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File 136333515568.png - (3.85MB , 1459x1080 , Chapter_699.png )
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I thought for sure this whole site was a goner. Didn't think I'd miss it as much as I actually did.

We can use this thread as a quick recap and reaction/speculation general for chapters 698, 699, 700, and 701. And because ain't getting one this week, either.
Dat Dressrosa
Dat Akainu glimpse
Dat Warlord Buggy
Dat blind samurai/Fujitora
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>> No. 31363
Spandam's not a marine, and Vergo pretended to have a strong sense of justice and maturity. But Garp wasn't clever enough to hide that he was letting his grandson go from the superiors, he breaks down walls and whines about building them back up, and he acts on a personal justice just like his grandson. They're extremely alike, with Garp only slightly having more of a head on his shoulders. Dragon's the odd one out in that he actually seems to act like an adult.
Hell, the G-5 Marines are formed explicitly out of troops who have no wit, maturity or good sense of justice. Each one of them is just as bad as any pirate, just happening to be on the side of law and service.
>> No. 31364
Standing next to your adopted grandson and letting him be killed is the biggest difference between Garp and Luffy.
The G-5 example also just helps my claim that people like that would never raise in the ranks. So if Luffy were a Marine, he'd be comparable to the status of G-5.

It's like you're not even paying attention to what you read or the discussions you jump into.
>> No. 31386
i dont really know where else to put this so im just assuming t his is the genera l thread until former notice but DEM SPOILERS YO

File 137103945050.jpg - (158.48KB , 800x1176 , 01.jpg )
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or "oh god this escalations going to kill me" and "what do you mean there's another break next week"

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>> No. 31327
Oda needs a team of supermodel nurses like whitebeard had to keep all these hiatuses from happening
>> No. 31333
Might be a good idea to give up the ciggies
>> No. 31337



File 137044169625.jpg - (753.23KB , 812x1150 , 50558b0495d77fe4f378f3ed4421d4e6.jpg )
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It's over! The hiatus, I mean, not anything in the story.

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>> No. 31244
Pell is easily the most bullshit survival in the series, he had no reason to survive it and every reason to have died.
>> No. 31246
Or so we think.
>> No. 31247

File 136914672785.jpg - (48.52KB , 400x333 , worried.jpg )
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>> No. 31200
> her coochie coo would be wide out for all to see.

Ah, but you see, that's currently a Macross style missile pod, so everything's cool, bro.
>> No. 31201
They're just there because slightly important stuff that happened in the news. It's a newspaper backdrop.
>> No. 31202
I can only assume its going to be a pretty big deal in the future

File 136834842852.gif - (43B , 1x1 , qm.gif )
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Toonami - One Piece Promo (HD 1080p)youtube thumb
>Basically apologizing for killing the new run before it starts

This'll be a great way to get my friends and other folks who never watched One Piece into it. They'll love how their first experience is plagued with not knowing who any of the main characters are or their powers and I KNOW they'll enjoy later on down the series (if they even manage to watch while in the dark so long) when Crocodile and Hachi and Bon Clay and Buggy all reappear and they're important to the story and reference their past with the crew and they have no fucking clue who they are. Not only characters, but important plot details themselves like Whitebeard's message from Shanks and Luffy meeting what may be the ultimate villain in the fucking series, Blackbeard.

Do you think someone starting here is going to cry when Merry is given funeral? When Robin WANTS TO LIVE or feel the dramacy of losing a long time friend when Usopp wants to leave?

I'm not confident in this. One Piece more than any other shonen is wholly important. It's necessary to consume the entirety for maximum enjoyment and get all the callbacks and feel the intended emotions when things happen that have been alluded to or built up to for hundreds of episodes/chapters.

Funi started with Jaya and I'm pretty sure they've gone back and done from the beginning too. Are One Piece's early episodes too slow or boring? Is the CP9 Saga the first good one?
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>> No. 31125
You're probably used to watching it without commercials. That can tend to disrupt the feeling of proper timing.
>> No. 31127
I didn't watch it. LOL
Totally slipped my mind and forgot about it.
>> No. 31177
Honestly? If it comes down to it I'll watch the dub when I have a choice. I still think it's one of the dedicated dub works out there.

