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File 136098980968.png - (36.26KB , 500x300 , 624781-lets_play_super[1].png )
170300 No. 170300
Watching people play video games. Started on Something Awful, went other places.

Master List

Giant Bomb
Two Best Friends
Freelance Astronauts (broken up, but still good)
Tipping 40s (no more full LPs, streams still going)
Yahtzee Croshaw (Zero Punctuation guy) and friend Gabriel
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>> No. 170301
Finished the Giant Bomb Chrono Trigger Endurance Run (Ryan and Patrick).

I'm not sure WHY I did this (completion's sake, I suppose), since I quickly concluded that it was made to in some way PUNISH everyone who even slightly enjoys JRPGs. These two act like total morons.
>Entire episodes getting lost without the "completely wasted" T40s excuse, even (no, ESPECIALLY) when given explicit directions
>Having save problems and forcing the viewer to watch rather than doing some goddamn editing
>Immediately after acquiring the flying Epoch, they leave it behind and go wandering in the Future while spending the whole time complaining about how long it takes to get around

And then of course, there's Patrick repeatedly reminding the viewer of how he is hands down the weakest member of the GB crew
>"FF10 was the last JRPG I really got into, and I didn't like 9 at all"
>> No. 170303
I think FFX has some redeeming qualities. Auron's cool, the graphics are gorgeous, I liked the Sphere Grid, and there's several stories on Video Games Saved My Life that mention FFX saved them from an abusive relationship or cope with a strained relationship with their father.

I do think GB is very sorely lacking in experts in RPG's and RTS'es. Wishful thinking, but if they ever got a female staff member, they should find a woman who specializes in one or both.
>> No. 170305
I really don't care that much about liking FF10. I think it's a piece of shit, but I can see where the enjoyment might come from (and if it helped you in such a fashion then hey, whatever works for you). I genuinely cannot process or imagine how someone could suggest it was better than 9 or that "the only good thing about that game was Vivi."

But yes, GB doesn't seem to have any kind of clue most of the time. Brad often says things like "Man, they just don't make them like they used to" and I can only think "how the fuck would you know, you basically never play them."
>> No. 170310
Two Best Friends Play The Walk…youtube thumb

It's ok man.
At least she kicked asses hard, and took that giant robot thing whatever. She'll inspire future generation of Heavies.
>> No. 170313
Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U [17]youtube thumb
Let's Play Nintendo Land [17] …youtube thumb
>> No. 170320
Fan Friday! - Duck Quest?youtube thumb
Incredible Crisis: On a Wire -…youtube thumb
>> No. 170330
They do have an expert on those things. Dave. But Dave is not really a "journalist" like the rest and he's already busy with just keeping the site working. Vinny is also well-versed in all things RPG, but he's not a journalist either. And to be honest he kinda enjoys almost every game and tries to see the good in them, no matter how bad, so he's not really fit for reviewing.
>> No. 170336
I had enough money in my begging tin to actually buy a month of GB premium, so I decided to check out some archived stuff.
>Unprofessional Fridays 2/8/13
>The entire lego island section
>that C418 tweet
I was in tears.
>> No. 170351
Let's Play Transformers: Fall …youtube thumb
Let's Play Transformers: Fall …youtube thumb
Metroid Fusion - Matt and Wool…youtube thumb
>> No. 170360
Let's Play Transformers: Fall …youtube thumb
Matt's Sexy Bond-A-Thon (Trailer)youtube thumb
>> No. 170370
I Lied Before, Retsufrash Is Now Artyoutube thumb

It's like Portal if they stripped away everything that made GLaDOS interesting.
>> No. 170374
Minecraft Daily | Ep.105 | Ft …youtube thumb
The Greenlight: Knytt Undergroundyoutube thumb
Aliens Colonial Marines: Close…youtube thumb
>> No. 170381
Why did this thread immediately regress back into people posting youtube links without comments?

If you have something to say, then by all means, link it, but if you don't then don't clutter up the thread with updates that people are perfectly capable of finding on their own.
>> No. 170395

Yes, how dare people simply post links that they think other people may enjoy. Down with that sort of thing.
>> No. 170407
Except it really has no point, if you keep posting videos from the same people over and over again. And, you know, maybe tell me a little bit about those links you post so they won't go under in a list of videos nobody fucking watches, because it's just some dude's Youtube feed being reposted.
>> No. 170418
Then hide the thread.
It's convenient for some of us.
>> No. 170422
Dead Space 3 with Beagle &…youtube thumb

Even if you've never cared about Dead Space, Beaglerush, or Dyslexci, it's worth watching what comes right after the 24 minute mark.
>> No. 170424
XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 4 - Operation Twisted Whisper:

XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 4 -…youtube thumb
>> No. 170451
Something Awful is behind paywall again.
Wake me up when that wall crumbles down.
>> No. 170457
Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U [18]youtube thumb
Let's Play Nintendo Land [18] …youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Chrono T…youtube thumb
>> No. 170472
SUNFLOWER WITH BIG... Conker's…youtube thumb
Naughty Bear: Bad Teddy - PART…youtube thumb
>> No. 170493
While we where away...
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
>> No. 170555
Space Jam - Game Grumps VSyoutube thumb
Nerd³'s Father and Son-Days - Painyoutube thumb
Bubberduckyyoutube thumb
>> No. 170633
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
>> No. 170647
File 136347101982.jpg - (179.40KB , 510x509 , OP santa.jpg )
>The guy whos Wings of Liberty lets play I really injoyed is doing Heart of the Swarm
Let's Play Starcraft II: Heart…youtube thumb
>> No. 170651
File 136347675343.png - (197.19KB , 510x450 , Spyro dude wat.png )
>> No. 170655
Hey cool this place is back.



Then two new XCOM EU videos.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 5 -…youtube thumb

XCOM Enemy Unknown Episode 6 -…youtube thumb
>> No. 170673
Why would you post a youtube playlist for an SA LP?
>> No. 170675
File 13635026491.gif - (13.18KB , 818x585 , rf Spyro do not want.gif )
Because I am not a goon?

