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File 135282908525.jpg - (189.40KB , 1753x1275 , Roronoa_Zoro_Onigiri_by_SoraKing.jpg )
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helllo how r u
>> No. 28700
This is going to be a long week.
>> No. 28704
...I'll be back when the next chapter comes out.

File 135227788188.jpg - (222.54KB , 800x1170 , one-piece-3684085.jpg )
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prepare for feels

>OP will be on break next week
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>> No. 28691
>too many of the remains are just people trolling or getting agressive at each other

Like you? Starting up shit for the mere purpose of "keeping a place alive" is a disservice, sir.
>> No. 28692
Yeah, even knowing she'd probably live that was heartbreaking.
>> No. 28696

Hey fuck you buddy, the one trying get more posting around here by starting shit is ME.

But I'm too busy to post much nowadays. Oh well.

File 135169126194.png - (169.11KB , 811x1150 , 0cbd62695b3266fc1da1b529fd21132c.png )
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Where'd the last thread go?

Also. Mangastream's version's out.
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>> No. 28613
Swords are sharp; you can still have your fourway.
It's just going to be little kinkier.
>> No. 28614
I suppose that would be doable, getting impaled by only three swords is nowhere close to a mortal wound in one piece
>> No. 28619
File 135224159833.jpg - (235.51KB , 739x1029 , 151220112019-olaugn458r9m0cvt17bw3e6hspkf2yjdxzqi.jpg )

File 135106606448.jpg - (117.77KB , 513x435 , 562656256524.jpg )
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Zoro holdin back, Tashigi potentially being useful? I guess the shipping of these two may make a comeback
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>> No. 28500
File 13515880687.jpg?spoiler - (572.24KB , 1800x1450 , 1351585708313.jpg?spoiler )
This seems like the place to drop spoilers for the next chapter
>> No. 28501
So what...this whole thing with swordchick stepping up was just a further chance to show she has absolutly no credibility?

Why is she even here, the only thing her existance does is prove Kuina was right in saying chicks can't be swordmasters, the only thing she's accomplished in all of her appearances is the longest losing-streak.
>> No. 28503
She's here to finish off the women that Zoro doesn't want to hurt.

File 128626358687.png - (265.57KB , 800x600 , OP_No its not Kaku.png )
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Fanart you've done, preferably. Basically a drawfag thread.

I dunno, I know a couple of us here draw shit, so I figure why not. The nonartistically inclined can post requests, maybe? I always mean to draw more often for you scurvy sea dogs.

If this turns out to be a horrible idea, then yeah, I guess it can become our general fanart thread.
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>> No. 28134

I know this request, stop asking for this Sanji
>> No. 28308
File 135071706897.png - (263.91KB , 720x720 , Harpy_Monet.png )
i liek da harpies
>> No. 28309

File 135047595791.jpg - (355.97KB , 1000x760 , てん 1.jpg )
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Wake up, you sillies! It's out!

I don't understand Doflamingo at all. How the hell is a Snow logia expendable? Is his crew really that strong or is he just wasteful?
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>> No. 28325
check the OP wiki if you have questions, they have most information up to date

right now since Law is clearly done with them, there's Boa, Mihawk, Kuma and Doflamingo.
>> No. 28333
Does Kuma even still count? I thought the real Kuma died, or at least was no longer any different from any of the other Pacifistas.
>> No. 28338
None of the other Pacifistas have a devil fruit, so.. He's also much stronger than them by far. The fact he completely lost his will and is nothing more than a puppet of the government pretty much assures he's still a Warlord.

File 134975653228.jpg - (168.82KB , 819x976 , one_piece___harpy_monet_by_fourswords-d4uozph_png.jpg )
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>Vague powers
>Constant chillax personality
>Sort of working for the bad guy's boss bad, sort of not
So, what does everyone think of Robin 2.0?
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>> No. 28229
You know, that's.. actually not too far off. She does have a subtle rape/domination fetish. Weird. But so do I, so.

There have been a lot of comparisons between Uma Thurman's character in Pulp Fiction and Robin before. Mainly just the looks and cool attitude. It doesn't help that Oda's admitted to being a Pulp Fiction fan, either.
>> No. 28230
You see them as bedroom eyes, but they look more like "smug asshole" eyes to me. Still, that works for some people I guess. He's not my preferred sex anyway, so my thoughts vis a vis his attractiveness aren't really relevant either way.

And I'll grant you that his attitude makes him likeable, and I can see where that would make him more physically attractive too. I've met and/or seen a lot of girls who I wouldn't ordinarily be attracted to who managed to win me over just by having the right "energy."
>> No. 28235
I find it odd that you'd include how you share that kink

File 134985830653.jpg - (43.79KB , 346x364 , 653536557546.jpg )
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Caesar for nakama
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>> No. 28197
I really don't think Doflamingo's people will play any sort of role in this arc, and that's for one simple reason: .. They can't get in. Remember, the entire island is covered in a gas that kills upon contact; they won't godmod their way around this. If anything, Baby 5 and Buffalo will most likely get to the island by the time the Strawhats and Law are gone to deal with the defeated Vergo (and Monet?) and plot on what they're gonna do with the kidnapped Caesar.
>> No. 28198
That or those two were sent to kill Ceaser just on principle.
>> No. 28199
I think Doflamingo said to avoid that since CC's the only one in the world who can produce sad, and if he died Dofla would be inconvenienced.

File 134918241648.png - (33.19KB , 214x195 , thedevil.png )
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Unfortunately it's still mangapanda, but w/e
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>> No. 28151
Luffy heads for a fight first, but his fight needs to be last. It's his place as protagonist.

