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File 139163328252.jpg - (444.08KB , 801x1150 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 32867
We already had a thread, you could have posted there
>> No. 32872
I didn't see it at all and when I DID see it, the board wouldn't let me delete this

File 13904040372.png - (74.27KB , 462x447 , Pink.png )
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Chapter 735 - Fujitora's Objective
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>> No. 32811
That looks more like a sash or coat tail.
>> No. 32812
So slightly on the off-topic, but in the start of this arc where they reveal the alliances and Doflamingos resigning, they mention a journalist called "Absa" has gotten a lot of scoops lately. Absalom from Thriller Bark? His Devil Fruit would suit nicely for a journalis. Is this old news already?
>> No. 32813
It's confirmed it is him, you can see his ship escaping Kidd's hideout when Kidd yells about someone breaking the story

File 128778048260.jpg - (177.43KB , 636x900 , 13983631.jpg )
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File 136719475049.jpg - (135.10KB , 844x1047 , img_1299424822_48.jpg )
>> No. 31643
Is genderswapping OP characters still a thing or was it a fad that hit a highpoint when Oda did it himself
>> No. 32717
File 13897083611.gif - (129.10KB , 1024x768 , 1389707734522.gif )

File 134192712945.jpg - (177.13KB , 800x1127 , one-piece-3442075.jpg )
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More set-up and speculations. Oooh~

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>> No. 27116
Yeah, that took me by surprise but it had to be done. For 1.They couldn't let Usopp back into the crew just like that after the fight him and Luffy had. That would be just bad, spapy writing. And 2. someone had to step up to the plate and tell Luffy what's what when it comes to being the captain of a crew. It's a good thing it was Zoro, who's second-in-command.
>> No. 32759
>bumping thread from 2012

>> No. 32760
There's a spambot going around the boards. Deleting spam doesn't result in unbumped threads, hence the random bumps.

File 138979778753.png - (136.97KB , 808x1150 , 01.png )
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Finally, the first chapter of the year. It's good to be back.
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>> No. 32755
I can't find exact information but I hear SJ is on break for up to 3 weeks

Please no
>> No. 32756
Are you talking about the three week break that just ended?
>> No. 32757

WSJ (and all the other weekly publications) skips two weeks around the new year for holiday purposes. These are the so-called 'double issues', so called for reasons that are too inane and stupid to bother relating.

However, because these issues are already produced and shipped to retail locations, and the raws for our scanlations come from stores that break the street date and sell them early, we actually get scanlations before the magazine hits shelves in Japan. And for this New Years break, that means that when we get chapters has little to do with when they actually ship in Japan. We might get the next chapter insanely early, in which case it is a three week wait, or we might get them somewhere in the middle, in which case it's a week on either side. The point is, there's going to be two weeks without a chapter around this time of year.

I think that time has already passed, but to be honest I'm not completely sure.

File 138797854098.jpg - (206.23KB , 1200x875 , one-piece-4658317.jpg )
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Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

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>> No. 32722
File 138977089216.png?spoiler - (263.61KB , 850x1400 , what.png?spoiler )

Looks like you're actually wrong hue hue hue


What's even the point of posting this when the chapter will be out it a few hours. Eh, who cares.
>> No. 32723
File 138977107245.png?spoiler - (253.29KB , 850x1400 , actual what.png?spoiler )

What that wasn't the picture I saved. Fucking china website making me look bad.
>> No. 32729
But it turns out you were wrong, does that mean you need to eat your own balls?

File 128620890646.png - (80.64KB , 506x500 , 0d6d8a25b973bf0cf1ff3e09d7936b1a.png )
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Crossover/combo thread?
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>> No. 31925
File 138104159198.jpg - (138.31KB , 900x567 , one_piece_bleach_crossover_by_caiburtonsart-d54p4y.jpg )
>> No. 32369
File 138588670959.jpg - (392.10KB , 876x2863 , 1385879163609.jpg )
>> No. 32670
I wish there was a picture of Guybrush Threepwood drawn Oda-style

File 138728557573.jpg - (189.68KB , 800x1163 , one-piece-4641409.jpg )
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Reverend Horton Heat - Big Dwarf Rodeoyoutube thumb

Reverend Horton Heat- Big Little Babyyoutube thumb

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>> No. 32583
The "highest executive" would be Doflamingo; that's just a shitty mangapanda translation. The other subs list him as a commander, same rank as Lao G and Dellinger and all the rest under the main three.
>> No. 32584

Close but still wrong. Vergo is the exact same as the suit seats. If I did the translation, the titles would be:

Chief Executive Officer Doflamingo
Executive Officers Vergo, Pica, Diamante, Trebol
Officers Monet, Gladius, etc.