Stop complaining over nothing.
>> No. 170726
File 136356201536.png - (107.14KB , 229x222 , 1350705900828.png )
Two Best Friends Play The Walking Dead FINALyoutube thumb

Final episode of TBFP Play The Walking Dead. Going by this thread the most recent episode before plusfour went kaput was Part 7, so here's the playlist if you want to catch up/start from the beginning:

>> No. 170731
File 13635687859.jpg - (40.22KB , 510x312 , 33468-1-1363526017.jpg )

Also, I wanna listen to Amnesiac again.
>> No. 170765
The Legend of Cage: Beneath the Maskyoutube thumb
SONIC, ISAAC, MIDGETS WUT - Tr…youtube thumb
CRY, KEN & PEWDS VS. THE WORLD !youtube thumb
>> No. 170767
Paperboy 64 - Game Grumpsyoutube thumb
Top 50 Worst Voice Acting In Games finalyoutube thumb
GameTime w/ Nessie N' Elliot - Quiet titsyoutube thumb
>> No. 170783
Nerd³'s Father and Son-Days - Pain - Part 2youtube thumb
Fallout for Pimps - "The Pint-…youtube thumb
The Legend of the Mystical Nin…youtube thumb
>> No. 170784
Matt Plays Link's Awakening - …youtube thumb
>> No. 170836
Nerd³'s Father and Son-Days - Pain - Part 2youtube thumb
The Walking Dead Survival Inst…youtube thumb
>> No. 170842
Oh, not the Matt I was thinking...
>> No. 170855
That's Moses btw.
Our fellow Moses.
>> No. 170939
I've never done an LP before; would anyone here be interested in an LP of Bioshock Infinite when I get it at Midnight Release next week? I would also be livestreaming it as I played, with breaks.

If so, is there a good resource to learn what tools I need or other tips for doing an LP?
>> No. 170947
well usally the Something Awful Lets Play forum is your best source when Lowtax doesn't have the paywall up. Second is the LP archive which has plenty of information. Third Retsupurae which is basically a rundown of "see this LP..don't do this." As you are talking about a "Blind" Lets Play (game you've never played before you should be fine if you've played other Bioshock games before this.

this wiki seems to give a good rundown of the basics. http://www.wikihow.com/Do-a-Let%27s-Play

If looking for a Mic the Ant Lion Mod Mic seems to be tops among audiophiles (newer model coming out 3.0 seems to be even better though not as bendy as the 2.0 due to different frame construction)
>> No. 170961
File 136383611798.jpg - (42.29KB , 640x480 , darkseid grumpy.jpg )
>SA's paywall is back up

Go step on a LEGO, Lowtax.
>> No. 170973
File 136383942550.jpg - (14.55KB , 468x357 , BISON.jpg )

>Paywall is up.
>The youtube account that hosts GamingCX.com's videos is terminated.
>> No. 170994
Introretrospective - MetaDating ep. 8youtube thumb

I really do hope they have second season of this show.
>> No. 170995
File 136387265825.png - (436.63KB , 640x480 , One Piece - 107_avi_snapshot_12_48_[2013_03_16_20_.png )
>SA forum paywall yadda yadda old news
Luckily I got most of my favourite LPers video hosts in bookmarks for times like this.
Also looking through browser history helps if you didn't do that in time.
Eat sand and shit castles lowtax.
>> No. 170997
Two Best Friends Play Chrono T…youtube thumb
>> No. 171013
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
>> No. 171019
Wario World: He Does Like "Aeh…youtube thumb
I NEED A NEW PLAN - The Walkin…youtube thumb
>> No. 171020
Far Cry 3 [35]: The Whole Truthyoutube thumb

Why bother with the knife fight at all when you have four perfectly good guns?
>> No. 171084
Darkstalkers Resurrection - It…youtube thumb
>> No. 171258
Special Guest Grant Kirkhope - Guest Grumpsyoutube thumb
MOST BIZZARRE GAME EVER! (Day 3)youtube thumb
>> No. 171261
File 136424882682.gif - (2.69MB , 300x213 , tickle otter.gif )

>Grant Fucking Kirkhope
>Game Grumps Exclusive!
>The Mumbo Voice story
>Goldeneye was canceled for three months

This is a beautiful day.
>> No. 171380
BEST CO-OP GAME EVER! - The Ad…youtube thumb
BioShock: Infinite (Part 1) - …youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
>> No. 171465
Let's Play - X-Men Arcadeyoutube thumb
Aladdin Genesis: One Bread Ahe…youtube thumb
BioShock: Infinite (Part 2) - …youtube thumb
>> No. 171555
SA forum pay wall is down.
Time to loot the place!
>> No. 171556
BioShock: Infinite (Part 3) - …youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Demon's Crest: Petty Crusade -…youtube thumb
>> No. 171563
Nerd Cubed did a Bioshock Infinite Vid which he may spin into a full series. I'll enjoy his for the Outsiders Perspective and Jessie Cox for the Historical one.
>> No. 171699
Two Best Friends Play Metal Ge…youtube thumb
Christopher Walkenthrough - Bi…youtube thumb
Aladdin Genesis: What a Mouthf…youtube thumb
>> No. 171711
Bioshock: Infinite [Part 4] - …youtube thumb
Nerd³ Plays... Bridge Projectyoutube thumb
>> No. 171730
Super Best Friends Brawl - Perfect Darkyoutube thumb
>> No. 171738
Arma 3 Alpha: Helicopter Hide and Seekyoutube thumb
Fallout for Pimps - "Ernest Go…youtube thumb
>> No. 171744
Fallout New Vegas: Wild Wild Wastelandyoutube thumb
BEAUTIFUL ENDING - The Crooke…youtube thumb
>> No. 171751
>Christoffer Walking
Wait what?
>> No. 171752
Well that was almost like spelling, but not quite. Keep trying!

Anyways those Christopher Walkenthrough videos are awful, mostly because it's a really bad Christopher Walken impression. I have to imagine Machinima told Matt and Patt to do this.
>> No. 171790
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 5) - Fire Birdyoutube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Chrono T…youtube thumb
SO IT FINALLY BEGINS - The Cat Lady - Part 1youtube thumb
>> No. 171807
The TBFP Chrono Trigger LP has lasted through, let's see...
-Eternal Darkness
-The Walking Dead
-Metal Gear Rising

This is their longest LP yet!
>> No. 171885
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 6) - Skylineyoutube thumb
DJ Boy - Game Grumpsyoutube thumb
>> No. 171886
Not to mention Matt and Woolie's old school playthrough and it may even outlast Predator: Concrete Jungle
>> No. 171887
Matt's Bomb-Ass PREDATOR Concr…youtube thumb
Matt's Bomb-Ass PREDATOR Concr…youtube thumb
>> No. 171898
Mega Man X7: Axl From a Rose -…youtube thumb
Arcade Longplay [138] Pretty S…youtube thumb
>> No. 171914
Two Best Friends Play Chrono T…youtube thumb
Let's Play - New Super Mario Bros. U Part 2youtube thumb
>> No. 171927
It bothers me how Jon can't form his own opinion ever.
>> No. 171928
NES Longplay [265] Punch-Outyoutube thumb
NES Longplay [051] BattleToadsyoutube thumb
>> No. 171930
A lot of people seem to be a little bugged over how not really pro Arin and Jon are. Which to me is part of the charm, but neither of them are technically proficient the way Mat, Pat and Woolie are through their fighting game background. I don't think Arin or Jon could really hold their own in say, Metal Gear Rising.

