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File 137925921737.jpg - (237.46KB , 715x1542 , females.jpg )
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Almost done with my Infinity Engine marathon. Only Icewind Dale 2 left. Man, those character portraits are fucking great.
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File 134791873450.png - (415.98KB , 540x385 , Rock Midget.png )
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Mutant Midget Psychoyoutube thumb

Final Day: 6 hours remain and I cannot wait anymore.
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>> No. 171398
>Gearbox is going to release a new playthrough on April 2. Its called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode and its for free, it will come with an update to the black market, thus increasing storage capacity. Also being released on April 2 is a level cap raise pack, which includes pearlescent weapons(free for season pass holders, $5.00 for everyone else)

About time.
>> No. 171418
... really should have bought that pass
>> No. 182614
I made the mistake of thinking Injustice would be good. Then I also bought the pass for it.

Learn from my mistake. Don't buy "season passes"... or NRS games.

File 135973139565.jpg - (32.64KB , 600x338 , PS4-WSJ-Rumor.jpg )
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>Sony will indeed reveal the successor to PlayStation 3 at its PlayStation Meeting 2013 press event on February 20, according to sources of The Wall Street Journal.

>“Sony’s device will be released later this year, these people [familiar with the matter] said, and will spar against Microsoft’s own machine, which is also expected to be released by the holidays,” wrote the publication.

>The new system will incorporate “more social gaming aspects” and be more focused on “changes in how users interact with the machine” versus “hardware improvements,” according to the outlet.

>At one point, the PlayStation manufacturer considered removing the system’s disc drive in favor for an all-digital console, said The Wall Street Journal. But concerns over game file size and slow internet connections made them scrap the idea. Microsoft is said have made a similar decision.

>Previous rumors have suggested PlayStation 4 will run on an eight Jaguar core CPU and 18 CUs AMD-based GPU.

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>> No. 182413
File 138387712083.jpg - (236.64KB , 740x551 , ps4-teardown.jpg )

>> No. 182420
How can something still be hungry when it's already starved to death?
>> No. 182472
so this for the current model or that next gen one I've heard and seen stuff about?

File 138260530144.png - (415.27KB , 700x395 , b703997ca26ff7baa316802fc32cb0ab_large.png )
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The grossest hero ever returns.
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>> No. 182247
What does whether it's legal or not have to do with the comment?
>> No. 182248

…the original game had a fanbase?

>> No. 182249
Sometimes people like things that you may not like or understand.

It is okay.

File 136721559529.jpg - (306.39KB , 1280x800 , TWD-game-the-walking-dead-game-31922820-1280-800.jpg )
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So I just finished playing through The Walking Dead. Anyone interested in a heavily spoiler-tagged discussion of it, including talk about speculation/desires for what you want to see in the second season?
>> No. 182221
*pant* *huff* *wheeze*

I...whoo...I also just finished playing through The Walking Dead! It...it took me half a year, but it looks like I reached your thread just in time!

I came to deliver a message...from Lee...

He told me to pass on these words:

Kenny confirmed for best bro.

File 134784101116.jpg - (152.69KB , 1024x768 , otogi_01.jpg )
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Lets revive some games.

Revivalyoutube thumb

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>> No. 163916
>someone else who remembers Otogi
>> No. 171249
>> No. 171254
Clone Wars actually had posters for Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and Day of The Tentacle in the background in a recent episode. Good to see them acknowledge those games, in a way.

File 13723426799.jpg - (865.73KB , 1920x1080 , 132034166964.jpg )
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This is the most superior pyro loadout ever:

Primary: Standard flamethrower (strange or unusual if you like)
Secondary: Reserve shooter
Tertiary: Homewrecker

This pyro is pro-tier at attack or defense, much upgraded from the standard pyro, without adding any weaknesses.
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File 137915273025.jpg - (247.42KB , 900x675 , primal_rage_wallpaper_by_cepillo16-d3klnc2.jpg )
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What game or games would you like to see get made, kickstarted, remade or a series bought back?
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>> No. 181838
File 13823592898.jpg - (78.60KB , 640x463 , 1-IllusionofGaiaBox.jpg )
>> No. 181895
File 138260808832.jpg - (47.64KB , 368x524 , Monster_Party_Box.jpg )
>> No. 181909
File 138264824596.jpg - (29.07KB , 475x347 , metal Warriors.jpg )
Anyone else remember this? It's probably my favorite representation of mechs ever.

File 137228370776.gif - (971.98KB , 245x184 , tumblr_mouyccnP3T1qa70eyo5_250.gif )
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So Steam Train is a huge ball of shit but Grumps is still pretty good.

TBFP as usual is the best.
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>> No. 181728
>LPer's doing the new Stanley Parable demo

Welcome to the show
>> No. 181745
>Parrying is pretty hard. I would probably practice it with the skeletons.
Oh Rorie, you and your amusingly ignorant half-truths.
>> No. 181823
Jurassic Heart - Dino Datingyoutube thumb

File 137770441743.jpg - (0.98MB , 2000x1596 , 2ds[1].jpg )
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Old thread: >>176018

This news is so weird I can't even think up a tagline.
>Nintendo announced the 2DS today, a new entry-level handheld system. The 2DS will be available for $129.99 on October 12th (the same day as Pokemon X and Y) and features a slate-like design rather than the clamshell seen on DS and 3DS models.
And still no second analog stick.

I just... I... why.
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>> No. 181769
>Reporting 15 days days of sales data, the price drop of the Wii U Deluxe Set from $349.99 to $299.99 has improved sales of the Wii U signifigantly, over 200 percent. Nintendo also credits the sales increase to The Legend of Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle.

>Sales of the 3DS have stayed strong with it remaining the number one selling system in the US for the fifth month in a row.
Some good news for Nintendo, but this is like the eye before the storm; come next month when the PS4 and the Xbone release, their numbers won't even register. It'll stay that way through New Years, but it will be interesting to see if the PS4 and XBone keep their initial high sales volume after the first two months, unlike the Wii U.
>> No. 181771
Oh yeah, that really cool Link Between Worlds 3DS that Europe is getting? Kiwis get it, too.

>I guess that's the one thing positive about a distinct LACK of Company-Specific Mascots like Sony and Microsoft have.
While Sony and Microsoft don't have any immensely-popular-and-visible group of mascots like Nintendo, they still have their core franchises, even if some are second/third party. Sony has Killzone and Infamous, plus they're the go-to on series like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Microsoft has Gears of War, Halo, and kind of Dead Rising.

To pigeon-hole the three, their franchise strengths are:
Sony: RPG, Action/RPG
Microsoft: FPS, Action, Shports? (EA puts their sport series out on everything from the 360 to the Neo Geo Color, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were highest selling on the 360)
Nintendo: Action/Adventure, Platforming

Microsoft saying "Nah, we're bored of Halo and Gears of War" or Sony saying "We're encouraging Squeenix to move their main Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts games to Nintendo consoles" would be positively devastating. You wouldn't hear about it near as much as Nintendo giving up Mario (a report from some time back said Mario was more identifiably than Mickey Mouse around the world), but it would cause just as much of a dive in their sales.

>Nintendo's tried its hardest to get 3rd parties on board with them but the BIGGEST HURDLE is the one they themselves made.
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>> No. 181793
File 138219310724.jpg - (117.77KB , 864x486 , daily.jpg )

File 137845687290.jpg - (157.27KB , 1024x553 , shantae.jpg )
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If anyone likes Shantae or Wayforward, you know they make some fucking fun games, man. Any of you guys liking Shantae enough to fund this kickass shit? I remember playing it on the gameboy color. Shit was awesome. Solid platformer.
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>> No. 181457
File 138126077384.png - (763.24KB , 1024x603 , a_false_djinn_from_amnesia_by_hachimitsu_ink-d6poe.png )
>> No. 181475
This and Mighty no. 9 ate $60 from me each. =3
>> No. 181630
File 138153652757.png - (180.96KB , 800x316 , shantae_you_stay_by_renner_p-d6pudj4.png )
We want to hit those Stretch Goals!

File 135242869721.jpg - (113.48KB , 610x736 , V-10-1280.jpg )
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GTA:V thread

now with actual details of the game:

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>> No. 181610
How are those sales figures calculated anyway? What with the years and years of fluctuating currency values and retailer prices, the differing economic markets, maybe some other things I'm forgetting. Where do reliable numbers for that data come from?
>> No. 181614
physical sales are still the lead numbers. Not sure if they actually care to count digital platform. So what is the current over under on the PC version being crap port?
>> No. 181616
It really is surprising how rarely digital sales are included in numbers. But, a part of that might be because the only sources are the likely-biased Big Three that sell them digitally, instead of being able to get numbers from Wal-mart or Gamestop or whatever.

It interests me greatly at the moment since Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies is going to be eShop-only in the states, so I want to know how well it will fare.

File 138146570978.png - (280.22KB , 710x380 , rf I have seen some shit.png )
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How many of you are as of yet still unaware of the sheer brilliance which is
A TALE OF TWO POETS (Jim &…youtube thumb

File 138142319417.png - (1.21KB , 150x150 , TCRFLogo[1].png )
181567 No. 181567 hide quickreply [Reply]

I love reading stuff like this. Leaked betas, objects left in the game that go unused, previews that have different details than the final game, so forth. Even though I'm not the one discovering it, it feels as though I'm doing a combination of discovering pirate treasure and CIA classified files, especially when someone finds something that just goes off the rails, like Arwings being in Ocarina of Time.

Anyone else got good sites for info like this? In particular, this site focuses on stuff left over in a game or leaked betas, not on details discussed for games that were changed in the final product. For instance, in Bioshock Infinite they originally said you'd have to switch out Vigors like you do weapons, and that the skyrails would be used to move throughout the game, where the final product used them as fast-travel to certain points or just in a limited area.
>> No. 181568
...Shit. I had some Sonic Adventure beta shots, for instance Sonic and Tails flying the Tornado and fighting a dragon robot in mid-air, but now I can't seem to find them.
>> No. 181570

For some reason, I'm fascinated by the early development of Donkey Kong 64.
>> No. 181574
Unreleased Crusader Game footageyoutube thumb
Someone was actually making a Crusader game for PSP but it was scrapped

One of the reasons I miss old magazines I've got pics of generations of DNF footage in that stuff.

File 138059853562.jpg - (96.22KB , 616x353 , Terraria-steam-wiki_png.jpg )
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So 1.2 goes out at Midnighit tonight
Whos excited?

Theres just so many things to look forward to
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>> No. 181465
File 138127191045.jpg - (150.47KB , 1152x864 , 2013-10-09_00003.jpg )
Making your own giant tree uses so much goddamn wood. I could just abandon building a super-intricate base before going into hardmode, but my autism compels me to keep going.
>> No. 181467
So has the update fixed the abysmal NPC intelligence? 'Cause if they did, that might have me reinstalling the game a lot sooner.
>> No. 181470
NPCs are still retarded and you still need to build your base in a way that keeps them out of harm's way. That said, once you have an NPC in your base and s/he dies, s/he's gonna get replaced the next morning, so it's not that bad.

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