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File 138543277287.png - (425.44KB , 640x480 , Higuma_Mocks_Shanks.png )
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Was Shank's philosophy bullshit?
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>> No. 32360
>a heart felt reunion
>they are going to fight

It'll be both.
>> No. 32361
>Luffy tears off Shank's other arm
>holds the bloody limb above him in victory
>afterwards gives him a one sided hug
>> No. 32362
File 138565376094.jpg - (25.32KB , 730x482 , cxvxv.jpg )

File 138434664263.png - (177.61KB , 813x1150 , 01.png )
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Guys guys guys!
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>> No. 32260
There's that word again. I thought you had agreed to fuck off after >>32250
>> No. 32261
Psst, I'm pretty sure they're joking.
>> No. 32262
That guy wasn't me sir. Like I said, I'm done with that.

File 138373505088.jpg - (177.30KB , 800x1188 , one-piece-4552601.jpg )
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http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/727/3 till better translation

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>> No. 32188
It mainly happened after all those huge blackouts we had a while back. Remember when the site was down for almost like a month? And it didn't happen once, either.

This site is pretty irregular and that's driven a lot of people away.
>> No. 32190
>> No. 32191
I'm making that the new chapter op, sweet jesus

File 138306358075.jpg - (223.86KB , 1200x865 , one-piece-4536693.jpg )
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oh my god what a cute color spread
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>> No. 32161
I like how lil Sanji has a cig in his mouth too

Now what kind of example is that for the children, Oda?!
>> No. 32162
The example is to start early, so when you're in your teens you're rocking the cool stage of cigarettes.
>> No. 32181
Sanji started smoking early because he wanted to appear adult.

File 134730025519.jpg - (197.29KB , 1920x1080 , The_New_Blackbeard_Pirates.jpg )
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ITT: Villains/Antagonists you enjoy

Well with the way certain serials once considered peers of equal quality to One Piece have been handling their ultimate villains rather poorly, let's have a thread to appreciate how interesting, vulnerable, brilliant, fun and creative Oda's bad guys are.

Case in point, Blackbeard, who not only dares to be hideous in a genre saturated by pretty boy demoniacs but is surprisingly not ridiculously overpowered, having to exert actual effort and cunning in his plans.
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>> No. 31613
They should have reembered, NO ONE DIES IN ONE PIECE (that isn't a flashback)

Turns out Whitebeard and Ace faked their deaths, for reasons. "Magma beats Fire" Haha...
>> No. 31885
Now we know what his deal is more
>> No. 31888
they're just chilling on Raftel with Sabo, Tom, Bell-mere, Kuina, Dr. Kureha, Olivia and non-ghost Pell

File 131468507389.jpg - (42.16KB , 450x383 , Robin320.jpg )
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Girls of One Piece thread! Post your favorites, any and all are welcome!
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>> No. 31774
File 137882182056.jpg - (172.44KB , 1024x1280 , i_want_to_save_soldier_san_this_time__by_sogequeen.jpg )
>> No. 31954
File 138130933834.jpg - (1.54MB , 3465x2720 , Nico Robin Final Form.jpg )
>> No. 32152
File 138350796812.jpg - (118.05KB , 1024x559 , rebecca_one_piece__finished__by_pureadimelograno-d.jpg )

File 138220844262.jpg - (59.00KB , 385x324 , one-piece-3725053.jpg )
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Ok who the hell is this? I don't remember anyone looking like this being revealed and he isn't on the wiki anywhere that I can find. Is this a shoop or am I missing something? My buddy said the text says something about akainu, but I have no idea. Thoughts?
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>> No. 32072
Didn't know that part of the wiki even existed!

The original picture was more One Piece look alikes, I just cropped that part out. Couldn't find anything based on the original, so I figured it was fake.
>> No. 32073

Oh my god has it really been more than 4 years since Luffyko. What the fuck
>> No. 32112
Think about how long its been since the series has started.

And unlike its peers Naruto or Bleach it doesn't seem anywhere close to ending.

File 138193081765.jpg - (92.30KB , 800x1172 , one-piece-4515551.jpg )
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http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/725/3 until a good translation is out

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>> No. 32088
Youre retarded___________
>> No. 32089
I'm purposely not reading whatever is causing this freakout in the thread and its just getting me more hyped for a scan

but all this is gonna do is make me even more depressed on break weeks
>> No. 32090

It's pretty much absolutely nothing at all. People are just being weird for some reason.

File 129053256181.jpg - (290.69KB , 900x1350 , pirate_empress_by_mayo_chan-d33dicx.jpg )
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Found this girl on DA, and didnt find a one piece cosplay thread. She's apparently a eurocosplay finalist or some such. I kinda can see why.
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>> No. 31830


Her tits are huge, which makes her waist look skinnier in proportion.

But she doesn't look unhealthy.
>> No. 31893
File 13807467231.jpg - (335.78KB , 800x1200 , nami_punches_fem_luffy_by_firecloak-d6mq235.jpg )
>> No. 32065
File 138223985422.jpg - (865.35KB , 2000x3000 , 119.jpg )

File 138124823629.jpg - (1.66MB , 2174x1400 , 001_002_003.jpg )
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Two color spreads this time. The first one is really fun and pretty, and really different from what Oda usually does. I like it a lot. (Plus this chapter was pretty great.)
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>> No. 32013

>How is Garp an abusive maniac?

He literally abandoned Luffy to die in at least 3 circumstances (tossed in a ravine, tossed in a jungle, floated him away) just to toughen him up. It worked but generally doing things like this is looked down upon and liable to get you arrested in real life.
>> No. 32014
I don't think you fully grasp the concept of shonen, bra. That's angelic by other standards
>> No. 32021
You mean Garp raped Luffy constantly? Could be possible.
If so, then he must have loved when Luffy ate the gomu gomu. All that stretching man.

File 138073283494.png - (193.92KB , 783x1150 , 01.png )
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>Doing something

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>> No. 31939
and Sanji will have magma powered kicks while wearing a dress since he's accepted his inner okama
>> No. 31940
I just want this arc to end so we can get on to what's really important: more Buggy.
>> No. 31952
I agree. I've loved Buggy's rise as a joke villain to a competent power. I really hope he gets to keep his crew...

And maybe also learn some new moves.

File 138019762089.png - (200.69KB , 470x695 , speakers.png )
31867 No. 31867 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Brook is still the best.
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>> No. 31879
This board moves at a snail's pace. Why not individual chapters?
The amount of comments depends entirely on the content of said chapters. Shit happened in this one, so shit is going to be discussed.
>> No. 31881
Come to think of it, where the hell are Pica and Trebol? We know Diamante's at the Colosseum, but the other two are currently total wild cards.
>> No. 31882
One of them is underground turning people into toys. Probably Trebol.

File 137988386468.jpg - (296.28KB , 1500x843 , tony_tony_chopper_by_jazzcast-d4se0ws.jpg )
31834 No. 31834 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Man, what's a guy gotta do to get a "The Fifth" chapter up in here? Usually with guys like Nami or Usopp you at least got a sense of what was coming, but Chopper's just... man, what are we gonna do with him? Acknowledge his humanity? Be cool being a reindeer? I can't think of a Character Arc for the little guy.
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>> No. 31861
Well its not like anything HUGE and widely speculated upon was revealed. Love that Cavendish too.
>> No. 31862
Ho-ray for multi faceted characters with personal agendas.
>> No. 31863
Well I tried making a thread for the new chapter, but this glitching shit site didn't feel like posting it. So here we are.

File 137881863458.jpg - (172.24KB , 800x1189 , one-piece-4446471.jpg )
31771 No. 31771 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

Aw, just as I was starting to warm up to Becky4nakama. Oh well, maybe next time.
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>> No. 31817
It's been said multiple times over the last few chapters that the man cooks people up hasn't it?
>> No. 31818

No. Never.
>> No. 31832
They mentioned him taking fingers once, but that was because he's a mafia don, not a cannibal.

File 137829351322.jpg - (179.30KB , 800x1142 , lel.jpg )
31747 No. 31747 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Looks like a side of Barto we haven't seen before.
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>> No. 31762
I am really surprised that Barto is a fan of Lufy. I did not see that coming at all.

I am actually excited to see what happens now, this is getting pretty good.
>> No. 31763
Great chapter. The Bartolomeo stuff was gold.
>> No. 31766

Yup. The powermanga one released thursday around 9:30 pm. A little too late for must, but in my case I'm willing to wait, the way I see it it's worthed.

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