The soldiers would be the mooks that hang out with the officers. I guess people like Bellamy wouldn't even get the Soldier rank and would just be "dudes working for Doflamingo."
>> No. 32588
It should be noted I guess that of course Vergo's a top commander, he was Doflamingo's oldest comrade. He just doesn't get a card suit because he's, you know, undercover.

File 138671669676.png - (847.40KB , 718x799 , he's totally dead.png )
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Did you really think this ending wouldn't happen? Be honest now.
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>> No. 32503
File 138706489667.jpg - (420.76KB , 949x1500 , bonqueen.jpg )
>> No. 32581
I still ask, why does Luffy think Buggy is dead?
>> No. 32582
And I still ask you: What exactly lead you to believe this?

File 138747842990.jpg - (5.04KB , 343x147 , index.jpg )
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A thread where we post things which inspired stuff in One Piece.

The LAR Grizzly Magnum for example.
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>> No. 32554
luffy's attacks are based on firearms, his new more powerful attacks seem to be based on exact things rather than vague ones like "pistol"

I can't wait for Gomu Gomu No ICBM.

Hell yeah it is, it's got a real nice flavor to it that you can find in some of One Piece's beats.
>> No. 32555
The best examples are the admirals

Oda has good taste in classy actors
>> No. 32556
The West in general.

File 138670256482.jpg - (146.17KB , 842x1296 , 0001.jpg )
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Remember, if you wait for higher quality releases you're autistic!
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>> No. 32448
holy shirt i like bart more every time i see him
>> No. 32490
Maybe he has an Australian accent?
>> No. 32491
>I might delete it if a better scan comes

The mangastream scan has been out for over a day, just delete the thread

File 129290990270.jpg - (108.62KB , 500x724 , 4881f587889a8e7b1f8e0a773e1d3069afdad3ee.jpg )
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Nami thread
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>> No. 32150
Nami is the reincarnation of Portgas D. Rouge, as Luffy is the reincarnation of Gol D. Roger!.

HAHAHAHAaaah-no but imagine if that were true the shippers would go absolutely nuts
>> No. 32159
File 138363711914.png - (350.84KB , 800x450 , 1383621249750.png )
santa hat threads are enjoyable
>> No. 32457
File 138672333083.jpg - (103.28KB , 600x849 , Nami_by_bayanghitam.jpg )

File 138610147420.jpg - (122.07KB , 724x552 , fujiwuji.jpg )
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10/10 chapter. This is shaping up to be one of the best arcs yet.
Better translation will be posted when it's out, so deal with this for now.
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>> No. 32437
Oh! I also forgot to mention how I love that the island they are fighting on is a western themed one, down to all the inhabitants being cowboys.
>> No. 32438
the 731 raw is out and i dont know what the FUCK theyre saying but everyone is saying 萨博 in the comments which I know (thanks to google) is "Saab" in Chinese or Sabo and Im?????????

>> No. 32439
well right now, he just got away on a flying chunk of land with fodlamingo, who I guess is levitating via his strings.

File 13849412704.png - (184.73KB , 750x536 , 037548488484.png )
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shit just got real
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>> No. 32339

Get a name.
>> No. 32340
>I have every right to dismiss comments that don't follow where I want the conversation to go.

Then enjoy talking to yourself.
>> No. 32341
Again, no one said there aren't other gay characters, its just you wouldn't know because Oda DOESN'T DO ROMANCE and the only characters who have romance be a part of them are jokes like boa and sanji

There are hundreds of gimmicky characters in OP with certain gags, the okamas just happen to be one of them and part of their gimmick is this implied sexuality. That's it. There's no hidden agenda, he probably watched rocky horror picture show and thought he'd like some characters like them.

File 138163651014.jpg - (37.46KB , 704x400 , Franky-one-piece-11076359-704-400.jpg )
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Is anyone else keeping up with the dub?

It's hard to believe that it's taken over 5 years to get from Skypeia to Enies lobby, but there's a huge sense of satisfaction out of finally watching the arc come to a close.

And I still can't believe the dubbed the recap episodes.
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>> No. 32348
I actually really like the way they have Zoro voice lines while using his third sword like he's actually holding something in his mouth

It adds a certain comedic value when he's delivering his Coolguy One Liners through a mouthful of cotton
>> No. 32363
English Kaku is THE GREATEST.

One Piece: Giraffes are Awesom…youtube thumb
>> No. 32364
Their Iceberg is really fucking weird. And, uh.. effeminate.
I'm glad they're having fun dubbing this and putting in their own flavors

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