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File 137311902192.png - (205.30KB , 300x369 , Grand_Theft_Auto_V.png )
177376 No. 177376
I have a question and I'm not trying to be insulting or a dick and I'd just like to know.

Does anyone care about Grand Theft Auto anymore? like Five is what, 3 Months away? The only time I ever see anyone talk about GTA is in relation to how Saints Row is way better.
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>> No. 177377
I certainly don't give a shit. Saint's Row 4 looks kinda great, though, doesn't it?
>> No. 177387
They kind of lost their niche appeal, so yeah. Don't see a lot of hype going for this next one.

Maybe next GTA will be IN THE FUTUUUUUUURE
>> No. 177388
I really don't think the GTA vs SR comparison is all that valid anymore since Rockstar has gone complete Crime Drama while Saint's Row... is Saint's Row.

But no I don't see much hype for it, which will probably change the moment we start seeing a billion ads for it everywhere. I myself think Rockstar's got some good writers on their side, RDR proved that (just as much as it proved they have completely godawful bug testers that made it unplayable), so it might be worth a look when it comes out.

I doubt I'll like it as much as I do SR, JC2, or as much as I loved Vice City but that's just because I generally prefer goofy sandbox games to serious ones.
>> No. 177391
I feel the San Andreas was the branching point were after that Saints Row 2 onwards starting to embrace the madcap ideas of a Super Gang that rules all and lives by their own while GTA stuck to the serious points of that game with a story driven by a named protagonist and eliminated the lingering humor.
>> No. 177392
File 137314741116.jpg - (26.62KB , 412x423 , uh no.jpg )
>> No. 177394
They tried too hard to be serious with GTA4, and making it a different timeline or whatever from the previous games also irked a lot of people. Also all the damn gray everywhere.
GTA5 looks like it's going to be better than 4, at least.
>> No. 177397
A ton of people are excited about GTAV. I just preordered it today.

That being said, there isn't spit to talk about. Trailers have already been watched and analyzed to death. Magazine previews told us all we need to know. Honestly, the only thing left to do is wait until the game comes out.
>> No. 177398
File 137314964794.jpg - (290.84KB , 500x683 , tumblr_mpfuvavKvB1r4lfkao1_500.jpg )

None of those bugs were game breaking, Fucksake I'm playing it right now.

It isn't hard to be better than 4, it is a fucking stain of a game.

I like the ideas surrounding the protagonists way more than the protagonists (A guy who "Won" his game, Side character as a main character and a drafted normal character) but it would be nice if they were in ANY WAY VISUALLY DISTINCT AT ALL.
>> No. 177399
>but it would be nice if they were in ANY WAY VISUALLY DISTINCT AT ALL.

But they are?

>Young fashionable black man
>Older clean cut white guy
>Bald, drug addled hillbilly looking guy

They have different animation styles, too (one of the previews said Michael runs like a man who is in decent shape, yet aged or something to that affect). I'm betting they don't fight the same at all either. And let's not forget about the different styles of dress (It may be possible in game, but I don't see Franklin or Michael wearing trevor's dirty t-shirt)
>> No. 177400
The only bugs I encountered were human models being loaded in place of animal models (The infamous cougar-men) and being launched into the sky when taking cover, both of which were very rare.

I don't understand why they separated GTA IV & V from the previous games.
>> No. 177401

So they could redesign the city and shit. Also because they said the new characters and old characters would not have meshed in the same universe due to how drastically different they are.

I'm fond of the change, honestly. I can appreciate both universes for what they bring to the table
>> No. 177402
Perhaps I'm being too harsh on GTAV and finding more of a general fault with the industry, but they are all cut from the same cloth as 90 percent of every other videogame protagonist visually is what I mean, Maybe I'm just rambling.
>> No. 177405
Any chance of a female hero for GTA like they have for Saints Row? Granted it's pretty difficult for women to become crime bosses IRL without making use of floozying with or marrying the right folks but it's not totally impossible.
>> No. 177406
File 137315207722.jpg - (488.97KB , 1138x1600 , R_of_BlackLagoon_0008.jpg )
>None of those bugs were game breaking, Fucksake I'm playing it right now.
I have had this specific conversation with you before, I think.