But yeah, Jon never really has an opinion beyond "I know what I like" and Arin's really bad at quantifying his opinions (though I don't think he's wrong about a lot of them, even the contradictory ones).
>> No. 171932
I was more referencing how Jon changes whatever opinion he has on games if Arin says something different, because Jon apparently thinks because of Sequelitis, Arin is right about everything when it's become clear over the course of Game Grumps that he has the most unagreeable opinions ever.

There was even an episode of Sonic 06 where Arin talks about him convincing Jon that Sonic Generations was a bad game.
>> No. 171943
RUINING FRIENDSHIPS - Battlebl…youtube thumb
Mega Man X7: Zero the Zero - P…youtube thumb
SCARED TO DEATH! / SlendyTubbiesyoutube thumb
>> No. 171962
Two Best Friends Play Chrono T…youtube thumb
BAD TRADER - Battleblock Theat…youtube thumb
Nerd³ Plays... Happy Wheels! WITH FACECAM!!youtube thumb
>> No. 171965
PC Engine Longplay [261] Ranma ½youtube thumb
Pocky & Rocky: Enchanted F…youtube thumb
Skyrim For Pimps - Marshmallow…youtube thumb
>> No. 171967
File 136516347328.jpg - (39.93KB , 500x374 , hFCC41B91.jpg )
The Funniest Half-Life Modyoutube thumb
>> No. 172001
Two Best Friends Play Man Vs Wild Part 1youtube thumb
Mega Man X7: Downside Up - PAR…youtube thumb
>> No. 172029
Let's Play Parodius (Da!) [1]youtube thumb
>> No. 172039
MR.FROG COMMETH - Battleblock …youtube thumb
Mega Man X7: Mega Busted - PAR…youtube thumb
Matt's Bomb-Ass PREDATOR Conc…youtube thumb
>> No. 172077
Super Best Friends Play - SHOVEL KNIGHTyoutube thumb
>> No. 172110
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Chrono T…youtube thumb
>> No. 172118
Let's Play Parodius (Da!) [2]youtube thumb
>> No. 172185
Two Best Friends Play Man Vs Wild Part 2youtube thumb
SCREW THIS ALREADY - Minecraft…youtube thumb
>> No. 172191
SHARK OR HALF FACE? - Battlebl…youtube thumb
Star Fox 64: The Lylat Wars - …youtube thumb
>> No. 172220
>> No. 172223
Fallout for Pimps - "The AntAgonizer" 1-23youtube thumb
TERRIFYING MONSTER - Paranoiac - Part 1youtube thumb
>> No. 172235
Star Fox 64: Star Wolf - PART 2 - Game Grumpsyoutube thumb

Ego is REALLY bad at Star Fox.
>> No. 172248
File 136554652099.jpg - (96.09KB , 750x600 , deadpool__by_i_am_so_awesome-d31esam.jpg )
GOLDEN HAT RICHES - Battlebloc…youtube thumb
Shovel Knight - Game Grumpsyoutube thumb
>> No. 172265
Watching T40s play Killer7 was a torturous experience. God damn it Alex.
>> No. 172300
Bastion Part 1 - WordsHere Playsyoutube thumb
Let's Play Parodius (Da!) [3]youtube thumb
>> No. 172303
I thought this was a thread, not an RSS feed.
>> No. 172305
Well, you're welcome to make it a thread.
Although I really have nothing to comment about LPs in general.
>> No. 172309
WEEK OF KILLER INSTINCT - Day 1youtube thumb
Star Fox 64: The Right Path - …youtube thumb
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 7) - …youtube thumb
>> No. 172348
Alien Soldier - Matt & Woo…youtube thumb
NERF WAR - Battleblock Theater…youtube thumb
The Elder Scrolls Oblivion - W…youtube thumb
>> No. 172366
Super Best Friends Play Metal …youtube thumb
Star Fox 64: The Last Hurrah -…youtube thumb
>> No. 172406
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 8) - …youtube thumb
FISHY BONUS LEVEL - Battlebloc…youtube thumb
Sonic '06: Dingly Boxes - PART…youtube thumb
>> No. 172408
Hey You, Pikachu! - PBGyoutube thumb
Game Boy Advance Longplay [063…youtube thumb
>> No. 172424
Two Best Friends Play Chrono Trigger - FINALyoutube thumb
Amazing Stuff Part 4 - Chocolate Rainyoutube thumb
CUTEST HORROR EVER!? - Pulse - Part 1youtube thumb
>> No. 172444
GameTime w/ Nessie N' Elliot - Slide Pooperyoutube thumb
Zelda A Link to the Past: Groo…youtube thumb
Lawnmower Man (SNES) - Continue?youtube thumb
>> No. 172450
Far Cry 3 [Part 43] - The Cost of Livingyoutube thumb
>Jason, we spotted Vaas out in the middle of the forest, so go kill him or whatever

Far Cry 3 in a nutshell?
>> No. 172480
Let's Play Gokujou Parodius! [1]youtube thumb
Let's Play Gokujou Parodius! [2]youtube thumb
>> No. 172512
Minecraft Mini-Game : COPS N ROBBERS!youtube thumb
Matt's Bomb-Ass PREDATOR Concr…youtube thumb
>> No. 172515
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 9) - …youtube thumb
>> No. 172559
Wreckin' it in Red Faction Guerillayoutube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Slender:…youtube thumb
Matt's Bomb-Ass PREDATOR Concr…youtube thumb
>> No. 172614
Fan Frunday! - The Ship: The M…youtube thumb
Let's Play Minecraft Episode 46 - Cloud Downyoutube thumb
>> No. 172619
Geop's Dark Souls LP is over now. I feel empty now. Feels like the end of an era.
In case anyone missed it. It's the best Dark Souls LP out there.
>> No. 172622
Two Best Friends Play Man Vs Wild Part 3youtube thumb
Pesadelo O Início - WORST JUM…youtube thumb
>> No. 172641
Amazing Stuff Part 5 - El Diabloyoutube thumb
Pulse - Part 2 - GOTTA HUG THEM ALL!youtube thumb
Happy Wheels - ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLEyoutube thumb
>> No. 172696
Double Dragon II: Wander of Dr…youtube thumb
WE'RE GOING TO WONDERLAND! - A…youtube thumb
MOST RANDOM GAME EVER! - Wario Smooth Movesyoutube thumb
HORSE PIG RIDERS - Battleblock…youtube thumb
>> No. 172712
NSFW Let's Play God of War: Gh…youtube thumb
>> No. 172714
Its back~
Minecraft Hardcore #2! - Part …youtube thumb
Minecraft Hardcore #2! - Part …youtube thumb
>> No. 172729
>PBG: I don't want this to be a repeat of Terraria.
I have high hopes for this run.
That being said, I would like to see them try Terraria again, but actually really, really try this time. Compare the beginning of Terraria Hardcore to the beginning of the original Minecraft Hardcore and you'll notice there was a lot more dicking around than there needed to be.
>> No. 172777
Kirby's Return to Dream Land: …youtube thumb
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 10) -…youtube thumb
Scrublords - Transformers Beas…youtube thumb
>> No. 172805
Warfriends! (Warframe) ft. Ale…youtube thumb
Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwa…youtube thumb
Sonic '06: To the Station! - P…youtube thumb
>> No. 172817
Kirby's Return to Dream Land: …youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Man Vs Wild Part 4youtube thumb
>> No. 172862
Two Best Friends Play Man Vs Wild Part 5youtube thumb
WarioWare: Smooth Moves - WE G…youtube thumb
Kirby's Return to Dream Land: …youtube thumb
>> No. 172863
Sonic '06: The Name of the Sho…youtube thumb

