.
>> No. 164381
File 134972441773.png?spoiler - (1.44MB , 1920x1080 , ME3_Shepard_three_Leviathans.png?spoiler )
Look at these douches. Look at them.
>> No. 164385
I really liked the Reapers origins as being some big unknown. While it was cool seeing it all unfold, I felt like it made the universe smaller. Also is it me or did the Reapers motivations/ cause for their actions seem to change yet again?
>> No. 164551
and in the "about damn time" category:
>> No. 164586
Michael Gamble interviewed abo…youtube thumb
>00:36 "... And a new female Turian names Irene"
>> No. 164587
Too late, you've burned that bridge a year ago and it won't really change the ending you stuck to.
>> No. 164590
maybe they will now since the genius that kept arguing that was "art" is leaving now.
>> No. 164591
Nah, the ending's stuck. No way they'd go back and do it yet again.
Just try and enjoy the ride until then and hope the DLC is good stuff. With multiplayer getting the Collectors I imagine single player might get a few small one-off missions involving them some time.
And vice versa for multiplayer getting an Omega stage.
>> No. 164597
Not so much as go back as just ignore it. Course that would be more for the next game in the series..if Bioware is still alive when that comes around...which I've got serious doubts about it surviving past DA3.
>> No. 164901
Yay News!
Its a bit weak but hey, they are talking about it.
>This is really our starting point. Now the Mass Effect universe is vast, and very, very rich.
Then why put a nail in it?
>> No. 164903
>This is really our starting point. Now the Mass Effect universe is vast, and very, very rich.

No, it was, but there is no version of that ending where it's anything but a burnt up husk of it's former self.

The endings are all completely homogenizing of the entire universe.
>> No. 164904
They'll pick Red as the Blue and Green are way too stupid to work with a sequel since Blue would have some serious ShepReaper worship going on in some cult and Green...well Universal Symbiosis is just silly. The real Crux would be removing the two most problematic things from the ending that being gate and all synthetics destruction. Course according to the DLC if I heard correctly they've already waved those two problems out of existence through galactic unity or something.
>> No. 164905
Mass effect is a pile of shit, but that won't stop them milking it
>> No. 164907
its the EA way. I'm just going to ignore it since all it does it bring back memories of Command and Conquer's fate.
>> No. 164936
Maybe you get to pick at the start?
Ow, what? Its not that stupid...
Also, Multiplayer only spinoff anyone?
>> No. 164939
It worked for Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D, and with as much content as we have available, and provided they fixed the broken ass unlock system, hell ya I could see myself dropping around $40 tops on something like that.
>> No. 165089
I see more off a free to play with even more broken unlocks because it EA.
And heres a name for it, MASS EFFECT: SPECTER OPS!
Well what do you think?

Also holy fuck this is expensive http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/search.aspx?search=Mass+Effect+Kai
You can buy the trilogy box for just one of them!
>> No. 165414
And ofcoures Tali is already sold out~
Also here is what is missing from the Trilogy packs:
On PS3:
•Pinnacle Station
•All Alternate Appearance packs
•All Firepower packs
•Equalizer pack
•Firewalker Pack
•From Ashes
•Extended Cut (which is odd because it’s free anyway)

On PC:
• The Cerberus Network

• Kasumi

• Overlord

• Lair of the Shadow…

EA!!!! Mircosoft!!

Eh whatever, I may only be getting the Xbox one as a X-mas gift or julklapp as we say in sweden.
>> No. 165422
And for the Xbox?
All there?
>> No. 165429
Well I have yet to hear any bitching so I guess so...
>> No. 165596
So wait, what's this about female Turians in the Omega DLC?

