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File 135584006622.jpg - (271.37KB , 1290x959 , 02.jpg )
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Look's like bepo's not dead after all. Akainu looks like he's got a nice little mustache too.

>It seems as though there's a kill everyone button in this chapter.
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>> No. 29548
File 135595905611.png - (58.94KB , 575x840 , 001.png )
That's a really good little series, I think it would be slice-of-life but with a touch of total nonsense?
Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes really touching.

Haha,an archer girl with an arrow through her head wouldn't look out of place in one piece at all come to think of it...
>> No. 29591
Top right is undoubtedly Big Mom. Oda's drawn her eye/face almost exactly like that before. As for top left, based on his positioning to Big Mom, I can only assume that's Kaido. And what people are mistaking for a mustache looks like the bottom of his mask to me.

Pretty disappointed that Blackbeard appears to look about the same, to be honest. I was fully expecting him to show up with a full grown beard with the little.. burning tips, like the real Blackbeard.
As for Akainu.. I'm speechless. No idea what to say to that stash, bro. No idea.
>> No. 29606
The next chapter is out and it is SO GOOD.

Guess its not worth making a thread here though while the site keeps keeling over.

File 132013131018.png - (332.23KB , 596x355 , Robin Cake.png )
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>> No. 29575
They have a limited stable of voices we hear over and over. It's tired and I'm tired of hearing them.
>> No. 29590
Its not like they aren't hiring new voice actors

A they hired a tripfag off /co/ just a few months ago
>> No. 29594
Man, why is Kokoro no Chizu still untranslated

This makes me doubt that this'll ever get picked up by Toonami

File 135585434361.jpg - (147.05KB , 474x432 , miss goldenweek.jpg )
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This just hit me the other day and hasn't left me alone.

What the heck were her powers all about?
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>> No. 29579
I thought mr 4 got a pass because his dog had a fruit. No matter.
>> No. 29581
Vivi specifically said that Crocodile's top 5 all had devil fruits

Although I guess maybe that doesn't count females
>> No. 29582
Of course women don't count, that goes without saying.

File 135530708762.jpg - (248.61KB , 800x1147 , Bum Ossan.jpg )
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Wake up, you nutmegs!
It's ouuut!

Why is Aokiji so tsun tsun when everyone knows he wants to join the Strawhats?
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>> No. 29472
Except he didn't get beaten by Usopp at all, Usopp ran away from the duel, then when he finally returned Masterson instead challenged him to hit a distant target with his slingshot.

And how do you miss points so badly? Are you just looking to get into arguments?
>> No. 29474
I said "gets" not "got".
If you think that's the end of their interactions and there's no eventual fight, I wonder whatchusmoking.
>> No. 29475
Just because Beckman is second to Shanks doesn't mean guns are worthless since Shanks is one of the most powerful men in the world even with one arm. That is not a proper argument in any form.
Saying Yasopp hasn't been featured fighting is fair enough to say we don't have a proper handle on his prowess but still he's one of Shank's top guys and he only needs pistols so it hardly means you can't use guns and be a strong fighter in one piece.

File 135399954477.jpg - (73.35KB , 500x553 , poop-pirates.jpg )
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man remember when vivi shoulda joined?

and then oda made nami and robin just look like vivi in the timeskip.

good job asshole :(
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>> No. 29142
File 135441473477.jpg - (165.33KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_medotp2tPC1ro8enoo2_1280.jpg )
Psh, he's able to emote just fine
>> No. 29143
File 135441510937.jpg - (54.53KB , 500x300 , 4722397783_37233c998f.jpg )
Oh my god I laughed waaaaaaaaaay too hard.
>> No. 29409
>How does oda sleep at night knowing he's sacrificed so much for his artistic vision.
Very well since he gets to fuck the Nami live show actress.

File 135466518235.jpg - (122.36KB , 958x600 , sstrawhats music.jpg )
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let's fucking do this

God Tier:
Kokoro no Chizu
Hikare E
We Are

High Tier:
Brand New World
We Go
Fight Together

Meh Tier:
We Are redux
One Day
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>> No. 29381
OP's list is perfect. Hey who remembers the rap song on the dub? Truly speaking it was the main reason I watched One Piece ( One Piece AMV - Pirate Rapyoutube thumb )
>> No. 29382
OP's list is perfect. Hey who remembers the rap song on the dub? Truly speaking it was the main reason I watched One Piece ( One Piece AMV - Pirate Rapyoutube thumb )
>> No. 29385
inb4 shitstorm

Yeah I found it catchy. The 4kids version was (unfortunately) my first exposure to OP, so that was the only song I heard before properly picking up the series years later.

File 135409495070.png - (22.73KB , 280x280 , doflamingo_pink.png )
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No more SADs now. Only Smiles.
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>> No. 29308
Or it could be: Oooh Law is so cool. Look at him outshinig EVERYONE here's his latest statue. Ladies, it's only 200,000¥ and his shirt comes off like his hat.
>> No. 29309
Or it could be: Oooh Law is so cool. Look at him outshinig EVERYONE here's his latest statue. Ladies, it's only 200,000¥ and his shirt comes off like his hat.
>> No. 29311
Nah it's just Law doing a cool thing like every other character in One Piece has ever done.

