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File 136711636381.jpg - (237.83KB , 853x481 , Ride Sally Ride.jpg )
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So, can we talk about Trollcraft here, or what?

This happened to me today.
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>> No. 174203
The latest one, naturally. 3 for 1.5.2.
>> No. 174206
Haven't tried the new one, I just had bad experiences with it back in the day of Technic, so when I saw it in FTB, I rejected it before even loading my world.
>> No. 174460
>watching video of the snapshot
>sudden desire to get a bunch of people together and crash a server with a Dothraki warband

File 136425531796.jpg - (543.64KB , 1000x810 , 1361755607046.jpg )
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Old thread:

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>> No. 187360
he buzz-word unquestionably is globalization or internationalization,?states Prof. Ravikesh Srivastava, Chairman from your Publish Graduate Programme of . s the western nations are progressively thinking about economic saturation, more and more more are seeking to build their business enterprise to India. Within just this year's foundation class we are concentrating over the Indian value method, Indian historical past, culture and ethics. We're emotion our pupils, to generally be the professionals of en Y? should be perfectly expert in just the traditions and lifestyle that belongs to them state along with the sector they may be working from. We have questioned school from well known universities to cope with the scholars on these subjects. Certainly, the general disciplinary courses would remain an element in the module, but a significant concentrate continues for being placed on Indian heritage, society and price procedure.?
>> No. 187363
Tax cuts can stimulate the economy, as lengthy since the customer stays the additional funds she or he could possibly have. But also, tax cuts which can be to huge can result in well known for things, which could possibly raise costs, be responsible for inflation as well as the must acquire cheaper foreign products. Nonetheless in general, tax cuts in the previous come about to be wonderful for the economy, which can bring about a rise demand for the nations currency.
>> No. 187366
It's the qualified aspect to complete Past even though not small, working with on the net for careers Nashik or employment Patna is easily essentially the most skilled element to complete these days. Companies now expect job candidates to be net savvy so once they see you may have certainly selected one of the most regular but most effective manner of utilizing for revenue they certainly present you with credit rating inside of a distinct way. The situations of burning paper to make Resumes is concluded. Engineering procedures inside the area of task openings in addition to you improved new as much as that.

File 136802392484.jpg - (56.48KB , 570x300 , Wolfenstein-The-New-Order.jpg )
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Let's kill some Nazis!

>This sequel takes place in an alternate 1960's, where Nazi's won World War II. You play as character B.J. Blazkowicz. Your mission? Stop the Nazi's and their new order.

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>> No. 173971
I am so glad I was right in thinking this would be set in the 60s.

I'm wondering how the aesthetics would look like, though.
>> No. 173980
I don't see Hitler's head on any of those robots.
>> No. 173984
Robocop 2: Caine snapsyoutube thumb

He's in there Kaine style.

File 13678899519.jpg - (48.08KB , 908x623 , EQqRH.jpg )
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Got a physical copy of Bioshock Infinite, it's essentially a glorified steam key. Selling for $40 over PP. You send first, I can give pics and have a rep thread in case I twiddle my mustache and decide to vanish. Go ahead and slander it.

Also selling various TF2 items and can Find-To-Sell things you want.

File 136762571745.jpg - (268.44KB , 1280x1777 , zoneoftheendershdcollectionboxartps3.jpg )
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>During the recent HideoBlog web radio show, Hideo Kojima announced that the Enders’ Project has been put on hold. He also announced that the team working on it has been disbanded, and he is currently re-evaluating the relevance of the franchise.

>Furthermore, Kojima expressed disappointment in the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, citing performance issues as a hindrance to its enjoyment. However, he also mentioned that his team has successfully re-programmed the game, and the Playstation 3 version will soon be receiving a patch that significantly enhances performance. Currently, there are no plans to bring the patch to the Xbox 360, but this may change eventually.

>The Zone of the Enders sequel was announced at a series focused event in May 2012 in Japan where Kojima announced that the game was still in it’s prototype phase and was being developed on the studios’ much acclaimed Fox Engine.
>> No. 173694
File 136766298857.jpg - (63.29KB , 960x783 , 1363328364495.jpg )
>> No. 173701
File 136768334827.jpg - (59.71KB , 500x441 , winning14.jpg )

I guess it's just as well I didn't buy the HD rerelease, then.

File 136355763936.png - (1.92MB , 1200x856 , Game Night 2.png )
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The other one already hit the limit, and apologies for the OP pic. I think I should have better ones for general, but anyways...

Also, something interesting for discussion:
TUN: Slow Down the Violenceyoutube thumb
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File 136685830911.jpg - (85.67KB , 640x480 , 604037_10151909031188636_528059674_n[1].jpg )
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are mere days away from the Director's Cut release of the greatest survival horror game of all time, Eternal Darkness Twin Peaks DEADLY PREMONITION!

Deadly Premonition was originally released for 20 dollars on the Xbox 360, where it was universally agreed to look uglier than most 6th gen titles, plagued with awful controls, stuffed with terrible combat sections, and had a load of side shit that nobody could find for quite awhile on account of the game's awful map and lack of ability to point you in any direction but forward.

But none of that stomped it from being the greatest, and there's one reason that stands up above all the rest: it has a strong contender for the best main character in video games. Agent Francis York Morgan plays the Dale Cooper role as the eccentric FBI agent going to investigate the murder in the Pacific Northwest town, but soon swerves away from Agent Cooper into territories unknown to any but the game's mad creator SWEWRY.

The game didn't sell very well originally, but thanks to the power of the internet, it eventually found its audience: people who like Twin Peaks and/or Let's Plays. Find out for yourself why even people who have never played it know it to be the greatest:
There's the blind Giant Bomb Runs:
VJ: Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition: Part VJ-01youtube thumb
BR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfJHts9y3Rk

And then there's supergreatfriend's encyclopedic 100% run, featuring (among other things), creature features!

That's them on the original 360 version of course. There was also an original PS3 release, but it was JP only. The new PS3 exclusive Director's Cut however, i
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>> No. 173159
I know.
>> No. 173563
I got a copy of the original in a 2-for-1 sale. but for some damn reason the 360 ate the thing. Tore it to hell after not too long.
>> No. 173689
Two Best Friends Play Deadly P…youtube thumb

File 136753080393.jpg - (77.34KB , 640x480 , silenthill3d_5.jpg )
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Lastly /cog/ edition

Silent Hill seems the obvious choice but I'll throw in how fucked up Drakengard is and how much I would not want to be near it.
>> No. 173612
it's night
there is a regenerator down the hallway
>> No. 173620
File 136753585062.png - (1.25KB , 305x278 , five second regenerator bullshit.png )

File 136631486288.png - (120.08KB , 665x518 , 1366291627425.png )
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>Capcom revised its financial forecasts in light of a "special loss" of around $73 million due to game cancellations, with the studio partially placing the blame on projects outsourced overseas. The company said it's making more of its game development internal due to a drop in quality from an "excessive" outsourcing of projects
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>> No. 173556
Man why all the spite from Capcom anyway? Its seems pretty counter-intuitive towards getting people to like and buy your product.
>> No. 173587
The way they're involving the community for the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV patch is pretty cool, though. It doesn't make all the bad shit they pulled go away, but it makes me somewhat more hopeful for the future.
>> No. 173594
I'm not even going to bother beating your dead horse with another, but 3/10 for making me reply to it.

It's neat to see sure, but the cooler bit is that they brought on some top SF talent to shift through (most of the shit) suggestions and determine what actually needs to be done.
This is making me a little uneasy though since, AE has had a lot of time (in the land of day 0 patches and constant baww) to have its metagame stabilized and its mechanics thoroughly explored and it turns out that aside from a few things, it's easily one of the most well balanced fighters produced. I'm worried this might end up fucking that up.

File 135421019824.jpg - (30.44KB , 570x301 , Wii-U-Supports-Background-Downloads.jpg )
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Previous thread: >>163103

Nintendo regrets the day-one update for the system:

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>> No. 173565
File 136749626224.jpg - (21.98KB , 400x240 , liberationmaiden-06.jpg )


Liberation Maiden, and Crimson Shroud look good. Liberation Maiden was made by Suda 51 and Level 5. So I'll be looking at that.
>> No. 173584
Autosage hit, new thread: >>173583

File 136674769630.png - (222.51KB , 551x374 , Jak is the greatest warrior ever.png )
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So, apparently, Naughty Dog almost made a realistic-looking Jak & Daxter reboot, but just in time realized the idea is fucking retarded.
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>> No. 173220

OK lemme put it like this here.

Saying Jak II is "grimderp" is like saying Sonic SATAM is grimderp in comparison to The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog.

Technically you're right? But it's entirely misleading. This is still a game where the BBEG is a time-travelling lizard guy who harnesses mystical energy to conquer reality.

It's just no longer completely goofy and nonsensical about it. Yes there's guns and there's armour and the occasional foul word but that doesn't instantly make something a grimderp edgy reboot like Shadow the Hedgehog.

Jak II is still... well... fun in tone? I guess? Like there ain't any cheesy Final Fantasy Esq melodrama going on and the time travel plotline is one of the few that made sense in retrospect (just cause it was... relatively simple for a time-travel plot).

I still highly recommend it, even if you're into fun kid games cause it still plays out LIKE a cartoon. Just a cartoon for an older audience, if that makes sense.
>> No. 173223
I meant in a more indirect way; the graphic violence and resultant public outrage from Doom/MK paved the way for the essentially self destructive arguments of "videogames aren't just for kids" that the Playstation eventually ran with in a way that actually did manage to create some entertaining and sometimes critically worthwhile 'adult' games.
>> No. 173232
I think so too, but since I didn't want to play it I stuck with my initial reaction. I think I did consider giving it a chance for a bit, and remember trying out some flying vehicle for a few minutes, but I either figured supporting the game then would encourage going even further in that direction and/or really wanted to make sure I played the games in order. I'll try to play Jak II after I've cleared the first one, though.

Ah, that makes sense then.

File 136674045273.png - (153.09KB , 900x900 , rf awesome Clank.png )
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>> No. 173071
Two Final Fantasy movies.
>> No. 173137
>Ratchet et Clank raconte l'histoire de deux héros improbables, alors qu'ils luttent pour contrer les plans d'un alien au dessein maléfique, le président Drek, planifiant de réduire à néant les planètes de la galaxie Solana. Ratchet est le dernier spécimen de son espèce, un lombax entêté et impétueux qui a grandi seul sur une planète déserte, sans famille à ses côtés. Clank est un petit robot avec de réelles capacités intellectuelles, plus sage et réfléchi que son compagnon. Lorsque ces deux aventuriers découvrent une arme capable à elle seule de réduire une planète entière en poussière, ils se joignent aux forces colorées et déjantées des Rangers Galactiques dans l'espoir de sauver leur galaxie.
Au cours de cette quête, ils apprendront de l'importance des valeurs telles que l'héroïsme, l'amitié, et la découverte de leur identité.

Oh well, it's going to be a new separate canon.
>> No. 173188

It'll probably be the first game just done more cinematically.

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