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File 134564219324.jpg - (176.67KB , 800x1190 , one-piece-3540713.jpg )
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Just take a gander at THIS smug-ass motherfucker. What's he even think he's doing
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>> No. 27512
Does it really matter? This whole thing strikes me as pretty pedantic to be honest.
>> No. 27513
>> No. 27522
But it doesn't particularly matter.

File 129019684435.png - (1.52MB , 1380x1000 , +4chan.png )
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Good evening/day/night/morning.

You may not remember me, but I assure you, that I remember you.
Long ago I posted a thread featuring links to livestream channels that had One Piece marathons.

We stopped advertising our actions here after a while, but now we see it fit that we do it once more, since we managed to verify our channel through some...shady ways.

This thread is dedicated to those weekend marathons with my title cards announcing what the next marathon will feature.
Occasionally we stream a movie of random choise after the main event.

If (read: Once) the channel gets locked down, you may find a new channel link posted at http://twitter.com/CaptainUsopp

Guess I should mention when we do this.
Weekends at Fridays and Saturdays at 7pm EST.
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>> No. 27511
This wouldn't even be the right thread to discuss them, so.
>> No. 27570
File 134644977865.jpg - (665.51KB , 1199x1148 , 4_ Tickly Luffy.jpg )
15 episode long marathon.
Brace your asses.
>> No. 33400

File 134484523780.jpg - (32.46KB , 160x600 , d1e8e9ead43508ea2797406762fc1711.jpg )
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>see this image in the internet

>decides to follow it to see how unrelated it

where the link took me

the video on the front page
Pockie Pirates CG (Full Version)youtube thumb
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>> No. 27423
I love how the kid is obviously Arnold from The Magic School Bus.
"Pirates? I knew I should have stayed home today!"
>> No. 27488
At my old school, we never fought rubber people on a ship!
>> No. 27497
that was the most awkward video I have ever seen

File 134153810021.jpg - (703.79KB , 3375x2250 , QwLFk.jpg )
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I haven't read One Piece in about a year. Around the time of the Timeskip and shortly after Nobeard died.

How much awesome did I miss?
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>> No. 27425
I think kids knew what they were in for re: One Piece by the time Zeff ate his own leg.
>> No. 27426
Hmm let's see the most important things you missed:

Return to Sabaody Archipelago (right after time skip)
-New character designs.
-a little teaser of there new powers

Fishman Island:
-slave politics
-civil rights movement flashback (MLK and malcolm x type figures)
-mermaid princess
-Ancient weapon reveal
-Big Mom reveal

Punk Hazard:
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>> No. 27427

trailer for it iirc spoiled the lily carnation being villainous, but lied by changing its final form. just like the seventh film's trailer spoiled the whole plot but changed how most of it looked

File 13447551782.jpg - (169.88KB , 800x1129 , one-piece-3518969.jpg )
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It's out.
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>> No. 27419

the metaphor's slightly lost in translation, a "stray dog" is a "loose cannon" in japanese. think a guard dog off its leash.
>> No. 27422

But a damn fine cop
>> No. 27424
smoker-kun does have a sort clint eastwood as dirty harry quality

File 134455310968.png - (265.15KB , 1600x902 , monkey_d__luffy_by_rne800-d31sbev.png )
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oooo noooooooo lufi wer ur fais??!!?!!!!
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>> No. 27331
File 134455346357.png - (542.00KB , 894x894 , lolchopr.png )
lol chipr wtf r u doin lol
>> No. 27336
They should call him Choptimus Prime, because HE WANTS YOUR FACE.
>> No. 27341
I leave for a few hours and this is the shit I come back to?

File 134382949774.jpg - (242.77KB , 1200x887 , one-piece-3493035.jpg )
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>putting your disgusting mark over a great color page

oh, also the chapter's pretty good.
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>> No. 27318
Wait, there's a new film Strong-World like?
>> No. 27319
File 134445641738.jpg - (27.51KB , 400x398 , memes-untitled13.jpg )

>> No. 27320
Head over to the Thousand General Thread.

File 134321850386.jpg - (182.75KB , 800x1170 , one-piece-3476951[1].jpg )
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New chapter's out, guys!

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>> No. 27166

It'll be revealed she's in love with him. He literally "took her heart".
>> No. 27172
In that case she kept a pretty straight face when Law was being beaten to the ground.
>> No. 27173

Dude would you keep a straight face if the guy who owned a vital organ and could theoretically kill you at any moment was being attacked?

File 134078956770.jpg - (229.65KB , 800x1176 , s001.jpg )
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Law-beatan, fish-kickan, slime-explodan excitement
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>> No. 26846
File 13412709615.jpg - (15.95KB , 200x303 , werewolf-3.jpg )
You don't even want to know how many razors they go through.
>> No. 26847
>Zoro stated he always wanted a fire sword
>See's the samurai's sword
>is suddenly interested

Fight coming up
>> No. 26861
So it's curse sword

Heavy sword

Kuina's sword...

