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28152 No. 28152

Caesar for nakama
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>> No. 28153
File 134985947327.png - (148.02KB , 900x700 , 審議中.png )
Caesar is S̶a̶b̶o̶ the new Buggy

Since Caesar was naturally immune to gas, doesn't that mean Vegapunk, who survived the explosion somehow, must also have some kind of absurd ability or immunity?

Wyvern-kind? A breed of half-dragons half-human people? Kidnapped to create artificial dragons?

Akainu makes the world a better place. Akainu for president.
>> No. 28155
I guess we found momonosuke
>> No. 28156
>stop getting along with the pirates!
>but they're so cool~
>> No. 28157
Mangastream came early today.
>> No. 28158
Luffy is going to wish Ace and Whitebeard back to life with the Eternal Dragon

>> No. 28159

But Whitebeard and Ace were both killed by different people.

I guess you could ask him to just revive the White Beard pirates in general, but I dunno if that'd specify the captain.
>> No. 28160
A little slow in comparison to the ones that come right before it, but interesting. Caesar really is just a melodramatic petty little jerk in the end.
>> No. 28162
I really hoped to see more of Vegapunk, but that cockteasing silhouette was even worse than the last one. At least he talked, and we'll get to hear his voice when the anime gets here.

Vergo doesn't appear to have a devil fruit, since this chapter pretty much confirms the blackening of the skin is haki. Meanwhile, Monet seems to have created a blizzard.
An expository chapter, but pretty good nonetheless. Really looking forward to next week's.
>> No. 28163
Un bueno capitulo en la serie espectacular, un pieza!
>> No. 28165
by the time Toei finally ends Fishman Island and crawls through Punk Hazard, with potentially a filler arc in between, we'll probably have a full biography and multiple pictures of him as well as figurines already designed and shipped
>> No. 28166
>yfw Vegapunk is secretly someone we've seen before
>> No. 28167
Fishman Island will be pretty much over by the end of this month. And we've gone years upon years not knowing much about him; I doubt he'll pop out in the next one.

I keep getting this feeling, too. Whenever he foreshadows big characters that he'll fully introduce in the future, he'll do more explicit silhouettes of their faces and stuff - like the Yonko. But we've never gotten jack shit about Vegapunk.
>> No. 28168
I won't have a face if that happens.
>> No. 28170
Anyone think the other dragon could be another kid?
>> No. 28171
I think its the samurai's son
>> No. 28172

Oda is not gonna have a kid get beaten up. Much less a kid get beaten up by his own father.
The dragon Luffy found is Momonosuke (hence the Japanese style theme), the other renegade dragon is most likely one of Caesar's mooks. Remember, Momonosuke only turned into a dragon cause he snuck into some secret room and ate something he wasn't supposed to; turning kids into dragons is not one of their practices there.
>> No. 28174
somehow I like that Ceasar succeeded in giantification where Vegapunk failed. Shows me that Vegapunk knows shit beyond gas realted things. Also, the WG's being hypocritical. Like they haven't committed mass genocide on their own people before....

But hey, top fucking marks for smoker punching the shit outta Vergo. I love how one piece works. Smokers gets punked by Trafalgar, Trafalgar gets punked by Vergo, Vergo gets punked my Smoker.
>> No. 28175
Errr... Vegapunk knows shit beyond gas-related things? That doesn't seem right.

Considering his work with Devil's Fruit, robotics, seastone, cyborg modification, and biological weapons, I'm gonna have to disagree. The implication seemed to be that Caesar was willing to cross moral lines in his research that Vegapunk wasn't (kidnapping kids for testing purposes) to get faster results.
>> No. 28176
>Oda is not gonna have a kid get beaten up.

Yeah, it's not like that happened IN THE VERY FIRST EPISODE
>> No. 28177
So is something gonna happen with Smoker and Luffy at the end of this arc that changes things or is Smoker gonna continue his fruitless chase after him. I'd bet Smoker rebels at some point like Aokiji did, Akainu is gonna pull some shit. Of course, he'd be reinstated and made an admiral at the end or something.

Though I can picture Smoker chasing Luffy all the way to Raftel and have him be a part of the big battle that will inevitably be there
>> No. 28179
If Vegapunk was someone we've already seen who could it possibly be?

Most of the other characters have been revealed and extrapolated on.
>> No. 28180
Luffy is the protagonist, you dingbat. That obviously doesn't count. You could argue they're all kids getting beaten up, since at one time most of them were underaged.

And getting beaten up does not equate to getting electrocuted and slashed down by swords. Oda's not gonna do that.

I'm almost positive he meant to say Caesar Clown instead of Vegapunk. "Glad to see Caesar knows more than just gas related things" .. At least I hope that's what he meant to say. Though one can only assume Vegapunk knew that using hormone drugs on kids could lead to making giants.. it's not like that seems to have been a guarded secret by Clown. Vegapunk just chose not to do it out of ethical reasons.
>> No. 28182
He meant Caesar knows more than gas-related things. Which is good, but we already knew that: he was the second best scientist in the Marines and he made the second generation dragons.
Momonosuke is probably the dragon Luffy found, but it's not because Oda would never beat up a kid, as he has proven several times over that is not true.
>> No. 28183
There was also Alabasta, where a child getting beaten by Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger became a major plot point. And Sabo. I agree that the chances of Momonosuke being that dragon are incredibly low, it'd be a dumb twist and his appearing in the garbage works much better but "Oda wouldn't hurt a child" is really the ONE reason that doesn't actually apply.
>> No. 28189
Everybody's closing in on the trap Caesar's setting but how is the arrival of Doflamingo's crew gonna affect it. His base must be really, really close by if they arrive before they all gather at the trap or else they have some method or power that travels fast.
>> No. 28197
I really don't think Doflamingo's people will play any sort of role in this arc, and that's for one simple reason: .. They can't get in. Remember, the entire island is covered in a gas that kills upon contact; they won't godmod their way around this. If anything, Baby 5 and Buffalo will most likely get to the island by the time the Strawhats and Law are gone to deal with the defeated Vergo (and Monet?) and plot on what they're gonna do with the kidnapped Caesar.
>> No. 28198
That or those two were sent to kill Ceaser just on principle.
>> No. 28199
I think Doflamingo said to avoid that since CC's the only one in the world who can produce sad, and if he died Dofla would be inconvenienced.
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