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File 137047747473.png - (109.53KB , 1000x1000 , DELETEME.png )
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That time of the year is upon us once again, fellow gamers. While E3 itself doesn't start until next week, we get a "Pre-Show" tomorrow from Konami, so let's kick it off.

Feel free to use this report card (or any other) to upload your list of predictions now and your review/grades later.
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>> No. 184870

Holy shit, bots are the most hilarious thing ever. I was wondering why there was an E3 thread up in January.
>> No. 184872
At least it isn't CP this time.
>> No. 184873
And, appropriate. I'm sure a lot of the Microsoft show organizers would've looked favorably upon the idea of popping some Valium

File 138981579697.jpg - (264.39KB , 1680x1095 , Dark_souls_2_concept6[1].jpg )
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>> No. 184878
Mispost or too lazy to look on Page 1?

File 138714018451.jpg - (22.20KB , 188x269 , download.jpg )
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What is your Game of the Year?
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>> No. 184859
Does it has to be from this year...
Because the most fun I had with a game that I can remember this year was Demon's Soul's...
>> No. 184861
File 138974020743.jpg - (56.82KB , 600x900 , tumblr_mz9gvyFJzp1rkbzf7o2_1280.jpg )
I've been looking for an excuse to share this.
>> No. 184863
>may be tongue in cheek, but that doesn't stop it from exploring some really interesting concepts and issues in a very smart way.




File 138466258658.jpg - (48.83KB , 250x270 , Adventuretimevideogame[1].jpg )
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Bought and blasted through Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?

Basically Zelda 2 except for the part where it's actually, ya know, fun and also for the end where it turns into Yoshi's Island and then Nightmare in Dreamland for the last two fights, the latter of which in particular had me going "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING". It's also, less fortunately, very short and extremely easy. Easy I can't complain about too much considering the audience, but I got to the final boss with my inventory just filled to the brim with powerups I'd never had to use and made a complete joke of all forms by just dumping them all out. The length however is just ridiculous, I'd be FURIOUS if I bought this thing for 40 bucks at release, maybe less so if bought for an actual child who presumably would take a bit more time to finish it. As it is I spent 20 and still don't know if I really got my money's worth.

That aside though the game is fun, I might actually check out that weird dungeon crawler thing they're putting out, even though I only ever watched 2 seasons of Adventure Time. Probably not at release, but I'm interested all the same.

Also the OST was AWESOME holy crap.
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>> No. 184598
File 138868678246.jpg - (72.99KB , 850x800 , Caim_OA.jpg )
I want to add to this argumant by asking:
Whats wrong with playing as a monster from time to time?
>> No. 184621
File 138878105671.jpg - (53.25KB , 500x353 , tumblr_lyg9stM3BR1qihogho1_500.jpg )
Nothing, It's radical.

In other news, I want to be excited for InFamous Second Son and I know it's apologizing for 2 by ignoring it's ending completely but holy fuck nothing can restore hype after that FUCKING TERRIBLE ending that made Mass effect 3's ending look like a stroke of genius.
>> No. 184630
Are you talking about the "blue good" or the "red evil" ending?
Because in all your years of rage-ing, I have never caught which one...

File 136334069865.jpg - (589.66KB , 789x1024 , drakengard_3_17.jpg )
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>> No. 184059
File 138741101670.png?spoiler - (193.83KB , 500x204 , tumblr_my0zf9aO5a1s2s5k6o6_500.png?spoiler )
"this silence is mine."

ドラッグ オン ドラグ…youtube thumb
>> No. 184383
File 138811042563.jpg - (152.05KB , 1024x576 , tumblr_myeep2GjZ81ql1k21o4_1280.jpg )
Best DLC all years.
>> No. 184404
Hat or level?

File 136917339447.png - (784.97KB , 1044x1050 , 1364679989219.png )
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Previous 312 hit thread

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>> No. 187386
Precisely what is Nasty Gal? Or rather, who is Nasty Gal? It was around the yr 2006 when Sophia Amoruso - the known founder with the crew had begun venturing on eBay shop her good intended vintage fits and pieces. These days, this fashion avenue bloomed into a global destination of preppy women who are in search of fashionable pieces without compromising their individual identity. Looks like Sophia cannot just give an impressive fashion, but also can emphasize the best from the wearer.
>> No. 187389
Healthcare tourism in India is flourishing like just about anything and it's got acquired a considerably coveted place within the last a single 10 years. Health-related tourism is basically a contemporary idea by which vacationers of worldwide nations visit other nations around the pretext of availing medical services, even though having satisfaction in holidays. India has achieved an explosion when it comes to clinical tourism and it truly is now between possibly essentially the most desired locations for healthcare tourism. Bigger than 2 lakh people stop by India every year being ready to have the world-class healthcare facilities readily available. Bone marrow transplant India is among the probably the most famed remedies and much of vacationers working with their firm nations desire acquiring their bone transplant done in India then their mum or dad providers. Foreign clients ought to you like a bone marrow transplant in India predominantly on account of why these are capable to accumulate it in the cost lessened as compared to western nations. is completed with very same degree of specialty space and experience since it is in western nations, which brings about it for being much additional most well-liked 1 from the folks from other nations.
>> No. 187392
Daiwa Windcast Z is seriously a strong large pit style reel which tends to make it acceptable for specimen fishing and outstanding like a carp reel. It advantages of a superb smooth clutch in conjunction with a quick drag facility. You'll obtain 3 reels inside a range to profit each and every budget without having compromise on quality. Daiwa Windcast range satisfies the needs of every carp angler.

