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File 136117625842.png - (458.02KB , 900x720 , team_lung_cancer_2_by_liquidsilk-d3hus4e.png )
170429 No. 170429
Gonna g'head and start us a new one to revive interest and since the last one's kinda outdated in OP and topic.

Topics to start!
>NECA Action Figures and their code for Genuine Classless Update hats
>The announcement of the Chess Set. What Classes are what pieces?
>Steam Market beta and how you can make half a dollar off DOTA2 invites: or; How I learned to stop worrying and price crates at over 300 dollars each (go look, I ain't kiddin')
>Incoming Promotional Items. Brutal Legend Hair and Taunt and Demo/Scout Sneakers.

I've also found a lot of good fanart to fill the thread out with.
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>> No. 170430
File 136117842185.jpg - (73.74KB , 960x717 , hat equals rank.jpg )
>What Classes are what pieces?
The way it seems to work is the non-pawn pieces are the mercs (wrenches, which presumably present buildings, are pawns), and they have different interchangeable pieces on top to signify which piece they act as.

The game is meant so you can play its own custome chess variant, where in certain conditions you can switch out the top on a piece to let it move like another piece you captured.

So it's like bizarro TF2: hats are ability, class is cosmetic.

>Steam Market beta and how you can make half a dollar off DOTA2 invites:

You might have used to, now everyone sells them for literally 2 cents.

>How I learned to stop worrying and price crates at over 300 dollars each (go look, I ain't kiddin')

Especially since it's pretty much a free inventory space. I can't use it, but you don't use a crate until immediately before it will disappear anyway.
>> No. 170432
File 136118510043.jpg - (757.35KB , 674x1000 , team_fortress_2_poster_by_ebae-d3y1fhm.jpg )
I feel that's a bit of a dropped ball. Full body (or to waist/hip) pieces with Street Fighter Chess style (that's a full bust piece with a "class" identifier on the base to tell you which one it is) identification instead of changable hats. It would cement the class' roles, as VALVe likes to do. It'd also be better for weapon property to chess piece conversion.

They could also have designed special medieval style looks for the pieces. A Heavy with regal coat and crown for Queen, a Medic with Caduceus staff and bigger crown for King. Sniper behind a palisade for Rook, Soldier with robes for Bishop, etc.

By making half a dollar on DOTA2 keys, I mean selling all the ones you have. I had enough to make about 0.15 at a penny each and then sold a Festive Ubersaw for about 0.25.

The 300 dollar chests are like series 1 and 2, from what I saw.
They must be using it for storage, as then whatever's inside it can't be worth more than that cannit?
>> No. 170434
>They must be using it for storage, as then whatever's inside it can't be worth more than that cannit?

The only valuable things pre-Uber update crates had were occasionally paints (and Unusual of course, but not any more than others). The very early ones mostly just have value as a collectors item, and even then it's really only a couple bucks at most. Even salvaged crates can be found for less than $100.
>> No. 170463
File 136124750216.jpg - (86.60KB , 496x700 , drexbutt_violinmedic.jpg )
I think it's ridiculous when people only add people as friends on Steam if they consistently play [x] hours of TF2 a week OR if they think they can pilfer all the rare items out of their inventory for cheap/free. Neither's gonna happen. I've been working on either homework or working on my backlog of single-player Steam games in the lull between major updates.

That isn't to say I haven't been playing at all, though. I'm working on getting my first Mann Up Strange Rust weapon (hoping for a Medic or Heavy weapon, though a Rocket Launcher might be nice, too), and got a few cosmetics/Stranges/Festives from a friend through a contest on Tumblr. Feels good, man.
>> No. 170465
I understand that, people keep asking about either my Bill or my unusual hats.
A tumblr contest?
Tell me more if you don't mind.
>> No. 170469
File 136125483715.jpg - (313.33KB , 700x394 , red_soldier_cosplay_team_fortress_2__by_swoz-d4p1w.jpg )
I haven't remain untainted in that way.
I haven't said it, but I've thought plenty times "Give me your Ebeneezer, you never fucking play TF2 and I play every day."
>> No. 170477
File 136128667747.jpg - (102.09KB , 1366x768 , 440_screenshots_2013-02-10_00001.jpg )
Rate my Spy that I can't play as anyway because of shitty connection and laptop.
>> No. 170492
While we where away...
Poker Night 2 confirmed, with Sam (Sam &Max), Brock Samson, Jack Handsome and maybe Evil Ash confirmed.

And I want that Wheatley sapper.
Team Fortress 2 AP-SAP Voice Linesyoutube thumb

Fancy Gentleman Spy.
>> No. 170584
>Poker Night 2 confirmed, with Sam (Sam &Max), Brock Samson, Jack Handsome and maybe Evil Ash confirmed.

Also, someone from Portal (one of the item's were Chell's long fall boots)--probably Wheatley.

>haven't tried the Baby Face's Blaster recently
>friend recommended using it on Dustbowl because it's so flat
>Defense 2nd stage
>15 kill streak
>> No. 170588
Blaster great for Speed Freak Scout, also is there a "Kills While Moving" Strange Part?
>> No. 170592
>is there a "Kills While Moving" Strange Part?

You're almost always moving in this game, so "Kills While Standing Still" would be more notable.
>> No. 170624
File 136342332991.jpg - (48.46KB , 848x480 , 2013-03-16_00003.jpg )
My Hobo soldier is almost complete nowthat one of my traders got me a stainless pot with massed flies effect, he said these things are scarse as hell. I consider myself lucky to own a themed hat.
All I need now is a strange bazooka and a strange pan, which also is needed for my ultimate demopan (soon).
>> No. 170709
File 136354630952.jpg - (49.93KB , 805x812 , 1363352667663.jpg )
>plus4 is down
>try going on tf2g for awhile
>jews jews jews

Christ. And people said /vg/ was videogames.
>> No. 170713
File 136354923875.gif - (2.21KB , 210x187 , Paper guy.gif )

Does that surprise you? I had to put up with their crap during the down time since I had no choice, I had to be near a tf2-related thread, but I couldn't even post in them due to maximum elitism, jews, traps, shit, etc, etc.

The only real good part of it is checking the loadouts they post, and most of them are awful.
Oh, and don't forget the gambles or crafting/unboxing, those are always welcome to see.
>> No. 170714
File 136354984359.jpg - (9.47KB , 330x236 , wat begin.jpg )

Well I GUESS that's why no one is joining this raffle even if the item is pricy and no one has joined, so much pessimism, you should be ashamed of yourselves for seeing the glass half-empty.

Ok, maybe forget the raffle, I will think of something else.
>> No. 170715
Well, I guess since there hasn't been any big thing on TF2, people are a bit lukewarm about it.
Give Valve a chance, I bet they still have something under their sleeves.
>> No. 170716
well there is bound to be something connected to the Resident Evil and L4D crossover coming out.
>> No. 170717
>> No. 170718

Capcom Valve Zombie Crossover so I'm saying maybe they'll come out with some items for TF2.
>> No. 170719
Man Resi6 was fucking awful
>> No. 170724
Yeah, but I would buy it at $5 in a promo just for that free DLC. No way I'm going to throw $40 at a godawful mediocre game.
>> No. 170753
File 136358244197.png - (1.46MB , 900x1659 , tumblr_m8w4ijCfXZ1qcn852o1_1280.png )

Got a bit of that /v/ syndrome do we?

I'm not very impressed, but it's just Spy for me. He doesn't have a lot of visually exciting choices. Either you get something like you have there, which is a smooth nonclashing and nonattentiongetting setup, or you get a plug ugly loud painted mess with a hat on a bacalava.

I, also, tried to go to /vg/. I didn't have the patience or desire to lurk until board culture. It was secret club memes, clique mentality, etc. Blech.
>> No. 170756
I tried using the Tomislav for 5 minutes and couldn't stand it. I'll never understand why so many use it.
>> No. 170758
>/v/ syndrome
Wait, what? I don't even go there.
>> No. 170766
It's halfway decent in MvM. I still prefer the Brass Beast or Hao-Long Heater in that mode, though.
>> No. 170821
File 136366157110.jpg - (116.63KB , 500x500 , 1363133960200.jpg )
>bored in 2fort
>equip Neon Annihilator


>> No. 170830

Oh shit, that is RIGHT...areas like that counts as being wet!