Arin continues to complain about modern games.
>> No. 172864
Yeah, he kinda hates anything popular or over exposed I think.
>> No. 172888
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode…youtube thumb
Nerd³ Plays... Surgeon Simula…youtube thumb
>> No. 172899
Nintendo DS Longplay [046] Sonic Rushyoutube thumb
I'M A BABY! - Among The Sleep - Part 1youtube thumb
>> No. 172912
Matt's Bomb-Ass PREDATOR Concr…youtube thumb
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 11) -…youtube thumb
>> No. 172936
Two Best Friends Play Tomb Raideryoutube thumb

I want a full playthrough
>> No. 172939
Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Full V…youtube thumb
TOO MUCH BLOOD FOR ME - Surgeo…youtube thumb
Gradius III: Float Sand - PART…youtube thumb
>> No. 172974
Star Fox 64: Jon's Turn - PART…youtube thumb

Jon takes charge of Star Fox while Ego gets mad at the fans.
>> No. 172976
Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwa…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Man Vs Wild Part 6youtube thumb
>> No. 172977
Fuckin' good. If there's a group of idiots to get mad at it's GameGrumps fans. I want him to balls up and just call them on ALL their shit. Like 2BF, but more.
>> No. 172982
Gradius III: Options - PART 2 - Game Grumpsyoutube thumb
Streets of Rage - Liam, Matt &…youtube thumb
>> No. 172984
File 136668045682.png - (4.76KB , 219x168 , Boing.png )
>Liam, Matt, and Woolie
>> No. 172990
Game Grumps - Goof Troop - Bes…youtube thumb
>> No. 173000

Part of me wishes we could have a Pat, Liam, and Woolie LP because I think that would be Pat's personal hell.
>> No. 173007
Everyone wants a full play through by TBFP, of everything.
>> No. 173015
Anybody have links to either high level or comedic gameplay of X-Com?
>> No. 173053
Streets of Rage - Liam, Matt &…youtube thumb
Bioshock: Infinite (Part 13) -…youtube thumb
>> No. 173059
File 136677704333.png - (952.73KB , 600x800 , 2iaubt2.png )
>> No. 173064
http://www.youtube.com/user/Beaglerush succeeds on both counts, I know nothing else that's posting stuff atm.
>> No. 173072
Spoiler Warning.
>> No. 173099
Star Trek: Giant Bomb Quick Lookyoutube thumb

Why is this game so lifeless and turrible.
>> No. 173101
There's never going to be another Space Adventure game on the level of ME1 or 2 is there?
>> No. 173102
>implying ME1 and ME2 are the height of space adventure
Freelancer, Star Control 2, Space Quest....
>> No. 173103
>Those clothing textures
>That jump animations
>Those facial animations
>Cutscene not triggering until your co-op AI partner arrives, so you have to just stand around in the middle of all these people and not do anything until then
>Forced co-op puzzles
>Glitching out animations when you try to walk onto the bridge just a little too early
>That jagged-ass fucking health bar
>Starting a cutscene almost always teleports you because cutscenes don't trigger until both characters are there and one will always lag behind

To be fair to the game, it does have pretty decent conveyance and cutscenes aside doesn't seem to wrest control away from the player too much. But the problem is, what it's conveying and what it's not pulling control away from isn't all that exciting at all. It's just bog-standard mechanics recycled with visuals that really, really need more polish.
>> No. 173106
Part of me feels that with game movies someone is saying "we want game franchise dollars but don't upstage our movie." For most Tie Ins that come down the pipe.
>> No. 173115
A good deal of it comes down to timing. They simply don't have the hours to make a great game for a movie around the premiere.
>> No. 173116
>Trying to talk to people on the bridge
>Kirk just clipping right through people willy-nilly
>You have Metroid Prime's Scan Visor but basically nothing to use it on
>Fucking zombies are you serious
>The menus actually use the EXACT SAME FONT as Mass Effect
>Dead Space's power cell puzzles but without Telekinesis
>What the fuck even are these hacking minigames
>Boring side rooms full of fucking nothing
>Those combat grunts
>Shots going right through enemies
>Give them a new weapon but forbid them from using it
>Oh my god the textures on that Gorn

Oh wow I was way too light on it. This game looks like total ass.
>> No. 173124
Yea, this crap is like the free shit that came out from BBC for Dr.Who. Though according to Giant Bomb this damn thing showed up two years ago at E3 so I have to ask what the hell were they doing with all that time.
>> No. 173136
It is weird that a Star Trek game is ripping off Mass Effect, when Mass Effect's origins of inspiration lay in Star Trek and Star Wars.
>> No. 173144
Start thinking of Mass Effect 1 and its Music and get all teary. Mass Effect Soundtrack- Mass Effect Themeyoutube thumb
Such sweeping music. Can't help but listen and feel like a fucking space hero.

ME1 took some of the best parts of those series with the Science and Space and Exploration and Aliens. While Everything else has taken what was largely crap from Mass Effect and that was the combat.
>> No. 173152
>Dead Space's power cell puzzles but without Telekinesis

I literally laughed out loud reading this. I can't even imagine what that must look like.

Also wait, why is all of this in a Let's Play thread?
>> No. 173153
Because someone thought Giant Bomb's quick looks are kinda like let's plays, I guess. Which is not entirely untrue, but not quite right either.
>> No. 173155
Let's Play - BattleBlock Theateryoutube thumb
Star Trek Gameplay Walkthrough…youtube thumb
>> No. 173177
Star Fox 64: Sector Z - PART 8 - Game Grumpsyoutube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Man Vs Wild Finalyoutube thumb
>> No. 173229
Rage Quit - Surgeon Simulator …youtube thumb
SIMPLY BROKEN - Nonsensical De…youtube thumb
>> No. 173230
Whatever happened to pokecapn and the crew?
>> No. 173242
SPACE SURGERY - Surgeon Simula…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
>> No. 173273
I like to think that the gigaquad they created for their Four Swords LP gained sentience and is now roaming the countryside, and now they're hunting it.