File 136863553731.png - (162.68KB , 810x1150 , 01dbbe799e043511cbaa66025ee3db3a.png )
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What the hell? Why is there no thread? We even have a mangastream link.
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>> No. 31133
File 136910559267.jpg - (45.19KB , 640x480 , 1367154945026.jpg )
>> No. 31156
What? That wasn't a mistake! He was on UNBELIEVABLY FLOATY WOOD, man. Of course he was going to stay atop the water when he's on Unbelievably Floaty Wood.
>> No. 31168
I wanna see more Elizabello, or hell, just more crazy-ass Grand Line kings in general.

That punch was awesome.

File 136801409229.jpg - (166.83KB , 800x1144 , one-piece-4138159.jpg )
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I got something that might interest ya.
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>> No. 31036
>I love being sharpened by Onii-chan~
>> No. 31037
Am I good steel? Uguu~
>> No. 31038
>Don Chin-Jao's going apeshit!

I don't know why but I laughed

File 136673391499.jpg - (1.56MB , 1700x1230 , 01-02.jpg )
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Holy early chapter Batman!
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>> No. 30946
Yeah but where's he going with all these guys. How long will the chapters be focused on this one segment of the tournament. Nevermind the rest of it or all the plot threads going on outside of the tournament
>> No. 30947
>Yeah but where's he going with all these guys

To the Tenkaichi Budokai zone, where he gets to play with a bunch of new toys with little regard on their future use, beyond potential future cover arcs.
>> No. 30950
I like to think Oda just drew like, dozens of character sketches and then laid them all out for his wife and she just pointed to the ones that would make it in.

File 134032712932.jpg - (118.74KB , 773x1033 , one_piece_500_by_rod_d_ruffy-d3h5qev.jpg )
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Sorry if their is one already, but what do you think of the OP anime? Is the filler worth watching compared to Bleach and Naruto? And fav episoes?
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>> No. 30918
It doesn't have to be.
>> No. 31487
Hey everyone, do yourself a favor and watch episode 602, it's really well done.
>> No. 31516
>tfw Dressrosa will be lazily animated

The coliseum fights could look spectacular but I'm cringing just thinking about all the corners they'll probably cut

I actually watched a small part of it, the first I've actually watched of anime since giving up at Fishman Island.

The one scene I saw was honestly like a perfect summary of why I stopped. It was zoro, kin, sanji and brook running from shinokuni and it was needlessly dragged on and on and on and on with animation loops and repeated dialogue.

I may force myself to watch it from the beginning at some point but that really killed my will to bother trying it again

File 136703499550.png - (237.65KB , 807x1150 , whosthatpokemon.png )
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So, who's behind the door?
One of Dofla's Lolis?
A fairy?

>> No. 30878
I really can't think of it. It can't be the Marines, it can't be somebody from before Punk Hazard, chances of it being Monet or Vergo are just crazy low... who's left that would actually be on the ship? Is it gonna be ANOTHER new person?
>> No. 30881
"No no no.. this simply won't do."

That's all the hint we have so far.
My guess is that it's another "fairy" trying to steal stuff. A cohort of the one Zoro is dealing with.

File 13662000377.png - (182.07KB , 812x1150 , 7e47aa6c9a9574fc5807f96a6ec2a46e.png )
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What's this? Mangapanda was not first?
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>> No. 30720
I just realized that if FIGHTING LION or FIGHTING BULL won... then they would become FIRELION or FIREBULL.

I... I think I want Lucy to lose now.
>> No. 30727
pfft, shame on you for not wanting to see mera mera ricky.

guy is basically Spanish gigantor.
>> No. 30827
Get the Franky Shogun in there, Clash of the Titans!

File 136560958776.jpg - (201.24KB , 800x1175 , one-piece-4044463.jpg )
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No chapter thread yet? You guys are slipping.