File 135498596398.jpg - (58.96KB , 474x352 , las.jpg )
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Luffy And Santa
>> No. 29286
Could you post this one more time, please?

File 135498583364.png?spoiler - (20.73KB , 472x351 , Copia de Luffy conoce a santa.png?spoiler )
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Luffy and Santa

File 135498574111.png - (39.60KB , 1017x706 , Luffy conoce a santa.png )
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File 131746782057.jpg - (51.58KB , 300x402 , 8dh4qn5x.jpg )
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Are there any things which DIDN'T happen in One Piece, but you wish had?

For me, it's Zoro vs Sarquiss

When the Strawhats first got in Jaya, I was convinced that this fight was gonna happen, since it was both Luffy and Zoro who got dissed by the Bellamy Pirates.

I'd like to believe that there's still a chance for it to happen, but I really don't see Sarquiss ever coming up or being relevant again
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>> No. 29264
it'll give him xray vision and heat beams and he wont afraid of anything
>> No. 29266
I still say Mihawk's in his closed eye. And when he opens it, Mihawk's gonna pop out and fight him.
>> No. 29268
File 135493096258.jpg - (30.67KB , 515x349 , spgeking identity revealed.jpg )
You retards still haven't figured this out?

File 135467987944.jpg - (2.34MB , 2500x3622 , P022.jpg )
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>turn based rpg
>reanimated scenes
>goes up to just before time-skip
>looks p good so far
>watch as it never gets an english release
PSP「ワンピース RO…youtube thumb
god dammit why does this always HAPPEN
>> No. 29187
sadly I don't think it would make enough money to make it worthwhile. Looks fun though
>> No. 29197
File 135471370918.jpg - (61.65KB , 700x400 , Wilf_salutes.jpg )
>Ace's hat on Luffy

File 134804326611.jpg - (45.76KB , 355x328 , one-piece-35970973.jpg )
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New chapter is out
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>> No. 28021
Fishman Island was actually pretty kind on Brook. Before the timeskip I'd agree with you, but recently Brook's really started to fit in more and feel like a true member.
>> No. 28022
I agree but I think its simply because of his character and story, a new nakama, if done right, would be fine, and theres plenty of opportunity for a new one

I like Brooke, I like all of the Straw Hats, but I just dont feel that attached to him. Its gotten even worst since the time skip, cracking skull jokes even more than before, if thats even possible, and he just kinda feels like an outsider. The whole LABOOOOOOOOOON thing doesn't do anything for me either.
>> No. 28024
The only difference between a bad strawhat and a good strawhat is time. Franky was really new to me, and iffy, but now I can't imagine the strawhats without him being super.

File 135343370798.jpg - (166.37KB , 800x1137 , one-piece-3711087.jpg )
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Brownbeard is crying up a storm and just wants to protect his people.
>Your face when you realize Brownbeard is like Vivi and Shirahoshi
>Your face when you realize Brownbeard is this arc's princess
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>> No. 28961
Pappug is just a regular starfish that learned how to talk. As for Bepo and Pekoms, people think they might be a race of talking furry people from some island.

Do you need your insulin shot or something? Calm down, kid; this is the internet. Maybe if you weren't retarded I wouldn't have to sound so condescending by default.
>> No. 29055
Oh go sit and spin. You calling me a retard because you got told? You idiot, if you weren't acting so fucking high and mighty you'd be better respected and this would be a better place. It's a fucking comic, but you have to put on your big bitch boy pants on because your theory is better than everyone else. This is the same kind of shit that tears this board apart.
>> No. 29056
This ain't the place for the pair of you to dance and flirt.

Just fuck already.

File 133628338282.jpg - (14.62KB , 214x251 , thumbnail_aspx.jpg )
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been playing a few weeks on this bad boy, and shocked there hasn't been a thread to reactions. managed to beat everyone's story modes this week.

may be my love of One Piece and musou games combined, or my immunity to frustrations from farming for coins/collectables, but the game's been great. always fun leveling up the entire crew and finding out what new combos I've picked up

even though Fishman Island was a long shot, was at least hoping we'd get to play Thriller Bark (hordes of zombies! it's begging for it!)
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>> No. 28770
I honestly don't see what they'd do with a sequel, maybe they could do something similar to the Street Fighter series with a large update, a "Super Pirate Warriors" that adds in missing stuff like skypeia and thriller bark, a new playable character or two, costumes, new Another Log levels and new challenges.

The combat and art style is basically as good as it gets and the game traverses the entire OP storyline up to the timeskip.

Maybe down the road they could work on a post timeskip game but even still, the content might be lacking.
>> No. 28771
They could do original stories.
>> No. 28774
File 135317307688.jpg - (1.38MB , 1600x1200 , Hokuto_Musou_Wallpaper.jpg )
Do they not already? The other series Musou games have that in.

FotNS game has a proper story mode that follows the series, then a set of total What-If stories for all the playable characters under DREAM MODE which has all the characters interacting with each other and doing original stuff.

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