Sonic '06: Nuts for Nuts - PAR…youtube thumb

>Technology wasn't even a thing until the 1900s

There are no words.
>> No. 173276
The thing to remember about Jon and Arin is that while both reasonably intelligent they are each others THAT FRIEND who just by being around their intelligence drops roughly 40-60 IQ points.
>> No. 173282

I think they meant to say 19th century, and they're actually more or less right about that.
>> No. 173284
Electrical technology, maybe.

But 'technology' is just applied scientific knowledge, and that shit's existed since before mankind even discovered agriculture. There was a time when technology was a more effectively shaped hand axe, or copper knives, or the pulley, or Damascus steel, or flying buttresses, or irrigation systems, or turtle ships, or whatever goddamn thing gave one particular group an edge against nature or competing groups.
>> No. 173287

Read some Postman, dude.
>> No. 173304
>> No. 173340
File 136711910787.png - (122.05KB , 550x539 , nimetön.png )
And lowtax is getting greedy again.
>> No. 173346

They've changed the way they do the paywalls a while back, instead of a whole month like every six it's a couple weeks on a couple weeks off, it'll probably be public again mid-May.
>> No. 173354
Dead Island Riptide Gameplay W…youtube thumb

Dead Island Riptide Gameplay W…youtube thumb
>> No. 173357
The Greenlight: Papers Pleaseyoutube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
>> No. 173376
Two Best Friends Play Injusticeyoutube thumb
SANITY BROKEN! - Unfair Mario - Part 2youtube thumb
>> No. 173463
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
>> No. 173489
Two Saiyans Play: Worms Reloadedyoutube thumb
And their is more!
>> No. 173491
Scrublords - Sonic The Fightersyoutube thumb
Secret origins? Interesting.
>> No. 173549
Sega Id mix-up happened. Machinma fixed it.

Scrublords - Sonic The Fightersyoutube thumb

Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
Silent Hill - Homecoming: let's face it, it's a movie game that tries to trick you into thinking that it is it's own game but fails.


Smoove7182954 might be repetitive at times but I prefer that to LP'ers that scream into their headset.
>> No. 173553
Oh that's a relief.
>> No. 173581
Far Cry: Blood Dragon [Part 1]…youtube thumb
Far Cry: Blood Dragon [Part 2] - Sorry Canadayoutube thumb
>> No. 173603
File 136752908131.png - (11.88KB , 406x192 , jfhdasfjshdajk.png )
>> No. 173606
So wait, Deadly Premonition?
>> No. 173607
File 136753112831.gif - (930.60KB , 291x355 , york.gif )
I assume so, unless he's just messing with us. The Director's Cut came out a couple days ago.
>> No. 173608
I'll take it!
>> No. 173614
>Oh another LP, I wonder what
I had to cancel my DC preorder so I'm super happy ;_;
>> No. 173643
Far Cry: Blood Dragon [Part 3]…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
>> No. 173660
Two Best Friends Play Deadly P…youtube thumb
Guns of Icarus Online: Sky Pirates Foreveryoutube thumb
>> No. 173680
Errr, who's Zach?
>> No. 173687
Go to the DP thread.
>> No. 173718
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
>> No. 173743
Far Cry: Blood Dragon [Part 4]…youtube thumb
Far Cry: Blood Dragon [Part 5]…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Blood Dr…youtube thumb
>> No. 173748
>Two Best Friends Play Blood Dragon

I've been waiting for this.
>> No. 173794
A Normal Day In Sweden...youtube thumb
Yeah that about right.
>> No. 173862
Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Gigg…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
>> No. 173919
Far Cry: Blood Dragon [THE END…youtube thumb
Zombies Ate My Neighbors: Gian…youtube thumb
Scrublords - X-Men Next Dimensionyoutube thumb
>> No. 173964
Aw man I remmber reading about that X-men game in my old PS mag.
Has a sequel.
>> No. 174024
Mario 64 Slow Run Star 1youtube thumb
>> No. 174039
Cry of Fear: Giant Bomb Quick Lookyoutube thumb
Vinny is the best human alive
>> No. 174064
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
Guns of Icarus Online - TGS Ba…youtube thumb
ZOMBIE TELETUBBIES - Left 4 De…youtube thumb
>> No. 174095
Two Best Friends Play Star Trekyoutube thumb
OSAMA BIN WITCH - Left 4 Dead …youtube thumb
>> No. 174118
Blood Dragon - Words With Friendsyoutube thumb
Bioshock: The Gunslinger [1]youtube thumb
Bioshock: The Gunslinger [2]youtube thumb
>> No. 174122
Guess what movie tralier shown up before the star trek episode.
Hey that was really funny.
>> No. 174138
New Super Troll Bros: FUCK U (Part 1)youtube thumb
The Baz in Divekick!youtube thumb
>> No. 174140
Game Grumps Fanimated - Nine Tails BABY!!youtube thumb

I have to post this, so I chose to post it here.
>> No. 174148
Let's Play - Grand Theft Auto IV Part 1youtube thumb
HANK HILL TANK - Left 4 Dead 2…youtube thumb
SAVE MY BABY! - Left 4 Dead 2 …youtube thumb
>> No. 174210
Monaco Part 1 - Words With Friendsyoutube thumb
0Space - Words With Friendsyoutube thumb
Super Smash Land - Words With Friendsyoutube thumb
>> No. 174249
An explanation regarding the controversy surrounding Nintendo taking ad revenue from Let's Players:

The Nintendo Effect - How Will…youtube thumb
>> No. 174250
>I don't know why they're doing this
>I'm a massive Nintendo fanboy, please fuck me over some more Nintendo
>I don't know why they're doing this
>Nintendo is the greatest, but this is kind iffy I guess, I dunno, I love Nintendo!
>I don't know why they're doing this
That was a great explanation. Thanks.
>> No. 174278
And here's a good article explaining the big mistake Nintendo is making with this move:

>> No. 174284
>“…on January 1st, Total Biscuit did a WTF video about the game (TB isn’t a LPer, but he’s a YouTube game guy so he’s relevant). Thomas sold eight times more units than on launch day. In a matter of hours. I was outselling Assassin’s Creed 3 on Steam. And that’s not rare, every indie who’s received coverage from TB, or a Let’s Play from Pewdie or NerdCubed, has a similar story.”
We need to get one of those guys to cover Skullgirls; damn.
>> No. 174297
Best Friends Play would be best for Skull Girls since they know fighters.
>> No. 174319
Nintendo DS Longplay [053] Ed,…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Deadly P…youtube thumb
>> No. 174355
Two Best Friends Play Resident…youtube thumb
Let's Fail - Grand Theft Auto IVyoutube thumb
>> No. 174385
Mister Mosquito: Repellent - P…youtube thumb

Jon REALLY likes the Oculus Rift.
>> No. 174392
If you aren't watching Pork Lift, Wateyad, and Eating Only Apples play The Last Story, you owe it to yourself to change that.