He's not gonna give up on any sword till it's busted.

File 134032700640.jpg - (550.31KB , 850x573 , One_Piece_by_Muu_cow.jpg )
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Sorry if their is one already, but what do you think of the OP anime? Is the filler worth watching compared to Bleach and Naruto? And fav episoes?
>> No. 26707
Sorry for accidentally making two of these threads. Someone please delete this one.
>> No. 26708
Just check the little box next to the topic title

scroll to the bottom of the page

click delete

if that doesn't work, wait for mod intervention.

File 133967858782.jpg - (90.92KB , 1024x768 , Posters.jpg )
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remember how in the first part of one piece there was a substancial notariety built up arround characters before you even saw them?

zoro, buggy, krieg, arlong, baroque works

after a while oda just stoppd :(

nowadays the best we get is oda reuses background characters and then pretends he planned it all along
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>> No. 26692
No, NO we do NOT want a talking baby more than the Franky we have and love.
>> No. 26693
No no, the "tiny Fishman" he was talking about is the talking baby. Although, oddly enough -- and if my memory serves -- I think he was meant to be a shipwright along with the old man, too. So either they were two completely different ideas he had for one character, or at some point the Sunny was gonna have two shipwrights.

And Chopper looked more like an inebriated mule than a reindeer.
>> No. 26694
I'm with this guy.

File 133901303160.jpg - (730.61KB , 1280x720 , KumadorI.jpg )
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I had a dream about One Piece last night.

Franky was piloting the Going Merry in oddly calm waters at night, (yeah yeah, it's a dream, it's not really good at continuity,) and he slowly pulls up to a boat run by like twenty Kumadoris in various outfits, all droning on about inane shit.
"Wheeeerrrees iiissss the roooooopee for theeeee lifeboooaattts?"
"IIIIIII maddeeee guuuumboooo, eveerryyooone!"
"I donnn't like gumboooo, can I haavvve, canI havee"
"Who leeeeft thiiiis on the deeeeck!"
And then they all get fed up at their failure, and go 'I MUST COMMIT SEPPUKU!" and then block their attacks like in the show, and the whole thing starts over.
The dream went on to other stuff involving Kamen Rider, but the point is... I want to believe, somewhere on the Grand Line, that thing exists. Just, a boat of twenty Kumadoris going nowhere, all in a cycle of stupidity. No one knows where it came from, no one knows what would happen if it ever left its location, it's just there.
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>> No. 26674
This dream means there's great suffering in your future.
>> No. 26686
File 134005672754.jpg - (22.59KB , 300x204 , 214-mediumAuntWu.jpg )

Much of it self-inflicted.
>> No. 26687
File 134006026464.png - (468.15KB , 1280x720 , Op2.png )
What the bloody hell do you think you're doing? Go back to your own board, old woman. There can only be one.

File 133958577029.jpg - (216.94KB , 794x1150 , 1339584790790.jpg )
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Every freaking time Oda, cliffhanger then break! Well at least we got more stuff to stew over for a week.
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>> No. 26625
it was lucci.

Though I'm going by the anime, I'm sure they checked with Oda, who has influence on important characters, to make sure the voice fit the scene.
>> No. 26626
Those are clearly Rob Lucci's eyes.
>> No. 26627
>Looks like Luffy's resistant to poison, but not immune
Feels like saying that here we have an antagonist who is not only a Logia but a gas user. Poison is just one posible effect of gas because, well, there are fucking lots of diferents gas. Feel like this is a sleeping gas kind. That's some of the reasons his powers are superior to Magellan

File 13396440532.png - (217.39KB , 400x400 , LOAFFY.png )
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Prepare yourselves, for...
Monkey D. Loaffy!
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>> No. 26580
.. whu?
>> No. 26584
>> No. 26594
File 133967587411.jpg - (248.24KB , 1280x855 , whitebread.jpg )
B-b-but Whitebread...

File 133898043853.jpg - (187.86KB , 800x1165 , Frobin Confirmed.jpg )
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Fine. Hmph.
Tashigi fanservice when Smoshigi is fighting Luffy is delicious.
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>> No. 26528
Not to mention, Roger's son. That instantly bumps you up a good amount of zeros.
>> No. 26547

If you remember Rockstar, the case seems to be different for yonkou. Rockstar was a newbie on Shanks's crew, and the gubbermint gave him a hundred million beri bounty because of it (and from the looks of it, he wasn't anything special beforehand).

Also, see >>26528
>> No. 26551

Judging by the way he acts and what we know about him, I wouldn't be surprised if Rockstar really did earn his 90 mil the hard way before he joined Shanks. His attitude just reminds me way too much of the people that wanted to join the Strawhats back at Sabaody. Unfortunately for him, we all know now 100 mil is pretty much the absolute minimum for having a yonkou even begin to give a shit about maybe paying attention to the small talk of some of his scrubbier crewmembers are having about you.

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