Man, and I've been having that going to waste on my engibro pyro loadout.
>> No. 170831
ohh Predator Pyro loadout. Does it work underwater?
>> No. 170835

It does! It's fantastic! You can basically one shot someone underwater. Occasionally I like to hang out in the water areas, wait for someone to fall in, then I come up on them like the Jaws theme was playing.

Too bad this works on like only two levels. I mean, you COULD team up with a sniper who has Jarate, but I'm not sure if the pee counts as them being wet.
>> No. 170837
It does.

Mad milk, jarate, water, bleeding(!) and just standing in water all count as being wet. Team up with a scout with Boston Basher and wreck shit.
>> No. 170844
Neon Pyro and a Sleeper Sniper..could own a map.
>> No. 170845
File 136371605992.gif - (1.79MB , 320x240 , daa.gif )
Medic is the funnest class ever on MVM.

>tfw popping kritz with all 3 uber canteens on brass beast heavy against 3 robot giants
>> No. 170849

I opened a server. I'd like it to get popular so if you could all be super-pals and play on it, that'd be most grand.

Also if you have suggestions for custom maps or mods or anything to make it better, let me know!
>> No. 170850
>We're adding Virtual Reality mode to TF2, custom-designed to work with Oculus's soon-to-ship Rift dev kits. All you'll have to do to get in on the non-terrifying, Terminator-free future of Team Fortress is pre-order a Rift kit. Once you've got it, add "-vr" to your command line options in Steam to access VR mode.
Even without an Oculus, that sounds pretty keen. However, the results are not quite what we probably want:
>The standard setup has look-dictating movement direction, meaning that innovative uses of Rift, like moving forward while shooting sideways (by looking sideways with your head, as shooting is mapped to the mouse), won't work.

Even so, you still have some free-aiming ability, and it would still be a trip to play with an Oculus. Hopefully we'll get some stuff that combines the Kinect or Wiimote with this to provide even better immersion (as well as an easier way to shoot sideways while moving forward.)
>> No. 170851
File 13637223384.jpg - (155.99KB , 904x1094 , Battle_Buddies_by_ChemicalAlia.jpg )
I was noting the oxymoron of "mediocre" and "godawful" in tandem. It's very much like /v/'s "if it isn't 10 it's shit lelelel". Which is both trolling and idiots who've been there long enough to honestly believe it, and some kind of entitlement.

It used to be good.

There's a lot of custom maps that have lots of water areas. There's some goofy ones that are completely submerged versions of other maps.

I would love to play it, but no computer for the foreseeable future to death.
>> No. 170853
>It used to be good.

Yeah, the first week it was released, it was OP as fuck. Rather than the usual hold m2+hit m1 when ready, you could just hit m1 and bam you're already shooting. Then they nerfed it, and it sucked. Then they nerfed it again, and it sucked even harder.

Also coaltown_event is FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE.
>> No. 170858
Well, I didn't imagine that combination of words could be an oxymoron.
But, you get the point, so mediocre that you thing it's more godawful than anything. Plus, that bad taste of mouth that Capcom can made us talk like that. Anyways, my bad.
Still, RE6 is is really mediocre, thus making it awful on my list.
>> No. 170869
I haven't been able to play or really even follow the game for the last 3 months (Dec 13th). What is new that matters?
>> No. 170871
>> No. 170877
Dead Ringer got nerfed. It no longer drops friendly ragdolls when using a friendly disguise.
>> No. 170884
File 136374542081.png - (1.16MB , 1068x900 , tumblr_ltwkl6kQHd1qafxi6o1_1280.png )
So small a percentage of Dead Crutch Spies did that, it's hardly a nerf.
Call me when it stops making Spies invincible.
>> No. 170890
That didn't happen and never will, because that's the exact opposite of what's wrong with the Dead Ringer.
>> No. 170893
But it did happen. If you go into a server and try to use it, you'll see what I mean. It has to be a nerf, since it's been like that for at least a month with no mention of an attempted fix.

Also saying that the DR is a crutch is ridiculous. /tf2g/ is as elitist as elitist can be, turning models to low and using nothing but stock weapons for all classes, and even they know the DR is an upgrade.
>> No. 170902
OK, I stand corrected. It spawns a Spy corpse that's still wearing a mask.

Given patch notes pretty much always mention intentional balances changes, that makes it more likely it's a bug.

> It has to be a nerf, since it's been like that for at least a month with no mention of an attempted fix.

Why would they mention attempts to fix it that don't work?

The fact that so few people notice just speaks volumes to how little the thing is actually used to fake death.
>> No. 170925
File 136381435547.png - (13.64KB , 290x310 , Gabe's default.png )
I had quite a post written up, but +4 ate it. Oh well.
>> No. 170929
File 136381650127.png - (133.33KB , 800x702 , TF2___It_is_Sad_Day____by_birdofyore.png )
>mfw Dr's server is 32 man and I hate fun
>> No. 170930
That's disappointing. That's not what I would have done to nerf the DR.
So no new weapons or official maps?
>> No. 170931
The Christmas/mecha update had three new weapons (primaries for engineer and demo, secondary for medic) and a new Mann vs machine map (Bigrock) that has robot engineers.
>> No. 171003
I can't beat wave 666. Every time I try, the game crashes due to too much shit onscreen.
>> No. 171004
What's the expected turnout of Friday and will Dr. do anything special for the occasion, like have more than one map.
>> No. 171006
No idea about turnout, but map rotation is set to go every half hour.
>> No. 171007
I'm not sure if you were there, but he's referring to how any time the server tried change to map it crashed and came back on 5Gorge.
>> No. 171008


Also this is the Steam group of the company I work for, just puttin' that out there!
>> No. 171010
I fixed that, it's all good now.
>> No. 171039
Ok, who thinks competitively = fun on this game?
Just curious.
>> No. 171042
I added Dr.'s server to my list, but it was on a custom map when I logged on last time, and I decided not to download any custom maps anymore. Had so much custom shit at one point from various servers that it bogged down my computer. I'll try again later.
>> No. 171047
Well, I know that I have no fun if a round is too one-sided, regardless of which team is doing the rolling. That said, a match doesn't have to be massively competitive for me to have fun.
>> No. 171049
Same here. I don't mind being competitive, but I can't see me ever playing competitive matches on set teams and going to LAN parties and conventions to compete and stuff. I've been told I'm pretty good with certain classes, but I know I'd get too worked up over how I was doing, and I don't have the money to fly out and go anywhere right now.
>> No. 171082
File 136399203819.jpg - (91.51KB , 761x1050 , tf2_little_engineer_by_biggreenpepper-d5tc4fx.jpg )
>no more custom maps
You are cutting yourself off from a large part of what makes TF2 successful. No game enjoys better community contributions.
If you get too much, you can go to the specific folder where custom maps are downloaded and get rid of the bad ones you accidentally played just a couple times years ago and keep the good ones that good severs run. You can also go and get rid of the annoying custom sounds.

I think competitive TF2 is fun.
And I think that normal TF2 is fun.
I think that things like instant respawn, 32 player, silly maps, are not fun.
>> No. 171086
File 136399525895.png - (698.42KB , 1920x1080 , demoman_by_thetig3r42-d4gn1u1.png )
That was for the Minis, Thomas.

That was for the Minis.
>> No. 171087
How would you guys feel about me recording gameplay for my company's YouTube channel?
>> No. 171088
I would need a lot more details but I'm leaning towards no problem.
>> No. 171091
>instant respawn
Instant Respawn can make for an insane game, but the opposite (vanilla) respawn is even worse; 20 seconds on D seems like an eternity, especially as an engie. I much rather something that penalizes you without knocking you out for a long while (I'd say 10 D/4 O, 6 for back and forth maps).
>> No. 171123
Instant respawn is terrible. It promotes spawn camping.
>> No. 171131
>spawn camping
>> No. 171132
Only when there's more than one entrance.
>> No. 171134
There are so many abilities that counter Spawn Camping in TF2 that the only way it can work is if you have an abysmally shit team, which, if the enemy has pushed you all the way back to your spawn, is probably the case.
>> No. 171135
Yeah. Any team that can't pull together a medic/pyro combo with a demo hurting himself to build uber faster has more problems than spawn camping.
>> No. 171144
That seemed to empty out really fast the other night

I hope it didn't get too competitive or that my afk a few times hurt too much
>> No. 171152
>> No. 171219
File 136418840831.jpg - (124.56KB , 600x849 , 1291219276tf2_1.jpg )
I'm imagining the next big update will be the files conversion.

