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File 138064977890.jpg - (3.30MB , 3074x2172 , 129269325398.jpg )
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We haven't had an bumping general thread in while

And also has anyone read this?
Its along the lines of DM of the Rings or Darths and Droids but with One Piece.
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>> No. 33015
Well, this type of board, yeah.
>> No. 33176
File 139624432510.jpg - (21.86KB , 225x169 , 956405209755.jpg )
>look up OP 34
>find any picture with usopp, particularly by western artists from shitty paysites who randomly lump characters together
>his face every time

He is comedy gold in any pic he's put in
>> No. 33224
I found a thing.

File 139643653497.png - (106.63KB , 1017x388 , Impossible.png )
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>> No. 33219

Sanji can always learn a thing or two off of guys with only one leg.
>> No. 33220
>Not spinning a yarn that makes everyone think you can be easily killed when you just pulled a few strings to keep your head in place
>> No. 33222
dat vivi, she has looked great post alabasta

File 139584328220.png?spoiler - (561.93KB , 1599x1150 , onepiece_c742a_020.png?spoiler )
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I am unsure One Piece will ever top this.

Goddamn Uzimaki shit.

They Might Be Giants - Spiraling Shapeyoutube thumb
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>> No. 33177
Luffy and Zoro are already occupied, Usopp and Franky are out, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, and Brook aren't even on the same island anymore.

Robin on the other hand, is no longer a toy and still relatively fresh. Could this be her long awaited moment to shine?
>> No. 33178
>> No. 33179
Luffy will have the new aid of Kyros, Usopp will have the new aid of every single warrior in the docks and Franky will most likely be spared simply because every citizen will turn back to normal and the Family will have to deal with that first.

As for the Robin thing. No.

File 135299814340.png - (127.07KB , 380x703 , 129195872797.png )
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>> No. 32720
I don't see it.
There's no comparison between two different people and actual siblings.
>> No. 32922
File 139284376290.jpg - (79.00KB , 500x702 , we_take_care_of_it__boss_by_ladydeadpooly-d72eclr.jpg )
Hah its not surprising that a few people would be shipping these two,
maybe the only thing of note is that you don't have more people doing it?

This thread is pretty full though isn't it, its been so long since we've been active I've forgotten what the bump and image limits were for this board.
>> No. 33127
File 139584881149.jpg - (541.61KB , 1600x1800 , zoro_and_erza_by_boos2-d5dml1v.jpg )
random bump

File 135846616228.png - (304.22KB , 500x472 , zoro.png )
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Zoro is the lamest strawhat. His fighting style doesn't make any goddamned sense. At least Oda makes an EFFORT to explain everyone's else's abilities, but not Zoro. He doesn't have a devil fruit, he doesn't have ancient wisdoms, he doesn't set himself on fire via friction, he doesn't have cola power, even the crazy shit Usopp shoots makes sense when you consider his experience with fireworks. Zoro just does whatever the fuck Zoro wants for no other reason than "cause he's Zoro".
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>> No. 33107

Thread should have ended right here.
>> No. 33109
Stop shitposting.
>> No. 33110
File 139528764249.png - (573.83KB , 689x569 , 251315360761.png )
>ask a question to try and steer the conversation back on track

Oh I'm sorry, grandpa. Is this comatose board moving too fast for you?

File 139490067823.jpg - (113.82KB , 500x449 , image.jpg )
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Hey guys, look what's coming out later this year in Europe and America! That other 3DS One Piece RPG was terrible, but this one looks much better and has some solid reviews so far. Game's also coming out on Wii U, PS3 and Vita. Probably digital download only here in NA.
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>> No. 33087
File 139516101751.png - (299.06KB , 631x354 , Boss.png )
You know nothing
>> No. 33092
Yo those two are like the most adventureish activities ever.
>> No. 33095
The marketing makes it seem like that's the core gameplay. It probably isn't, but I thought it was pretty funny.

File 139491583544.png - (138.76KB , 563x478 , Wapol_Manga_Post_Timeskip_Infobox[1].png )
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Who do you guys think is the next character from a cover story arc to show up again? Some people think Enel was the one who sucked up Bege's ship, but I'm sure Wapol will appear again soon. I don't know why, but he DOES rule a new island. He might end up allying with Franky or something, maybe even making him more powerful.
>> No. 33065

Anyway, questions like this are best put in the general thread
>> No. 33083
The Reverie is coming. He'll show up there.

File 139465013570.jpg - (711.98KB , 1280x1112 , tumblr_n2bxg96uEM1tn7lp9o1_1280.jpg )
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I don't know what the deal is with the other thread below this one, but I can't post in it so...

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>> No. 33077
Its kinda weird that he's meant to be basically a samurai despite not coming from the Not-Japan of the setting.