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>> No. 30575
Personally I hate it. The entire contrived concept of "This is strong dude. WHOA THIS DUDE BEAT HIM UP, HE IS STRONG DUDE." is only worse with Oda putting a third "WHOAAALY SHIIIIT THIS DUDE BEAT STRONG DUDE! HEEEEEE ISSSSS STRRRRRROOOOOOONG DUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!"
>> No. 30609
From the looks of it, it's more body swapping than tier exchanging.
>> No. 30611
I think that's part of the humor.

File 136580581195.png - (922.64KB , 800x566 , 4b0587e1d8b98203e528d2badfc109e7.png )
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And call me in the morning.
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>> No. 30580
It's also starting some couple hundred eps in. People who've never seen the show or read the manga are going to know they've missed a lot.
For me, I wouldn't watch a show that started so far in. I'm a completionist kind of consumer. I want all of it. Why not start from ep 1, I know FUNi's done it from the beginning.
>> No. 30582
>It will begin with episode 207

Aw, I wanted to watch the whole series with /co/.
>> No. 30583
That was sooner than I thought.

And this thread cam much later than I thought.

File 136498795276.jpg - (188.75KB , 800x1181 , one-piece-4026725.jpg )
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>> No. 30527
Yeah, no. As far as anime and current serialized manga goes, One Piece fandom takes the cake for being the most pants on head insane about their theories and predictions. Go spend a few days in AP forums, then come back and tell me this is normal.

I've had people argue with me about certain possible future plot developments because, according to them, they had been studying every volume cover since the beginning and found "hidden clues" left in them from Oda.
>> No. 30528
Ah Jesus. That's not what I meant. I even considered briefly it could be misconstrued as this and I guess I still misrepresented my point and folks wanna take a bite.
This guy got the gist >>30501
Maybe you're not twisting them with your completely off sided altering of them into a sentence to represent what you think I said, but if that's the case then I just used the wrong words. What I was talking about has nothing to do with critique or positive or negative comments directly or indirectly to an artist, it's the lack of objectivity in art. What's good or bad is this medium most of all is subjective to every individual that consumes it.
To tell an artist to or to say that an artist should change something because you and however many others in agreement don't like it or find it lacking or whatever, or that it should be done another way is where you can fuck off.

Changing someone's expression, in this case Oda's artwork in specific of female characters, even if it offends something good like the cease of unrealistic idealization of women, is just unacceptable. No one has a right to try to do that.

Of fucking course you can say bad things about it, you have all the rights to that. And of fucking course you can't censor comments and critique and only say good things because then you settle and grow comfortable in a form that's inherently weak because you've never faced the wrongs of it. You're getting no upper hand in arguing that stupidly blatant fact.
>> No. 30530
Y'know, maybe if you hadn't responded to someone finding the unnaturally stick-like waists and finding them creepy personally as such you wouldn't be needing to make this post now. What's the point of defending 'art' in such a manner over someone disliking one facet of the series artstyle.

File 13643806691.jpg - (307.58KB , 1200x889 , 10090063_928.jpg )
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There seems to be an error, it says Chapter 702 on the cover page.
It seems that we're having a DBZ style tournament, luffy kicks some guys ass.
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>> No. 30410
He cut Hodi because Hodi was a real threat, but nobody else. He plays with the octopus, half-ignoring him until he's forced to break the guy's toys. He does the same with Monet in slicing her so she can't control herself in fear, which simply doesn't look as amazing since she's the type that can get cut in half and survive from it.
All he's done is end fights quickly because he's bored of them since the timeskip. He's taken NOBODY seriously, Monet's just not an exception to that rule. Hell, the only exception has been in the new movie, where he gets serious against a female swordsman.
>> No. 30411
But that wasn't enough to end the fight with Monet, She was still going for him until Tashigi backstabbed her.
It seems like Tashigi was just there so Zoro didn't have to seriously injure a woman.

And did Oda do the writing for the new movie like how he was deeply involved in Strong World?
>> No. 30412
File 136500571692.png - (245.33KB , 794x456 , Ain_Guns.png )
>>against a female swordsman.
Ain isn't a swordswoman she's a fruit user who happens to use weapons.

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