But want to humor ideas for potential updates that may come after that? It seems like ages since we got a new gun dunnit?
>> No. 171235
We've had new weapons, but none have been a class-changer like the Huntsman, Charge'n'Targe, or Gunslinger was. They've mostly been minor offsets, like +damage/-capacity. Last one that I think really shook anything up was the Rescue Ranger, with its ranged machine healing and pickup, but that was still minor.

Now that everyone has their "Meet The" video and achievements, it feels like there can't be any more major updates. Not that I really need them, as I keep going back to stock map servers, but new stuff is always a nice boost to get others playing again for a bit.

I'd like to see an update that
A) adds a dozen or so achievements per class, based around new weapons since their first achievement additions
B) focuses on modes that aren't terribly popular, just to flesh out options (SD and PLR, I'm looking at you. But no more TC, please.)
C) adds some sort of "modifier" option for maps, which acts like a roulette when a new round begins. Modifiers are things like "No [CLASS]es", "All/No crits", "Double speed", "Golden Gun Mode" (aka every hit is instant kill) etc. A lot of people won't care for them on vanilla stock servers, but they could make 24/7 servers more fun/enticing. I know I'd be more likely to play badlands for hours on end if each round had some special effect in place.
>> No. 171237
Some weapon types I'd be interested in seeing:
1) Decoy for the spy, taking place of the Invisiwatch. Sends out a hologram that lasts for a few seconds to distract enemies and sentries.
2) "Spray-and-slay" for the Engineer, a shotgun replacement that fires special paintball pellets that prioritize a target for the sentry and extends the sentry's range by 15% (but only for that target)
3) "Dr. Octopack" for the Medic, replacing the Medigun, that has a more limited range, no ubercharge, but heals up to 8 others around the medic. (Like the Amputator taunt writ large.) (Offset would have to be something large, like the medic can't self heal or something.)
>> No. 171238
>"Golden Gun Mode" (aka every hit is instant kill)

That's the worst idea ever. Everyone would either go Scout with the pistol, or go Heavy with the Tomislav.
>> No. 171252
I enjoyed it in Goldeneye 007, at least. Pair it with instant respawn and restrict to back/forth maps instead of attack/defend for best results.
>> No. 171256
File 136424407433.png - (584.55KB , 1200x1600 , tf2___pyro_aw_yea_by_superkusokao-d558gwb.png )
>A) adds a dozen or so achievements per class, based around new weapons since their first achievement additions

Yeah, I just now got Pyromancer, finishing all Pyro Achievements.

>B) focuses on modes that aren't terribly popular, just to flesh out options (SD and PLR, I'm looking at you. But no more TC, please.)

I decided a while ago that I'd start my TF2 Mapping Career with SD and Medieval. They need a lot more community support.

>1) Decoy for the spy, taking place of the Invisiwatch. Sends out a hologram that lasts for a few seconds to distract enemies and sentries.

He's SUPPOSED to have something like that already, save it doesn't move. I think things moving is in the territory of "silhouettes" and such in VALVe's design ideals. Can you imagine what a Disguised Spy's Decoy running along would be like? Pyro puffs it, doesn't set, OK. He turns around and runs to check somewhere else. Entire team is free double point stabs. Spycicle is already fighting his foil enough. Does it just run straight? When it hits a wall or something, everyone knows and it's useless. There's not enough time in a hectic battle to plan out its path, though that would be cool as a Spy, to sit somewhere and set down markers for a decoy to follow once you activate it.

>2) "Spray-and-slay" for the Engineer, a shotgun replacement that fires special paintball pellets that prioritize a target for the sentry and extends the sentry's range by 15% (but only for that target)

As long as when they're reflected the Sentry guns down its own nest area. Would it do damage? How many shots? The Shotgun is IMPORTANT to the Engineer. That's why you still see it and the FJ despite the huge versatility of the RR.

>3) "Dr. Octopack" for the Medic, replacing the Medigun, that has a more limited range, no ubercharge, but heals up to 8 others around the medic. (Like the Amputator taunt writ large.) (Offset would have to be something large, like the medic can't self heal or something.)

Mediguns are tricky. I won't comment since I don't really know enough to think about planning one.

My own ideas include a hitscan for the Pyro (!). Large chambered revolver type with a single flame motif on the barrel. The last of the six shots in it ignite the target if hit, and the first five determine how long and for how much damage. Maximum accuracy for maximum burn. Imagine heckling far off targets, they'd brush it off as stray bullets because of low damage and dropoff, then a last shot hits and FWOOSH.

That and/or bodyshots aplenty. Or SMG and Needleguns for maximum speed killing.

Goldeneye isn't actually that good. It's the memory of splitscreen multiplayer FPS with friends on the couch that is.
>> No. 171310
File 136428092326.jpg - (273.50KB , 964x807 , tf2_engineer_by_biggreenpepper-d5cu4j8.jpg )

I'm still waiting for Valve to add an old west-like revolver(s) for the engineer with interesting stats, it would go perfectly with my gunslinger cowboy set (AKA, combat engineer), my luger just doesn't do it justice.
Or an interesting one like:

If only...
>> No. 171314
>Does it just run straight? When it hits a wall or something, everyone knows and it's useless.
I was thinking more along the lines of standard bot AI controls the decoy, acting like a spy disguised as the intended class, but with an emphasis on maneuvering around everyone instead of going in for a backstab. That means it can be poofed, has collision, etc. In addition, it would have extremely limited health, if not disappear instantly when hit.

Bot Spy AI isn't very good, so they'll know it's a spy, and then know it's a decoy when it disappears (I imagine a puff of smoke like you see in cartoons when someone takes off really quick), but the point is a quick distraction, including sentries.
>> No. 171342
>2) "Spray-and-slay" for the Engineer, a shotgun replacement that fires special paintball pellets that prioritize a target for the sentry and extends the sentry's range by 15% (but only for that target)

This seems functionally equivalent to the Wrangler in a lot of ways...
>> No. 171362
File 136432875167.jpg - (72.42KB , 500x400 , 2722226923_0ccf3870ef.jpg )
Yeah, so not only are we replacing the best Pistol in the game with a Sentry extender, we're replacing his best weapon with something that does the same but in a more limited fashion. You'll wish your Sentry was shooting the Demo and Soldier that just popped around the corner instead of the Spy you tagged. Definitely an idea that needs work.
>> No. 171390
When MVM first started it took me a goddamn week to do my first tour. Now, even on advanced it's easy as shit. It pisses me off, because it took me so damn long, with days of trying to get a decent team that wouldn't quit at the last round, to sell my botkillers for a decent amount of dosh even after the price dropped from a black Bill's to 10 keys and now everyone's breezing through them.

The hardest one I found was Coaltown Event, and I can't find a server for that without either it being the broken version, or St0rm.net.
>> No. 171449
So the company I work for is planning some 6v6 competitive matches. Free to enter, $5 cash prize for the winners. Also in the works is a 16-team tournament with up to $20 per player on the winning team. Again, free to enter.

Date for the tournament is yet to be determined, if anyone's interested, e-mail me with your Steam name so I can get a tally of how many people are down for this.