It's worth it for the dress up sections alone.
>> No. 174438
Super Best Friends Play Metal …youtube thumb
Matt & Woolie Play Bionic …youtube thumb
Dead Island Riptide: The Adven…youtube thumb
>> No. 174461
Two Best Friends Play Aliens: …youtube thumb
Nintendo DS Longplay [055] Fos…youtube thumb
>> No. 174464
File 136898597765.gif - (1.44MB , 245x137 , sam clap.gif )
>Chip Cheezum's LP of MGR has begun
>Ironicus's reaction to everything

This is going to be a fun ride. It's like hearing a kid's first reactions to Power Rangers.
>> No. 174499
Bioshock: The Gunslinger [3]youtube thumb
Bioshock: The Gunslinger [4]youtube thumb
Monaco Part 2 - Words With Friendsyoutube thumb
>> No. 174523
GameTime w/ Nessie N' Elliot -…youtube thumb
Super Best Friends Play Metal …youtube thumb
>> No. 174547
This one?
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance…youtube thumb
>> No. 174664
Two Best Friends Play Deadly P…youtube thumb
The Typing of the Dead: Spooky…youtube thumb
>> No. 174745
Let's Play - Defianceyoutube thumb
Matt & Woolie Play Bionic …youtube thumb
>> No. 174826
Two Best Friends Play: Walking…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Deadly P…youtube thumb
Dead Island Riptide: The Adven…youtube thumb
>> No. 174831
Glover: You Can't Hurry Glove …youtube thumb

Does anyone here have fond memories of Glover?
>> No. 174873
Might as well post this here since it's semi related and also that it finally exists:

Game Grumps game library:
>> No. 174895
Chris Seavor, game designer and director of Conker's Bad Fur Day, has uploaded his commentary of the game he did with the other staff members.

>> No. 174898
Sort of. It's not the greatest game, but it's becoming increasingly frustrating that the two are going out of their way to avoid tutorials or paying attention to the game they're playing, then bash it needlessly for being too hard or unclear when everything is their fault. It's not the only game they've been doing this with lately either. It's almost like they're fizzling out and losing interest in playing videogames altogether, and if they're going to use the video medium for podcast0tier material, they might as well just release a separate podcast then.
>> No. 174903
File 136976536846.png - (3.29KB , 494x77 , That time again.png )
Guess what time it is again.
>> No. 174905

You know, ten dollars is a pretty trivial amount of money. I could easily afford it, and have bought many books at that price and more. Yet, I never even consider buying a SA account, and I'm not exactly sure why. It feels as if, if I buy one, I lose or fail at something.
>> No. 174907
Well, it's just ten bucks if you don't count the access to old archives, which add 5 more bucks. And I'm not counting other silly $5 features like the add-free.
>> No. 174908
Ten dollars for a priviledge to read forums that you are never going to post on, but if you do happen to post, it better be a good post or at worst case scenario you get banned and have to pay another 10 dollars to get to read the forums again.

I'll just be a cheapskate and wait it out. I have most of the lp'ers hosting sites on bookmarks and browsing history anyway.
>> No. 174909
For the amount of entertainment I've gotten out of SA I would say I've made back the 25 I've spent on it (15 for registration and archives, 10 to unban myself because Slowbeef).
>> No. 174910

Probably because you're supposed to be paying for access to the community, and if you're like me you don't have the slightest interest in the community.

it also gets you access to the stuff the community creates, which is the draw, but it still feels like you're getting ripped off.
>> No. 174911
>10 to unban myself because Slowbeef
Wait, what?!
>> No. 174929
Oh I think my actual ban was from the time I defended Sengoku Rance in... Epee Em's Hatoful thread yeah that was it. Slowbeef promptly banned me for being a rapist (this was also the day my dog died, so real banner evening all around).

Other than that I've been probated a bunch of times, including a weeklong probation for daring to say "fujoshi" in the DR2 thread because, as slowbeef put it "I'm sick of having to look at an anime glossary to find out what posts mean." Except Oren had already defined that term in the DR1 LP and I was talking to Oren, but he explained himself to a poster that defended me by saying that all posts should have definitions at the end to clarify.

~SA Moderation~, though to be fair, the DR1 and 2 threads are pretty terrible, both slowbeef and Zorak go fucking bananas in them.
>> No. 174932
I defend Sengoku Rance on the grounds that 1. it's a legitimately well-made game 2. the game acknowledges that Rance is a terrible human being and 3. one of my favorite games is Princess Maker 2 and thus I can make it look better by comparison.
>> No. 174933
>paying to be unbanned
>from a site whose banning practices sound even more capricious and ham-fisted than 4chan
>and you have to pay to even browse the site in the first place half the time

Wow, what a steaming load of crap. I know that some supposedly decent stuff comes out of the SA forums, but I can think of way better things to spend that cash on than a forum with a stick so firmly up its ass.
>> No. 174936
It says a lot that every time I talk to a goon outside of SA, one thing we agree on is "fuck the mods."
>from a site whose banning practices sound even more capricious and ham-fisted than 4chan
4chan's approach to moderation is something I like actually: there almost isn't any except for spam and CP.
>> No. 174941

Oh I remember that. That was one of the things I think about whenever I think about registering.

And yeah both DR threads are terrible.
>> No. 174952
>Paywall is back up already
Wow, I think this is a record.
>> No. 174960

Seems to be a week off two weeks on these days.

I think SA is really destitute at this point and desperate for funds.
>> No. 175000
I think they really might just be toggling the paywall with the Dangan Ronpa thread, but whatever.

Anyway, there's a Ni no Kuni thread! Good for me, as it saves me dosh and grinding time (unless it convinces me that I have to own it), basically making a Ghibli web series. Since ya'll are locked out though, here's the YT mirror:
Ep1Pt1 Let's Play Ni No Kuni: …youtube thumb

And here's the imugr folder he's using to post the Wizard's Companion.
>> No. 175004
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
Matt & Woolie Play Bionic …youtube thumb
Matt & Woolie Play Bionic …youtube thumb
>> No. 175006
Saints Row the Third Part 1 - …youtube thumb
Saints Row the Third Part 2 - …youtube thumb
>> No. 175147
>> No. 175170
RETRO COACH! Mega Man #5youtube thumb

Proof that Mega Man 1 has not aged well at all.
>> No. 175173
Stretch Panic: Twisted Sisters…youtube thumb

I couldn't disagree more with Jon. The controls on Kid Icarus are just fine, and the stylus offers more precision than another analog stick ever could.
>> No. 175174
Totally agree.
>> No. 175178
What is? That a modern game playing howling retard can't beat a game with two buttons from 30 years ago?