>> No. 177407
I was only interested in Vice City, because I guess I really just wanted to play a Saint's Row game all along, but I didn't know SR existed/it didn't exist back then.

Confession: I can only kill human beings in a non-serious game like TF2 or SR, or a game you can't take seriously attimes, like Fallout. You go dead serious and I actually get really uncomfortable at the idea of shooting someone.
>> No. 177408
I find Grand Theft Auto 4 really hard to take seriously because of how easy it is to kill people, also how Niko mopes about his criminal past and bad circumstances but seems pretty damn chill with it when we are running over pedestrians and stomping on little old ladies.
>> No. 177409
I have hope for it, especially since Saint's Row got so shitty after 2.

I guess it depends on whether they listened to the fans or to their paid reviews. I'd be so upset if it was another GTA4.
>> No. 177410
File 137315445359.png - (77.23KB , 339x367 , RNGTA3CLAUDE.png )
San Andreas has alot of the same problems, like CJ suddenly flipping out and murdering a construction guy who leered at his sister in a horrific manner, or killing and ruining the lives of people for OG Loc who he doesn't even like.

At least Claude just kept his mouth shut and did his job.
>> No. 177411
> I have hope for it, especially since Saint's Row got so shitty after 2.
Say it as much as you like, you will always be wrong.
>> No. 177414
There are millions of people who defend GTA4 the same way people defend Saint's Row 3. Everyone is entitled to these opinions, but these opinions are wrong.
>> No. 177415
SR3 is the one that got me interested in playing it. Between Kinzie, Oleg, the autotune guy, and the "Power" scene...
>> No. 177417
I started on 3 as well,
Was great fun, played it so hard I completed it twice with two separate characters, all achievements and DLC missions (not the outfit fluff, skipped that), 100%
>> No. 177418

Saints Row 3 and GTAIV are both good games. Deal with it, nerd.
>> No. 177420

I am okay with Saints Row Three and even four but I'd kinda like a spin off game with to try and dial it to 2 levels of being a good GTA San Andreas.

Make the sequels parody as they already are and just have a more legit subtitled series.

But yes, three is pretty much the greatest game ever in terms of dumb fun but between the directions the two have gone I feel a San Andreas/ Saints Row 2 spiritual successor would do well.
>> No. 177421
I still think there's nothing to do in GTAIV but shoot and/or run over people.
>> No. 177423

Don't forget.

>Sneaks into the equivalent of Area 51 and steals a 60 million (!!) dollar jetpack
>Can't even break his brother out of jail

I cannot defend SA's story any more. It went off the deep end when you started doing heavy shit for Toreno.
>> No. 177424
But what the hell does a so-called 'legit' game bring to the table? A mundane gangster plot doesn't really add anything.

Every new game a new city taking down three separate gangs the equivalent of the previous game repeated ad-nauseam? Every game set in stilwater but three new criminal gangs appear out of nowhere to do the same old dance with the Saints?
>> No. 177426

There were places to go besides bringing in aliens and making the protagonist the president of the US of A. Such as running an international criminal organization or something.

Also why the hell is this in the GTAV thread.
>> No. 177427
...because OP mentioned it, then someone mentioned it in reply to OP, and so on and so forth?

This is pretty straightforward logic here.
>> No. 177428

Don't get smart. I mean why are we discussing our issues with SR4 in a GTAV thread when we have a perfectly fine SR4 thread here
>> No. 177429
Because it was brought up here, and then Moe decided he had to get his shitpost on.
>> No. 177430
I think GTA5 is trying to follow that idea chain but taking it too seriously, sometimes I like the idea of just following a petty crooks life you know? Which is kinda funny because if I recall 4 guys deal was supposed to be that but there was so little to do in that game I can't remember shit about it.
>> No. 177431
File 137316133486.jpg - (28.79KB , 300x420 , Pig.jpg )
Or how one pair of cops were able to force CJ to do their bidding by threatening to frame him for a cop killing and he just went along with it meekly, no matter how many cops, soldiers or other people he ends up killing or other crazy crimes he does. Hell he almost lets them murder him.
>> No. 177432

After a certain point in the game, he did what he had to do to protect Sweet. But yeah, at the beginning of the game, you have a point.