I think this shit's gonna be totally cool.
>> No. 171453
TF2: Strange Pan!!!!youtube thumb
>> No. 171491
What is this "company".
>> No. 171497
It's a place called Gamer Saloon, www.gamersaloon.com
Their whole thing is competitive gaming for cash prizes. They mostly cater to sports games, but they hired me on to bring in players for FPSes and fighting games and the like, and TF2 is our first big push since I was brought on. The server that I keep promoting here isn't actually MINE, it's the server I developed for the company.
>> No. 171510
>Playing on steel as RED
>RED pretty much not coordinated and steamrolled from A to D
>Frustration, everywhere
>Only E (the last point) left
>Suddenly, all of us somehow manages to make a solid defense despite BLU being dominating a lot of choke points
>Endured around 9 min.
>Won that round
>Play as BLU on the next round
>Win that round

Oh wow, is been a long time since I felt so excited about a TF2 game, my heart was pumping like there was no fucking tomorrow.
It's good to know I still haven't forgot all the excitement this game could give me, regardless of the outcome.
>> No. 171542
File 136449737469.jpg - (272.61KB , 494x1333 , tf2comicfull.jpg )
>the server isn't MINE
Well that was easy enough to guess

What kind of job is that? Are you salaried or paid on commission or what? What qualifications did you have to be an attractive hire on a front of "FPS and Fighters"?
>> No. 171544
It's hourly pay. I was supposed to be hired as a customer service rep, but they opted instead to bring me in as a promotions guy instead.
>> No. 171554
File 136450678260.jpg - (130.70KB , 754x1023 , demoman.jpg )
Right. So server footage would likely go up in a montage or highlight reel or something as advertising for the server? That doesn't really demand too great of performance out of anyone playing then.
Recordings of any serious competitive play, like this 6v6 (though I implore you to word to your higher up organizers that Highlander is better) are probably more likely, if not certain by the rules of various other comp TF2 stuff.

I'm definitely interested, been looking for a chip into the higher level play. This'll be a good way to get some experience and demos, maybe a name out there.
>> No. 171602
Awesomeness! Go ahead and send me an e-mail then so I can contact you with more details
>> No. 171688
Everyone hates pf_points on Parkour Fortress for some odd reason, but I love the hell out of it. I hate how it's the only map of its kind.
>> No. 171902
Event on the server this Saturday at 8:00 est. Gonna try to record some of the gameplay footage.
>> No. 171915
File 136505344460.png - (282.48KB , 500x580 , demodemopan.png )
A-ha-ha! You are as PRESUMPTUOUS as you are POOR and IRISH. Tarnish notte the majesty of my Hat Of Undeniable Wealth And Respect!



My Ultimate Demopan set is ALMOST complete, all I need is some bacon grease to make a strange pan.

It takes more teamwork to play in that map, there is your problem. Go and ask the community why.
>> No. 171923
What did you have to trade to get that?
>> No. 171939
File 136510146067.jpg - (84.29KB , 600x549 , Gabe staring at your soul.jpg )

Only my soul, nothing important, really.
>> No. 171940
I wouldn't be surprised if this was the truth.
>> No. 171958
I'll try and make it. Got some money matches to play in some other games that day, should be done early though.
>> No. 171981
All riiiiiiiiiight so instead of a 16-team tournament for $20, we're changing it to an 8-team tournament for $25. Again, totally free to enter, won't cost you a thing if you lose. We've got a few people interested, but the more the better!
>> No. 172030
TF2: Going Ham [Live Commentar…youtube thumb
>> No. 172084
Fun times on the server tonight, ALSO fun times on MvM. I don't think I've ever had a game go that smoothly. Er, barring the fact that I couldn't CONNECT for a while.
>> No. 172101
MvM can be fantastic if you can get a crew together. Especially if you can roll through intact without someone deciding to bail.
>> No. 172102
Was having connection problems too, but I had fun times Medic'ing with Spah. Totally worth it. Sorry I had to drop out so quickly, I needed to eat dinner and work on some homework.
>> No. 172128
So what do you guys want to SEE on the server? What time do you like playing, and on what maps?
>> No. 172130
File 13653766679.jpg - (46.73KB , 190x240 , 133514605728.jpg )
More Demomen with pans hitting each other.
>> No. 172131
File 13653772665.jpg - (220.49KB , 600x375 , 129098476244.jpg )
More players.
Weekly events that take some administration, like wacky map night or Arena or 9v9.

I've been watching a lot of casting of comp TF2 matches, http://www.youtube.com/user/Fatmop/featured in particular, and I'm disappointed as an observer (but understand as a TF2 player) in the uniformity in 6v6 class selection. It's so cemented and after about 3 matches I knew the "strats" most commonly used, why who offclassed to Sniper, etc. The highest level play really takes the game from Team Fortress 2 to Soldiers and Demos try to kill Medics Fortress 2.
Conversely, while Highlander lets you get your Spies and Pyros and Heavies and Engies in constantly I also feel it's a bit oddly tipped when it's 1 each. The game just doesn't seem balanced for one Engineer and one Spy and one Pyro, though I love the format.
Maybe after they're done getting 9v9 accepted as 6v6 is, we can work on 12v12 or something.
>> No. 172136
I'm a casual player and MvM'er, so that's all I ask for. A more populated server will help, too. I can promote the server on Twitter, Steam, Facebook, Tumblr, whatever you want.
>> No. 172147
File 136539217458.jpg - (70.76KB , 395x450 , THIS NIGGA.jpg )
>> No. 172149
I'll start looking for some cool custom maps and try to make a thing out of it. We do plan on opening a server or two specifically FOR 6vs6 due to us trying to promote competitive gameplay anyway.

We should do a Demopan night. All Demo. All pan. Forever.

Promote the server to your heart's content! Bring your friends, bring your family! Bring your pets!
>> No. 172150
There was a highlander pan tournament recently, right?
There where even medals for that tournament recently added.
>> No. 172160
Ready, Steady, Pan.
The medals for Season II have been added recently.
>> No. 172161
File 136540236928.jpg - (64.46KB , 500x500 , u wot m8.jpg )

Yes, but you have to make teams, register and sustaint a lot of organization; contrary to the good old join&play, maybe something in-between pugs and pubs, and it being more close to pugs.
>> No. 172164
Oh yeah, those kind of tournaments.
Too bad I can't offer my medical services to any of those teams. I always wanted to at least have one participation medal.
>> No. 172192
File 136545069149.png - (75.13KB , 256x256 , Spy FOUND IT.png )

>> No. 172195
Preordered hard.
>> No. 172198
One of the latest Kritzkasts was KILLING me with how they didn't know Brock Samson and the relevance of his knife.

For 4.99? Totally. I have just paid in advance for a game to make sure I get a copy in a limitless copy medium. Hurp.
>> No. 172199
I can dig it. Just wish that Bruce Campbell was voicing himself and that there was a TF2 character; but ya I don't even know how to play poker and I'm interested.
>> No. 172232
I need a Mutton Mann. Just like...so bad.

Someone trade me for my Genuine Crafty Hair.
>> No. 172233


got a set of Mutton Mann
>> No. 172251
gratis on the hair, now a bit closer to beach bum Medic
>> No. 172254

Here's the official rules and registration guidelines for the tournament, if anyone's interested. Final sign-up date is April 27. If you want to participate, but aren't part of a team, let me know via e-mail and I'll set you up with one.
>> No. 172281
So who wants to be on my team?
>> No. 172282
I want to be in all these tournaments (like the Frying Pan one!) but I can't make scheduling requirements being in Korea :(
>> No. 172398
GS got any forums for me to find a team on? I can't seem to find them.
>> No. 172414
We do not have a forum. I've been trying to get them to make one, especially for something like this. But there are a bunch of people who have e-mailed me about looking for a team, so I can put all of you together.
>> No. 172431
Yeah, so far I've got just me and a couple of friends, three at most. That'd leave us needing two more members, three more most likely.
>> No. 172474
File 136582130876.jpg - (55.40KB , 576x271 , G9yKZ.jpg )
>Price of a key goes up a full ref while I'm not looking
>Look again
>Goes up by another half ref
>Currently at 4.8 to 6.5 ref range

This is some bullshit right here.
>> No. 172478
Can someone explain just how the hell keys keep rising? What's going on?
>> No. 172479
It's probably the fact that certain people have a ton of keys and want them to be worth more. 3.7 seemed more than fair, seeing as it was all multiples of three from scrap to ref. Now it's highballed at 7.
>> No. 172483
More than likely the price and usefulness of refined metal has gone down due to the Steam Community Market.
>> No. 172486
Now that you mention it, that would probably the cause.
Also, more fuel for my eternal hatred towards this pseudo-economy.
>> No. 172495
Well put us all in touch Professor.
I can bring myself and a friend, we need 4 more.
>> No. 172498
File 136584076448.png - (60.11KB , 512x512 , Backpack_Mann_Co__Supply_Crate_Key.png )

It all started with a key "shotage" in the last halloween. Many people got greedier by raising their prices from time to time, and since keys are always wanted for compacting refined metal's value and uncrating, everyone agreed to buy them during that time. This "shortage" became more and more popular and then you had everyone raising their prices, then it wasn't more about the "shortage", now it was more about "how useless metal is", buyers ate that up and prices kept raising. Then a certain spreadsheet site that was know for being "clean" became corrupted by updating the prices at favor to those who were raising the key's value, further more making the situation worse; now you see the key's price raising a scrap every few days.