The music is still awesome, the challenge is still present, the gameplay is still tight and the controls are only troublesome because of input delay from emulation and their monitor.
>> No. 175179
I think alot of us can't beat games with two buttons from 20+ years ago.
>> No. 175181
Finally got a Giant Bomb premium account. Watching the pre-Skyrim marathon now. Goddamn, Morrowind has aged even more horribly than I remember. And that's with mods. This is like seeing your childhood hero end up as an decrepit, alcoholic has-been.
>> No. 175182
Two Best Friends Play: Fast &a…youtube thumb
► WTF Is... - Dust: An Elysian Tail ?youtube thumb
>> No. 175194
Because they weren't made to empower the player and sell DLC.
>> No. 175229
CAT INFECTED - Left 4 Dead 2 M…youtube thumb
Let's Play - GTA IV Destruction Derbyyoutube thumb
>> No. 175272
LETS PLAY - KIRIKOU - PS1 - PA…youtube thumb
Yes, this is a real game.
I would know, I own it!
Best 50kr ever~
>> No. 175312
Interview with Pat and Woolie …youtube thumb
I love that Pat really is choleric all of the time.
>> No. 175365
I wish I could get away with being angry all the time.
>> No. 175394
Well the movie is back in theatres so what the hell!
>> No. 175411
I feel like some games are really fun, but only when you're playing them. When you're watching someone else play them, they're boring.
>> No. 175424
You are correct. At the same time, the opposite can also be true:
>> No. 175453
But I still say that you dude should try out its demo and learn just how weird it play.
The weirdest part is that it sort of works if not for issue with level design.

And speaking of better to watch then play, two words.
And yet I still want to play or atlest own it.
>> No. 175497
HUMAN PYRAMID IN SPEEDO - Moun…youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play: Remember Meyoutube thumb
>> No. 175561
Eh, true. It depends, too. I'll watch people playing single-player games I've already beaten, but I can't watch them play multiplayer games I have. Like TF2. I hate watching people play TF2, because it makes me think that I should spend my time playing TF2 instead of watching others play it.

My favorite LP's are of games I know nothing about, or that I'd have to import or seriously hunt around to find, although it's a letdown to know that I'll never get to play the good ones myself.
>> No. 175564
Cel Damage - Game Grumps VSyoutube thumb
>> No. 175656
I know Arin's pain. There's always that one fucking character who has it out for the player.
>> No. 176128
Let's Play - GTA IV Cops 'n Crooks Part 1youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play Silent H…youtube thumb
>> No. 176137
I like how Homecoming is so bad they look back on shit like the Downpour Play puzzle and call it the best part of downpour.
>> No. 176192
File 137136902268.png - (163.73KB , 494x278 , sniperwot.png )
>>people who get so into an LP'ers work they start developing alternate universe versions of them
>>and shipping them
>>and writing fanfiction
>>and drawing NSFW

I can only draw worksafe fanart without feeling too creepy. These are real people. I can't control their lives.
>> No. 176194
Two Best Friends Play E3 (Day …youtube thumb

Woolie is finally popular
>> No. 176198
I like TBFP. But they don't have any fucking business being at E3. It's a press event. Apparently this year was especially bad with non-press people clogging up everything at the event and not letting the press do actual work. And some press people, who, you know, tried to fucking work there, got pretty mad about it. Seeing their E3 video with that knowledge in mind feels kinda iffy. Especially when seeing all those other "Youtube celebrities" in them.
>> No. 176215
Its been a increasingly complex struggle last few years for that event mainly in trying to be geared to both parties and end up annoying and dissatisfying both.
>> No. 176222
I haven't wanted to go in the last several years. It's become too big, too loud, too claustrophobic, and initial announcements of games aren't always the best example of what to expect, anyways.

It's not E3 I look forward to, it's the subsequent announcements for the games announced at E3 that make all the difference.
>> No. 176259
File 137144411443.png - (63.05KB , 378x783 , goddamnit_Frey.png )
Not sure if I mentioned it, but the Suikoden V thread is fucking fantastic.
>> No. 176298
Well they only went there because they work for manchinima. I agree that they're not very professional about the whole thing, but how many (and I really hate using this term) gamers care about professionalism? Most people just want to hear "MEGAMAN CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL" or "MGSV CONFIRMED MULTIPLAT HURR XBONE ARE YOU EVEN TRYING". Like Bunker says, E3's conundrum is trying to seem professional to please investors and press and trying to seem like a big hype party to please its audience.

And hey, at least it's better than fucking iJustine.
>> No. 176299
...that is a typo but ya know what I think I am going to leave it up there.
>> No. 176399
Would be nice to check it, but alas, paywall.
>> No. 176403
>>insert picture of Bruce Campbell here
>> No. 176452
Two Best Friends Play The Last of Us (Part 1)youtube thumb
Didn't saw that coming.
>> No. 176475
Oh thank god.

Now I don't have to buy this fucking game everyone won't shut up over.

It's probably pretty good I just don't have the money right now
>> No. 176477
And if the feels are as intense as I've heard I likely wouldn't have been able to finish it on my lonesome.
>> No. 176494
HUNTED BY MORGAN FREEMAN (The Hidden)youtube thumb
Aw man, I LOVE the game!
To bad its a pain in the back to play PC games...
For me...
>> No. 176580
That particular video helped spike a resurgence for a while. So veteran EvilDaedalus got to make this video:

Note: If it's hard to follow the reason his actions at the 3-minute mark were so horrifying to that one guy is that he combined a body grab with a high-speed lunge, causing his friend's corpse to suddenly get hauled out of sight incredibly fast.
>> No. 176693
Two Best Friends Play The Last of Us (Part 2)youtube thumb
Please work this time!
>> No. 176823
Mortal Kombat Komplete - Two B…youtube thumb
>> No. 176835
Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 56 - Hit Listyoutube thumb
Let's Play - GTA IV Cops 'n Crooks Part 2youtube thumb
Two Best Friends Play The Last of Us (Part 3)youtube thumb
Funny stuff.
>> No. 176851
>> No. 176853
Two Best Sisters Play - Persona 4youtube thumb
>> No. 176856
I can't believe Jon Jafari is fucking dead.
>> No. 176857
File 137219133758.png - (886.93KB , 1280x720 , jontron_wallpaper_by_fatalyze-d5lg9ij.png )
For clarification to those not in the know, this means he left Game Grumps.

I think this is for the better, honestly. I've been missing the JonTron episodes a lot and I've long ago unsubscribed to the Game Grumps channel (not out of spite or anything, I just didn't find a lot of the episodes there putting out at the time not as entertaining). I've watched an episode or two every now and then to see if I was missing anything and re-subscribe, but nope, I was doing just fine without Game Grumps. My preferences aside, I look forward to JonTron's future works, whether it be JonTron Season 2 or a glorious return to PBG's Hardcore.

Spoiler'd because I don't know why.
>> No. 176858
Hopes that maybe it can expand into possibly a bigger thing with a rotation or a bigger crew returning to the glorious days of the full team LP experience.
>> No. 176859
I'm legitimately bummed out about this.

