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File 137031285970.png - (425.77KB , 950x515 , sod-logo-1024x555.png )
175219 No. 175219
State of Decay is confirmed for being available for download from Xbox Live on the 5th, this Wednesday.

Anyone else (really, really) looking forward to it?
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>> No. 175245
I wish the PC version came out as soon
>> No. 175311
File 137051797555.jpg - (366.26KB , 1280x720 , garden_1.jpg )
Maya is my badass no-nonsense army waifu
>> No. 175315
File 137053370884.jpg - (357.47KB , 1400x931 , zombieland.jpg )
Huh, it was only after getting certain achievements I realized this is basically-
>>ZOMBIELAND, the game
>> No. 175347
I really can't get over how ugly it looks. It's all muddy, probably rendered at less than 1080, jagged edges low res textures, just... blech. Not even that much fun from a mechanical standpoint... Feels like a botched attempt at streamlining the DayZ formula?

I'm sure it's probably not as bad as my initial gut reaction felt, but I really can't see throwing down $20 on this. Maybe the PC version, whenever they get around to that.

Gonna go try the demo again and see if it feels any better.
>> No. 175366
I dunno, while you are right there are graphics issues (There's a couple of bugs in the gameplay too but they are minor and going to be patched) I've been playing it pretty hard and think its totally worth the 20 bucks, been having more fun with it than I've had with some full-priced retail games.
>> No. 175367
Here's over an hour of it. It seems kind of interesting.
>> No. 175375
>>going to be patched
The patch is complete but it has to be certified by Microsoft.

So it should be up on Wednesday.
>> No. 175382

Yeah, I was being a bit harsh. The melee combat feels janky, but I realise fighting isn't the point. I get it, but it still doesn't feel like less of an inconvenience, it feels sort of like a LEGO game to me, particularly the more recent ones, Lord of the Rings, etc? I could just be nonplussed and judging it too hard.

I'm still going to stand by my decision to wait on the PC version, though. The gameplay would feel less buttsy to me, if the graphics were up to snuff. Not to be such a massive cock about something as insignificant as graphics, but I mean... I support the idea, I support the game, but I just want to enjoy myself as much as possible. Seems fair, yeah?
>> No. 175433
Are there chainsaws in this game. Not came across any.
>> No. 175437
One of the people involved with making the game was in a stream where some dude was playing and said graphics aren't as good as they could be since they're only allowed 2GB size limit to be on XBLA. The game is still good despite that, though.
>> No. 175452
I have to say I love this game and have been playing it solidly since it came out, managed to get through all the story missions and haven't lost anyone not counting those two at the start who's infections I believe are scripted though of course there's been a number of close calls.
Since I completed the story missions I've still been having fun just going around with my 8-man crew based at the farm, scavenging new gear and levelling up the survivors skills.
>> No. 176323


The game and its updates might be plagued with bugs and it isn't the most beautiful arcade downloadable of all time but hell it deserve it, the game itself is fun as hell.
Though even more importantly the creators listen to the fans, they admit to their problems and work to fix them, and ontop of that are refining the game based on feedback despite the expenses that entails for something on Microsoft Live.
That doesn't take all the sting away but a company owning up to their faults so honestly and working to fix them is refreshing and personally it causes me to feel alot of goodwill towards them.
>> No. 177088
Bloody hell after the patch I'm seeing way more ferals than usual
>> No. 177170
which base is best?
>> No. 177189
I'd appreciate it if any replies to this used spoilers or kept it vague.
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