That being said, I reiterate my point about CJ not breaking into jail. SA had good writing in the sense that there was some good dialogue in the game, but the actual plot is just batshit insane.
>> No. 177433
You guys are just realizing what I knew all along: SA is garbage.

Vice City master race, riding motorcycles off the beach forever
>> No. 177435
File 13731624539.png - (351.08KB , 626x509 , murderworldtransparent.png )
>Opinions I don't agree with are shitposting.
>> No. 177436
Ah but Moe, EVERYTHING you post is shit~
>> No. 177437

Slow down there, partner. Just because I think SA has a retarded story doesn't mean I don't think the game is good. It's better than VC in my opinion
>> No. 177438
>> No. 177440
VC's plot made sense, SA's not as much, plus CJ was a pretty bad MC, CJ was a busta.
>> No. 177445
In VC I had 33 hours of play, In SA I have over 99 most likely on the up and up of 500.

VC might have had the better story or what have you but in my opinion SA was infinity more fun game.
>> No. 177446
File 137316859635.jpg - (25.82KB , 418x293 , americas growing obesity epidemic.jpg )
You're just saying that because you let his ass get fat, eating greasy ass fried chicken and not hitting the gym.

(Of all the GTA style sandbox crime games with territorial control in them, I liked the way San Andreas played it best, with the rival factions able to reclaim territory until you'd fully taken over their own territories. I'd be happy to see something like that show up somewhere else at some point.)
>> No. 177449
SA's story was very much a critical misstep. After VC, I was actually excited to play a young black man, kind of like 50 Cent or Dr. Dre on their way to the top. It was a legitimately good, interesting idea, that coupled with the expanded physics box and other bells and whistles, and I was kind of looking forward to playing something like that. But the problem was that the story lacked personal empowerment for CJ. He was always at the behest of some other force, never truly seeming to lash out on his own, and it made the random violence of the game seem hollow, somehow.

The presentation of the characters in each game has always had to be uniquely amoral, almost psychopathic, to explain away the discrepancies between what the game says the characters do and what the player does in a sandbox that is essentially bad driving and poor shooting.

Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto Have both pursued very unique ideas however. Rockstar has taken the tact of trying to explore the idea of the sandbox, trying to make games that can generate procedural content that comes to have meaning to the player, and was explored heavily in Red Dead Redemption, which has one of the more organic sandboxes in any game, even if it is plagued by issues. Violition has gone the opposite route, choosing to literally expand the "sandbox" of player action within the game, offering a very high amount of player customization and even control of the environment, as well as other aspects. This makes for better gameplay and a more interesting sandbox, but it hasn't quite achieved the Mafioso levels of narrative that GTA regularly deals with.

To that end I think GTAV will be amazing. Rockstar has a unique ability to tell stories that are more serious and deal with the issues of illegality and the history of America. Names and faces have obviously been changed, but it's interesting to play LA Noire and think about the representation of the reality of being a P.O. in LA in the 1940s. Did they really solve serial murders like that? Did they really intercept drug shipments like that? GTA's unique trait has been to be able to talk about the criminal element in a way that few other mediums can, by experiencing it. It is bits and pieces but the pieces hold little bit of flavor and truth that construct a much wider image of society in general.

Perhaps CJ was portrayed as he was because there was some truth to the depiction of trying to come up in the world. It was a misstep in that the game failed to make him truly complex and provide him with his own agency. Which is a mirror of the record business, and part of what CJ got into eventually. But the story itself lacked the player agency that informs strong protagonists in games. Which was a freaking shame, because if CJ had been like "The Rise of a Rapper", juxtaposed against life on the streets and life in a gang, it could've been amazing.

Here's hoping Franklin is given more agency.
>> No. 177453
I remember trying to make him fat, but then just giving up because ironically it proved to be too much effort.
>> No. 177456
I think it's very hard to do linear stories in a sandbox game. Take Prototype, for instance. They tried to do an emotional story with the whole man-or-monster thing and the relationship with his sister, only to outright encourage the player to slaughter as many innocent civilians as possible the second the cutscene was over. GTA IV felt the same to me.
Saints Row is aware that most people in a sandbox just want to have fun blowing shit up in spectacular ways. The story has to fit the gameplay, as well as the other way around.
>> No. 177488
Out of curiousity? How many GTAs have you all finished or do you just end up running around and blowing things up?
>> No. 177489
SA only, all the others bored the shit out of me before I ever dreamed of finishing them.
>> No. 177490
I completed 3 and Vice city, 4 and San Andreas I couldn't be bothered with finishing.
>> No. 177491

I have finished:

GTA: London 1969
GTA: Advcance

So everything except for GTA1 and London 1961.
>> No. 177492

Also, I have beaten the vast majority of those more than once. :V
>> No. 177493
File 13732530125.jpg - (34.71KB , 460x627 , Ali G.jpg )
You are quite clear in your love for SA Tiki, is it becuz he iz black?
>> No. 177494
I think I completed GTA 1 & 2 but only using cheats.
>> No. 177498
Yeah, found 3 alright, loved VC, finished both of those. SA is garbage and 4 is boring except for physics shenanigans.
>> No. 177540
Just 4
>> No. 177565
It is, and really GTA uses crime in general to explain away the sociopathic tendencies of the players, even if those tendencies are based on the fact that Euphoria can't into Traffic Laws. I actually did not get around to playing Prototype or Infamous, I'd be interested to see how those stack up in believability. I thought Niko was the most believable of the GTA protagonists, even if I found his story so dry and boring that I never cared to finish it. Don't think I've ever finished any GTA ever really, except for Lost and the Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony. Mostly I either fuck around on completed saves or run Otacon for someone else.
>> No. 177566
I never attacked Civvies in Prototype, partly for the achievement about not eating them and partly because there was no reason too.

Sure during battles between me, the army and the infected people would die, but collateral damage from warfare in a heavily populated city is simply unavoidable.
>> No. 177594
Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Videoyoutube thumb
Fancy! I like where this is going.
>> No. 177605
The thief job mechanic may have just sold me. The Bank job was the best part of 4.
>> No. 177610
Holy crap. It's like the sequel to San Andreas that GTA4 never was!

Those open world activities! That Grove Street Families NPC! That stuff that they clearly brought in from Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne!

>> No. 177612
Alright GTA, you seem back on track, don't fuck it up.

I am glad that I see a whole lot of RDR lessons in there too.
>> No. 177613
Hard to believe PS3 can run this.

Or easy, if you understand that Cell is a powerful motherfucker.

I feel games like this will help the console to live for a good 5 years more.
>> No. 177617
but seriously what is there to do in GTA games other than shoot and/or run people over
>> No. 177618
Driving cars whilst listening to talk radio.
>> No. 177623

This thread is hilarious in hindsight.

>Does anyone care about Grand Theft Auto anymore?
>Rockstar releases 5 minutes of gameplay
>OVER THREE MILLION VIEWS less than 24 hours later


>> No. 177625
Stunt jumps.

If you're talking San Andreas or, apparently, GTA5- exercise, fastfood, dance contests, car customization, character customization, apparently now HUNTING.
>> No. 177626
After 4 prospects were bleak to say the least.
>> No. 177628
4 sold a fuckton of copies and for every person that hated the game, there was one that liked it. It was a polarizing game, but a popular and relatively well-liked one.
>> No. 177629
Even people who liked it have got to admit that it is absolutely gutted in terms of non-storyline content compared to San Andreas, though.
>> No. 177631
Honestly the only thing truly revolutionary about GTA V is Trevor. Michael and Franklin are typical video game protagonists in the sense that they're likable avatars for a player; somewhat successful, attractive, rational people who operate in a criminal setting. But then there's Trevor, a balding, wild Hill-Billy who never got made like Michael did or isn't a young Turk like Franklin anymore. He's self destructive, he doesn't hold any kind of two faced pretension of being a good person doing bad things. He's a sociopath that's waiting to blow up on the next mission and he isn't a bad guy for you to look better by killing.

He's the ugly reality of most criminals and you're stuck with him.
>> No. 177633
Also in case Michael is going to have a lot of Niko-like responsibilities to his friends and children, it'll be nice if I can just let the AI take care of the horrible Cali Family or Friends in the Hood events for me while I fuck around in my redneck shenanigans. I'm worried that Rockstar hasn't fully learned their mistakes in what made IV so polarizing and are only going to put more meaningless virtual responsibilities on the player.
>> No. 177636

The non storyline content in GTA games is usually boring as hell to me, so I don't care about it. Except maybe planes.

Now if you want me to talk about IV's lack of mission variety, yeah, I have no issue admitting that.


Don't knock Michael's family life ass meaningless. You have no idea what you're going to have to do with them. Friend activities don't have to be limited to bowling. Use your imagination.

I am still happy that you can call up one of the characters and play tennis or something, though. I won't make much use of it (unless the Tennis and Golf minigames are really done well), but I like seeing hardened criminals sit down and do "normal people" things every now and then. Giving criminals a human side is something I think a lot of media skimps on, so I like seeing it when I can.
>> No. 177640
In hindsight, I think that's because 4 was really the first go-around with the Euphoria engine and getting something up and playable was perhaps more important than say katana's on motor bikes (VC didn't have everything).

I mean, in hindsight yeah, murder is basically what it boils down to but sometimes it actually is kind of enough for it to just be that simulation of the "real world" where absolutely ridiculous shit goes down, and that usually means shooting sprees and destruction that IRL would terrify anyone. Personally I've always wanted a little more out of the overworlds, but it's hard to imagine ways in which it can be significantly different. RDR explored this wonderfully with nature and all the random encounters you could find, but it was still a little lacking and suffered greatly from only having a hammer and every problem looking like a nail. Watchdogs, if they pull it off properly, is one of the most fascinating ideas to make the GTA style of game world more interactive yet.

Can't imagine why they removed sexing prostitutes to restore health though. I have never actually been able to pick up a ho in GTA. Most of my attempts end with me backing over them.
>> No. 177690
There is a difference between appreciating the ability to do something and not wanting it to be an obligation, like how you have to juggle doing activities with your "friends" whenever they repeatedly called you up in IV just to keep them happy and providing bonuses to you. When I want to do missions than I'll do missions, when I want to just mess around in the sandbox than I'll cause chaos, and when the planets align and I want to go with Roman to see Big American titties than I'll call him up to do so. But I do not want the game to force me to care about making fictional characters mad because I didn't respond to them in time or cared to play with them at the moment. And with Michaels family that could easily mean I have to DEAL WITH IT because Michael is the father of a shit family that needs to be played with AND provided for by stealing, stock trading, etc.

If I can just set it up and the AI takes care of the activities while I mess around with Trevor or Francis than I'll be very happy. But if I have to manage all the mundane aspects of three lives than GTA V can fuck off. I've been bored enough having one "game" full of virtual responsibilities with Animal Crossing New Leaf. There's a reason why I prefer RDR to GTAIV and that's because any commitment I make is entirely up to me when I play as John Marston, whether its challenging a cougar to a knife fight or capturing a criminal. I don't have to worry about making Irish angry because I didn't go to a saloon with him when I was out being a cowboy or snidely whiplash. It was still a game and not fictional social networking.

Because GTAIV was a move towards "Realism". You typically tend to not attain better health after having risky sex with prostitutes so it got the axe.
>> No. 177708
File 137353228248.png - (21.41KB , 522x194 , 1373526529410.png )
>> No. 177721

I will never understand why anyone cared about making your friends in the game mad.

They're fictional creatures, you won't hear from them when they are mad, nothing in the story changes, and it is absolutely optional. The only thing you miss out on are some lackluster bonuses (Jacob's is the best, and even then you don't need him, because the game gives you more than enough cash to shop at the gun stores)
>> No. 177723
Hideo Kojima Gives America a Blow Job: A Poem in 54 Parts
>> No. 177733
Is that how many posts his Twitter has now?

In all seriousness though he's the mirror world reflection of that weird kid in highschool who would only ever talk about Japanese things. Except his mirror world counterpart actually grew up and became successful rather than crashing on his parents couch after flunking Community College.
>> No. 177734
File 137357195645.jpg - (142.15KB , 1087x402 , No this isn't real.jpg )

Japanese are very humble culturally, they naturally have a tendency to downplay their own achievements when being polite.
>> No. 177741
>all that Engrish
I riked it
>> No. 177744
I made up a number.

I understand, but I'm not talking about just that.
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