File 13751677842.jpg - (577.34KB , 887x635 , KISPE_06.jpg )
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It's a few days until the Japanese get their copies of Grasshopper Manufacture's latest offering with the international release about a month away.

Magnum Opus or Misfire?

Who can say?

All you can bet on, is that it's going to be something to remember.

Trailer 1: Meet Mr. Mondo
Killer is Dead - Debut Trailer…youtube thumb

Trailer 2: A Toast to the Executioners
Killer Is Dead Trailer 2 (English Voice Over)youtube thumb

Trailer 3: Catch you on the Dark Side
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>> No. 181007
Yahtzee wasn't too fond of Killer Is Dead, considering it to be so-so, but the Gigolo Mode has elicited this essay from him that partially vindicates one of the most widely lambasted aspects of the game and tidily displays his attitudes regarding sexual characters vs. sexualized ones:

>> No. 181681
CGR Undertow - KILLER IS DEAD …youtube thumb
>> No. 183892
File 138704960457.jpg - (25.41KB , 343x395 , killer is dead napoleonic.jpg )
Reload - Three Days with Suda51 | EinsPlusyoutube thumb

File 136487227013.gif - (493.89KB , 245x166 , fucking kick mech.gif )
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What did everyone here think of Persona 4 Golden?
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>> No. 182918
File 138491636883.jpg - (1.80MB , 2320x4500 , persona 4 golden window.jpg )
Happy Anniversary Persona 4: The Golden!
>> No. 183640
Finished P4G two days ago. This was my first Persona game, so I didn't know what to expect. Found myself addictive to the game after I passed the hour-long visual novel intro. The year-long narrative of mystery solving and socializing was entertaining. Hell, I didn't even mind everything being solved with the power of friendship, since the game sets that up with all the troubled people you can help and befriend.

Really pleased with the battle system and how I could auto-pilot my standard attacks on enemies. Surprised by how little grinding I had to do. Mostly repeated a dungeon once to gain experience, then fused more Personas and strengthened my bonds with my teammates. The random generated dungeons were fine, but could have used more spark. Spicing things up by making you backtrack to a previous floor, just because you finally have a key to open a locked door, isn't really spicing things up.

Gathering clues got repetitive, though, since you'll end up talking to the same 5 NPCs throughout the game. And then again the next day, for more information. Same goes for the side quests, which is just "Bring me this item. Got it? Good. Now bring me another one."
>> No. 183772
File 138691886246.gif - (210.30KB , 367x750 , Equiped Teammate.gif )
Guys, I'm not sure how far or deep this Youtube debacle will go, but I wanted to share a little something with you.

For those that don't have saves next to their favorite scenes, or just want to see their beloved scenarios play out while they work on other stuff, this guy, RandomPl0x has some HD videos of Persona 4: The Golden, like actual high quality capture stuff, don't let the small view count fool you:


Now after you find the scenes you like, you can head on over with their URLs to keepvid.com so you can download your own 480p, 720p, or even 1080p copy of it. So stuff like the beach trip, valentine's event, family moments, boss battles or social link displays can be at your finger tips whenever you feel like having a life or cry.

Just getting that out there because, again, I don't know if these high quality vids will be up forever.

File 137827295818.jpg - (136.50KB , 500x593 , tumblr_msfgpqPEU51rujp4jo1_r2_500.jpg )
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Because the hype is taking over multiple boards and I can see people getting annoyed soon.


As of right now we're -very- close to stretch goal three.
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File 138508072038.jpg - (224.50KB , 600x424 , Annie Leonhardt.jpg )
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ITT we ask questions about games we're playing and someone else answers. Questions that, you know, you don't feel safe starting a new thread for.

For me, I just got started with Krater and I discovered you can enlist mutants. Is having a mutant bruiser better than a human bruiser? Or should I go for a mutant slayer?