So to keep the points in harmony, luffy has to be delayed by some inconvenience.

But hey, lets list em.

-Gettin lost in ussops arc
-Gettin stuck in stone in arlongs arc
-Ms. Monday changing his emotions an having to focus on saving his friends in little garden.
-getting punked by crocodile TWICE
-golden ball attached to his hand
-moriah won't stay fucking still
-stuck between houses
-gotta chase lucchi and robin for an hour
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 28161
>I feel like there's more.

Impel Down. The arc.
And you're thinking of Miss Goldenweek, not Monday.
>> No. 28164
Eaten by a snake~

File 13473667423.png - (93.60KB , 319x303 , what_a_gas.png )
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Chapter's already out, bakas! http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/681

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>> No. 27839
I think having a new iteration of laughinggirls.tiff every time there's some crew downtime would almost be worth my shitty joke prediction from back then coming true.
>> No. 27840
File 134801417055.jpg - (44.45KB , 446x400 , laughingwhores.jpg )
>> No. 27841
Times like these make me wish I could draw.

File 134678102047.jpg - (163.61KB , 350x468 , 02_FEB22_11_FINAL2.jpg )
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AAA - We Are! ONE PIECE Openin…youtube thumb
Hello, what's all this then?
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>> No. 27660
I don't think you can zoom in a song.
But after hearing OP's link I'd try anything to make it sound better.
>> No. 27765
Not as good as the original. Better than the horrendous remix they used for an OP.
>> No. 27768
Actually after listening to it a few times, I've come to the conclusion that I actually like it, it just makes a terrible first impression with that horrendous intro.

File 134683964322.jpg - (152.35KB , 800x1177 , one-piece-3571885.jpg )
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680 out http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/680/4
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>> No. 27728

Just looking at the few higher ranking marines, it kind of looks like haki and rokushiki, (and swordsmanship?) are just a normal part of marine training. Off the top of my head I can think of Momonga, Dalmatian, and Coby all doing rokushiki.
>> No. 27749
makes you wonder why cp9 were so special. Perhaps they were just more efficient at it?

That arc was so phsycial heavy, it was great.
>> No. 27751
They knew all the rokushiki techniques, and most of them had specialized techniques within that. Even then they were assassins, not just brute force masters like an Admiral or Vice Admiral is supposed to be. Lucci's strength was something COMPLETELY unexpected.

File 134707660787.jpg - (35.60KB , 477x477 , cricket_925.jpg )
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Alright, I got a crazy conspiracy theory about Cricket. That's all it is really, but I always thought some shit was kinda shady.

1. Masira and his crew show up when the ship falls out of the sky awfully quick. Sure, maybe that's just luck but it's like within 5 minutes.
2. Usopp even points out, why does Cricket help rebuild the Going Merry for free? I mean, sure, dreams and all, but it does seem a bit weird.
3. The fact that he readily shows off the gold and hints at an island in the sky.

I'm wondering if those guys, because they are pirates and all, have a plan to trick people into sailing right into the knockup stream, where they then wait and collect the spoils when it falls. The Going Merry actually getting fixed was either an accident because Bellamy interrupted the sabotage or because... this is just a crazy conspiracy theory.

There's also the idea that Bellamy only beat Cricket up because of all the pirates he'd killed, and stole the gold to give to their families, but that's also probably the crazy talking.

Anyone else have any crazy conspiracy theories?
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>> No. 27682
Huh. I actually didn't know they were pirate crews. Hm. Go figure.
>> No. 27683
Okay, there are at least two big holes just in the foundation of it. The first is that supposedly it's suspicious that Masira shows up quickly after the ship falls. According to the conspiracy theory, he would have known it was falling because they know the knockup stream and thus would just 'catch' the ships as they come back down.
But the ship was incredibly old. It fell off Skypeia, there was no 'schedule' for that. Even if there was some elaborate plan, there's no way Masira would have known it was falling then and there. There's nothing suspicious, it was just luck and that they're ALWAYS searching.
And if Cricket hadn't repaired the ship, it would have been completely wrecked in the knockup stream. It's blatantly stated by Cricket (and honestly the ship was in pretty poor shape), the Strawhats see the ship getting its shit wrecked during the stream and Blackbeard's vessel (which hadn't been touched by Cricket) can't take the thing at all. Why bother sabotaging a ship that would never survive the trip already?

But really the craziest part is that Bellamy's supposed to be a kind hearted hero and now I'll stop being a dick about it.
>> No. 27685
Spreeses, stop going anon. It's dumb.

File 134624904963.jpg - (201.82KB , 800x1192 , b003.jpg )
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No new thread? You guys are slow.
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>> No. 27586
Headed off to fuck Robin?
My OTP. For reals.
>> No. 27588
They're about to head to a big fight and Robin's like "Oh! Well, I hate to run, guys, but Dragon needs me to be up and about. I'll catch up with you later." And then poofs out of existence.

And then poofs back in afterwards, and goes 'Oh yeah, I hadn't told you guys about THAT. Well that must have been awkward, how'd we do?"
>> No. 27589
That...that'd be awful.

File 134625079618.jpg - (120.70KB , 370x370 , figuarts-zero--dracule-mihawk-from-one-piece-battl.jpg )
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OK so I usually read manga online, but lately my werk has been blocking the sites to do so. Is there a place where I can get a scanlation of the newest chapters in a zip or rar file? I know they're out there, but I lost track. Thanks!
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>> No. 27547
you shouldn't be reading your animes at work anyway.
>> No. 27548
>> No. 27556
Uh.. proxy?

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