Do you follow me? This inflation is going through the vicious circle of raise this, buy this, settle that; all nourished by a horrible, false trend.
This is not going to stop until buyers take out their head of their asses and realize what they are actually doing: Overpaying.
>> No. 172500
More like

>These are all just pixels and they have no intrinsic value.

The TF2 market was always bullshit.
>> No. 172501
File 136584543818.png - (253.32KB , 399x432 , Truer words.png )
Hey, shut the hell up moe, my sight for sore is tsunder as fuck.
>> No. 172506
>These are just scraps of woven cotton, they have no intrinsic value

>These are just pieces of shiny metal, they have no intrinsic value
>> No. 172514
They don't, actually. They only have value because society has a mass delusion that places value on them. Same goes for gold, though gold at least has practical uses.

The difference between the value placed on those and the value placed on TF2 items is how many people accept their value. This applies to Bitcoin, as well.

If TF2 were a thorough part of society, you'd see more than a few places accept keys or metal as payment.
>> No. 172517
Or you can just buy your keys for the cost of a candy bar or less.
>> No. 172518
Or you can just buy your keys for the cost of a candy bar or less.
>> No. 172524
Nickle and diming is how they get you Jackie.
>> No. 172526

They don't. Money only exists because it's more convenient than bartering. Gold, paper, digital pixels, decrypted bits of data, whatever, it's all a representation of the property/labor power/value you are willing to exchange for the property/labor power/value you want to have.

Just don't buy keys. I don't, and I paid for TF2 years ago. No problem with me.
>> No. 172528
They're not "getting" me, I buy keys cheap from other sources and when I don't and get them from Mann Co. I feel good about giving back to a game I've put thousand hours into literally. Hobbies aren't expenses.
>> No. 172535
File 136591020055.jpg - (28.44KB , 350x148 , dean.jpg )
Okay hold the fucking phone here. How could the beta market devalue ref. The only things you can sell on it are crates and a few vintages. You can't sell metal or unusuals (besides BK) or normals or genuines or anything else. You can buy keys, sure, but they're only .20 cents less than shop prices. THAT, causing keys to over DOUBLE in price? Bullshit. 4 ref is like a full week of idling and then crafting all of it, that should be enough for a key.
>> No. 172536
This is just making me more and more glad I don't care about hats, or that my desire doesn't go beyond "I want [x] and [y] and that's it". I do want a backpack expander, but I don't have the money to buy anything on TF2 right now.
>> No. 172537

Yes, this was my point.

Within the TF2 community, Metal and Keys are accepted as currency. This makes them essentially real money within the context of the TF2 items market. And unlike BitCoin, it isn't trying to be anything more than that.
>> No. 172540
File 136591433668.gif - (697.14KB , 400x225 , Snoop fort.gif )
You have anything to trade for the expander? It's worth 2.6 keys or about 15 ref.
>> No. 172542
File 136591801975.png - (179.31KB , 380x579 , Kuzco Oh you.png )
>4 ref is like a full week of idling
You got your numbers wrong, mate. Every week you have the chance to receive from 5 to 12 items, the average being 8.
What does this mean for you? It means that you need to idle/play approximately 10-11 weeks (10 hours each week) with the average gain of drops to get enough ref to trade for a single key (Currently 4.66 ref, and raising as you read this). not counting the really, really small chances to get rare drops like hats, miscs, tools or salvaged crates that could help. Unless you are too dedicated to the game to be desperate enough to deal with various accounts every week, every month, every year.
>> No. 172549
File 136592944314.jpg - (32.10KB , 620x400 , cSP98.jpg )
>10 hours a week
I have 60 hours in one day.
>> No. 172568
I only have about 1.5 ref right now. I had more, but I lent it to a friend in the hopes that they could find me either a Quadwrangler or one of the Napoleon coats for Medic, since they're more savvy with trading than I am. They seem to have quit TF2, though.
>> No. 172639
SO if we were to do another event on the server sometime in the near future, which would you all want to do?
A) Kitchen Battle (Only pans and lunchbox items)
B) Randomizer Mod night
C) Just some really cool and unique custom map (Suggestion for map would be appreciated as well)
>> No. 172856
File 13664110282.jpg - (21.05KB , 683x384 , flies.jpg )

cl_first_person_uses_world_model 1
>> No. 172860
File 136641409421.jpg - (29.47KB , 500x281 , 7.jpg )
>Mannup mode
What is this BULLSHIT. I expected better than boot camp but alls I get is a bunch of fucking MANNBABIES trying to make everyone play follow the leader. I have 4 tickets and a voucher, if anyone wants to get a team set up say so, I'll give you one for free so I don't have to DEAL WITH THIS BULLSHIT.

This guy. Seriously, if I could blacklist people or give them infinite negative rep, it would be this guy. Biggest fucking tryhard baby, just BELIEVE ME.
His name is accurate.
>> No. 172866
File 136641805013.png - (116.82KB , 1156x587 , Demo Hats.png )
Updating my Hat/Misc Collection pages. If you've got any of the ones I'm lacking, hit me up.

I'd be down. Done all of 'em successfully at least once.
>> No. 172867
File 136641873446.png - (104.51KB , 1156x614 , Demo Misc.png )
I've only recently started playing and collecting for Demo. Most of what I've got I obtained by trading off my Heavy stuff when I quit playing him seriously.
>> No. 172869
File 136641972985.png - (122.70KB , 1156x711 , Pyro Hats.png )
>> No. 172870
I don't know if the whole promotional hat thing is really working. Or at least, it's not working at making some people give a shit about the other games coming out that said hats are a promotion for. I know some people don't pay attention to what's coming out, or really care at all.

So the hatconomy is working, the promotional aspect may not be.
>> No. 172871
File 136642043546.png - (127.03KB , 1156x733 , Pyro Misc.png )
I think Pyro has the most Misc of all classes.
>> No. 172872
File 136642080231.png - (1.80MB , 1470x1701 , 133115981041.png )
I have bought games only for the TF2 hats.
Namely, Hero Academy.
>> No. 172874
File 136642244656.jpg - (24.24KB , 376x250 , 5.jpg )
I got a gen dead cone. I'll sell it for suggested.

