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File 137768521687.png - (182.93KB , 810x1150 , 01.png )
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Oh God this is one funny chapter.
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>> No. 31740
>Dirty Don
That's perfect.
>> No. 31741
It was both hilarious and emotive.

>not waiting for the clearly superior scan and translation
Don't do that to yourselves
>> No. 31742

Wow I've been so busy I forgot about One Piece. Does powermanga release on thursdays or is it just he old /op/ slowness?

File 13769202699.jpg - (6.49KB , 201x186 , untitled.jpg )
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It's out early, but poorly translated: http://www.mangapanda.com/103/one-piece.html

Sigh, nothing really happens....
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>> No. 31724

I wonder if Robin is going to be disappointed about getting a spoiler about the Void Century.
>> No. 31725
Hah, Robin isn't Luffy, she's much more concerned with actually gathering info on a subject
>> No. 31727
You forgot to mention, mangarule also had superior scan quality. The double pages were properly huge and all.
Powermanga also has this so I'm happy.

File 13758810856.jpg - (1.84MB , 2330x1400 , 00.jpg )
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Haha, I'd rather be anywhere but the colosseum, I said.
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>> No. 31699
File 137658100856.jpg - (109.89KB , 600x703 , loeg1_002_invisibleshag.jpg )
Absalom is creepy, he's like Sanji but less white-knighty and more rapey.
>> No. 31700
So, is Oda hinting at a special meaning behind Law's tattoos here? hmmmm
>> No. 31701
Probably just the whole "Heart Seat" deal he had going on with Doflamingo.

File 137547785995.jpg - (203.50KB , 1039x583 , PVJScreenshot.jpg )
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Surprised there's been no thread for this yet. Even though there's just Luffy in the game.

J-Stars Victory Vs Trailer 2 (…youtube thumb

Even though it has a very low chance of coming Stateside, we can still import it thanks to no region lock on the PS3.
>> No. 31632
Look cool but like you said its unlikely to leave Japan
>> No. 31642
File 137569608839.jpg - (121.94KB , 500x779 , Jump+Ultimate+Stars+jump_ultimate_stars_bonusw.jpg )
Unlike Jump Ultimate Stars no one will be able to just make a translation patch.
I wonder what the full cast of this new game will be like.
>> No. 31685

Yeah but really, why do you need a translation patch? There's probably gonna be some banter between the characters, but it's not like it's an RPG or anything too text heavy.

File 137525343416.jpg - (16.91KB , 243x143 , hoo.jpg )
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Boring as horse piss. You have been warned.

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>> No. 31662
No. I'm just gonna fuck off. I've had to remember to check here recently, let's just let it drift out of thought. Pretty much nothing good going on here. Between this shit of a board and just not talking about One Piece again I'll go back the way it was.

'Sall yours now, you insufferable cunt. Enjoy.
>> No. 31663
Oh jeez. I didn't mean to make the kid cry. Didn't think I meant that much to him. ; ___ ;

I give him a week.
>> No. 31664
While I don't support you in your mocking I do hope he stays away.
When people do the whole - "I'M LEAVING FOREVER! FUCK YOU GUYS" thing.... then come back soon after - its pretty distasteful.

File 137211827429.png - (864.70KB , 477x700 , Fight!.png )
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Ok. We all know that Oda has been experiencing health problems recently and most of it can be attributed to his Hellish work schedule. In fact, the last break was due to his editors wanting him to slow down.

So I ask for the sake of Oda's health and the sake of the manga as a whole would it be better if One Piece was a Biweekly or Monthly series?
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>> No. 31545
Yeah Oda should just do biweekly or monthly or something.

Also Jesus kids calm down, why can't we go back to the good old days of fighting over fan predictions and altverses....
>> No. 31546
Ehh, going biweekly or monthly wouldn't change who he is and his bad habits. It feels like that wouldn't actually help anything: he'd probably up his page count to compensate, and he wouldn't stop smoking or drinking or working way too long every day. It wouldn't be worse for us, but... nothing would really change.
>> No. 31650
The general thread seems to be in autosage, to beefficient maybe we should use this thread as both a general and to discuss if OP should be wwekly or monthly?

File 132795680842.jpg - (78.55KB , 458x677 , Toriyamaluffy.jpg )
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What if One Piece was written and drawn by Akira Toriyama?

Conversely, what if Dragonball (and it's sequels) were written and drawn by Oda?
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>> No. 30925
Oda is a major dragonball fanboy. I wonder what it would be like if you could get him to draw the cast in his own style...