In Age of Empires II: the Forgotten, what advantage do the Incas have precisely? I know they start with a llama for meat and gain slingers, but what other passive bonuses do they get?
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>> No. 183529
Open to niche shit is alright and all, but look at every thread that has ever been made that's not about TF2, Pokemon and similar big hitters. It dies after 2-4 replies. There's simply not enough people. We're like 20 dudes max.
>> No. 183531
That's kinda what it means to be niche? It's a self reinforcing cycle barring a rediscovery or other breakthrough.
>> No. 183579
>Some sword game that requieres a specialized controller and is being backed by a writer?
Sooo late for this but I just realized this wasn't a hypothetical example. Ha.

File 138211339522.jpg - (121.30KB , 499x332 , kidnap2[1].jpg )
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Old thread: >>179602

Thankfully I didn't fall into the Cycle for this one, as the Sonic X-treme-meets-Super Mario Galaxy thing did not sit well with me.
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File 13858831949.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , hellrisinghand.png )
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Hell Rising is a post-apocalyptic browser-based MMORPG inspired by Urban Dead. The game is set within a quarantined city of which the inhabitants have been mutated by a special type of fungal infection. You can play as either a human, zombie, or a unique infected type known as a vampire. You may choose to attempt survival as a human, or hunt those that do as one of the undead, but death only means you continue your existence as a different kind of monstrosity.

A set of work-in-progress beginner's guidelines can be found here:
And maps of the quarantine zone can be found here:
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>> No. 183346
No really they're terrible
>> No. 183347
And I actually agree.
>> No. 183369
Vampires as a basic concept are still awesome, and around the globe there's some wonderfully twisted variants of the myth.
Their public image has just suffered horribly due to increasingly romanticizing them and stripping away what actually made them scary.

File 137356296857.png - (268.02KB , 282x489 , 1372669225545.png )
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IT'S HAPPENING, what are ya'll niggas getting?
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>> No. 183263
It'll be 14.99 if you wait for it to be 75% off. But there's no real gaurentee that will happen this year.
>> No. 183266
It's marginally better than VX. I think it has better support for scripts so if that's your thing, go for it.
>> No. 183269
Thread is auto-saging, so I'm going to resurrect >>182666.

File 138475128565.jpg - (63.43KB , 960x544 , 2012-01-05-061440.jpg )
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Because the original wapanese title is better.

I thought the game is good enough to deserve a thread of its own.
I know not many of you played it, seeing how it's the only really good exclusive on an expensive console. I got that covered:
Gravity Rush - Part 1 - Episod…youtube thumb

That is a complete walkthrough recorded with some fancy software. The video's quality is as good as the game runs on the VIta's screen. So, even if you haven't played Gravity Daze, you can watch the thing in its glorious entirety, and leave your feedback here!
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>> No. 182800
I've been waiting for someone to talk about this game. I still haven't finished it since I usually play my Vita on the bus and the damn motion controls go nutz.
>> No. 183133
Well... that was a really underwhelming ending.
>> No. 183193
File 138550105268.jpg - (85.26KB , 960x544 , 2012-01-05-070107.jpg )
There is going to be a sequel. The creator promised to make it as best as he could.

File 137871516687.jpg - (79.40KB , 1024x564 , 56936[1].jpg )
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The exclusive beta to Battlefield 4 begins early October, while the open beta releases a while after.

Weapon customization:

Extra Levolution information and some gameplay:

Battlefield 4 Premium will give you an extra 5 expansion packs for 50 bucks, on top of the game itself. The first two are releasing soon, and are maps that couldn't be fit on the disk. They include China Rising and Second Assault. China Rising brings back some fan favorite Battlefield 2 maps, while Second Assault brings in some favorite 3 maps. The other packs include Naval Strike, an almost all-water and air combat; Dragons Teeth, which will include urban and city-based combat; and Final Stand, which is unknown at the moment.

Battlefield 3's Premium offered a lot later on, but it seems like they realized that they can really get people into the game by offering it for most people for the standard game price, and then just give the game without the expansions at reduced costs. This should hopefully fix the issue with finding servers that actually support multiple different packs, instead of one or two.

Here are some lists of the known weapons in-game, the first link contains images of most of the weapons.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 182186
The first of a few stability patches are out. The game is fun, and I, for one, enjoy the campaign. I wonder if they'll bring back the actual missions and acolyte system. I really hate the battlepacks "You will never get what you want" system. I want to be able to fucking WORK towards a specific item that I want.
>> No. 182475
>Server crashes fixed
>Client crashes fixed
>Punkbuster finally got off their asses and fixed the banning issue
>Game runs even better than before and I can play on a mix between medium and high
>> No. 182698
After watching some gameplay from Shibby and the 3 Gordos Bastardos review, I've been feel tempted to get Battlefield 4 (and give a bit of my trust to origin) after I update my pc, since my current machine could probably implode at the moment.

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