>> No. 172879
Sorry. The colored ones are ones I do have and of which quality.
The default pink are the ones I don't.
>> No. 172882
Weirdly enough, I bought it for the TF2 team and not for the hats.
>> No. 172886
Well then I actually have most of the pyro items you're looking for.
>> No. 172890
I think the point of the promotion are more to get people to take notice of some games they might have already been planning to buy if they heard about them before. It's how I ended up buying The Cave.
>> No. 172903
I probably don't have enough to trade for most of it.
Right now I'm down to 2 ref.
>> No. 173184
File 136692181215.gif - (1.61MB , 245x342 , Ntj1vpA.gif )
>> No. 173185
File 136692231991.jpg - (38.00KB , 500x312 , TF2ScriptBoard.jpg )
I need three more people for a team. 25 bucks via PayPal (I believe) in it for you if we win.
>> No. 173203
File 136693868189.jpg - (24.54KB , 800x640 , think.jpg )

I'm not getting hype until I see what's really in the robo-crate, knowing valve, it could be either success or disappointment.
>> No. 173208
Robotic Boogaloo is a fan made thing, like Night of the Living Update.
I don't even see crates on that page.
>> No. 173210
Yeah, I didn't see any crates, either. And most of those are just robotic versions of existing items; this would be neat for a few things, but not ALL of them.
>> No. 173214
OOHHHHH Robocrates are drops now. They just started dropping today.
>> No. 173221
Ah, then they've got VALVe in on it.
Back when it was first surfacing and picking up Steam )har har( some of the workers on it commented on pitching to VALVe.
My guess is that the Robodrates contain the Robotic versions of cosmetics from the project.
>> No. 173228
Got two Robocrate drops so far. Wonder if there will be an absurd sell point before keys are available
>> No. 173462
All right, today is TF2 optimization with SteamPipe.
Who's ready for it?
It's mostly for faster load times and faster patches downloads, but I'm all for it!
>> No. 173464
I just hope they do something more creative for the key than "Robokey". They won't.
>> No. 173466
Maybe key cards?
>> No. 173467
Doesn't fit the game's theme. (Not that the myriad of hats do, but, still.)
>> No. 173468
File 136735296446.gif - (404.75KB , 400x388 , tumblr_mjom50ntY81rf29oko1_400.gif )
I need to get that DL goin' then.
From what I was hearing on Kritzkast it's going to be nothing short of a whole redownloading of TF2 and all of its vanilla assets.
They were stressing having the hard drive space and download speed and time for the procedure.
>> No. 173477
File 136736795211.jpg - (45.58KB , 610x412 , 610x.jpg )
Dat 3 hour update.... haaaaaaad better be good.
>> No. 173481
>boring day at work
>super tired
>forget everything happening
>come home and go to fire up TF2
>Steam needs to convert the game content for "Team Fortress 2"
Ahhhh fuck, right. Minesweeper it is in the meantime.
>> No. 173483
>Update failed (Suspended)
>Try to start it again
>Percentage won't increase
>Say fuck it, delete local installation
>Try to install game
>Just the preparation is taking ages
Holy fuck what did they do to require all of this.
>> No. 173486
I noticed next to no difference in server load time. It used to take 10 seconds, now it takes like 8. .:4 and SLAG have the same CC download speed. What the hell DID they do.
>> No. 173501
I heard that skullgirls or something had a tf2 hat in the works, but was rejected because it didn't fit into the release schedule. Curious to see how Valve handles that aspect of the game.
>> No. 173503
File 136741811977.jpg - (169.00KB , 1714x936 , 04_skullgirlstf2hat.jpg )
Actually what I heard was that Skullgirls made the hat for TF2, but never got approval from Valve in the first place.
When Valve eventually heard about the hat they were like: "Oh you made a hat? Yeah...we sorta have to discuss about these things before any production phase. Thanks, but no thanks."
>> No. 173504
Man that team just can't get their shit together can they?
Although I'd have to admit I'd consider picking it up if they ever got some swag approved, but man does that look kind of ass.
>> No. 173527
You'd think they'd do Peacock's tophat. Or a maid bonnet.
>> No. 173528
I like the idea they were going for with that hat, but something better needed to be done with the tail. Just kinda sticking out in the open looks unattractive. Coil it around the neck or down the back or something.
>> No. 173530
I know they wanted to promote the new character I guess, but the cast looks to have a ton of head gear, hair, etc. better suited to TF2

Word. Wouldn't that cause some nasty clipping though?
>> No. 173544
File 13674585883.png - (240.05KB , 452x500 , Sam.png )
I definitely had to do this.
>> No. 173566
This makes me so sad.
I have the badge and bloodhound, but no Big kill...
>> No. 173567
I used TF2's metal and keys as the basis for an Econ presentation about inflation.

I got an A.
>> No. 173771
I got myself a salvaged 50, what should I do with it?
>> No. 173791
Wow, that's pretty cool!
>> No. 173821
File 136791105831.png - (63.99KB , 352x565 , Yum.png )
And so the clang was heard throughout the land, they all shall be counted.
>> No. 173877
So how about that stagnation of new meaningful content?
>> No. 173884
File 136800242560.png - (33.82KB , 260x120 , the end of an era.png )
>> No. 173992
File 136813813842.png - (787.39KB , 800x600 , laterequalsnever.png )
It appears the Medic operates on Valve time as well.
>> No. 173994
>implying the Medic didn't already finish with the Spyhead from Meet the Medic and just got another one

Also the Medic needs a "pet" that is the opposite team's Spyhead slung over his shoulder, kind of like Lollipop Chainsaw. Bonus points if it spouts lines like the Ap-Sap.
>> No. 174065
Any of you guys mind giving us a hand? You know, if you want too and if you like any of them.
>> No. 174067

Maybe if you feel like voting for Kaiju Combat too...please.
Line to vote is here. >>174066
If you don't mind.
>> No. 174068
Already did bro; especially since the Skullgirls team have said flat out they wont be doing EVO in any way shape or form due to their workload.
That and I crave me some monster beat downs.
>> No. 174080
File 136833752976.jpg - (151.08KB , 1280x1024 , nov59k.jpg )
Hey! Keep it Tifftoo in here. We're at the end of the thread though, <10 posts before it hits two hunski.

First up I wanna ciphon Kritzkast for their topic list. They're interviewing Geel9, the co creator and operator of scrap.tf soon. I've never used the site myself, but it looks like it might be a better alternative to a TF2WH style service. I bring it up because there's a big voting deal going on there where you choose good and bad questions and you run the chance of winning things from both sides. The Kritzkast "Lo-Fi Longwave" and a lifetime of Priority+ on Scrap.

There's a two hour cast of the latest Community vs Pros game. Even as someone trying to get into competitive TF2, I gotta admit I don't know or care who any of these people are. Seems like a circlejerk of tripfag / forumer tryhards and the Pros team is some "Invite level" gang who don't do much better than a random PUG of good players from what I watched.

Then there's this shit I'm sure most of you have heard about.
Think of that what you will. And it should mostly be bad things.

Wrapping it up with some awesome SFMs.
GentleBot Hell [SFM]youtube thumb
HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA [SFM remake]youtube thumb
And what's possibly my favorite of any of them so far.
NBA Motherfucking Jam - Gam Gish Combobulatedyoutube thumb
>> No. 174081
Already voted for them, they really deserve to be in the E3.
Also, hope DEM HATS can made it as promos.
>> No. 174160
That's great, thank you for sharing.

I heard Tuxy is craftable now. Guess that's to embrace the status quo of buds and bills, since I read that there were fewer Tux than Buds.
>> No. 174310
File 136877097726.jpg - (51.64KB , 600x456 , Neckbear_by_MK01.jpg )
How's about them new trading cards.
>> No. 174316
>I heard Tuxy is craftable now.

It is not, but it's still not tradeable either.

>Guess that's to embrace the status quo of buds and bills, since I read that there were fewer Tux than Buds.

You are right that Tux is more common than Buds, but Earbuds and Bill Hats aren't AT ALL rare; more than 1 of each for every ten people playing the game. The majority of hats, even some a couple years old, number only a fraction as much but aren't worth anything more than average.


Their value is more because people figure anything might be valuable when it's different and first comes out, and the fact that no more of the items came in stabilized whatever value that is.
>> No. 174360
File 136882033847.jpg - (100.29KB , 542x480 , robotic_blog_post_image_01[1].jpg )
First 100% community-created update.
>> No. 174361
>no new maps
>no new weapons
>57 shitty reskins of hats

... I- I may have joined this game only during the medic update. But as of right now I can say this game really has plummeted. I get it, hats are a joke. Haha. You can only play a joke for so long though, before it gets annoying that is. So now we're going to have to wait another half a year for the next big update to give us a map or two and maybe some new weapons....

I think it's done, fellas.
Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)youtube thumb
>> No. 174362
Semisonic - Closing Timeyoutube thumb
>> No. 174364
I can understand annoyance over the lack of new maps/features, but as it stands I'm still highly entertained by the game, even without this update. So entertained that I haven't played a single other game in over two weeks.
>> No. 174376
File 13688340047.png - (551.71KB , 500x651 , tumblr_m6p4t2CHTI1r5rc6zo1_500.png )
>shitty reskins
No sir. These are really well done and impressive works of modeling.
You may be upset, and you have the right to it. The game and community is starved for meaningful content. To call this an update is pretty lame when it's only stuff you have to buy, I thought VALVe did their "updates" completely free.