I'm thinking the original human fighters and some supporting characters, goku, gohan, piccolo... more focusing on the earlier people.
I mean if Oda really had made Db/z like he does One Piece its those original and supporting characters that would benefit the most.
>> No. 30934
File 136710996941.jpg - (36.04KB , 375x500 , ap20080528105329811jpgal3.jpg )
I'M GONNA BE THE KING OF... of... Saiyans? No wait thats more Vegeta's deal.... hurm....
>> No. 31646
File 137569696781.png - (1.45MB , 1300x2300 , bocodamondo_super-saiyan-god.png )
I wonder what lame-ass no-effort-made powerup Luffy would get in the new cash-in movie made after all those years would be. (Seriously Battle of Gods/Super Saiyan God is all just so lame)

File 137192023496.png - (774.70KB , 1270x716 , Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 12_56_37 AM.png )
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With a protagonist who is arguably the most modern example of a "classic" folk hero (one not necessarily good or noble but capable of sublime feats and drive), One Piece is shaping up to display a wide spectrum of moral alignments, choices and consequences. Where ruthless prison guards in Nazi regalia genuinely wish to protect the innocent from the world's worst criminals and where the smiling, dashing rogue can turn venomous and destructive if his/her quirks are taxed the wrong way.

Do you think there will be a final thesis as to what this miasma of ethics and scruples all means or is the ultimate answer simply going to be, "It's really goddamn complicated?"

Can true heroes exist, what of justice, order, freedom, and peace? In a world of mutants, misfits and madmen is perfection feasible?
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>> No. 31375
I have no idea what this thread is even about. Why are people.. not what they appear to be? Why are people mean?

I don't even know what's going on anymore around here.
>> No. 31378
>> No. 31641
I found Luffy a bit wierd in Movie Z.

Pirates are not heroes, yes that makes sense.... but Z was planning on blowing up the Grandline.... which would kill a bunch of Luffy's pals... normally that is something he takes offence to on a personal level

((Really, did no one else find this a bit "off"? It seemed like they disregarded his normal reaction in order to play up Z as such a worthy person))

File 13732100034.png - (342.05KB , 666x357 , 8585878479493853858579.png )
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other thread is auto sage I think

I know a lot have given up on the anime since the timeskip but meh, the discussion isn't limited to just the new episodes and punk hazard seems watchable compared to fishman island at least.

If you haven't then try watching the old episodes subbed by kaizoku fansubs, the first saga is great and any OP fan should at least give it a shot
>> No. 31639
Well how has the quality of the anime been lately?

To be truthful I only watch the movies myself.

File 137406101787.png - (204.38KB , 807x1150 , 01.png )
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Hey you guys.
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>> No. 31583
Thank god for Toei always stepping in and fixing the manga's hideous colors.
>> No. 31585
Were a fair amount of chapters in and were not even done the third block of the starting round

The tournament is gonna get broken up or this arc is gonna be an eternity
>> No. 31586
The starting round ends with only four people. It won't take THAT long.

File 137338179781.jpg - (43.38KB , 450x552 , $R5V9PM6.jpg )
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Oh look, early chapter!


More Luffy badassery!
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>> No. 31565
5 bucks says he doesn't make it through the next chapter
>> No. 31566
oh for sure, like 90 percent of the arena characters are disposable which is kinda why I love them, it's like Oda's inner 8 year old self throwing out deviant art grade characters for his present self to brutally beat down.
>> No. 31569
i've never thought of that, i guess probably every artist wants to take a shot at their own mediocrity. Still I'd rather have more than 15 seconds of plot progression.

File 137287100124.jpg - (39.57KB , 240x285 , IceBullsLogo09.jpg )
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Come on, people. Wake up.
We have a new colored animal among us.


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>> No. 31517
Maybe he's a world noble gone "rogue"?
>> No. 31519
Usopp is going to be the Buggy-tier Legendary Pirate of the Worst Generation.
>> No. 31522
I imagine a "My Fair Lady" scenario.

File 137225792262.png - (142.04KB , 927x1300 , cda15f809f36e3e9e17ed9b6074f083c.png )
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OR "Start Screaming Now and Don't Stop Until Next Week"
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>> No. 31486
Oh god please don't
>> No. 31502
It's probably a moot point by now but we are kinda terrible.
>> No. 31504
its the only chan associated board where we can kind of reliably talk about one piece... sort of

I'll put up with a bit of faggotry here and there

File 133927628731.jpg - (341.11KB , 638x504 , Geek_Usopp_by__syb.jpg )
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Old one reached 300 posts. You know what that means.
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>> No. 31412

Has anyone updated this for Dressrosa?

File 137188771681.gif - (335.98KB , 150x150 , tumblr_lveaj5SsLI1qez8h0.gif )
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York, Brook and his crew met Crocus and left Laboon in his care right? That’s all well and good, but it’s been stated that Roger was just starting out around the time Brook and them were making a name for themselves, and Crocus joins Roger’s crew well after Roger has become Pirate King.

Which begs the question, how fucking old is Crocus? Since Crocus was an old man when he met York and Brook, according to the chapters he appears in, but then was younger on Roger’s crew.
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>> No. 31370
The whole reason for Roger's last voyage was because he knew his disease was terminal and he wanted to make his last years count. His death was just him deciding how he was going to die instead of letting the disease decide for him.
>> No. 31388
Crocus has been stated to be in his early-to-mid seventies. He's been taking care of Laboon since his twenties. He took a three-year break from that to go along with the Roger Pirates to stabilize Roger's disease when he was in his fifties.
>> No. 31389
Must have been a long 3 years for Laboon.

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