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File 134918241648.png - (33.19KB , 214x195 , thedevil.png )
28030 No. 28030


Unfortunately it's still mangapanda, but w/e
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>> No. 28031
File 134918308796.jpg - (28.03KB , 450x649 , het.jpg )
Not even on a hiatus week.
>> No. 28032
Oh, but why-
Please read at mangapanda.com and don't give credit to leecher sites. You can track the latest chapters at mangapanda.com
-not? They seem harmless enough.
>> No. 28033
If you want to avoid getting confused and having to read a proper version later, I can't really blame you, but I find the poor translations amusing half the time.
>> No. 28035
I'm really curious to find out just what in the hell Monet is. The way she interacts with the snow barriers it makes it seem like she might be a Logia, but that would be kind of lame. Snow Logia?

Also L O L @ Law getting his ass annihilated.
>> No. 28036
File 134919762796.png - (294.68KB , 752x428 , 1349183123377.png )
Luffy/Monet OTP
>> No. 28038
Chopper really kinda sucks.

I know he was holding back so as not to harm them but still....
>> No. 28039
One theory running amok is some mythical snow bird zoan, but that theory is contradicted by another theory, where Law gave Monet her birdy limbs.
>> No. 28040
>That last fucking page
>> No. 28041
Time limits can be a real pain in the ass.
>> No. 28042
>Just like every other last page
>> No. 28044
Law without a hat.

Huh....he's like black haired zoro with a goatee. It's actually kind of a relief. Oda's gotten so used to wierd designs that I was wondering if he forgot how to make a normal sized human with normal proportions.
>> No. 28045
Monet's like a human Articuno.
>> No. 28046
I would rather have a odd/cool/unique design rather than the pretty boy Bleach-level shit that is Trafalgar Law.
>> No. 28047
File 134920655033.png - (3.13KB , 39x21 , thumbsup.png )
>> No. 28048
Would you just shut up, you go on about this in every thread he is mentioned in with almost the exact same words, we know how you feel man.
>> No. 28049
Actually, you're thinking of me. :3
Law is shit, and we are many.
>> No. 28050
and here we go on the huge "hurr hurr fangirls ruin everything" brigade started by one samefag who thinks he's fooling us because he likes to samefag

abandon thread now people, at least until a mod arrives to shut people up
>> No. 28051

YAY! Now to join the... conversa... tion...
>> No. 28052
Lolwat. You're the one who's starting shit, girl. All >>28046 did was base his opinion; that you're anally pained by it is no one's burden but yours.
>> No. 28053
I'm actually not too fond of mangastream's more recent translations either. They tend to over complicate their sentences and twist them to the point that they don't even really make much sense anymore. Take that last page with Smoker's dialogue, for example; FOR ONCE Mangapana's was actually better there.

Also, the title of the chapter is "An Icy Woman" -- which both versions fucked up.
>> No. 28054

the fact said opinion has consistently spiralled out of control, coupled with the fact you seem awfully defensive about a poster who you supposedly have no relation towards seems to indicate the amount of bullshit coming out of your mouth is equal and proportionate to my own.

abandon thread people, asshole mcbuttwipe isn't going to stop until everyone knows that his belligerent opinions cannot be contested
>> No. 28057

It's more the principal of the matter. Well, if I'm being honest, it's just that them cutting the page for that ad for themselves last(?) chapter cheesed me off enough to never want to have anything to do with them ever again. This is very strictly a lesser of two evils sort of thing. I mean I was pretty much the biggest MS hater on the board back during Fishman Island and that opinion hasn't really changed at all, so I'm not expecting some sort of jaw dropping performance or anything.


Stop responding to him you dingus.
>> No. 28058
But still what?

What was he supposed to do?
>> No. 28060
>said opinion has consistently spiralled out of control
Because you keep making it spiral out of control, dumbass.
>> No. 28061
I was kinda hoping Monet would have had some singing power as a Harpy but whatever. I'm guessing Smoker will have some new tricks up his sleeve since Vergo clearly uses haki very well which could be a very cool fight.

Also, yet again our new powerful as shit Luffy gets one upped in a fight. Its annoying that he keeps getting gimmicked out or tricked with some fucked up power repeatedly post timeskip. The fact that he already has struggled so much without even getting past the first island in the New World worries me that there'll be a lot of random power up moments with him in the future. Even old Luffy wasn't getting jerked around this hard when he entered the Grand Line.
>> No. 28063
File 134921466171.jpg - (23.77KB , 376x212 , WHENYOUSEEIT.jpg )
I'm not the only one who noticed this, am I? .. And then subsequently raged.
>> No. 28064
The less intrusive than usual watermarking? Thought it was an improvement from that page-splitting garbage.
>> No. 28070

Well what are the other options. If he loses straight on then the whole thing becomes worthless and a waste of time. If he doesn't suffer any setbacks then it becomes boring and tensionless.
>> No. 28071
File 134922127562.gif - (423.50KB , 256x192 , tumblr_ls55i0zt421r376t5o1_r2_400.gif )
Hi, actual guy who posted "Law is Bleach level shit". I don't entirely care for Law much himself you see, or his design. That's not to say it's bad or anything, fundamentally speaking it's all fine. Just my personal preference. People that the fangirls gush over, Ace, Law, anyone with a so called "normal" body type are fine design.

It's just that I like One Piece because the the immense creativity in the designs. It's fun seeing odd shapes like Jinbei or Moria, or people with some oddities to them like Enel. Oda's a good artist, he can draw all types of characters effectively.

However that still doesn't excuse that I don't care much for Law as a character, he hasn't even done much groan-worthy yet either, it's mostly just his fucking tumblrite fangirls that make me want to wretch.
(seriously, when you feel like getting angry at the world, go to Arlong Park forums, that's where you'll fine the hambest with THIS in their forum signature)
>> No. 28072
.. lol. I think I actually know who you're talking about. I've seen that signature before on there.
>> No. 28073
We've seen giant hands and legs from Robin, I'm hoping for her to make a giant head as a joke to scare some of the crew during a party or something

>> No. 28074

We know dude.


Like, I can't even get mad at you any more since we've had this conversation every month for the last few years.

I honestly have no advice for you, besides the fact that you can block individual images with adblock if it really bugs you that much.
>> No. 28075
File 134922555293.jpg - (7.42KB , 275x221 , grunt.jpg )
>he still thinks it's only one person
>> No. 28076

Does it really matter?

We're just telling you to shut up because this argument never ends well.

Now can we please just get back to One Piece?
>> No. 28077
File 134922778169.jpg - (56.88KB , 578x511 , giant-animal-muppet-movie.jpg )
Yeah, I can see it.
>> No. 28079
... Are you delusional or something?
I'm not a blithering idiot saying "I hate Law cause dumb", neither am I a fucking sperglord enough to constantly bitch about him or block an image with him because he's only sort of "eh" to me.

I only made my initial post because the thought was so completely odd to me. "I thought Oda forgot how to draw normal characters despite drawing Luffy/Zoro/Sanji for years" furthermore, I don't see how Law with HAIR(what a shock) is any more "normal" than he already was.

AND ANOTHER THING; yeah whatever they have the similar "normal" body frame. That doesn't mean Law and Zoro have the same face, Oda isn't Toriyama or Kubo. But I suppose someone who can't appreciate Oda's "weirder" designs couldn't point out the facial differences between Zoro and Law. (For reference; Zoro's forehead protrudes out a bit, similar to DBZ's aesthetic with pissed off angry guys. That and Law either has bags under his eyes or likes applying a lot of makeup.)

What's gotten me into a frenzy about this isn't "I hate Law", it's moreso stuff like "God fuck, thank god Oda can draw stock body styles, I thought he just forgot about that after so many odd body types". It's just BIZARRE to me, the idea of people not being used to fun cartoonish designs that is. We've always had them, and it's always been fun because of the aesthetic diversity and life shown in the characters. That's my two cents on the matter, trying to be square and fair is all.
>> No. 28080
Sure, let's get back to One Piece.

I think Law/Kid/Killer only serve as fodder for fat, breathless internet fangirls and that's the only reason they're here.
>> No. 28081
File 134923112917.png - (826.80KB , 799x762 , Background.png )
You guys are right. Trafalgar Law is obviously a Bleach character. I mean look at what his powers do!
>> No. 28082
So now we've seen Law do some kind of defibrillator attack, furthering his whole surgeon motif. I think it's cool that Law isn't like a typical "fighting doctor" type. He doesn't have a labcoat, doesn't use scalpels as knives, etc. But it's all still there. Heart transplants, electrical shock, surgical cuts.

Very cool twist on an already cool concept.
>> No. 28083
That is brilliant and hilarious.
>> No. 28084
so wheres Law's crew? I was hoping to see that easily depressed bear again
>> No. 28085
or giant boobs (not that that's not already the case)

Sanji would explode.
>> No. 28087
His fruit is literally the operation fruit, so he's likely to have other surgery related skills as well. I hope we get to see some more of them when he's done getting his ass kicked.
>> No. 28088
His fruit is literally the operation fruit, so he's likely to have other surgery related skills as well. I hope we get to see some more of them when he's done getting his ass kicked.
>> No. 28089
Is there a reason you keep double-posting everything you type?
>> No. 28090
File 13492831949.jpg - (181.26KB , 599x705 , 1341175357443.jpg )
Delete that you nigger.
>> No. 28091
File 134928815121.jpg - (8.47KB , 867x44 , delete.jpg )
Already tried and got pic related. Maybe it's because I'm using this hotel's internet, I dunno.
>> No. 28092
Am I the only one who keeps getting that "404 CAN'T CONNECT" page after making any post? The post does show up, but delayed after a few minutes.
>> No. 28093
File 134928973236.jpg - (9.09KB , 617x210 , hurp.jpg )
Oh wait, here we go.

This site is still royally fucked up.
>> No. 28094
people who double post probably get the 404 timeout and then refresh the page instead of just going back. Refreshing can make a double post
>> No. 28095
Yes, that is absolutely probably the case. Remember, when you post on plus4 it's best just to assume that the post went through, no matter what the site says.

As for the problem with deleting posts, who knows.
>> No. 28096
Luffy vs Caesaer? Loss. Luffy vs Caeser again? He gets away? Sanji vs. Vergo? Vergo gets away. Zoro? Just running around.

and this chapter just set up yet another battle, Vergo vs. Smoker. They better fucking fight and it better actually go somewhere. This fucking arc keeps setting up for something awesome and then turns tail and runs away. I'm getting sick of this shit, I pray that after this arc that we'll get an actual story set up as opposed to non stop action that gets constantly interrupted.
>> No. 28097

I don't think you "get" One Piece. Or pacing. Or story structure.

>> No. 28100
I'm aware of it condescending faggot, I'm just waiting for Luffy to inevitably beat the bad guys and have them move on and actually get a story arc going that isn't going at a million miles per hour. These fights have been interrupted even more than usual and its getting tiresome, not interesting. Maybe we can have the Straw Hats not spending over half the pages running around from place to place
>> No. 28101
Welcome to Enies Lobby, Alabasta, Sabaody, Skypeia...
>> No. 28102
>> No. 28103
As annoying as all the whining and bitching is here, it's still better than AP forums.
>> No. 28104
Luffy: "Of course not! I used my SECRET ABILITY!"
Ceasar: "A SECRET ABILITY?!?!"
Luffy: "Yes! And it's time to show you my secret ability!"
Next Chapter
Ceasar: "He's charging his secret ability! It'll only take two minutes!"
Ceasar: "Monet! You must stop him!"
Monet: "But what is his SECRET ABILITY!"
Smoker: "I shall explain. In the two years of training past the Battle of Marineford, Luffy's soul has made contract with the powers of Haki as I shall show in this copy of a diagram made 100 chapters ago. But it turns out those rules were too hard to follo don't actually apply. See, when Haki is infused with the power of the Blood Moon Ritual of Fire Ice, Luffy's body is now in tune... with DEMONS!"
>Next Chapter
Smoker:"Nah, not really, but they're kind of LIKE demons, you know? Anyway, now you can't stop Luffy from using his secret technique!"
"Gum Gum-"
*20 page flashback of shit we new*
Monet: "Hm... they were right about him... he really IS the one..."
>Next chapter
>> No. 28105
Yeah no, you're not getting off that easy. Put that generic parody away, I'll show you how it's done.

Chapter 681: Luffy vs. Master (or: WINDSWEEP to Hate you III)

Page 1

Luffy and Caesar reaction shots
Caesar: UGH
Luffy and Caesar reaction shots
Panel of nothing in particular

Page 2

Caesar reaction face
Monet reaction face
Luffy reaction face
Caesar reaction face
Zoom in
Zoom in
Smoker reaction face
Law: White hunter...

Page 3 (Full page spread)

Law: Don't lay a hand on Caesar!

Page 4

Law: If hearts start getting crushed...
Law: We're going to have a lot of problems
Closeup of Law's face
Smoker reaction shot
Flashback in flashback of Vergo holding Law's heart

Page 5

Law: So until I get my heart back from Vergo...
Law: I can't tolerate any recklessness from you!
Smoker Reaction shot
Law: As long as you're on this island...

Page 6

Law: You'll do as I say!
Smoker reaction shot
Law: You got that?
Past Smoker reaction shot
Panel of nothing in particular
Current Smoker reaction shot

Page 7

I was going to do an entire chapter but geez, that's way more boring than I thought it'd be. It ends on a two page spread of Caesar's Karakuni with no backgrounds, by the way.
>> No. 28106
File 134936812585.jpg - (142.07KB , 704x396 , 1274347121415.jpg )
That made my soul hurt
>> No. 28107
I watched the Nami special recently and it reminded me of my I used to really love One Piece. There wasn't a need for constant battles, constant running around like idiots and what not. Post timeskip OP has been going fast ever since they left Saobody and I want them to slow down. Does that mean HURR DURR REACTION SHOTS EVERYWHERE? No, as hilarious as you think you are, its not.

I want to learn more lore about the New World, learn about more of the workings of it and how the different Yankou are established. I'd like to learn about Whitebeard's crew and where they are. I'd like to have a chapter where the focus isn't on battles.

but fine whatever, I'm retarded and Punk Hazard is one of the most brilliant pieces of writing ever put to paper. I'm sorry for wanting more out of the Straw Hat crew than them just fighting endlessly.
>> No. 28108
hell, the Jaya arc was playing on supacola last frisday and I watched and reread it. There was some great fighting, but did it take up the whole arc? No, not even close. Some arcs have non stop fighting but its appropriate like in Enies Lobby and Whitebeard's War where those were culminations of events.

I've already typed about this too much, I don't hate One Piece obviously, its one of my fav series and I watch/read it because I love these characters Oda has made and I want to follow them. Obviously fighting is important in One Piece and I like to see it, especially in the climax of an arc, but I'd like to see the next arc start off a bit slower. Maybe they arrive at a new island or town, ask around, find out a bit about the New World with some meaningful interaction between the crew, and things can escalate later on. I don't need to see Luffy haki fisting the shit out of everything.
>> No. 28109
Well why didn't you say it like that in the first place.
>> No. 28110
>Post timeskip OP has been going fast ever since they left Saobody and I want them to slow down.

Oh really? Because one of the main bitch points I kept hearing from Fishman Island was "WHY ARE THEY NOT FIGHTING MORE?!" Did you forget they took about 10 chapters after arriving in the island that was just them exploring and meeting Sharley/Neptune/the princes, Hody and Decken alliance, etc? And then AFTER the NFP were beaten, they took their down time again learning more about Shirahoshi and Big Mom and how the New World works. So it appears your memory is quite selective.

One Piece fans are some of the most entitled and whiny shits of any fandom out there. When something isn't going FAST ENOUGH or SLOW ENOUGH, there's something terribly wrong with the series and Oda is on a downward spiral to ruin. And in a way, we have the luxury to BE whiny, because this is still one of the single best ongoing manga series right now.
>> No. 28111
AND ONE MORE THING! -- Just give it up with the Whitebeard crew stuff, alright? Okay!? And this goes to all of you bastards. We're meeting new people and learning about new locations; the fucking series just hit its official halfway point. Why in the hell would we need to dedicate an arc so early on to learning about minor fanboy-bait characters that were center-stage just a few arcs ago? Fuck Marco's hideous face and fuck Jozu and fuck everyone else!

And no, I ain't even mad, just hungry.
>> No. 28112
Just checked the facts. 14 chapters of Fishman Island were dedicated to fighting the New Fishman Pirates. Meanwhile, 12 chapters of Arlong Park were dedicated to fighting the Arlong Pirates. Arlong Park was 27 chapters long, while Fishman Island was 51 chapters long. It is impossible to be more busted.

Just sit down and wait. This is the Alabasta of the New World and you want Post-Enies Lobby already. You'll get your answers in a decade, as is the fate of a One Piece fan.


It's ok to get mad. It's what makes this board tick.
>> No. 28121
I don't think this is a bad arc by any stretch, but I do feel like this arc's greatest weakness is that it's very busy and there isn't a lot of emotional connection here. And what little there is, is buried under a lot of different events that're having a lot of different interactions with little payoff thus far.

I'm not asking for every arc to be a Water 7, but this arc reminds me, if anything, of Skypia. Mostly in that we have a lot of different factions and events going around and the Straw Hats seem to more or less just be in the middle of it with little more than a tangential relationship to what's at stake.

I mean let's just sit down and put this arc into bullet points.
- The Straw Hats arrive at an island that is divided into a land of fire and ice
- There's a dragon there, which turns out to have been a creation of Vegapunk, at least at first
- There's a pair of legs and half a torso that're not attached to anything
- The Marines arrive with Smoker and Tashigi hot on the Straw Hats trail
- Half the Straw Hats are captured
- It's revealed that the dragon wasn't made by Vegapunk but by a crazy apprentice of his named Caesar Joker
- He's keeping a bunch of giant [?] kids locked up
- Trafalgar Law is involved and he winds up taking Smoker's heart, then he does a body/mind switch on a bunch of the Straw Hats for... reasons
- It's revealed that an Ex-Marine named Virgo is working with Ceasar and him and Smoker have a beef with one another
- Ceasar Joker is a gas-gas man who has plans to create a super-weapon he's going to sell
- Law meets up with Luffy and tells him he wants to fight Shanks, so Luffy agrees to team up with him
- The Straw Hats who got their bodies mixed up run away with the kids and realize they're in different bodies
- Comedy ensues
- It's revealed the kids aren't giants at all but regular kids who've been given addicting drugs that make them crazy and strong
- All the while this is going on, a lone Samurai from a Not-Japan nation had his body cut up by Law, found by the Strawhats, put back together and apparently has Tanuki like powers. He wants to find his lost son.
- This lost son is apparently a dragon now
- The Yeti Cool brothers show up, defeat some strawhats, capture others, cause some havoc, etc
- Ceasar reveals he's been creating a giant Axolotl made of gas that can explode and seal people in a horrible gas explosion
- AGAIN while all this is going on, Smoker, Tashigi and the Marines have been fighting and either getting their butts whopped or are trying to figure out just what the hell's going on
- Law meets up with some of the Strawhats who got bodyswitched, switches them back into their proper forms (except for Sanji IIRC) and eventually puts Sanji and Nami back into their respective bodies. Thus making the entire point of that...?
- The Straw Hats get captured along with Law and Smoker, where it's revealed that Ceasar, Virgo, and the weird Harpy woman is working for Don Flamingo.
- Don Flamingo is apparently sending two subordinates there to FURTHER complicate things.
- The Straw Hats escape and proceed to go out to fight Ceasar and company.
- Sanji fights Virgo for a second, but fails and Virgo goes off to get Law
- Smoker and Virgo are about to fight
- Luffy gets into the thick of battle against Ceasar on several occasions but is distracted and held back both times
- Law may or may not be doing something evil with a super-weapon in the middle of Ceasar's base. It's unclear.

Now. If I MISSED ANYTHING THERE? I hope that merely serves to reinforce the point that a WHOLE FREAKING LOT IS GOING ON and... well simply put, there really isn't a lot that the Strawhats are actually putting at stake here. This isn't like W7 where Robin and Usopp were leaving the crew, or even like Thriller Bark where a lot of it revolved mostly around Moriah and those effected by him.

I dunno. I just feel like this arc's biggest weakness is that TOO much is going on at once. I know this is a common thing to do in One Piece, and there's nothing saying the Payoff to all this won't be worth it, but I think this just goes to show that the process of having to read this thing weekly rather than having the luxury of plowing through it kinda hampers the experience.
>> No. 28122
The big dragon was made by Vegapunk.
Vergo is not an ex-Marine. He is the leader of G-5, essentially Smoker's boss. He is just also a double agent.
It wasn't revealed which yonkou they have an alliance against (although it likely is Shanks.)
Slime the Axolotl was made by Vegapunk, then turned into a monster by Caesar. Now Caesar is changing the formula again to seal/petrify people.
Law switched them when he was trying to keep his presence a secret, just to mess them up. When that got fully blown and they became his allies instead, he switched them back. But that alliance now may have just been a ruse.
Doflamingo's subordinates shouldn't complicate things considering they're directly going to be working on Caesar's side like Monet and Vergo.
Sanji doesn't lose to Vergo, he just has to flee from the poison gas filling the lab. Vergo also flees, and is then sent to assassinate Law.

Skypeia meanwhile was pretty simple... there was Enel and his priests, the Skypeians, and then the rebels from Jaya's natural tribe. Long before the arc ended, it was even further simplified by Enel getting on the boat and leaving. I actually can't think of an arc that's been quite so complicated as this one before. Usually the enemy is easily identified and you can tell where everybody stands, but this whole story's been just filled with alliances and double crosses and double agents.
>> No. 28132
I agree with the lack of emotional connection, you can throw in as many crazy powers as you want and have a billion unexpected plot twists, but in the end it's going to be less memorable than when Usopp decides to fight a fishman in the Arlong Park arc instead of just running away and pretending he got beaten.
>> No. 28133
I agree with the lack of emotional connection, you can throw in as many crazy powers as you want and have a billion unexpected plot twists, but in the end it's going to be less memorable than when Usopp decides to fight a fishman in the Arlong Park arc instead of just running away and pretending he got beaten.
>> No. 28135
I'd hold off on the judgments until the arc ended. I'm still almost sure this arc is gonna end relatively soon and they'll move on to a different place with a slight continuation from this plot (a la Drum/Little Garden). And if it's emotion you want, I'm sure we'll get lots of sobs once Momonosuke comes into play. Also the kidnapped kids' parents.

But what's emotional or not is subjective.
>> No. 28146
>Let's get Luffy right out of the plot for a little bit by dropping him in a hole.
>> No. 28147

>> No. 28148
What is it with Oda trapping Luffy somewhere during the boss fight? Like during Arlong when Luffy sticks his feet in the ground, or during Water 7 when he gets stuck between buildings. I guess he just wants to stretch the story out a bit, but I've always found it weird.
>> No. 28149
Justification for why Luffy needs a crew. In theory, