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File 138654984980.jpg - (123.77KB , 525x310 , StreetPass%20GET[1].jpg )
183533 No. 183533
Last time: >>181775

>Take 3DS while doing errands
>Get 9 (!) hits
>One of them has a guy promoting his FA account
I wat'd.
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>> No. 183534
File 138655155032.jpg - (120.02KB , 1600x1548 , 1386526477848.jpg )
Project M 3.0 tomorrow.
Mite be cool.
>> No. 183563
File 138662561455.jpg - (424.68KB , 668x1800 , 1363392066923.jpg )
Same-sex marriage mechanics are frankly just impractical for a game that hinges on a breeding mechanic, unless you want to enjoy your nogen2.
>> No. 183564
Maybe the double fine version can take a stab at that. Use some kinda mystical synthesis or something.
>> No. 183565
What are you talking about?
>> No. 183566
Double Fine is making a RTS with a heritage mechanic based I think both on handed down gear and ancestry. Wouldn't be too far a stretch to have progeny creation aided by magic. They are looking to console port the game after release at some point which is why I mention it.
>> No. 183567
Massive chalice isn't an RTS, nor is it an SRPG like Fire Emblem, it's a strategy game, most specifically based on Crusader Kings 2.
>> No. 183570
Why not just have a protegé/apprentice system for heterosexual partners? They adopt someone or take them as their apprentice, and the kid is taught by both parents to get their traits and carry on.
>> No. 183572
Because, at least in the case of FE13, several characters are the only members of their race remaining.

Note that FE has had gay couples before, they just didn't this time because of the whole eugenics thing.
>> No. 183573
File 138664523021.jpg - (132.32KB , 947x400 , Screenshot_2013-12-09-21-10-00.jpg )

It's happening again.
>> No. 183574
Its gonna happen when you have computers talking to computers
>> No. 183576
File 138665125710.gif - (1.93MB , 342x192 , Roys our Boy.gif )
Ah, that is pretty cool.
>> No. 183577
Miiverse is up on 3DS.

That place is a fucking black hole. Why is it so interesting to read people's comments about Animal Crossing?
>> No. 183583
Does Wii U eShop have the same gifting options as the Wii Shop Channel?

One of the main reasons I linked my 3DS to a Nintendo Network account was so I could gift my younger brother Earthbound once we got a Wii U for christmas.

That's assuming digital purchases can't be accessed by all accounts on one system like the PS3.
>> No. 183584
Sonic Lost World patch got leaked.


Today, we are pleased to announce that a new patch for the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World has just gone live, and is available for free download!

This patch adds a number of improvements and changes. Please find the full list of updates below:

Gameplay Updates:

• Collecting 100 rings will now grant the player an extra life.
• In the event of a Game Over, we have doubled the amount of lives the player will begin with when continuing. (From 5 to 10)
• The Indigo Asteroid, Crimson Eagle, Orange Rocket, and Black Bomb Color Powers can now be controlled using the analog stick and buttons.
• Fixed a rare graphical issue that would sometimes appear during the pinball section of the Frozen Factory casino area.

Additional Updates:

• When completing the NiGHTMARE DLC, users will be notified that they can re-play it after scoring 100,000 points.
• Items will now appear on the world map.

We hope you all enjoy the new updates to the game. As always, thank you for your feedback!
>> No. 183588
Too little, too late.
>> No. 183589
Actually those sound pretty nice.
Especially being able to use traditional controls for the powers instead of interrupting the gameplay flow.
>> No. 183597
Emily Rogers has written a terrific article about Nintendo mishandling their diverse library of franchises, and how they're relying too much on one game to save the Wii U.


Some key quotes:

>Nintendo was once a company that published various racing games like R.C. Pro AM, F-Zero, Wave Race, 1080 Snowboarding, Cruis’n USA, Stunt Race FX, Excitebike 64, Diddy Kong Racing, and Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race. Today, they mostly make Mario Kart because that sells the best.

>Nintendo was once a company that made sports games like NBA Courtside, Ken Griffey Jr Baseball, NCAA Basketball, NHL Stanley Cup (SNES), Pro Wrestling (NES), Nintendo World Cup, Super Soccer, and Super Tennis. Today, they no longer make sports games unless Mario or Miis are attached.

>Nintendo was once a company that published exclusive first person shooters like Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, and Geist. Today, they no longer publish first person shooters. Third parties are expected to make them. (Side note: Metroid Prime is more of a first person adventure than a straight up shooter)
>> No. 183598
I... don't think she understands what "publishing" means. Many of those games were developed by second parties; notably, Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye, and Perfect Dark were all developed by Rare, and Nintendo doesn't publish those games anymore because they sold Rare to Microsoft. Geist is also second-party, but that was n-Space approaching Nintendo for publishing. This is opposed to their first-party development efforts (which they also publish, of course), which is their "core core" like the main Zelda and Mario games, Mario Kart, and

I wouldn't be surprised if many of those other titles fall into the same category.

But I agree otherwise; Nintendo has been ignoring a lot of their smaller properties completely, as well as some of their medium properties like F-Zero, Star Fox, and Metroid. (Prime is great, but we haven't gotten a new side-scrolling game in over a decade.)
>> No. 183604
File 138679290940.jpg - (85.46KB , 1024x576 , BabXo7rCQAAgiKP.jpg )
So Miiverse is on 3DS now.
Although only a handful of 3DS games have miiverse communities and only a handful of those support posting with screen shots.
It's a start though?
I guess this means they can start making miiverse integrated 3DS games.
>> No. 183735
File 138690598440.jpg - (141.51KB , 596x382 , Screenshot_2013-12-12-21-34-07.jpg )
SM3DW and LOZ: LBW sales in America,
>> No. 183972
I keep hearing how bad the tutorials in Dream Team were and that it killed the game for most players. Was it really that bad?
>> No. 183978
File 138722441096.jpg - (38.78KB , 300x446 , 1387220518772.jpg )
>Adelaide, Australia – 16th December, 2013 – Stolen Projects today announces the forthcoming release of Game Design Companion: A Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4, an exciting new eBook from game design analyst and former GameSetWatch columnist, Daniel Johnson.

>Game Design Companion: A Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4 takes under-appreciated gaming gem, Wario Land 4 (2001) for the GameBoy Advance, and splays the meat and bones of videogame design and structure across nearly 600 print pages to understand their influence on player experience.

>Author Daniel Johnson, in a radical departure from contemporary videogames discussion, examines Wario Land 4 in its totality—including mechanics, psychology, education, level design, and game feel—calling on evidence-based analysis to understand the player’s subjective reactions to videogames.

>Says author Daniel Johnson:

>“A Critical Analysis of Wario Land 4 is unusual in its approach as we begin to understand videogames through evidence-based analysis rather than socio-cultural critique. I’m hoping this book will push against the accepted norms of ‘games criticism’ and open up new avenues for analytical discussion.”


Wario Land 4 - Hall of Hierogl…youtube thumb
>> No. 183980
File 138723044118.png - (382.88KB , 800x600 , wario_land_3_2d_3d_murble_by_hyperroboto-d33yly8.png )
Only watched the first five minutes of that video for now and it was all pretty basic stuff as expected from a look at the introduction of the introductory level. I'm sure it goes into far more in-depth stuff deeper into the video which I'll watch later. He also says "stalagmites" whereas he actually means "stalactites," but everyone makes that mistake so whatever. I'll probably add more to my thoughts of this after I finish that video.

That aside, the Wario Land series are just terrific games, with maybe the exception of Wario Land: Shake It but also maybe that I'm just in the minority opinion for that game, I don't know. Those games are simply some fun platforming with a great additional focus on strength and greed that Mario tends to stay away from. I really wish they would continue that series.
>> No. 184005
File 138726590658.gif - (1.99MB , 249x140 , beach volley.gif )
It turns out I like Summer Olympics more than Winter Olympics.
I'll have to hold out for Mario and Sonic at Rio.
>> No. 184023
File 138734396170.jpg - (91.46KB , 800x450 , bestassisttrophyreturns.jpg )
Thank god they brought Nintendog back
>> No. 184028
File 138737798550.jpg - (213.04KB , 898x506 , Rosa.jpg )
>> No. 184030
-Hyrule Warriors looks like a Dynasty Warriors game (which is disappointing)
-Kirby Triple deluxe looks like a Kirby game (which is good but doesn't set the world on fire like the last few handheld Kirbys did)
-Yoshi's New Island looks like Yoshi's Island (which is amazing, art wise)
-Chibi Robo looks like a super gimmicky app (Not aimed at me, but it is cute)
-Pokeaps are Pokeaps (this is really just a feature for a months' old game)
-Bravely Default is a JPRG (not my thing, you guys will have to tell me how good or not it looks)
-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze looks like a Donkey KoPLAYABLE CRANKY!!!!
-Sonic Lost World DLC is actually cool that Nintendo seems to be warming up to DLC and doing it in a way that makes the DLC unique and separate from the main game, which is how to do DLC
-Wii Sport stuff. Okay. Sure.
-NES remix. I think I played this flash game in 2002 on Newgrounds
-Dr. Luigi is a branded tetris game. Also not my thing.
-SSB Rosalina is neat.
-Mario Cart 8 is a racing game ALSO not my thing
>> No. 184032
Wii U - Hyrule Warriors Teaser Traileryoutube thumb

I'm gonna wait and see what they've got planned for this. Maybe Zelda also?
>> No. 184033
Dayum that blue scarf is fucking choice.

Can we have that as part of Link's standard attire please?
>> No. 184039
>Yoshi-themed Zone in a Sonic game
...My head.
>> No. 184042
>> No. 184045
Because Hyrule Warriors IS a Musou game. Thats the entire point.
Those couple with the Yoshi DLC actually sound really good, and like it'll fix a lot of my issues with the game.
>> No. 184046
Oh oh who would be the Roster other than Link and Zelds? I kinda want Zelda to be a melee.
>> No. 184049

Are people seriously NOT hype for Zelda Musou?
>> No. 184050

Some people just have terrible taste.

I for one loved Dynasty Warriors Gundam, and seeing Link get to cut up waves of Zelda-themed enemies got me pretty damn hyped. I'll look forward to seeing more about it in the months that come.
>> No. 184051
Ditto, really digging the blue boots and gloves that hammer home his role as a castle soldier.
>> No. 184052
I think some people think its the next new major Zelda title. For some reason.
>> No. 184053
>Still no StarFox
>> No. 184057
File 138740829279.png - (588.33KB , 850x467 , tumblr_my0rocaREn1s4rmo4o1_1280.png )
>Other people digging the look

>> No. 184061
I was really excited when I saw a trailer and thumbnail for "Hyrule Warriors", annnnnnd then I saw it was Dynasty Warriors. That's like the most boring thing I could imagine.
>> No. 184062
File 138741292216.jpg - (17.99KB , 260x373 , 1290469924866-i_wish_i_could_hate_you_to_death.jpg )
>Dynasty Warriors
>> No. 184069
I can't say it with too much authority because I've never actually sat down and played any of them. But everything I've ever seen has supported the impression that they're mindless and unchallenging. Go here, press the attack button to kill a bunch of dudes, repeat.

I get that they're catering to something people enjoy, but far as I can tell that "thing"- their highest aspiration- is genuinely just "be a flashy way to kill time."
>> No. 184072
What does the New Fire Emblem play like anyway? I tried once a long time ago to get into FE but I was like "Why don't I just play FFT or TO?"

But it's unfair to leave that as my stand by.
>> No. 184073
> "Why don't I just play FFT or TO?"
Well that's invalid mostly because aside of being an SRPG, Fire Emblem plays nothing like those games. The main difference, as a general rule, is that Fire Emblem has ZERO player mooks. All your units are discrete characters with their own back stories and as the series goes forward the player gains the ability to marry them and all sorts of other shit. In 4 and 13 (the new one) they even have children, who you can use. Also permadeath is the natural state of things, and I don't mean "revive them within 3 turns," I mean their health hits zero and you are FUCKED.

As for the new one, it plays really well but I honestly don't think it's for beginners really. There's a bunch of new/tweaked mechanics, it has world map grinding which previously only existed in FE2 (which occupies a black sheep position along with Zelda 2 and FF2) and FE8 (by far the easiest of the series), and the... I guess tone of it in general doesn't quite match Fire Emblem's usual fare. The way to get into Fire Emblem is still 7 for the GBA.

So fire up that Emulator.
>> No. 184074
Dag-nabit I've been putting off playing Mario Galaxy for the longest time.

Time to dust off the Wii I guess.
>> No. 184075
>As for the new one, it plays really well but I honestly don't think it's for beginners really. There's a bunch of new/tweaked mechanics, it has world map grinding which previously only existed in FE2 (which occupies a black sheep position along with Zelda 2 and FF2) and FE8 (by far the easiest of the series), and the... I guess tone of it in general doesn't quite match Fire Emblem's usual fare. The way to get into Fire Emblem is still 7 for the GBA.
As far as difficulty goes, the new one might actually be a good starting point because it's got that Casual difficulty mode to allow people to play sloppily without losing units.

But honestly, Fire Emblem's difficulty is a big part of the draw. And if you get too used to Casual Difficulty mode, going back to play earlier games in the series that don't have that option is going to be difficult. Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are really good games, and if you get into sloppy habits with them you're never going to get through them.
>> No. 184076
>Fire Emblem plays nothing like those games.

Aww, my bad, I should have mentioned that that is how they were sold to me.
>> No. 184077
>But honestly, Fire Emblem's difficulty is a big part of the draw. And if you get too used to Casual Difficulty mode, going back to play earlier games in the series that don't have that option is going to be difficult. Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are really good games, and if you get into sloppy habits with them you're never going to get through them.
Yeah that's why I didn't mention that particular element, because it's really not a crutch you should be touching. It's not as bad as that "murder your units on purpose for the gaiden maps!" horseshit in 11, but not being as bad as 11 isn't an accomplishment.
>> No. 184078
>I get that they're catering to something people enjoy, but far as I can tell that "thing"- their highest aspiration- is genuinely just "be a flashy way to kill time."
To be honest, that's pretty much how I see all videogames.

The only think I don't like about the DW series is how played out the story and setting is.
>> No. 184086
>To be honest, that's pretty much how I see all videogames.
Then you've got a far dimmer view of them than I do.

(Gist of it is that I think a worthwhile games can provide 1: roughly the same kind personally-enriching story experience that you can get out of a worthwhile film or book, and/or 2: an interesting mental challenge that gives your brain a proper healthy workout. Same way jogging in a loop gets you nowhere but keeps your body in better shape.)
>> No. 184087
I have yet to come across a game that can do either.

All I need is engaging gameplay and enticing setting and I'm content.
>> No. 184088

You are the worst human.

Seriously though, if you haven't played the games then, as you said, you really can't speak of them with any real authority. For one, Dynasty Warriors, and other Musou games (Like the Fist of the North Star or One Piece games, for example), DO have a story, and sometimes can have a great story (This is something that happens a lot in Franchises).

That being said, don't expect any Walking Dead/Telltale level shit. The main draw is the gameplay which is lot deeper than "You go around punching dudes." I mean, yes, that is exactly what you do, but that's like saying all you do in Zelda is Dungeon crawling, or all you do in Mario is jump and stomp, or all you do in Civilization is micro-managing. It's not untrue to say these things, but playing any of these franchises you know it's a bit more involved with that. There is a challenge in making sure you manage your character correctly (The Last Musou Game I played was Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, which had the level up system in it, and I have no reason to believe this is untrue for other games), you have to engage enemies strategically since you can't just go into a crowd of mooks and just punch/kick until everyone is dead. You need to make sure that you don't get flanked while performing a combo, or let yourself get overwhelmed, or pull out a move that can either one shot this guy in front of you, or you can use a different move to keep the crowd from jumping you all at once. Bosses fight differently, as do the different characters you play.

No, it's not the Citizen Kane of games, or whatever, but they are fun brawlers that have more depth than you're giving them credit for. In my opinion, there's nothing to apologize for and if you think those games are boring, then you sir have a very different definition of fun than I do, and I don't think we can really be friends ever or engage on a personal level due to what is such an obvious rift in personal taste and personality.

Also, if you don't like brawlers, you won't like the Musou games which, again, is a shame.

Also, as for the flashy way to waste time comment.... What the hell do you think video games are FOR? And I know you said that's a dim view of it, and you really want games to an excel as an art form, but I find a game made for art's sake usually misses the point, which is fun.
>> No. 184090
First one I'd just apply to any story that made you feel things you wouldn't have felt otherwise, and where I had to mull over how I felt about different characters and shit. Second one's any case where I had to use my head and pay attention.

Recent games that fulfilled both criteria handily (for me personally) include Hotline Miami, Metal Gear Rising, and Last of Us. Helps that I set the latter two to Hard difficulty for my first playthrough.
>> No. 184094
I can certainly believe they have some depth and challenge, if it's as you say then I'll be happy to have been wrong.

And don't get me wrong. Even if the games WERE exactly like I expected, they would still have every right to exist and people have every right to play them. It'd make me a bit disappointed, but that's my problem and I'm mostly just disinterested.

I don't care if games are "art", but I feel like they can enrich our lives and exercise our brains, so it's a bit of a letdown when I see a game that does neither. The only games I'll actually condemn are the ones that are deliberately designed to snare and addict the user, like Farmville. Those games are like cigarettes, Dynasty Warriors just seems like a bag of cheetos or something.
>> No. 184100
File 138744584894.gif - (2.33MB , 249x140 , Vector Ribbon.gif )
Man, they've got some moves.
>> No. 184103
File 13874504845.gif - (92.83KB , 245x135 , mario yacht.gif )
Let's.GET.MUSICAL (and animated):

Luigi's Ballad ANIMATED MUSIC …youtube thumb
>> No. 184105
Was it money or fatigue from Nintendo's new game each year thing that convinced you to put off playing the best Mario platformer since 64?
>> No. 184116
File 138747371988.jpg - (50.19KB , 500x281 , 1387473373795.jpg )
>> No. 184118
Goddamn, I want that straw. I'm a huge sucker for novelty straws, even though they're a bitch to clean.
>> No. 184119
>> No. 184122
Im sure she'll still be a peach recolor.

Like always.
>> No. 184138
Mario Strikers Charged | Daisy…youtube thumb
Which is a shame since they aren't terribly alike.
>> No. 184147
I do think having her or Waluigi as a representative of all the various Mario Sports games would have been a neato idea.
>> No. 184188
But that's Peach's forward smash's job
>> No. 184217
File 138758870632.gif - (4.89MB , 632x342 , nhsfng.gif )

After a year of zero marketing, brand confusion, and shit sales, Nintendo finally decided it was time to advertise what a Wii U is.
>> No. 184222
Yknow, there was always an element in Zelda games when fighting enemies that it was a fair fight.

Hyrule Warriors just makes it feel like we're just engaging in genocide.
>> No. 184225
From what I've seen of friends playing Dynasty Warriors (or, as they called it, "Kill all Asians"), that's essentially the core of the games.

DW is a series I've always had interest for... in the back of my head. I never had a system that could play it until recently, and by that point I forgot it existed until this was revealed. The idea of running around Hyrule just destroying hordes of enemies sounds highly interesting, in that it's just mindless hack-and-slash. (The same way I love RE4Wii because I'll do a run-through in about three hours with Infinite Rocket Launcher only.)
>> No. 184226
Every time I see Sleeping Beauty, I can't help but think Zelda took a lot of inspiration from it spesifically.

That and it still looks beautiful.
>> No. 184227
File 138759660435.jpg - (116.47KB , 800x450 , sengoku_basara_samurai_heroes_profilelarge.jpg )
Yes, that's the basic concept of a musou game.
You vs an entire army
>> No. 184228
>>fair fight
Man what. Every enemy in OoT is built around the simple shield and sword system of fighting that relies heavily on easily detectable patterns. Z-targeting requires room to maneuver so most areas are large and only home to a small group of enemies, especially if they're heavy hitters like stalfos. Being such a landmark game, successive console Zeldas haven't veered too far from these conventions. Restorative items are easier to come by due to more shops, more rupees, or more locations like fairy springs. All this in addition to higher numbers of heart containers and items/rewards which give you some sort of buff. Wind Waker gave you invincible magic armor AND special soup that doubled attack power. Though I can't comment on Skyward Sword because it was such a chore that I only played it once and barely remember anything beyond a general feeling of fatigue.

Anyway the game features hordes of enemies, and it seems like the main reason I die in the 2D games is being overwhelmed through sheer numbers, so I'm cool with this. I've also seen a lot of Dynasty Warriors fans claim that if you run around mashing buttons like an idiot you'll be overwhelmed and killed on a regular basis, which is hopefully more truth than bias.
>> No. 184235
File 138761103474.gif - (847.26KB , 240x320 , tumblr_lxyd6zifKf1r9652ro1_r1_250.gif )
This has nothing to do with anything.

I'm just posting this.
>> No. 184236
>you will never have a family that cosplays together
>you will never have a family
>> No. 184237
Pretty certain Miyamoto has actually mentioned Sleeping Beauty in an interview somewhere as an inspiration for Zelda 2, what with the plot being the princess is in a coma.
>> No. 184239
I see it a lot in the designs too. The three faeries that become balls of light. The fact that they're Red Blue and Green. Philips's tunic, especially at the end with his sword and shield. The moblins looking a lot like Maleficent's goblins. The background art itself reminds me a lot of earlier Zeldas in general. Especially Pre MM.

Wouldn't surprise me if they took some pointers from it.
>> No. 184295
>> No. 184297
>> No. 184364
File 13880163314.jpg - (169.52KB , 515x460 , tmp_1388013354483594193415.jpg )
>> No. 184372
get tube, its my platinum posters. One end is crushed and they damaged. Damn, I was going to frame my Luigi one.Its why I hate fragile things sent around the holiday.
>> No. 184373
>> No. 184374
The most moe thirty-to-fortysomething plumber in the world.
>> No. 184380
File 138810394660.jpg - (200.76KB , 599x725 , Screenshot_2013-12-26-17-39-50.jpg )
>> No. 184381
Jesus Christ.
>> No. 184389
They should give out Super Metroid or Super Mario World or 50 Coins or something. They won't though.
Three days is pretty damn silly.
>> No. 184390
File 138814579155.jpg - (172.02KB , 599x620 , Screenshot_2013-12-27-05-46-35.jpg )
Nintendo limiting eShop time to improve performance.
>> No. 184392
How exactly is closing the shop supposed to stem the flow? Are they working on a fix at that time or what?
As for America, that shit's still broken. 4 days now. This is getting silly.
>> No. 184394
More on this here.


Access to the American eShop will be closed between the hours of 4 p.m. - 4 a.m. ET.
>> No. 184395
I agree that this server problem is bad, and there is clearly something seriously wrong. But expecting and even demanding free games because of it? That teeters on the side of entitlement.

There was an unexpected incident that caused the servers to fail. They didn't accidently give away everyone's account information. They didn't delete everyone's data. They're just out of commission for a bit. It shouldn't have happened in the first place obviously and I'm not saying they're free of blame at all, but at least they're trying something while they're getting a more permanent fix in.
>> No. 184396
Perhaps they need to start a Nintendo Network Gold account system.
Get some subscription money coming in so they can afford nice servers.
>> No. 184401
Oh, I hardly think it's a question of affordability. They're just not a company with a lot of experience in global server structure.
>> No. 184405
And they have such limited experience because they have actively decided against a full online experience, ostensibly due to concerns about maintaining their family-friendliness. It's odd considering that (at least in Japan) they did things like Satellaview (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellaview) and the Mobile Adapter GB (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Mobile_Adapter_GB), so they had plenty of online-style experience prior to the N64 but let it all go to waste.
>> No. 184406
Several industries were looking into web expansion back in the '90s early '00s then the bubble burst and all those interactive ideas jusr dried up. Now others took up the slack and those that sought it back in web 1.0 retreated so far as to be almost aginst it and have to be dragged into the new age. Its a fascinating thing.
>> No. 184412
Expecting a core feature of your system to work and demanding compensation when you can't get the other half of your christmas gift 3 days later because it's a download code is entitlement now? Kay.
I'm just lucky I got my nephew a physical copy of Pokemon Y to go with his ZeldaDS so he actually has something to play.
>> No. 184437
And then they deliberately cut using Spotpass for Swapnote because children were sharing friend codes on the web, were they can run into anything that could befall them from recklessly sharing friend codes even if they don't have a 3DS. I'd consider getting rid of mine, if I thought the return would be accepted and Nintendo would actually lose money because of it.
>> No. 184438
>finally get into eshop
>barely any Nintendo IP has been discounted for the holidays
I really want Fire Emblem, but do I want it that bad?
>> No. 184439
Internet features go down. That's what happens from time to time. Very few companies haven't had this happen.
Sony, Microsoft, EA, Squarenix, Valve, Apple. This shit happens. Sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for days.

They didn't loose anything of value to you. No sensitive information was compromised. You don't deserve a free game because their servers are having issues. It's not a core function. The vast majority of the games can be played in full without an internet connection, and those that do need it are over 90% accessible without it. The only major thing missing is the ability to buy games online.

You're not entitled to a free one because the store is closed.
>> No. 184440
File 138830605940.gif - (33.20KB , 120x130 , x0_000_musclemama.gif )
Before this blows up into another pointless entitled gamers argument, I'd like to point out a number of Nintendo bundles only have digital copies. Not being able to play the bundled game is a reasonable thing to be annoyed by; demanding the latest Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario games free (that is, ALL of them, not just one) because of the delay is far less reasonable.
>> No. 184463
Now I could have sworn the digital copies in the bundles came pre-downloaded.
Now, if not, I can understand the frustration, but I still don't think that means people should get other games for free because of it.
>> No. 184464
They come pre-downloaded.
>> No. 184465
that may have been the case earlier but according to the sites Link Between Worlds was a download code.
>> No. 184468

As someone who personally bought the Zelda 3DS I can attest that they are NOT preloaded into the 3DS, you have to download them via a code in the package using the eShop.

I actually experienced a bit of trouble downloading it myself back in November due to firewalls interrupting the download.
>> No. 184471
I wonder why that is.
I know for a fact that Animal Crossing was pre downloaded.
>> No. 184473
Animal Crossing was pre-downloaded. Mario and Luigi was pre-downloaded too.
>> No. 184474
The manpower for pre-loading the game onto the system (and ensuring it works) is probably non-0; thus, just putting a code into the system and having the buyer download it is far cheaper.
>> No. 184475
specially since a game like DKR took about 2 gig or something. bout half the standard card they usually outfit those with.
>> No. 184479
Wooooo AA6 is in development! I hope they'll do a physical game this time around.
>> No. 184499
>At the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, an annual conference for hackers, a team showed off a modified Wii U GamePad that was capable of streaming games directly from a PC.
>Don't expect to do the same at home any time soon, though, as the team stresses that the modifications are still in the alpha stage. They do, however, hope to eventually develop software for use with Windows and OS X, as well as create a method for using an Android tablet for playing games from the Wii U.
Would be funny if the mod scene surpassed Nintendo in what they could do with Wii U hardware.
>> No. 184503
What do you mean surpass?
I doubt Nintendo ever even intended to even have the pad stream anything but the WiiU. They wouldn't bother regardless of what they themselves can do with it.
>> No. 184504
That's not what I mean; once they work the bugs out and it can fully hook up to and interact with a regular PC, I think we'll start seeing a lot of neato applications for such a connection, similar to what happened with the Kinect when it first came out: No interest from the gaming crowd, but it was huge in personal robotics projects and other such stuff. The Wiimote was used in a similar fashion with recognizing objects in 3D (most notably in use with whiteboards and projectors).

Yes, Nintendo will just use it for their games, but they'll likely put out some novel uses for it in the life of the console, much like the DS got some interesting uses (playing on its side, using the clamshell's opening/closing as a game mechanism, etc.) However, this could prove a lot more interesting than just streaming a game to the Gamepad or its touch interface.
>> No. 184522
3DS XL for $150.

>> No. 184529
About 3D World, when Bowser is defeated for the second time and falls off his pimpmobile into the lava, they should have found a way to work in the super bell as the reason for how he ran back up and kidnapped all those fairies you rescued. Nothing major, just a small scene so his recovery seems less random and to build up anticipation of that final fight even more. Overall it felt like they could have done more with that power up enemy-wise compared to 3D Land.
>> No. 184533
But that would be considered plot, and if Nintendo allows plot in their core Mario games it has to be as minimal as possible.
>> No. 184549

Apparently Wii users are the highest demographic for watching hentai on a console.

Have you added to the trend?
>> No. 184593
File 138867156791.jpg - (173.87KB , 595x819 , Screenshot_2014-01-02-08-00-38.jpg )
Nintendo Enthusiast, pls.
>> No. 184604
File 138872622657.jpg?spoiler - (126.56KB , 688x387 , Confirmed for Brawl.jpg?spoiler )
I love this image.

It's a smash brothers thing.
>> No. 184606
Huh. Is that a Spirit Tracks thing?
>> No. 184607
looks like that armor, Jojo poses and she has a stand. Really hope she gets a Figure to go with the Link they already released.
>> No. 184608
Yeah, it's the shadow phantom armor that Zelda possesses to help Link solve puzzles, murder shit and carry him around.
>> No. 184620
File 138878047156.jpg - (84.46KB , 599x300 , Screenshot_2014-01-03-13-58-26.jpg )
I like that Kamiya isn't even buying it.
>> No. 184633
What's this all about?
>> No. 184637
Nintendo Enthusiast wrote an article about the W101 and how the its reception by the press symbolized "what's wrong with the industry." They show it to Kamiya hoping for a pat in the head. He reacts by not giving a shit.
>> No. 184640
Well, what does the reaction say of him and the project?
>> No. 184641
All he said is "Hmm?" or is their more?
>> No. 184644

Not to be rude, but Kamiya doesn't ever give a shit about anything. Ever. I'll never understand why people are so obsessed with discussing that dude's tweets. He's just an incredibly curt person and doesn't much care for the drama that goes on the internet. It's just so weird that people keep posting his stuff when he's predictable as hell. And I don't say predictable as it's a bad thing, but rather it's kind of obvious what he'll do in situations because that's who he is.
>> No. 184646
I wish Kamiya would drop his policy of replying to every tweet tagged with his name, because people just abuse the hell out of it, and it's kind of disheartening seeing him get so irritated.
>> No. 184653
File 138889468850.jpg - (63.41KB , 480x640 , 1377742319923.jpg )
That was about it. Some starting arguing for/against the article and he told them to fuck off.

I share the same opinion, but I believe he mentioned on Kotaku that he knows everyone enjoys the drama and doesn't mind playing along. Plus, Kamiya plays the part so perfectly.

Only thing I wish would stop is people making articles for his opinionated tweets, but that goes for any game dev on Twitter. Also funny to see how many sites fall for his "next week. . . game magazine" reply.
>> No. 184681
File 138902640353.jpg - (83.53KB , 600x800 , 1389026006758.jpg )
Dammit Sonic!
>> No. 184684
That'd be kinda clever if the game was about how color was stolen or similar, though the title or something should retain it. Is that what the game's about at all? I wouldn't know, modern Sonics are low on my list.
>> No. 184685
Not even close. The "colors" refers to the various colored aliens that give you various abilities for a time, each with their own color (and shape). The image is still funny, though.

I'm betting someone returned a fake purchase to get easy money from customer service that didn't know any better; not only is the insert an obvious B&W print out, but it appears to be an XBox 360 case, so I doubt the (correct) game is even in there.
>> No. 184686
Robotnik stole all the colours! We have to bring them back!
>> No. 184702
So not only did Nintendo lose the lawsuit over patent violation concerning the stereoscopic 3D no one in the gaming world really cares about, it has to pay a portion (1.82% of wholesale price) of each 3DS sale to the company it infringed against.
>> No. 184704
I actually really like the 3D and I'm sad to have seen it missing from X and Y for the most part.
I enjoy seeing depth and have good eyes so they're not strained when using it. I don't really see why people are so against it.
>> No. 184705
I find it to be nifty when done well, but it does more to increase the cost of the handheld than it does improve the worth or immersion of games and I would not shed a tear over its removal.
>> No. 184708
>it does more to increase the cost of the handheld than it does improve the worth or immersion of games
And that's where I would disagree. Wholeheartedly.
>> No. 184709
My only problem with the 3D is that I always have trouble finding the sweet spot. Once I've found it I can maintain it for most of the session but if I lose it it's a real pain in the ass finding it again.
>> No. 184712
File 138910600157.jpg - (380.14KB , 597x805 , Screenshot_2014-01-07-08-39-31.jpg )
>> No. 184726
File 138913306914.jpg - (65.47KB , 597x293 , Screenshot_2014-01-07-16-10-48.jpg )
Nintendo Now would have been more lucrative than PlayStation Now, but the Virtual Console is far behind the PSN.
>> No. 184729
>no 3DS updates for the last 9 months
>no 3DS updates for almost an entire year


Then again, there really aren't any import games I want anyway. All of the games I want are getting translated and anything beyond that would require knowledge of Japanese.
>> No. 184754
Emily Rogers wrote a great retrospective on the GameCube: details everything that went right and wrong with the system.


Also answers some common questions like why Nintendo's third party support is such shit, how Rare ended with Microsoft, and more.

It's damn eerie how "The Decline" section mirrors the current Wii U situation. GameCube sales selling poorly worldwide, third-party devs abandoning the system one by one, and all that. Hell, judging by the recent PS4 sales, it looks like Sony is going to come out on top again.

And to think, Nintendo didn't consider the PS2 serious competition.
>> No. 184757
There's probably not a game in there at all since those are all just display cases the store made.
>> No. 184758
Nintendo doesn't seem to consider anyone competition. They sort of operate in their own bubble. Which...sometimes works.
>> No. 184764
>And to think, Nintendo didn't consider the PS2 serious competition.
I'm not surprised. Nintendo has always had a large ego, so I'm sure they thought the N64's relative failure was just a fluke or something.
>> No. 184765
Oh. Yeah, I didn't notice the other games with the "take me to the counter!" stickers. Still, every place I've seen that does that will use an actual game's case for the display, just remove the game, and then return the case after every sale.
>> No. 184794
File 138939405634.jpg - (98.28KB , 688x387 , screen-9.jpg )
>> No. 184797
File 138939597856.jpg - (174.21KB , 976x548 , Screenshot_2014-01-10-17-05-44.jpg )
Flavoured Cats Teaseryoutube thumb
>> No. 184800

Another good article that explains the problem between Nintendo and third-party devs. It's a length read, but it's worth it. Three things that stood out are:

>The Wii U is underpowered to the PS4/Xbox One and even last gen systems like the PS3 and 360
>Dev had to cut game features to get their game to work
>Nintendo is clueless on PSN and Xbox Live (probably why they can't create an account system)
>> No. 184801
These are things we basically already knew.
>> No. 184804
File 138946639455.png - (822.95KB , 2360x1436 , 1389464096111.png )
>Kamiya was on /v/ last night

How could I miss this?
>> No. 184846
File 138967955326.jpg - (86.45KB , 640x480 , feA_miriel-laurent.jpg )
Anyone here have any recommendations from the eShop that aren't Virtual Console or retail? I have about 20$ left from a holiday gift.
>> No. 184865
File 138977137080.png - (295.18KB , 503x525 , UwCuT1G.png )
>> No. 184866
File 138977279834.png - (1.64MB , 1576x884 , 00000000-32.png )
I'm loving Project M so much. Can't wait for the inevitable Project M on the SSB4.
>> No. 184875
I like that the AI is changed so that they don't gang up on you.
You can just have a 3 lv 9 cpu match and have fun with it.
SSBB P:M - Pokémon Battleyoutube thumb
>> No. 184882
Glad to see other people giving PM the attention it deserves.

Honestly it's by far my favorite Smash Bros. game.
>> No. 184906
>Nintendo severely adjusted its forecasts for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, almost halving its original net sales projection and reducing expected Wii U shipments from 9 million to 2.8 million.

>Rather than posting a net profit of ¥55 billion ($530 million) for the fiscal year, the company is bracing itself for a net loss of ¥25 billion ($240 million).

>Wii U software shipments for the fiscal year are expected to reach 19 million now, exactly half the original projection.

>3DS projections for the fiscal year also took a hit, down from 18 million to 13.5 million.

>> No. 184907
File 13899774503.gif - (1.47MB , 342x192 , bat bat.gif )
I mean, they expanded the roster.
That was like the holy grail of brawl modding.
>> No. 184909
>from 9 million to 2.8 million
No shit. That they held on to that 9M number for so long is telling of just how out of touch they are with the gaming public.
>> No. 184913
Chris Kohler wrote a good write-up on everything that happened today and what it means for Nintendo.


Long story short (fuck tl;dr), the writing has been on the wall for quite some time now. Nintendo (or Iwata) finally seeing it is encouraging, but it's disappointing it took this long.
>> No. 184921
It's the kick in the pants they need.
>> No. 184922
>[In 2011] Iwata delivered a rather passionate address to the Game Developers Conference urging the industry to back Nintendo’s strategy of preserving the “value” — that is, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price
This has been stupid for over a decade. Sure, you don't want to slash and burn, but as something goes from new & hot to commodity you lower the price (because as production continues the cost also decreases) to increase demand. But I walked into a Best Buy this past Sunday (I have a gift card I'm looking to use) and Super Mario 64 DS, a game that has been out for something like 8 years and is a remake of another game, was STILL $30. That's bullshit. Actually, this stupid ideology is probably why they've spoken out against reselling games in the past, because they can't keep their prices set to max and hope to compete with used sales.

Customers see value in how much they enjoy their games, not how much they had to pay for them. Not a single person who splurges on a Steam Sale or Humble Bundle thinks "gee, I would love this game more if I had paid more for it."[1] Speaking of, you'd think someone at Nintendo would have heard of the massive income spikes for companies that take part in Steam Sales, often making magnitudes more than they would in an average month despite cutting the price 50-90%. We're not dealing in cartridges anymore; we're barely still dealing in discs. Games, especially console games, are now a "write once sell forever" system where the long tail with spot sales can recoup more than physical sales. Users are also happier to give up the resale ability of physical games if they can get it for cheaper then they would have been able to sell it for, anyway.

> I disagree that it should put its games on phones or PS4 for a quick hit to revenues. That would be giving up a long-term advantage for short-term returns.
I absolutely agree. One of the things Nintendo has going for it is their massively popular franchises, and if they start whoring those out to anything with a screen they'll go the way of SEGA.

Although the writer seems to think that the Steam Machines are a threat to the Xbone and PS4. Not even close.

[1] Actually, after playing Bastion through a HB I felt kinda bad that I got it so cheap, so I'll be making up for it by pre-ordering Transistor at the earliest possible moment; but, paying a far lower price did not decrease my enjoyment of it.
>> No. 184923
They're getting it right now, it's just a very sloooooow kick.

They still have plenty in the bank, AFAIK, but they won't be able to handle many years of that. At best they could spend the rest of this gen as an also-ran and survive. If the following console didn't kick ass from here to Pluto, though, they would be doomed.

They don't understand that gaming changes over time; no one plays with a hoop and stick anymore.
>> No. 184936
> If the following console didn't kick ass from here to Pluto, though, they would be doomed.
Nah. It just has to sell well.

And I don't agree with the hoop and stick analogy if applied to their actual games. Consoles sure, but the games themselves are still fantastic.
>> No. 184939
Depends on how much good will they lose and how much R&D is for it. I'd say VERY well, at minimum.

Yes, their games are still fun, and they still sell plenty, but if their consoles can't appeal to other gamers or devs, they'll be stuck with the same number of users in an ever-expanding and diverse gaming population.
>> No. 184940
Nintendo has QUITE a lot of backup funds, and the 3DS is still selling great.

They can afford this failure without too much disaster. If the next one isn't the best thing ever, it won't kill them.
>> No. 184941
I wonder what would happen if Nintendo retired from the console market and focused solely on portables.
>> No. 184942
They still wouldn't survive. Console and handheld interconnectivity is a huge thing nowadays.
>> No. 184943
Yeah, the 3DS is still strong, but not as strong as they thought. They cut their 3DS sales forecast by 30%, too.

A-buh? The Vita has some stuff going for it in the whole cross-play thing, which is cool, but has that been enough to increase sales of the unit? I'm not aware of a surge just for the ability to play your PS3/4 games on the go, because you need some pretty swank internet on both ends to do so gracefully. (Would be tits for turn-based RPGs, though.)

I'm not aware of any active interconnectivity between the 3DS and Wii U, in part because the Gamepad replicates half of the 3DS already. I'm sure there are some games that do it, but it's not touted on the same level as Sony does the Vita-PS4 connectivity.

Everything else is trying to get tablets and smartphones to work with a console.

Nintendo would easily survive going handheld only (and this isn't the first time I've heard it suggested) because all of their properties can survive on their handhelds, and those are what help them sell units. In fact, interconnectivity would make it more likely for them to survive because they can open it up for use as a controller for other consoles, meaning Microsoft might develop for it so they can use it with their console. (And maybe Sony if they don't pursue a handheld after the Vita.)
>> No. 184945
I think a large part of the problem is, for whatever reason, Nintendo refused to believe they where competing with anyone. Releasing things that where only comparable to their own products, and falling behind not only consumer interest, but consumer standard.

Now while that behavior is fair for their own actual software (a more creative prospect that can often actually be hurt by mimicking the competition), it's a terrible approach to hardware (something with finite and numerically comparable traits). I would encourage them to keep trying with interface and experience experimentation, but they got to keep the actual machines comparable if they want to stay relevant in the modern market.

That and more killer apps obviously.
>> No. 184948

>> No. 184949
As a reminder, if you remove the 's' in 'https' the board will embed the video. This is especially nice when you don't include any context what-so-ever so people have no idea what they're clicking on...

4-Hours with Donkey Kong Count…youtube thumb

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical …youtube thumb
>> No. 184951
File 139024879026.jpg - (115.01KB , 800x480 , Bravely_default_costume.jpg )
Bravely default costume changes for the West "eighteen" year old girls and hot pants and leathers, don't see a problem really.
>> No. 184953
I've been wondering why that happens sometimes. Thanks for the tip.
>> No. 184970
File 139033189087.jpg - (306.28KB , 864x972 , 1390327187909.jpg )
I can't tell if /v/ is sincere with their current anger of Ashley being as Assist Trophy or not.
>> No. 184971
Personally, I would stop giving s shit on what /v/ is mad about.
>> No. 184972
Probably a ratings thing.
>> No. 184973
Well underage girls wearing skimpy bikinis and three belts won't fly in some countries in Europe, might get you arrested even. Base point from me is that I think the "censored" versions look like better outfits overall.
>> No. 184982
There's probably some of that, but in the US any provocative digital image of a character depicted as being even a day under 18 will cause a number of groups and politicians to throw their arms out and shriek about pedophiles. I'm not going to search for references at work, but IIRC the Supreme Court ruled that pornography depicting a fictional character stated as being under 18 was protected under the First Amendment because it didn't actually harm anyone. A few days later Congress flipped the fuck out and made a new law making it a felony or some stupid shit, with bipartisan support, though I don't think it's been heavily enforced (usually just as a means to get a warrant for someone's computer to look for actual child porn, or to heap on extra charges to go along with possession of actual child porn.)
>> No. 184984

There's like a 30 page argument over at Neogaf about this. Holy shit, extra black pixels are a hot issue to some people.

I think the new costumes look better. I'd love to get up in arms about censorship, but I just can't bring myself to care when it's something this tiny. If it wasn't brought to my attention, I never would have noticed.
>> No. 185007
First three Ace Attorney games are going to be put on a compilation 3DS game. Will have stereoscopic 3D, but no word on if it will be updated to use the AA5 engine/models. Also no word about an international release.

Please please please Capcom I will pay you $50 American dollars for a US release if it has the 3D models.
>> No. 185008
File 139043780776.png - (397.00KB , 512x814 , ledges.png )
>> No. 185009
Nintendo Wii U Commercial Pitc…youtube thumb
>> No. 185013
>endless amount of entertainment
However, "About you" is not a bad slogan. It might even work out like the "Wii would like to play" campaign when that console first launched.
>> No. 185018
File 139045489515.png - (347.53KB , 486x647 , ermgstrerng.png )
>anti-edgehogging measures
>> No. 185019
ニンテンドー3DS『逆転…youtube thumb
Looks like no AA5 3D models (which I'm pretty sure is what we all expected), but they are using the HD graphics from the iOS port.
>> No. 185024
The rantings of doom-and-gloom prophets make for tedious listening and reading.

Nintendo Fanboy Reacts To Wii U Woesyoutube thumb
>> No. 185030
File 139051236363.png - (378.30KB , 512x470 , girls night out.png )
>> No. 185058
File 139066592290.png - (368.94KB , 511x514 , kZWJQwE.png )
>> No. 185102
>According to a Japanese consulting firm, Japanese publication Nikkei reports Nintendo will release videos and playable mini-games on mobile devices intended to promote its games. In other words, it would release content meant to encourage people to buy Nintendo hardware, which will remain the only place to play the full versions of its software.
An interesting middle ground between those who think they should stay on their own hardware only and those who want them to release stuff on phones.

An official emulator system where you could buy old NES/SNES/N64/GB games for cheap (like $1/$2 a pop) would be amazing, though. Of course, Nintendo would never price their stuff that low, it has to be $30 for 10 years.
>> No. 185107
That really just sounds like advertising.
>> No. 185109
I'll be blunt, I'd rather have more games.

I did pick up a handful of VC games I played as a kid; I have no idea how I beat them back then.
>> No. 185123
"Yes we know you own 12 different copies of Super Mario Bros... but have you bought it for a PHONE yet?"
>> No. 185141
File 139100410517.png - (67.25KB , 428x377 , 1390782955150.png )
Nintendo going to green light all those licensing requests?
>> No. 185144
File 139100857652.jpg - (96.24KB , 960x720 , 1390988012673.jpg )
>> No. 185145
Too lazy to find the link, but Nintendo has denied doing anything on phones.

> AFP reports Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will take a 50 percent pay cut for the next five months in recognition of the downturn in profit, while other board members will take cuts of between 20 and 30 percent.
See, this is what good CEOs do. You don't hear about this happening in America.
>> No. 185146
File 139102368941.png - (67.08KB , 584x345 , Screenshot 2014-01-29 at 1_11_03 PM.png )
>> No. 185175
>mention of an on-demand gaming service across games consoles, with the service based on your Nintendo ID rather than a device you owned
>Nintendo DS games [will] appear on the Wii U, via virtual console
>license character rights to other companies
>When it comes to gaming on the Wii U, the CEO said they will focus on games that make the most of the tablet-esque GamePad, especially titles with NFC -- expect to see announcements on this at E3 2014
>Mario Kart 8 will also launch in May, and will apparently make strong use of the GamePad
>the company will "actively" use smart devices to connect with customers, making the approach sound more like an app than playable game demo
And not a single paradigm was shaken. Sigh.
>> No. 185177
What paradigms were you hoping for them to shake exactly? I have yet to hear a single good suggestion from gamers about what Nintendo should be doing right now.
>> No. 185180

OK you know what Nintendo should do right now? I'll tell you.

1) Keep the WiiU alive. For now.

Yes. The WiiU is a money hole. It is literally a black hole that is sucking up money and Nintendo is not salvaging it. But whatever they do: they CANNOT simply abandon the WiiU like Sega did with the Dreamcast. Why? Because nobody trusts Sega anymore to make a console. And why should they? Why should anyone trust a company or its platform if it just up and abandons it when it starts to fail? You can't trust your purchases with a company who'd do something like that.

So the smart thing to do is to keep the WiiU on life support. Take a few more bullets in the foot. At least for another 3 years. Even if it continues to sink your profits the least you can do is give it a console lifespan, albeit a short one.

2) Make a choice.

This one is difficult because as far as I can tell? Nintendo has 2 options. Either they make a new console after the WiiU, that legit HAS to be innovative and earn the market of the casual gamer that is currently owned by apple and smartphones, or abandon consoles altogether and just become a purely handheld market. Both have their benefits and downsides.

The first strategy is the greatest risk/reward factor. Nintendo cannot and will not compete with X-box or Playstation. They've said as such. They're the company that wants to be a gamechanger and the WiiU wasn't a gamechanger at all. Neither was the 3DS but they managed to salvage that at least because of Nintendo's omnipotence in handheld gaming. Either way: if Nintendo releases a new console and it winds up not being all that interesting or offering anything neat/innovative to the gaming audience then it'll SERIOUSLY be in trouble and something will SERIOUSLY be wrong. But again: if they managed to pull it off it'll be a Wii all over again and that means big bucks!

The second option is the safer one but it's again, an all-or-nothing deal. Once Nintendo hangs up the home console part that's it. We'll probably never get another Mario or Zelda or Metroid on a home console ever again. This might not be so bad, given that technology means that handheld gaming is catching up with/meeting home console technology, but it does certainly mean that Nintendo probably can never go back to being a home console provider again because it's damn near impossible to come back after basically raising the white flag. Nintendo's most profitable with their handheld markets so there's definitely potential there to reinvent or change the company to something else but that's the thing: it means changing the company to something else.

Imagine 10 year olds never realizing that you played Mario on a TV. That's the kind of future we'd be looking at if Nintendo did this.

3) GET PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE INDUSTRY BETTER ON YOUR STAFF. Seriously how long have you been operating without a freaking account system Nintendo? And I get this whole pictochat thing is controversial and all but come on. Even you must've known that people will draw dicks on it and there's no way to 100% shield everyone from that shit.

I'm not even saying they should become more lax with censorship. I'm just saying they need to start becoming aware of how this modern day industry functions and who's buying what and what makes things like Steam or PSN or Xbox live work.

Those're just my 2 cents anyway.
>> No. 185181
File 139115031090.png - (87.22KB , 400x400 , Lucario Smash 4.png )
>> No. 185182
File 139115304576.jpg - (93.13KB , 688x387 , screen-4.jpg )
Stage hazard or singleplayer boss fight?
>> No. 185183
I don't know what "outside the box" idea would save the Wii U, but certainly none of that will. A subscription-based game library might be neat, but it won't drive people to the consoles, and their core problem right now is a lack of hardware sales.

If they're going to stick with the Wii U hardware for now (and I can't fault them for that) but still want to try a surge into the living room, they need to have two or three killer apps of wide variety, and not just their staple franchises. Yeah, a Mario Galaxy or Skyward Sword will see a surge in sales, but nothing that would bring them to a "healthy" level of installment. And now that the Xbone and PS4 are out, they are once again the "console that could" and companies will have to downgrade their games to port from Xbone/PS4 to the Wii U. (The only saving grace in that is that, for at least a year, most big devs will support the 360 and PS3 as well so they can just port those versions to the Wii U.)
>> No. 185184
File 139115617919.png - (250.41KB , 522x477 , daily151213.png )
>> No. 185194
Regular gameplay, or opening cutscene for a boss battle?
>> No. 185206
>not just their staple franchises
That's a hopelessly idealistic statement. What, you're suggesting new IPs? Maybe you haven't noticed, but gamers, despite clamoring for new IP's constantly, only buy games in large numbers when they're games they've already played with slight improvements on the formula. There's a reason Final Fantasy games outsell TWEWY, and it ain't about quality or originality.

The way you reliably make money in video games is by starting off with an idea that works--it doesn't have to be amazing, it just has to be solid enough, then getting lucky and getting a lot of attention for it. Once you've got that attention, you shill the fuck out of it and sell out in every way you can imagine. You make Call of Duty 28 and Final Fantasy 46 and spinoffs of spinoffs of spinoffs. Eventually, the audience will get sick of it, so you figure out when you've hit peak sales, and sell the company to some big conglomerate like EA.

If you're still not satisfied, at this point you wait a little while for people to start missing "the good old days" of your old franchise, then stage a comeback as a "new company" (secretly the old company but with a new name because you sold the old one to EA) with a "new IP" that is close enough to the old IP that the fans will eat it up, but new enough that they can pretend like it's a revolution in gaming rather than just another sequel to the same game you were making for decades. Cycle repeats.
>> No. 185207
The fire sale has begun.

>> No. 185208
>What, you're suggesting new IPs?
Not necessarily, though if they could bring another Pokemon to bare I'm sure they would try. I mean taking the IPs and trying something new with them. The NSMB games might be fun, but they're copypasta; Super Mario Galaxy was a hell of an experience, but Nintendo doesn't seem interested in breaking from the simple and selling.

Hyrule Warriors is a good example of this; it has enough roots in the existing franchise to entice fans, but is different enough that it might pull in others, as well.

But new IPs couldn't hurt; one of the issues with the Wii U is that a lot of people think it will only be good for Nintendo's core franchises. If they put out very solid games that go into genres they usually don't deal in, such as "serious" racing games, FPS (especially for the American/European audience), or Epic RPGs. Hell, they could cover some ground by just being willing to release titles internationally; Disaster: Day of Crisis never got released in the US (though it had middling reviews), and it took a hell of a long time for three of their RPGs (Operation Rainfall: Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, and The Last Story) to come over. Xenoblade Chronicles is still going on eBay for at least full price, often more. That could have been more money for Nintendo.

Sure, these will still be "Nintendo's games", but they might entice part of the genre crowd over and some devs may follow.
>> No. 185209
Nintendo has more IPs than most other companies.
Do they really need more?
>> No. 185214
No. But I doubt they have the most IPs. That honor probably belongs to EA.

It can't hurt to diversify or give their second parties a long leash, though.
>> No. 185215
EA's a publisher and conglomerate more than it is an ideahouse though. Giving them credit for having the most IPs is like saying the Muppets or Star Wars are Disney creations.
>> No. 185223
Nintendo in a nutshell.

Nintendo elephant - The Final Bosmanyoutube thumb
>> No. 185227
Okay. Jumpman.
Are you just going to come into these threads to mock the company or what? It's fine if you do, you're free to it, I just want to be clear on what you're doing.
>> No. 185234
I've posted positive stuff about Nintendo before.
>> No. 185235
File 139131637820.jpg - (61.91KB , 599x369 , BfMMCqdCMAEXmHr.jpg )
The front page of the Japanese DKCTF website always makes me smile.


The music for this game also sounds terrific. So nice to have David Wise back.

[ WiiU] Donkey kong Tropical F…youtube thumb
[ WiiU] Donkey kong Tropical F…youtube thumb
[ WiiU] Donkey kong Tropical F…youtube thumb
[ WiiU] Donkey kong Tropical F…youtube thumb
[ WiiU] Donkey kong Tropical F…youtube thumb
>> No. 185238
While annoying that Nintendo is skipping the GBA for the DS, it is a smart move to use those games to show the importance of the Wii U GamePad. I just hope Nintendo is serious about speeding up the VC releases.
>> No. 185255
The power of next gen.

Service Center Update Feburary…youtube thumb
>> No. 185256
Holy crap.
I grew that uploader's avatar ages ago.
>> No. 185258
Another Wii U bundle for $270.

>> No. 185259
File 139136846996.png - (1.46MB , 1018x728 , 1390527559663.png )
>1.5m units a year considered a success then.
>4m units a year considered DOA now.
>> No. 185261
Market/company growth and inflation.
What'ya gonna do?
>> No. 185262
Bulldoze Wall Street?
>> No. 185264
Bulldoze all of NYC instead?
>> No. 185265

Well, that would rid us of Moe...
>> No. 185266
File 139138039057.gif - (32.55KB , 250x174 , 1377809395648.gif )
Wall Street and ℳℴℯ KING are necessary evils.
>> No. 185269
File 139138587845.jpg - (54.97KB , 700x600 , 1273997547631.jpg )
For better or worse, you are only half right.
>> No. 185273
Moving on...
Played today 4 Swords with two more friends and it's so stupidly fun!
Even if half of the time we kept shitting on each other's and still manged to finish the special stages.
>> No. 185283
Wii U - Donkey Kong Country: T…youtube thumb
>> No. 185284
What do you think about the Idle Thumbs' stance about Nintendo.
Idle Thumbs 143 - This One's Fr4eyoutube thumb
>> No. 185288
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical …youtube thumb
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical …youtube thumb
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical …youtube thumb
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical …youtube thumb
>> No. 185313
File 139161794471.png - (0.98MB , 933x695 , Screenshot 2014-02-05 at 10_27_54 AM.png )
DKC: Tropical Freeze Nintendo …youtube thumb
>> No. 185317
File 139162900437.png - (1.12MB , 1278x749 , Screenshot 2014-02-05 at 1_21_57 PM.png )

It's actually not that negative.
>> No. 185326
File 139171696883.jpg - (167.46KB , 1019x759 , 1391713685665.jpg )
So this just happened.

Sonic Boom Teaser Trailer 2014…youtube thumb
>> No. 185327
Knuckles is somehow worse than I imagined.
Actually, all those designs are pretty weak.
>> No. 185328
bandages are the new black
>> No. 185330
I like it. Save for Knuckles's case, it's not too drastic and it gives everyone a bit more unique yet still simple look. Sega has also stated that this is not the new designs going forward and just for the cartoon and cartoon-game tie-in, so you know, whatever.
>> No. 185331
Bandages are the new zippers.
>> No. 185332
Amy and Tails actually look alright when you get rid of the Edgy DreamWorks Face, and while I'm not digging Sonic I don't really hate it either. Changing Knuckles' build like that is retarded though.
>> No. 185337
File 139173789434.jpg - (35.08KB , 640x480 , Sonic and Knux.jpg )
Because being a Sonic recolour with different accessories was good?
>> No. 185338
But he still is, just literally bigger.
>> No. 185339
That is enough.
Now he has his more pronounced bulk back and thicker arms.
Now he's got more power in his look.
>> No. 185340
File 139175504697.jpg - (31.49KB , 500x400 , tumblr_n0ln21efM71rbly9wo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 185341
But seriously, what's with the bandages?

Are they turning into mummies? Is that the plot?
>> No. 185342
File 139176038078.png - (548.38KB , 800x800 , 1391759004723.png )
>> No. 185343
Stupid Eggman.
You can't kill Sonic, if he's already dead.
>> No. 185344
>Implying Eggman would do anything but kick Sonic in the dick if he finally had him
>> No. 185346
File 139176722333.jpg - (193.04KB , 864x486 , daily070214.jpg )
Huh. A little obvious in hindsight. Like, why wasn't Mother Brain somewhere in the older Smash games. Could've been a background element or something. Did they even have a normal trophy for her before?
>> No. 185347
Good article explaining the direction with Sonic Boom.


Focus is co-op and takes inspiration from Sonic 2/Sonic Adventure.
>> No. 185361
In the time of Melee and Brawl, Metroid Prime was huge, and Mother Brain wasn't in those titles. Not even in Fusion. At least that's my theory.
>> No. 185362
File 139181862615.jpg - (8.86KB , 200x268 , a bloo bloo bloo.jpg )
>Bravley default sold out everywhere.
Why didn't I go this morning? There was time.
>> No. 185363
Online, dude.
>> No. 185364
I've never noticed her absence before, but it is weird. Back when Melee was being developed she was the final boss 2/3 times and had appeared in just as many Metroids as Ridley, who appeared in the opening FMV and got a trophy, and Kraid, who was both a trophy and gigantic stage element. In Brawl she's just a sticker but that was after Ridley came back a buncha times and Dark Samus appeared. I doubt she was ever considered for a background element unless they were also considering a Tourian stage, though. Maybe her cyborg form will be acknowledged in the trophy description.
>> No. 185366
>buying video games in a store
Skipping the eshop I can understand since Nintendo doesn't have an account system, but what's your damage here?
>> No. 185368
I just enjoy the little old practice of picking games up at a store. If I can't grab one tomorrow, I'll just order it.
>> No. 185375
Games don't even come with manuals to read on the drive home; just manuals on how to access the digital manual.
>> No. 185377
With 3DS games I generally try to get a physical copy to save storage space, except for games that are hard to find in nearby stores or the (vanishingly rare) games on sale that aren't total shit.
>> No. 185378
Reading and driving is dangerous.
>> No. 185380
I can't remember the last time I actually read through an instruction manual, though. Almost every game these days starts off with a tutorial level and, so long as the player can skip this on a new play-through, I prefer it.
>> No. 185382
That's funny, with the 3DS I generally try to get digital to save on physical space.
I'm always losing those game cards so it's easier to just have all the games on the 3DS all the time.
>> No. 185383
I bet when you take a disc out of the system you just set it on the shelf.
>> No. 185385
That's why you find a tiny case to put them in. Something large enough for all the carts and something smaller to take a few with you. I use an Ipod display case with a latch glued to it and old Gameboy cartridge cases.
>> No. 185387
Well when I'm on the go.
It's a portable system, I'm not always playing it in the room where all the cases are, silly.
>> No. 185390
Then where do you get the other game to replace the current one with?
>> No. 185391
Boy, I can't wait for Tengami to come out for Wii U, the only platform I plat for purchase it for.

As a fairly out there idea, instead of having games on my phone, I almost wouldn't mind instead having a cell phone module get put in a DS cartridge, though that would limit me to only receiving calls when I'm not playing something else. Though if it would work on a regular DS, I could use that while having the 3DS for games. I'll have to look into seeing how difficult homebrew is and get into circuit building.

I think I'll follow up with an even crazier idea, which is for Nintendo to have it's hardware team work with Stanislav on Loper-OS. I mean, they're good at making unusual interfaces, so they could make good use of the chorded keyboard, it fits with the whole quality of life thing, and it wouldn't need to be pushed as a games platform since its main purpose is to be some kind of violin of business computing.[spoiler][spoiler] Though something tells me a Warioware-themed hypercard-like system could be pretty sweet.
>> No. 185392
my pocket?
>> No. 185393
Good god man at least get a small case for the game or something.
>> No. 185397
The point is, I don't have to fiddle with any of that any more because my portable games are all digital.
>> No. 185401
Nintendo Direct via YoVideogam…youtube thumb

A jab at both Iwata and consumers.
>> No. 185404
Man, to each their own, but jeez, I have way too many trust issues to buy something digitally.
Steam's the only case where I've done so, and its only cos pocket change and everyone seems to trust the system. But man. Thats an exception.
>> No. 185441
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical …youtube thumb
>> No. 185443
Video Comparison - DKC: Tropic…youtube thumb

>dat load time
>> No. 185445

>We are tired of hearing excuses from so many third party developers and publishers in regards to supporting the Wii U. We think it's a shame so many third party developers and publishers have provided excuses for not supporting the system, instead of providing examples. There's really only one way to dice some third party support of Nintendo systems: can't never could, and never will.
>> No. 185446
>> No. 185462
File 139223336416.jpg - (172.59KB , 864x486 , daily.jpg )
>> No. 185470
File 139225643261.png - (289.99KB , 533x474 , 1392216296608.png )
This is so sad.

Most people buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo games. 3rd parties don't find profit on Nintendo hardware. There's no point in blaming the devs themselves for that. There's no secret anti-Nintendo conspiracy. The WiiU's niche makes it so that it only survives on 1st party titles. The people in the comments section are fanboys asking for vanity ports and games that they probably won't buy anyway just to justify their purchase, acting as if there's nothing unusual about the WiiU and that anyone could easily make tons of money on it if only they didn't hate Nintendo.
>> No. 185472
>3rd parties don't find profit on Nintendo hardware.
True for home consoles, not handhelds. Monster Hunter is still selling gangbusters in Japan.
>> No. 185473
Monster Hunter is sort of an X-factor in that its success is platform agnostic. People will buy a system just to play Monster Hunter.
>> No. 185480
I wonder why people prefer the handhelds over the consoles.
>> No. 185481
See, that's the thing that gets me every time someone whines that the reason a Nintendo console is dying is "lack of third party support." EVERYTHING for Nintendo consoles is borne out of Nintendo. Even the third party stuff comes about because Nintendo does things with their hardware that convince other companies there's some concept worth exploring that works best on the Nintendo console. Meanwhile, gamers keep coming up with plans to "save" Nintendo consoles by making them more like the Sony and Microsoft consoles....except worse. Because of course they are. Getting ports of games on Sony or Microsoft is more or less pointless. They will be inferior versions, and they're not going to get any NEW business out of those.

Nothing Nintendo does to be more like Microsoft or Sony is a competitive move. If anything, they need to do more to DISTANCE themselves from Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Nintendo needs to be making more first party titles that make more and better use of the unique features of the Wii U. Other than that? The absolute best move Nintendo could make right now would be to encourage a powerful Indie community. They can keep it a Walled Garden if they must (and they're Nintendo, so of course they will), but getting lots of people doing interesting and new things with the Wii U hardware that just can't be done with PS4 or XBone. The Nintendo games will sell the consoles, the Indie games can make them feel
>> No. 185483
And as such provide a massive install base that's not primarily interested in first party games. Which is why the handhelds are different.

Pokemon (and this generation also Monster Hunter). It's that simple, really. Nintendo handhelds are the Pokemon machines. And with the massive install base those games bring, the third party support comes naturally.

Wow, you truly are deserving of the title "Nintendrone".
> Nintendo does things with their hardware that convince other companies there's some concept worth exploring
Ahahahahaha, fuck no. Companies aren't going to Nintendo because they want to explore design space. That's throwing money out of the window. They either go where they expect sales (see the handhelds) or get directly funded by Nintendo to develop exclusives (see Platinum doing W101 and Bayo 2). And in both cases companies simply have to accomodate the hardware after the fact. Nobody goes to Nintendo because their consoles are "super interesting".
>> No. 185490
I can tell you for certain that many companies do want to go after innovation and experimentation. It's just usually too much of a risk. That's why Rayman was delayed to be put on other platforms.
The fact that Nintendo platforms are underpowered is a bit of a setback, but not nearly as much as most people think.
>> No. 185493
>The fact that Nintendo platforms are underpowered is a bit of a setback
No, it's the set back. The Wii had a massive install base; sure, much of that was in the realm of "casual" gamers, but that just gave a great opportunity for expansion. However, any ports/multiplatforms that did happen were horribly inferior to the 360/PS3 versions, thanks in large part to the lack of power in the Wii. Dead Rising: Chop Till you Drop is a great example of this; much of the allure of the original was thanks to the massive amounts of zombies you could have on screen at once, but the Wii version may as well have been a deserted mall, and even then the system struggled at some parts.. (It also took out the photography feature, but I don't know if that was laziness or system limitations.) This paired with the casual-leaning install base made 3rd parties ignore it almost completely in the last third of its life (the first third was confusion and realization of the huge amount of system sales, the second third was kind of like a gold rush, but then it was buried in shovelware.)

The Wii U suffers in the same way; it has parity with the 360 and PS3, but devs are now turning their eyes to next-gen. The tiny install base combined with the Wii's poor attach rate (which will likely be the same for Wii U) for 3rd party means that it's not worth the time/effort to have to go into the engine to downgrade stuff for the Wii U just for another 1-300K sales.

If the Wii U could handle the games made explicitly for the Xbone/PS4 (as opposed to ones made for the 360/PS3 and then enhanced for the one/4) then we would see a lot more 3rd party support, I think. Probably no third-party exclusives, but it would get far more of the multi-plats. The GamePad isn't really a problem; it can be easily ignored and just program for the standard controls. This would likely improve sales of the system and lead to more third-party support.
>> No. 185495
You are way over emphasizing it.
Yes companies can do more with more power, but they don't always need or necessarily even want it when it comes to original titles. Ports are not a draw for consumers. That is not the reason for the lack of consumerbase. It's the lack of enticing original exclusives.

Ports are a draw for the people in charge of a companies money who want their workplace to get as much as they can out of a product. Getting ports wont draw in more customers to a platform, but they will tap into the wallets of those already set in.
>> No. 185497
File 139232173224.jpg - (126.45KB , 715x527 , 1316745884739.jpg )
You're still thinking with a Gamecube mentality. 3rd party exclusives aren't as dominant a force on the PlayStations anymore. A Nintendo console more or less on par with the PS4 and XB1 with Nintendo IPs would be wiping the floor with either of those consoles right now. They'd get the Nintendo games people love along with most of the big modern 3rd party games.
Current-gen Nintendo isn't really innovating all that much, though. The 3DS and WiiU are a lot more similar to their competition than before, only with weaker hardware.
>The fact that Nintendo platforms are underpowered is a bit of a setback, but not nearly as much as most people think.
First they have to justify selling a console just as powerful as the ones people probably already own, that costs nearly as much as a PS4. Then to accept the fact that due to its power, a lot of games just won't be possible on it.
>Ports are not a draw for consumers. That is not the reason for the lack of consumerbase. It's the lack of enticing original exclusives.
Multiplats are important, because most people choose a main platform to play those multiplats on. Most people aren't willing to buy a whole console this close to launch JUST to play its exclusive games.
>> No. 185498
>Wow, you truly are deserving of the title "Nintendrone".
How so? I'm suggesting that Nintendo can't compete with Sony and Microsoft by doing the same thing they do, and that they have to take alternate approaches. That's just basic business sense--Sony and Microsoft have the "normal" video game audience well and truly tapped, and even if Nintendo did try to make a new console that attempts to beat them based on hardware power, Nintendo would still be working from a disadvantage because they would have to do serious R&D as well as serious retooling of their infrastructure to support hardware like that. And even if they did, most companies would still be hesitant to support them until they managed to prove themselves by selling their Nintendo-branded PS4, which they would have trouble doing because of lack of third party support.
>> No. 185504
>Yes companies can do more with more power, but they don't always need or necessarily even want it when it comes to original titles.
This is silly. Is it not better to have the ability and not need it than the other way around? "You can build a tower as high as you like (as long as it's less than 10 stories)" And, yes, the Xbone/PS4 have their own limitations, but those limitations are noticeably higher than the Wii U.

If someone has a great idea for an original title that revolves around realistic lighting/light sources, fluids, and long-term AI, where they can only afford to produce for one platform, they won't even look at the Wii U because there's a far greater risk it won't handle what they have in mind, even if what they have in mind wouldn't actually use all of the Wii U's power. Instead they'll develop for the Xbone or PS4.

If it sells well the might later port it to whichever system they didn't make it for, but they still won't look at the Wii U because even if the Wii U can barely handle the game, they would likely have to make far too many changes for so small an install base with so small a (3rd party) attach rate.
>> No. 185506
File 139233175093.jpg - (112.75KB , 688x387 , screen-4(1).jpg )
Best newcomer yet, I'd say.
>> No. 185507
File 13923322897.png - (763.89KB , 640x747 , punch out ring.png )
Also, when the fight takes place in the ring and Mac is in it, the logo changes from Smash Bros to Punch-Out. Just a nice little detail.
>> No. 185508
>Little Mac
>Bayo 2 footage
>X footage
>Koopa Kids are back in Mario Kart 8

Pretty neat stuff, I'd say.
>> No. 185511
I was under the impression that it's just a Punch-Out stage and that generic design was to not spoil the surprise until now.
>> No. 185512
File 13923343672.jpg - (233.60KB , 600x848 , mac illust-modal.jpg )
>> No. 185514
Okay, still hype for X. I may actually get a Wii U for this, assuming Nintendo doesn't fuck it up and keep it from our shores for years...
>> No. 185521
File 139234425225.png - (136.52KB , 400x353 , tumblr_n0yktkK8MM1qk0wjeo1_r1_400.png )
>> No. 185530
File 139239360232.png - (683.64KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_n0zfzqICI41rjiugko3_r1_1280.png )
it has begun, who's got two thumbs and waiting for Figma or Figuarts Little Mac. this guy.
>> No. 185531
Too bad the art design doesn't look half as good as Xenoblade's though. Visuals are gorgeous but also bland and washed out.
>> No. 185532
We saw a very small area of what is likely an extremely larger game (Xenoblade was HUGE, even after there were entire areas cut like the Right Arm), and probably one of the more generic locales; it reminded me a lot of the Guar Plains.

I did notice that the characters that you could make out were kind of nondescript, but I assume they haven't fully implemented armor. The mechs, while cool, were also fairly standard.

This is really early footage, beta if not alpha, and they probably made it to have something to tease people along with. All we know is a 2014 release date, and that could be at the tail end of the year.
>> No. 185535
I find it weird that people are shipping Mac and Samus when the very first interaction the two had was Mac suckerpunching her with a cataclysmic uppercut.
>> No. 185536
Dude, a male character and a female character shared screen time! It's practically canon at this point! How can you not ship them!
>> No. 185541
File 139242696863.jpg - (304.05KB , 700x1000 , 1221178844691.jpg )
It's really all you need.
>> No. 185549
Nintendo will never properly port the original Yoshi's Island to another system, will they? It's always gong to be that GBA remake. My cartridge still works and I can always emulate, but it's disappointing all the same. There's loads of people who simply won't touch emulation so they'll never know what proper Super VF 2 graphics look like.
>> No. 185550
File 139250254120.gif - (77.19KB , 197x144 , 1194323046974.gif )
We were just talking about the era where they'd do things in game for no reason other than because the ability to do that was technically impressive at the time.
>> No. 185551
I remember being super disoriented by that as a kid.
>> No. 185555
Its part of the art design. You think the first Pixar movie would've been Toy Story if the CGI at the time didn't look like cheap plastic?
>> No. 185575
Yeah, there was always some kind of technological value add to early Pixar films, weather it was just showing they could render many small characters at once or that they could render realistic flowing fur, they were always challenging their technology to get better.
I think even Brave was them trying to do lush landscapes.
>> No. 185584
Hair modeling too, one of the major points made about one of the Shrek movies was the advancements in hair modeling with Prince Charming.
>> No. 185600
File 139265430536.png - (58.17KB , 585x342 , Screenshot 2014-02-17 at 10_12_39 AM.png )
>> No. 185603

Well they should be happy Gamespot gave the game a 6/10 then.
>> No. 185604
File 139266607074.png - (433.55KB , 510x766 , XwB11EH.png )
Seems fair.
>> No. 185605
I figured Mac would suck in the air and I'm wondering just how bad he'll be. If he's below gutter trash, he'll need a super strong ground game since most of Smash's shenanigans and combos are air focused. Otherwise he'll just end up like Iron Fist in UMvC3
>> No. 185683
File 139296317421.jpg - (133.29KB , 688x387 , screen-7.jpg )
If there's one thing you can count on, it's character reveals to tie in with promotion of recently released games.
>> No. 185798
Tropical Freeze is fantastic by the way. You can always count on Retro for all the little details.

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