But to call the hats themselves bad is a step too far.

But you're F2P, so whatever. Tons of you have stepped in and ducked out. Faithful will frag on for time to come.

Queen - Another one bites the …youtube thumb
>> No. 174377
File 136883453132.jpg - (57.31KB , 242x359 , it is known.jpg )
>People are still playing this dead game.

You guys know that TF2, L4D, and CS:GO are on life support, right? Valve is putting all their eggs into the Dota 2 basket because that makes them the most money right now. That's why TF2 doesn't have tournaments like The International; Valve is all but done with the investment.

In a year or two you'll be sitting around waiting for an update like the people who want new iPod Classics.
>> No. 174378
I wasn't waiting for an update even before this. If I can still connect to TF2 servers, and if those servers have a good number of people on them from time to time, then I will still play TF2.

If they never release another update again I'll continue playing; at some point another game may grab my attention like TF2 has, but if that does happen then it will likely be because I've finally grown bored of TF2 as a whole, so no updates would keep me.
>> No. 174379
For all we know, DoTA won't be updated anymore once the official release is up, and Valve'll go back to TF2...right?
>> No. 174391
>Dead Game
>Second most played game on Steam
Has been dead for ages. L4D2 is an updated version with all content from 1 and more.
I can't speak for this game, never played it. You're probably wrong on this too. It's the third most played.
>DOTA2 makes the most money
I don't know how much money DOTA2 is making, but TF2 has made over 10 times what it ever has since the Uber Update. That's four years of revenue from a retail game dwarfed in half that amount of time from hats. It's not drip in a bucket. Developers and Gaben have said it's highly profitable in both money and experimenting.
>No tournaments
There's a literal shit ton of competitive communities, leagues, resources and TF2 events from LANs to international tournaments with huge cash prizes.
>Sitting around waiting for updates
Yeah. We'll be waiting for the next update after the most recent one. Isn't that how it works?

Now remove yourself from our presence for your period of disgrace. You'll be allowed back in once you stop talking out your ass on shit you don't know.
>> No. 174394
I'm actually not F2P. I mean I was but I bought the game after awhile. I currently have somehow sunk over a thousand hours into the game, which goes to show how much I love it. But hat culture just really isn't my thing.

I guess they look nice and all, but the way this update was presented soured my mood at the time. I'm sorry.
>> No. 174396
File 136885339379.jpg - (11.50KB , 514x323 , question_dcau_001.jpg )
Why does Spy not have a faceless mask as a misc?
>> No. 174398
>More hats
>in crates lol
And once more I continue to not give a shit about TF2. I should really just sell my backpack for steam codes and games or something; it's been so long since I actually gave a shit.
>> No. 174407
If you really don't give a shit about TF2, you wouldn't follow updates and come here. And your backpack's probably worth jack shit, honestly. Unless you've played hardcore or idled a ton you don't have anything valuable.
>> No. 174416

Because that would make too much sense.
>> No. 174422
Nobody has even THOUGHT of it though. I mean come on.
>> No. 174445
Hmmm there is the Scribble DC game coming out. Anyone want to slap something together in the workshop and pass it by the respective parties. Heck whip up a few other Misc for the other classes. I thought of "The Mild Mannered" a pair of Glasses.
>> No. 174727
If anyone wants to get rid of robo-crates and don't know how, I can accept them without any problem.
>> No. 174814
So two weeks ago I put a new SSD and video card in my system. Works great. However, when playing TF2, I notice that every time I press the key to speak the rest of the sound becomes dimmer/muted/quieter (not sure the correct term.) I don't remember this at all from before the upgrades (I wiped my system and started fresh); how do I turn this off? It's really annoying when I'm trying to listen to other conversations and sounds while also speaking.
>> No. 174820

In your windows sound options, there's a header called 'communications' or something like that dealing with using headsets for Skype calls and etc. there's an option in there to mute or quiet sounds when the mic is recording and for some reason it defaults to on. Turn that shit off.
>> No. 174840
So how's everyone's Robo collection coming out?
I've got absolutely none, and probably won't until I finish getting all of the hats and misc for Pyro and Demo till now.

Also LOL@Robokeys going for 2+ keys. Just fucking buy them mates.
>> No. 174842
Found it, thanks! Haven't tried it out yet, but that's likely the issue. I must have figured that out early on or something for my last install.

I have many Robocrates and no keys. Such is life.
>> No. 174846
Finally got settled in my new apartment/ life

Every time I take these long gaps of absence I get worried I've missed out on tons of new maps and weapons. I am relieved it's just hats. But dear god they are hats I crave.

Also: sup?
>> No. 174847
I did one crate such as I do with this as a tip for Valve still supporting this behemoth and got the Tungsten Toque so I'm cool.
>> No. 174849
I still have that haunted scarecrow you wanted.
Also, robocrates!
New apartment? Tell us more!
>> No. 175084
File 137006942193.gif - (0.98MB , 260x146 , 4620-oh-god.gif )
>been using my laptop for a year
>since my desktop was out of commission
>finally got my desktop back
>with a brand new 27" 120hz monitor
>start playing to test it out

>> No. 175091
File 137008441158.gif - (0.97MB , 500x250 , 1367535536619.gif )
>27" 120hz
Sheiße himmel, mein neger.
>> No. 175125
It's actually not that impressive. I'm thinking of returning it and getting a hi-res monitor instead.
>> No. 175126
I'm not that enthused by 120hz lately either, really. I'm just waiting for a cheap 60hz 4K monitor with Displayport.
>> No. 175145
guys i think im having a little too much fun with the baby face blaster
>> No. 175168
Incoming nerf confirmed.
>> No. 175171
File 137023762941.jpg - (34.55KB , 457x342 , bankai_by_gaara0711-jack-none.jpg )
I don't have an Oculus Rift or plans to get on any time soon, but I'm enjoying playing cl_first_person_uses_world_models 1 a lot.
It's throwing off my aim a bit with the Flamethrower, but I'm still fine with just the crosshair when it comes to weapons like the shotgun and GL/SL. It's not being able to see reload animations and which weapon is out without looking at the ammo count or down at my hands sometimes that are the biggest hurdles at the moment.

tf_taunt_first_person 1 is great for Hadoukens.

Wish I could talk about the game, but all I can think of for topics is hat collecting.
>> No. 175187
So they had a short commercial for Team Fortress 2 during the premiere of Season 5 of Venture Bros. last night. The clip itself is a bit funny, but I was expecting something to go along with it from the game itself.

Also, it tells you nothing about the game except that there's a secret agent guy who can turn invisible and uses a knife and some other guys that you might be able to guess the jobs of.
>> No. 175209
That sounds disappointing.
At least the season premiere was amazing!
>> No. 175210
I like how people are all excited for the new items spoiled like the St. Cloud hat; but piss over the Skullgirls stuff which is arguably better.

Still though good to see TF2 on the tele as with a new Venture Bros season. Just wish the season was longer than 8 episodes.
>> No. 175211
Well they did get an order for actual two seasons this time in a row instead of just one season with a multiple year hiatus in between.
>> No. 175212
Team Fortress 2 TV spotyoutube thumb

I wish this was real.
>> No. 175213
Can't say the chosen song really worked (any number of TF2's own themes would have been great), but overall that was a far more informational commercial about TF2, though not as entertaining as the one that did air.

But, at this point, I don't know why they're advertising. It's F2P and supposedly the majority of Gabe's money pool is filled by TF2 item sales. Maybe the number of keys being sold has been steadily dropping?
>> No. 175214
It's the same thing really
8 episodes, then a gap for probably 8 more
They just cut a season in half and said it was two
>> No. 175410
Is it me, or is Engineer always the first class newbies pick?
>> No. 175412
I think in theory Engineer, Medic, and Heavy look easy, but in practice, they're really not.
>> No. 175413
yep all take concentration specially Engie and Medic lest one end up getting spies up their ass. Course once in the game for a while being able to pick out the spies becomes second nature. See that blank facing the Engie Nest and not looking the other direction..that's a spy.
>> No. 175415
Agreed. As a person who frequents Heavy, I'm a frequent Spy target too (to the point where I've seen some enemy Spies exclusively target me), and simply spraying bullets everywhere doesn't work as well as it seems.
>> No. 175416
Or if someone is circling around their own teammates, or following the exact path of another player, or coming from the general area of the other team, or out of some area that no one cares about now (i.e. the barn on Goldrush Part 1 after BLU has capped the first point). Or a slow scout (that stupid weapon that slows the scout down makes spy checking more of a pain).

A good spy doesn't just disguise, but mimics the role they're disguised as, looks to be part of the team, etc.
>> No. 175418
If I'm sure there are spies about like on a payload then I automatically go to the Heater which gives me the time I need to react because once I hear the *fwoosh* of an afterburn taking effect then engage primary and that that nutter down. Though I have to be very vigilant since a lot have been using Ringers as of late.
>> No. 175470
File 137075178587.gif - (2.05MB , 400x225 , Afflicted Medic happy spy.gif )
By rule, and ironically, almost all the new players pick Sniper or Spy for the thrill they give.

There is no class that doesn't face difficulties, it's just that it's different for each one and the rate they encounter them; take the Engineer for example, you may say "yeah, build stuff and you are done", well NO. You need to keep your things in shape, in a good location, and always stay sharp for any incoming attack, because even if no one simply engages an Engineer nest to be under attack all the time, when it happens and you are playing against decent players, most of the time you are going to get your things wrecked if you aren't quick in milliseconds and/or if you didn't place them in a good position; you are most likely going to die while trying to save them and start over again on a place further back where you were. And it's not only about spies; demomen, soldiers and medics are the real classes that can AND will get you wasted, and don't even think of leaving a single spot out of range of your sentry because Snipers will join the fun, too.
And all of this eventually becomes frustrating, because you are not like the other classes that you can just pick up and go, you don't have raw power to do something significant, so you build your sorry purpose from scratch. By levels. Every building. Once done, THEN you are useful, or somewhat useful, that really depends in what part of the map you build your base according to your team's progress. If your stuff is gone, you are no longer useful, and the cycle repeats, and there you are again spending more time to be credit to the team.
You really need to count on your team to help you protect your buildings, and that's why I approve things like the Gunslinger and Wrangler.

I went on a rant there, but you get the point.
And don't let me start on the Medic, because when playing with good players, the sole idea that everyone is out to get you first than everyone else is just really horrible.
>> No. 175475
File 137076223867.jpg - (215.02KB , 675x875 , 12978959424.jpg )
>And don't let me start on the Medic, because when playing with good players, the sole idea that everyone is out to get you first than everyone else is just really horrible.

Welcome to my world.
>> No. 175486
When I started playing I played sniper and spy a lot because i thought it was most similar to cod4, the game I was migrating from.
>> No. 175487
Sniper is a fascinating class in that more often than not it turns into a duel between just two looking for each other across a map.
>> No. 175488
Weirdly enough, I've been playing for three years, and I've almost never had a desire to play Sniper or Spy. I've played each of them maybe once each.

But then again, TF2 was my first shooter, so I always just shrugged off Spy and Sniper as "classes I'd never be good at".
>> No. 175490
Medic to me is the most intense class in the game. I know some like to call the medic the team bitch, but holy shit I have on more than one occasion carried the whole game.
>> No. 175491
It's just you. Sniper and Spy seem to be first picked because one's a popular play style from one game and the other is unique to TF2. My little sister started on Medic and Heavy.

Spy hunting is ingrained in my psychi. They are Prey to me now. I know their sounds, the way they move, the places they go. Backstab screams, the killfeed, spycicle melting, decloaking, disguising. All are audible across busy battlefields. I can smell them, it's like that. My eyes are in all directions and they see every Scout that doesn't double jump, every Engineer that runs at his nest without the wrench out, every Sniper that's not zoomed in.

And I always kill them twice.

It's commendable that in a game called Team Fortress the classes all rely on other members of the team for maximum effectiveness.
>> No. 175993
File 137115533564.jpg - (48.35KB , 600x369 , 13zNOTED1-articleLarge.jpg )
>> No. 176024
>One kid I played with said he spent his entire student-loan check trying to get nice hats.
Pretty much every kid into TF2.

>Hats like the Industrial Festivizer, which resembles a loop of Christmas tree lights, took Mr. Cass hundreds of hours of game play to find. (They are locked inside special crates.)
>locked inside special crates
>Getting shit from crates

>Guns are worthless, you want the hats
NO, I want MORE GUN. There is a very delicate balance between the amount of hats and weapons in the game, the lastest batch of hats just crossed the line. Balancing broken and underpowered weapons count as getting MORE GUN.
inb4 ">valve balancing anything", don't.
>> No. 176028
Whoever said that obviously meant the guns individual players have are worthless because they drop so often, not that no one wants new weapons to exist.
>> No. 176458
So there is a big update incoming.
Welp, I wonder when and what is going to be, probably something for copetitive gameplay or so I heard.
>> No. 176459
Do we have proof on this?
>> No. 176466

>This isn’t the big update we hinted at in the last post, by the way, or any of the other super-secret update content we've been working on that we haven't even hinted at yet*.
It's pretty much in the front page. And there was also some information hinting competitive gameplay on a twitter posted on SPUF, saddly, I lost the links to it.
>> No. 176469
Ah, yes.

I know there's a huge comic coming, and the 15-minute movie. Haven't heard anything about comp. stuff other than that rumor. I hope it's true.

Probably an unpopular opinion, but I'd take the movie and the comic together as its own update.
>> No. 176660
welp something is coming since last update seems to have shat on the menus
>> No. 176662
>> No. 176674
everything on the main screen is now #MMENU_PLAY and the like and all the items in my inventory are now seen as "unknown item"
>> No. 176683
Might just be you, I just played a few rounds without a hitch. Delete local content+re-download?
>> No. 176763
Surgeon Simulator - TF2 Teaser…youtube thumb
>> No. 176787
TF2: Surgeon Simulatoryoutube thumb
>> No. 176789
Oh fuck, my sides.
>> No. 176843
Backpack Expander are on sale if anyone needs some.
>> No. 176855
File 137218817810.gif - (4.06KB , 275x300 , Slowpoke.gif )
>> No. 177303
Bah, I don't care.
That whole thread with those horrid female pyro models complete forgot about this one.

So anyways, who's ready for the summer?
>> No. 177412
File 137315705398.jpg - (124.30KB , 855x480 , oh diz is bad.jpg )
Thread isn't even at its limits, and the other one isn't even talking about the summer updates, because THERE is going to be more updates other than the summer Appetizer. Not that it's the best thing ever, but it's not bad either, at least everyone can get the recent workshop items for a cheaper price due to the supply.

Not being picky here, but damn we need more actual content than just cosmetics, game-changing; it's not that this year has been overrun by hats, it's the lack of updates overall. However, Valve said they have something neat planned, so all I'm looking for is to see it soon in this progressive update.

On other news, I'm hoarding harder than a obsessive hamster right now.
>> No. 177419
> I'm hoarding harder than a obsessive hamster right now.
I still have the transistor.
>> No. 177447
One of the reasons I like the TF2 fanbase is that it's the one place where I can like TF2, Portal, Half-Life, and L4D all at once. On Tumblr the Half-Life fans are over there hissing at the Portal fans, refusing to accept that the two games canonically share the same universe, the Portal fandom keeps to itself, and the L4D fandom also keeps to itself.
>> No. 177448
I heard TF2 fanbase on Tumblr has pretty nasty shipwars (seriously? fucking seriously? shipwars in fucking TF2?) so you should probably also stay the fuck away from them. A few years ago I remember the Sniper/Spy and Ukescout fangirls on /v/ of all places were already bad enough, and I bet those who've moved onto Tumblr have probably festered into the worst type of yaoi fangirl.
>> No. 177516
Thread locked since it's the older of two dueling threads. New thread (fetishist butts and all) is >>176971.

As a note, if someone posts a new General before the old one hits auto-sage, feel free to report it so it can be deleted before it gets traction
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