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File 136391491019.png - (462.61KB , 550x720 , whitey-bay-is-vivi-mom-questionmark.png )
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i know no one gives a flying fuck about one piece over here but

i think theres somethin goin on here i dont know about you guys but that kinda looks like whitey bay could turn out to be vivi'smom or some shit? maybe thats why igaram had that nightmare and now oda's doing retroactive hints?

vivi for return crew 2014 gop
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>> No. 30334
technically vivi never wore it, she was imagined wearing it. ;-[
>> No. 30335
>I'm not saying it HAS to be vivi-mom

But you want her to be, oh so badly.
>> No. 30341
My list of vivi-based wants and desires goes from here to the moon.

File 136369934824.jpg - (188.17KB , 800x1182 , one-piece-3986749.jpg )
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Man, you guys and your overactive imaginations. He was just under the weather a bit.
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>> No. 30316
Ahh, I redact my erroneous statements.
>> No. 30317
Because his name is not Frank.
>> No. 30336
>How would people feel about that?

I would feel it was unnecessary.

File 136363209543.gif - (1.89MB , 512x512 , 1330614437876.gif )
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http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2013/03/18/jump-finds-no-piece-with-eiichiro-odas-sudden-illness/ i thought it was odd there was no piece of one last week
>> No. 30279
It's as if you didn't even read the previous thread.
>> No. 30280
should of been a new topic

File 136071531423.png - (317.67KB , 888x760 , kIZARUHANDSOMNE.png )
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I am handsome Admiral!!!!
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>> No. 30198
Yeah, we certainly don't need threads here!
Nope, only rarely updated ones for sexy pics and then one for each chapter. HurrrrrQuit shitposting.
>> No. 30199
>Fried Fishman
>lecturing about shitposting

>> No. 30200
Step to MY level, faggots. Also, I wasn't here.

File 136006159052.jpg - (436.00KB , 1920x1080 , 1356605127508.jpg )
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>> No. 30186
He's Garp's disciple

One Piece COBY Post Timeskip: BEAST!youtube thumb
>> No. 30189
Can we count that though? It's from episode of Luffy
>> No. 30190
I see no reason to think it will clash with Coby's displayed abilities after the timeskip.

If he was a woman like Tashigi that would be different...
but no with the growth he's shown before, going from his start of series geek to what he became at Water7, now with a few more years of training and learning to use his awakened Haki I can see him being able to smash the shit out of huge inanimate objects easily enough,

Thats hardly a rare feat amongst the halfway decent strong brawlers at this point in the series

File 135993451014.jpg - (267.26KB , 800x667 , acc0ebf2afd8be0aae9a9a4b8df5c935.jpg )
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Are these characters from One Piece?
I can't tell.
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>> No. 30146
He had a main role in Enies Lobby though.

He burned down the world government flag, took down countless mooks from a distance that ridiculed rifles, persuaded the giants.

And not to mention he was a katana.

Enies Lobby was a really good saga for Usopp.
>> No. 30147

Yeah but since he didn't beat a CP9 that means he's a useless load that's just taking up space. <-What fair-weather Usopp fans actually said.
>> No. 30153
Plus there was the whole thing between him and Luffy and rejoining the crew for good post-Enies Lobby. Just because he doesn't get fights doesn't mean he can't contribute to the story. This isn't DBZ where we all just wait around for the next bad guy.

File 135986805528.jpg - (12.06KB , 300x168 , dafuq_why4chan_why.jpg )
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its seems weird that there aren't many perverts on these threads saying stuff like " the feels when you know you cant ever cum inside Nico Robin" . unlike the My Little Pony threads...which is mostly stuff like that..i find that rather odd.
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>> No. 30100

whaddya mean which form

>> No. 30108
I want to be the gangbanged by Brook and the Rumba pirates. I want each and every member of the crew to use me until they all pass out in turn, until at the very end, Brook narrates:
"What's wrong? Now this is just a quartet... trio... duet... solo. Why? Leaving only the accompaniment..."
only to pass out himself, finally drained of his seed and his stamina.
>> No. 30111
>tfw I poisoned my orifices

File 13595486811.jpg - (146.16KB , 800x1108 , one-piece-3875295.jpg )
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Hey listen!
>More party
>Tears of farewell
>Doflamingo is pissed at Law

Be prepared for mangastream link when available.
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>> No. 30061
all I know is that this means possibly seeing time skip buggy along with Mr.3 and alvida.

it's all good.
>> No. 30062
all I know is that this means possibly seeing time skip buggy along with Mr.3 and alvida.

it's all good.
>> No. 30063
No, it's because Dressrosa IS most likely his main base of operations that he won't be allowed to show his face there again. It means the WG is fully aware that's where he lurks and operates from. I also really fucking doubt they don't know about his SMILEs operation; they've just turned the other way because he's a Warlord. They came down hard on Crocodile for his Dance Powder fiasco, but Doflamingo holds a lot more clout outside and inside of the WG.