... Anybody got any trailers or anything on that?
>> No. 165597
File 135221246496.png - (352.80KB , 471x750 , WwvZV (1).png )
>> No. 165598
File 135221336636.png - (276.81KB , 500x562 , tumblr_md1aviorPP1qh4skg.png )
>> No. 165656
File 135230846494.jpg - (682.75KB , 1024x1575 , 00.jpg )
>> No. 165658
We need more comics staring gun toting jellyfishs.
>> No. 165679
Do they have breasts? I wouldn't be surprised they gave them some anyway.
>> No. 165706
>Foehl was an assistant editor on the Adam Sandler films Click and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, as well as the TV series Rescue Me and The Loop. Foehl was hired last year to script Alien Sleeper Cell for the producers of Hitman and District 9. As Variety points out, Foehl made the 2009 Black List for writing Whatever Gets You Through the Night and also adapted the Top Cow comic Crosshair for Mandeville and Summit.

>"Producers sparked to Foehl's take on the project, given that he is a Mass Effect fan, but also has penned action pics with a strong espionage bent, something that factors into the overall plot of the Mass Effect games," according to Variety.
>> No. 165785
Ofcoure they did, I mean h0w else w0uld we kn0w she is a gurl durr!
To bad that negates that topless joke a posted on /cog/...
>> No. 165795
Wait, didn't the Citadel groundskeeper say that only Humans and Asari have breasts?
>> No. 165798
Technically, that was cut dialogue, but yes.
>> No. 165800
Does anyone happen to have a gif of The Illusive Man committing suicide?
>> No. 165812
Its also easier and cheaper just to reskin/tweak say a Female Quarian body then making something new from scrach.
Especially when its only for one character.
>> No. 165814
Its even easier just to be a bunch of lazy wankers in general, like when they took a photo off google and photoshopped it to make Tali's unmasked appearance
>> No. 165834
>> No. 165870
File 135271051151.jpg - (465.60KB , 607x3888 , BioWaredinner.jpg )
Oh yeah, Bioware had a panel on GameX.
And someone made a comic about it.
>> No. 165874
Don't really care at this point. Tell me when they have something actually informative or it isn't from the site that calls people entitled for money.
>> No. 166604
I think the only way they could have made legion of Thane's deaths More sad is if they played this instead of Vigil:
Transformers - The Movie(1986)…youtube thumb

I am rock harsh right now.
>> No. 166606
michael bay presents mass effect 2/10 shit trailer wouldn't bang
>> No. 166622
It's kinda nice to be coming back here again. Nice change of pace from fucking tumblr.

I also got me3 for Wii-u since it was a day one sale or something. It's good, the controller map is a very good addition, though the right stick tends to throw you off.

You hush.
>> No. 166669
Are they seriously still trying to sell DLC, even after that underwhelming third game and clusterfuck of an ending more or less killed the franchise?

What's the point anyway?
We know Shepard dies at the end and the galaxy is fucked.
Why bother?
>> No. 166719
Because when we talk to Aria and(/or read that SHIT PACK IN comic) found that Omega had be taken by Cerberus we could not wait to play that sidequest especaly when the siren song of a female Turian started playing.
Even if we are going to have to pay 135kr extra for it.

So basicly because we are sucker...
But not as bad as the guys how got the totally on disc Fall of cybertron DLC in a vain hope that we would be getting something this nice for that game...

Also extra suit/gun packs anyone?
>> No. 166765
There's a fall of cybertron DVD?
>> No. 166789
Um what... I said DLC...
ANYWAY! I have played it now.
SO GOOD! But may not be worth the money if you dont care about Aria and her LOVER~
And the extra guns and loot ofcoure.
So hope the cool shit shows up in the multiplay.

Hopefully there will be a DLC sale during the holidays so I can play the... other one... underthesea~
And the pointless shit too ofcoure!
>> No. 166833
What I want is a DLC that gives us the actual ending that EA and Bioware obviously cut in order to rush the game out.
>> No. 166889
In my defence, the text is fucking small on my phone.

And because I'm too lazy and/or pissed off to find the multiplayer thread:
Operation DETONATOR:
-20k points in Biotic explosions.
-Must be kills to count.
-Extractions not necessary.
Not mentioned:
-Contract heart disease trying to make the fucking detonations kill anything before the primer does.
-Or make them fucking hit.
>> No. 170612
Goddamn, Citadel was fucking amazing. It's like they let the writing team go absolutely crazy throughout. Lots of great character moments where everyone gets a chance to shine.