Matt and Pat are the only other LP'ers I follow closely, and they just don't have the same feel to me. I hope Jon and Arin are still friends. I was always hoping to see pics of Barry and Jon at Arin's wedding.
>> No. 176860
They are still friends, he just wanted more time to work on JonTron show and to be brutally honest I think he's realized he's been phoning it with Game Grumps for a while.
>> No. 176864
I never thought he was phoning it in. Sure, some days it wasn't as funny, but sometimes the games didn't give them anything to work with.

It's like SNL, in a way. You can't make funny topical jokes if nothing went on that week (or really, nothing worth making fun of, or that you're okay making fun of, happened that week).
>> No. 176866
Then... who is Not So Grump?

Are they replacing him with "Even More Grump?"
>> No. 176869
Not So Grump is now Danny from Ninja Sex Party.
>> No. 176870
Ode to Jon - Game Grumpsyoutube thumb

Provided it hasn't happened already, I believe this is the moment when Game Grumps jumps the shark.
>> No. 176871
Some new dude I've never heard of.
His maiden game is Punch-Out on NES.
He seems to be a bit more "on Arin's level" and less a fan of his turned friend. He talks a lot, but not just about making noises and how funny someone looks. I think he knows he's got a Jafari sized hole to fill and it might be making him a bit nervous.

He's Shemp, and while Shemp was a great Stooge, he "replaced" Curly and suffered for it.
>> No. 176874
Clearly Game Grumps is not going to be the same, but Jon having more time to work on his own projects seems like a good thing (because damn do I miss his JonTron stuff). The first episode with Danny was still entertaining to me, although it's a different chemistry. Still, different does not automatically equal bad.
And hey, at least the game itself remained the topic of conversation throughout the episode, instead of some unrelated ramble.

Honestly the new 'show' on the Game Grumps channel gave me more pause than the lineup change.
Welcome to Steam Train!youtube thumb
Hotline Miami: Who's Calling? …youtube thumb

Not sure what I make of this yet. Still kinda walking around it and poking it with a stick.
>> No. 176875
I did like JonTron more than Jon on Game Grumps, especially lately.
I don't mind lineup changes, and in fact they're pretty nice for variance. Maybe Danny will be good at fighting games. Maybe Ross will play on Game Grumps. Maybe Jon will return for Versus and they can have a true 4 man game episode because there's more than just two of them now.

What would have been best is a FORMAT CHANGE ALERT a couple weeks ago or something. They've left so much hanging, and this is right in the middle/beginning/end of so many games. Not the least of which is Sonic 06 and the unplayed Majora's Mask.

I'm sure Jon and Arin didn't make these decisions lightly. And I can't say I dislike the Game Grumps becoming ensemble. It's just a bit jarring and I'm just a casual viewer, so the HARDXCORE I HAVE TO BE PART OF SOMETHING cumfaggots are going ballistic. The Dislikes are through the roof because kids just can't handle the change.
>> No. 176876
Maybe the new guys will pick up where the original team left off.

It did always piss me off that they left Pokémon Emerald and Secret of Mana and so on unfinished, but I felt it wasn't my place to bitch.
>> No. 176877
The regularity of their uploads probably contributed to the reaction. People came for their eight o'clock Jon 'n' Arin fix only to receive something different.
>> No. 176878
I considered that. But I don't think they will. 100+ episodes of Jon and Arin playing Sonic then ended with like 6 of Arin and Dan would be too much. No one would like that.

And even now they can't release prerecorded episodes with Jon in them, so we're all screwed.

I don't think they can finish Emerald either, Plumbloom and other quotes have made it too Jon. Other one offs though, definitely. Hopefully Dan won't be so terrified of dead air as Jon was and think more highly of his viewers than to believe they need everysecondconstant entertainment or they drift off into an ADD coma.
>> No. 176879
Personally I don't know how to feel about it. One one end Jon never really did much besides yell and babble, yet that somehow played well to Arin.
At the very least I won't have to worry about his voice getting stuck in my head. Seriously, get Jons voive stuck in your head as your inner monolog for a while and you will find yourself wishing bodily hard on yourself.
Also this is a thing:
>> No. 176880
I'm kind of surprised GG can have serious impact on their schedules. I thought three hours or so of grumping covered them for a week.
>> No. 176883
I'm kinda disappointed, since for me he was always the main draw of GG while Egoraptor was the less amusing straight man. The new guy is OK, but his ordinary sounding voice is already making me miss Jon and his singing/yelling.
>> No. 176885
>Right before they finally finished Sonic 06
You bitches.
>> No. 176889
If Jon was nothing else, he was unique.
>> No. 176890
File 137221694556.jpg - (182.17KB , 512x384 , 1364508291184.jpg )
Aaaand now I'm disappointed.
>> No. 176891
They may have already wrapped up recording it and will be releasing it later.

Also, everyone, familiarize yourself with Danny Sexbang
>> No. 176894
Steam Train could be interesting depending how they "play" it. Heck Anyone doing Space Quest IV has at least got me watching for nostalgia.
>> No. 176896
Oh fuck me, they missed the most frustrating part of the game?
>> No. 176899
If it was Arin who got replaced I don't think I would've missed him that much, aside from the singing. Hopefully Jon still comes back here and there for guest appearances. He was great on Continue.
>> No. 176901
Fuck that grump noise! DnD up in this shit!
Best Friends Beat Em' Ups - Du…youtube thumb
>> No. 176904
On that note:
>> No. 176907
I can just not see that at all. Having the goodbye video and then releasing videos with him in it would be terrible choices.

I shot 'em a Like on both the Steam Train intro and first episode of Hotline Miami for support. A show where you try to blast through your backlog of Humble Bundle and Steam Sale games is brilliant and hopefully they set the format up to be that, and not just Game Grumps PC. And yes, I consider them both Game Grumps. Arin, Jon, Dan, Barry, Ross, and Grant Kirkhope.
>> No. 176916
Rumor is the real reason Jon left was because he was moving to be with his girlfriend? I'm not interested in snooping too much on the Grumps' personal lives so anyone who is a bit more nosey know if this is true or not?
>> No. 176917
I think he made it pretty clear in the video that GG is taking up more time than they thought and he wants to work on JonTron.
>> No. 176918
I think he made it pretty clear in the video that GG is taking up more time than they thought and he wants to work on JonTron.
>> No. 176926
Holy Shit fuck Steam train that shit is the worst.
>> No. 176966
A little funny considering his clear statements in the past that Game Grumps WAS NOT the reason for there not being many new JonTron episodes.
>> No. 177078
And so I did not have to pay for this game.
>> No. 177128
Best Friends Beat Em' Ups - Du…youtube thumb
Guys VS Games - Disneyland Gen…youtube thumb
Guys VS Games - Disney's Alice…youtube thumb
>> No. 177305
Dark Soullllssssyoutube thumb
I wish his streams would be longer and more consistent.
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