But if he quits, he goes back to being a regular scumbag pirate, and they have no reason to hold back in locking his ass in Impel Down.

File 135893096486.jpg - (154.77KB , 800x1196 , one-piece-3858239.jpg )
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Lines drawn in the sand, godmodding bitch doctors, and one more Yonko to add to the pissed-off list.
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>> No. 30021
That's what you get for trying to reason with these pathetic plebeian fangirls.
>> No. 30022
I'm sorry, but you sacrificed the right to have your opinion taken seriously by whining about it so constantly. Thanks for playing.
>> No. 30023
I have some bad news for you...

File 134697337628.jpg - (80.92KB , 1024x768 , 2231230a.jpg )
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Yo /op/

can we have a merchandise thread?

also does anyone know the good places to order these things online? I'm going crazy trying to find a good distributor. Cause I mean look at this chopper. dang.
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>> No. 27828
>> No. 28010
>> No. 30009
thread resurrection

I just won an auction on ebay for 8 cheap shichibukai figures, including Crocodile and Blackbeard, and I'll try to post them when they arrive

File 135888296694.jpg - (47.00KB , 493x720 , 487134_458845377497473_421135757_n.jpg )
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So, will anyone actually subscribe to Shonen Jump Alpha now that they're supposedly in sync with Weekly Shonen Jump releases and the translations are done by what I assume are professionals?

Here's last week's cover story translated by them. Can't say I like the font but I like being able to understand it. Also, I feel the need to point out I'm not knocking manga panda or whoever because I've relied on them for a while now but I think being able to show we support Oda and his work and actually getting fresh chapters same day as Japan is huge.

What say you?
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>> No. 29973
I haven't seen ads for a long time kid.
>> No. 29974
You should be knocking mangapanda, they are really shitty, not only are the scanlations poor but they are really obnoxious with the way they mark their scans
>> No. 29980
irrelevant, mangapanda still is clearly doing it for profit

File 135834019514.jpg - (792.81KB , 500x8112 , Good lord.jpg )
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It's out, who knew Usopp and Nami could be so useful?
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>> No. 29908
File 135861884953.jpg - (61.93KB , 502x484 , wan piss 695 high res.jpg )
so this looks pretty cut and dry
>> No. 29915
That actually looks like he's using binoculars. I still think it'll be someone new.
>> No. 29919
>implying that blood relation matters to BROTHERS in shounen manga/anime.
I don't know if it's a D. thing.

File 135661903847.jpg - (157.80KB , 800x1162 , 694.jpg )
29607 No. 29607 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I knew it, I knew it all along about the heart.
Doflamingo is headed to punk hazard and shit's about to go down.
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>> No. 29821

I googled Gildarts, and am greeted with Shanks wearing Kamina's cape and Nia's pauldrons. Fantastic.

An example I'm always keen to point out is that Fairy Tail introduced a female villain (who bore a striking resemblance to Califa) who could turn people to stone just a few weeks after Boa was introduced in One Piece. I mean.. its not a unique or original ability but.. thats a little ON THE NOSE..
>> No. 29822
Yeah yeah Fairy Tail is store brand OP we've all heard it before.

New chapter tomorrow? Yes, right?
>> No. 29823
there is not a single doubt in my mind
there are several doubts in my mind

File 132660740687.jpg - (596.23KB , 1280x800 , Usopp001.jpg )
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I have often dreamed
Of a far-off place
Where a hero's welcome
Will be waiting for me
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>> No. 23366
File 132668973577.jpg - (104.43KB , 500x375 , 150022428_78ed53a8ed.jpg )
If you don't stop that stupid singing..
>> No. 23369
File 132670000542.jpg - (452.03KB , 945x2689 , UsoDistance.jpg )
This was awesome. I screencapped it for future reference.
>> No. 23370
File 132670047194.jpg - (1.02MB , 505x4670 , IJustCantWaitToBePirateKing.jpg )
Glad you liked it.

Here are a couple others I made a while back.


File 135135229186.gif - (675.01KB , 500x308 , tumblr_m06gp6Jphl1r0e55fo2_500.gif )
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None Piece - Episode 1youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 2youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 3youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 4youtube thumb
None Piece - Episode 5youtube thumb

So None Piece. Greatest One Piece Abridged series by default?
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>> No. 29598
I thought the stuff where the dog fucked up the recording was funny.
>> No. 29599
>its kind of shit.
I think that's the point.
>> No. 29677
Indeed though I personally don't enjoy spite-motivated works, especially when the actual episode was so good.

I'd rather he put the time into the next 'proper' episode.

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