Whats the point of Wano when things are so Japanese already, katanas and such everywhere.
>> No. 33080
He's not saying they have uncool abilities. He's saying that Robin's assassination style and Brook's blisteringly fast cuts make for very short fights, so they don't get to show off how cool they are as much. If anything, they are too effective when they start up.
>> No. 33082
>Sprouting guns

You... Do know that's not how that works right?

File 139403060615.png - (10.04KB , 143x190 , Dammit Oda.png )
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Seems that Usopp really is worst Strawhat after all.
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>> No. 33029
Oh shit son, that would actually redeem Oda's recent treatment of Usopp for me!
>> No. 33030

Two of the most trusted translators are CCC and Cnet128, both have made recent translations with Mangarule and then Powermanga.
I heard the rumor that CCC stopped translating because he used to do it during work and got found out.

So now Cnet128 is continuing with Powermanga and the quality is still consistently better.
Also bigger scans.
>> No. 33033
That'd be cool and all, but am I the only one who thinks Doflamingo is too cool to defeat completely this arc? Sure he'll probably get beaten down along with his crew, but I want him to come back Moria style.

File 136686131555.png - (837.19KB , 900x1404 , this is gross.png )
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is it just me or is odas treatment of female characters getting steadily more gross as the manga progresses? nevermind how robin and nami and damn every other female character in the series now has the same body type, but then there's the fiasco in the image and a general ick-ness that's pervaded the entire fucking story.

im serious did Oda have a stroke or something? what the fuck is going ON.
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>> No. 33018
I just wanna say, one of the only things that bothers me in the show now is Nami's outfit. I mean c'mon girl, put a freaking shirt on. Yes, we're all very impressed with your boobs.

I dunno, it's just a pet peeve really, but something about Nami's permanent bikini top just kinda irks me.

While it also doesn't bother me much, I have to admit that every chick looks kinda the exact fucking same now. I just kinda wish that there was another fat badass chick like Alvida.
>> No. 33023
Alvida wasn't any more badass than say, Jora.
>> No. 33394
Looks like some precocious first-year Womyns Studies/slut walkers found a new soapbox.

File 139342215712.png - (139.85KB , 448x395 , Robinass.png )
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Rise from your graves.
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>> No. 32967
So what's been going on with Dellinger? He was summoned to help Lao G a few chapters back, but is still on his way over?
>> No. 32969
Lao G got lost, so who knows where Dellinger is now?
>> No. 32970
I just told you he's having sex. Jesus.

File 133778062651.jpg - (162.08KB , 800x1152 , one-piece-3325189.jpg )
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Ah, good old mangapanda. Sure they watermark over their own translation like idiots and don't even put the right chapter number, but at least it's entirely in english.

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>> No. 26273
Not employed, but Hogback does have a roundabout connection. Moria was allied with the WG and Hogback was allied with Moria, so.
>> No. 26289
ok sorry not a rebellion, but he had a large army under his control. He rocked the world or something 500 years earlier. Guess thats well before the WG's time.

It's just curious that the shadow in Trafalgars speech looked so much like oars.
>> No. 26862
+1 Internets.

File 13928135579.png - (34.06KB , 274x316 , 956429562945.png )
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Psssst wake up everyone its a new chapter
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>> No. 32928
Trebol's accuracy with the fly leads me to believe that he'll be brought down by Usopp. I just can't see Robin being very effective against stickiness. Of course, there's Franky to consider if diaper-boy doesn't give him too much trouble.
>> No. 32930
I love how she looks like a sentai villain.
>> No. 32931
Thank you for listing everyone's powers. There's no comparison there.

File 139161651472.png - (230.53KB , 801x1150 , 011.png )
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One Piece is on break next week edition.
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>> No. 32904
Cause people say the dumbest shit without thinking
>> No. 32905
Well she could be like a 40 year old woman in a little girl's body. I mean after a while you'd think people would start getting sick of flamingo's shit
>> No. 32907

She seems to get her whims catered to and all she has to do is turn people into toys for her captain, a simple task.
Are you trying to claim she would have some sort of moral issue with his plans? There's no reason for her to be disloyal.

File 139099787531.png - (320.37KB , 632x1065 , 9023409623631.png )
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Steven Tyler edition

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>> No. 32860
Well let's see...

Alvida: Hold this one kid hostage because I need an idiot cabin boy

Buggy: I'm gonna blow up sections of this town, because fuck these people.


Don Krieg: I got my shit pushed in and I'm super butt hurt about it so I'm taking it out on you.

Arlong: Designs on eventual domination of an entire sea, inspired by agressive racism into almost genocidal proclivities. Orphans children. Slavery.

Crocodile: constructs enormous spy and assassin network to A) start a terrible civil war B) Find a powerful ancient super weapon. Devistates whole portions of a nation to further displace and destabilize the populace by causing dangerous sand storms and droughts.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 32865

Further proof that the Foxy arc is the best arc
>> No. 32894
Your opinions are bad and you should feel bad, Mindwipe-kun.

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