Also, Jack confirmed for best MaleShep romance.
>> No. 170618
Well it was the last of the hurrah's since that team wont be back for ME4 if there ever is a complete edition I think I'll just stop the game at that point and just pretend that Cerberus made the Citadel into a giant reaper killing device and we set it off between parties.
>> No. 170671
I don't know, a part of me thinks Garrus at the least will be back in some form simply due to his massive popularity.
>> No. 170693
Or that we get someone who is a massive Shep and Garrus fanboy or girl. Which I think would be funny.
>> No. 170729
I'm kind of glad it's done. I hope EA and Bioware let the series rest. I know they won't though.

If anything I wouldn't mind a standalone improved multiplayer game. Maybe with offline horde mode and a smaller story mode focusing on some small N7 squad during the Reaper War.

Knowing EA they'll turn it into CoD
>> No. 170732
EA's official policy on a franchise is "if you can still make out a skeletal structure, continue to beat the horse." So, yeah, they're going to keep BioWare slaving away on ME something until the franchise stops selling like hotcakes.

The moment any game has any kind of underwhelming sales, they'll can the entire franchise forever.
>> No. 170734
I wouldn't mind seeing rabid shippers being mocked in some way, shape or form.

"OMG no, Commander Shepard totally should've gotten together with Tali instead of Liara. They're my favorite historical OTP that never happened."
>> No. 170737
Yep Mass Effect 4 written by the team that wrote the Omega DLC who had nothing to do with the rest of the writing. BTW that is already confirmed going forward.
>> No. 170743
>Random Turian guard (because no one else will talk to them)
"What the hell are you even talking about?"

>Alternatively an easily excited Salarian
"In my fanfiction Shepard is a woman and dates her handsome Salarian pilot..."

Never got Omega. Was it any good? Also if the guys who wrote Mordin's death and Garrus throughout are involved it can't be total shit right? Right?
Also Mass Effect ongoing comicbook coming out in July. Also wishing they had hero clix or a card game
>> No. 170764
So, Citadel came out a while ago.
God damn it was fun, aside from a spot or two of serious mood whiplash.
The combat simulator is surprisingly addictive and the Lancer kind of proves how much bullshit the thermal clip crap was.

Still, probably the best DLC I've played. The fact that they went so far tongue in cheek was amazing. More or less, might as well go comedy, what do they have to lose, right?
>> No. 170768
I can see them making a joke about shipping Shepherd with someone who Bioware didn't choose to make datable. Not that I don't understand/sort of empathize with those people. I've met people who go "Can you date the guy played by Seth Green? No? Then I'm not dating anyone if I ever play it."

Is it also weird that some people I know had no idea Mass Effect even existed until the ending controversy? These are the same people who had never heard of Dragon Age until the anger over the sequel.
>> No. 170773
I knew that Mass Effect 3 would be a disaster since that's exactly what Mass Effect 2 was. If there was anything giving me comfort at seeing the promises of Mass Effect 1 destroyed, it was the warm feeling I got knowing that I was right despite all you motherfuckers calling me a naysayer for months leading up to 3.

THAT SAID what I saw of Citadel in the Giant Bomb Quick Look looked pretty good (Elcor reciting Shakespeare, okay Bioware, that's pretty funny). Not good enough for me to pay money for Mass Effect 3, but if you're already knee deep in that cesspit, you might as well.
>> No. 170812
It's kind of sad. At least I got to enjoy the first 2 ME games and DA:O. 3's multiplayer has been fun.
>> No. 170814
File 13636556254.jpg - (260.67KB , 999x778 , def6176fc6ebd1f647764becb648a971.jpg )
I wouldn't mind seeing a spinoff that focuses on the multiplayer side of things.
>> No. 170822
If they made a stand alone and fixed the crappy unlock/ store system, added some new maps and modes along with a few more characters and guns I could easily see myself spending $40 or so on it.
>> No. 170872
There has to be an offline lobby thing. Seriously. If Gears of War can do it so could they.
>> No. 171236
I would love for that, but I doubt it'll happen unfortunately. Once the servers go dark, so does one of the most enjoyable aspects of 3...

Also why the shit is it so hard to find a complete rip of all the music from 2 and 3?
>> No. 171253
File 136424106390.jpg - (62.91KB , 743x900 , 1363930892719.jpg )
Pretty much the only enjoyable things about 3. It's the only reason I keep the game. It's also the only DLC I own for the game. The multiplayer is pretty much horde mode. You can even solo it. I'd understand connecting for the store but otherwise this is probably the same shit EA pulled with SimCity.
>> No. 171255
Never soloed it (not even Bronze) because I don't want to waste consumables (yes I am the same guy who saves Health Potions until he out levels them because they "might totally need them later) and because the awful store gives me crappy weapons and prevents me from leveling them up to where they actually become useful.
>> No. 171257
>he doesn't play no items
>> No. 171263
File 136425413851.jpg - (94.57KB , 800x1600 , 1364182384620.jpg )
Soloing on Bronze is easy as hell man.
>> No. 171264
File 136425435525.jpg - (45.94KB , 500x556 , 1364125318452.jpg )
Ok replaying through 3 reminded me how fricking short it is compared to the first two.
>> No. 171267
Hence all the DLC padding.

Also those collected stats

>Majority Killed Mordin
>Killed Tali

>> No. 171269
I plan on my second (and first full) playthrough on starting out hopeful and battle ready, becoming hardcore anti-geth in the second, and then going full psychotic in the third game.
Because character arcs.
>> No. 171272
Even then. I can replay the hell out of 2 and its DLC and love it. 3 just kind of feels meh. Yet they try to crma so much shit into one game storywise.

If I remember right 64% never saw Wrex in 3 yet like 80% cured the genophage. Retards leaving Wreav in charge.
>> No. 171273
>cured the genophage, leaving Wreav in charge
Sorry Mord... *bang*
>> No. 171274
64% just played ME3 because the default was Wrex was dead.
>> No. 171275
You can just convince him the Krogan don't deserve the cure.
>> No. 171276
I think that makes it worse. Starting a trilogy on 3 is retarded.
>> No. 171278
yep but its why a good amount of the lore was stripped and the game play reworked..AGAIN!! EA wanted to make it as accessible as possible to first time players. They did the same with DS3 and it was a flop.
>> No. 171280
File 136425993516.jpg - (263.09KB , 1000x689 , 1364120014400.jpg )
EA really fucked 3 over. It's sad. Everyone had high hopes. Then the ending got leaked and everyone raged for months. A lot of the game just was fucked up and rushed. Tali's photo as a good example.

At this rate the multiplayer was more fun. I'll just wait for when the next game turns out to be a CoD in space.
>> No. 171285
Again seeing what they did to Dead Space I can't help but feel you are probably right. Unless the new boss make some kinda statement that EA corporate won't meddle so much in development I say Bioware if they've anything left to them should take whatever new IP they dream up to Kickstarter.
>> No. 171293
The great shame of it all is that I absolutely love the Mass Effect universe. the mythology, politics, history... it's all so damn thick and intricate. It's everything I ever wanted in a Space Opera and I sincerely hope they learn from their mistakes and go back to formula for ME4 or at the least develop a pend and paper RPG.
>> No. 171294
File 13642621887.png - (161.28KB , 500x750 , 1364247596329.png )
This so much. Mass Effect has quickly become one of my favorite Sci Fi universes. I'd hate to see it mangled into shit.
>> No. 171295
Hell I'd even settle for Hero Clix or a card game

The weird part is that the comics (thus far, potentially barring the new one coming out in July) and books tend to be pretty lack luster apparently.

As far as races go, I find the Turians and Salarians to be utterly fascinating and would love to see something from their perspective. Anything from leading an STG team, to the first contact war. Hell maybe even Saren's rise and fall or Garrus after Shepard since he was Shepard 2.0 according to the Shadow Brokers analysis.
>> No. 171296
Honestly I'd love the idea of a comic based around the N7 team during the Reaper War. It'd be interesting to see a bunch of commandos from different races stuck on a cramped frigate without someone like Shepard to unite them.
>> No. 171369
You know Mass Effect Generals on /vg/ maybe spend the night debating how the different races ejaculate (apparently Batarians shoot foam)and argue endlessly over whether Quarians eat Turians but goddamn is it a better place to talk than BSN.

There's this gigantic shit storm over a mod that let's maleshep romance Traynor. Like huge. That and there's people who make it their goddamn life's work to nerf everything in MP. Not fix the bugs or anything. Nerf everything in a Player vs. AI game. There's actually a guy who went out of his way to solo Platinum with the Talon Merc, carrying as much expendable shit he could and only using the trip mine for an hour just so he could say Talon is broken.
>> No. 171372
File 136433630086.png - (194.84KB , 497x794 , geth suck tho.png )
ME is ruined. The sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you can get on with your life.
>The N7 team.
Stormwaltz grounded the term 'N7' as a specialization and proficiency rank within the Alliance navy. Unfortunately, Drew Karpshyn kept going full-retard with it and Mac Walters turned it into some silly in-universe cult of Rambos. I hate it so much, you have no idea. It comes off like those times during Rocket Power where they'd try hard to push some stupid "cool" phrase that nobody really uses.
It's bad enough they helped ruin the series, now BSN has to ruin the last good thing about Mass Effect.
>> No. 171375
I guess. It just kind of sucks to see something you like get ruined.

I'm fine with N7 being a rank.

BSN is terrible. Bioware even said they're done with 3's MP and people are still bitching about the Harrier or the Geth Juggy.

As for the picture I do wish the conflict was a little more grey. As it stands I just went for peace. Two big ass fleets are better than one and Koris turned out to be one of the few Admirals not pants on head retarded.
>> No. 171381
File 136434070456.jpg - (22.62KB , 312x210 , 1349067485071.jpg )
>Talon Solo
Is...is there a video for that, Jesus Christ.
>> No. 171400
Does Legion have anything going on in Citadel before you finish Rannoch? I'm not quite in the mood to start from scratch just yet.
>> No. 171627
File 136460127492.jpg - (28.04KB , 600x521 , 1364548091880.jpg )
I doubt it. The guy did it just to prove a point that the Talon is OP. He didn'teven use the omni bow.
Don't think so.

After hearing some of the unused sound files I can't believe we never got abetter battle for Earth in 3. I blame EA and Bioware for not letting me see a Geth Prime orbital drop.
>> No. 171635

Gethtimus Prime leading a squad just the sound of that vocal rumble would send those Reapers running back into the darkness.
>> No. 171844
File 136495175933.jpg - (27.28KB , 572x464 , 1364794400409.jpg )
"Target identified." The massive bone white behemoth droned voice cold, heavy accelerator cannon spinning up, whining in the cool morning air. It's target, a collector, standing 3 meters tall turned at the voice, it chattered, raising its particle rifle, preparing. YMIR-626A, stoic and enormous, it didn't flinch, heavy reinforced feet stomped into the ground, field generators anchoring the mech to the ground, YMIR-626A was staying at its designated position, as ordered.

"Firing." each barrel rotated, dispersing strain amongst its brothers, laying down a stream of hyper accelerated raisin sized metal slugs at its target, the collector, the heat nearly melting the weapon, a constant rain of disposable heat sinks keeping the gun from bending in the immense strain. The thrum was enough to shatter windows, tear eardrums, the air ignited, flaring around the slugs like miniature explosions. Its target was too fast, dodging the stream tearing through hab after hab, felling walls and trees, the dexterous alien climbed onto a roof firing off burst after burst of fire, smattering off the YMIR's Armour. A round found purchase, ripping through the Mech's lower sensor array, it blinked out of existence.

The YMIR swayed, stabilization gyros whining as another wave of exotic rounds struck its hardened chassis. "Firing." Another heavy burst roared forth, dancing across the ground, uncontrolled targeting arrays trying to recalibrate. A turian far away was slapped as he prepared to open his mouth.

The collector’s body was pushed back by the very volume of fire the Mech laid down. The ray of light, metal, plasma and cold robotic wrath arced across the aliens barriers, too slow to react to the collector jumping, the Mech braced itself, chitin clashing with alloy, The alien scratched, the YMIR punched, claw like arms neatly severing a limb, its adversary screeched in anger. the alien pushed back, toppling the war machine, the protector of a once dead colony, it launched another volley of unexplained particles, tearing at YMIR-626A's exposed belly, ripping the armour, rending its components. if the YMIR was human it would lament its failure, but YMIR-626A was no human, it was tasked with protecting the humans, its programming stated it, clear and well formatted from the last colonist it was tasked to protect, the mechanic laying dead in storage unit five.

A punch, hard and foreign, alien, tore cords and components from YMIR-626A battered chassis, redundancies engaged with a whine, power was rerouted, a capacitor caught fire and burned, //Colonist_Human_Mechanic_Lina_Sven sson's additions worked well, the metal giant trundled back into life, burning, an avatar of destruction that at this moment had seen the face of love, directed at its cold unknowing, uncaring husk. YMIR-626A was not sad, it was not happy as the slugs tore apart, ripped, demolished, severed and cut through the invader's belly, it didn't laugh or grin as it stomped on the wretched creature's head, coated in alien blood. It was not avenging Lina's death, it did not comprehend her crying in the night or why it had a heart carved deep inside its body. YMIR-626A was a weapon, a Mech, unfeeling, inhuman. More aliens approached, small corrupted humans paired with larger batarian hybrids. The auto cannon spun into life yet again. Ripping and tearing forth large swathes, the missile rack roared, auto fabricators converting the very ground into more missiles, omnigel dripped from the lathing arrays, overloaded. The tide could not be stopped, each husk was replaced by two more, felling a scion brought the attention of a dozen others, the air thick with dust and smoke.

YMIR-626A would stand, it would not yield. The blazing stream arced and pinged across a Cannibal's wicked hide, splitting it in half, a husk simply ceased to exist, annihilated. But the cannon could not sustain the level of abuse it endured, the fabricators burned out, the heat sinks stopped falling. The battered titan, smoking and barely functioning kept firing, liquid coolant dripping from its torso, the horde drew ever closer, fire pinged across its remaining Armor, the cannon melted, turning into a torch, scorching heat radiating from it, the rounds kept coming, grinding, bouncing across bent acceleration rails, a hail of burning steel that clove through the swarm. The husks were close, YMIR-626A acknowledged the failure of its weaponry, but it did not act incapacitated, tackling through the swarm with its burning appendage, melting through, it would stand.

The tide of blue corrupted organic life descended upon the mech, throwing it to the ground, the launcher was ripped away, the volume of adversaries far too much for the servos to hold. But the horde was thinned out, the gun had done its work, each swipe of the glowing metallic claw wiped out enemies that were not replaced. YMIR-626A acknowledged the decline in foes, crushing forth, punching, the torso rotated, burning and ripping. The servos ground and cringed, the Mech was dying, it attempted to right itself, legs failed, fuel tube 1 through 6 were severed, capacitor bank A, D and C were simply missing, power was dropping and the internal fire was spreading. But YMIR-626A was not deterred, it did not fear death, for one to die, one had to be alive first. The scorched warrior rose from the pile, opportunistic rounds pinged against its cratered hull, fire control ignored them. It shuddered and quivered, but it rose, limping. YMIR-626A would stand. It staggered over to storage unit five, trailing debris, metal and smoke. The colony was dead, as it pinged the automated repair suite hidden inside the building YMIR-626A spent 0,8 seconds more than necessary staring at the fallen woman inside.

YMIR-626A was later deployed with a Geth prime during the reaper war, they boarded a cerberus shipyard with insertion pods, alone for a salarian demolitions team, a diversion, expendable.

Two days later everything on that station was dead.

Sometimes Mass Effect Generals are good.
>> No. 171954
Holy shit, that was a good read.
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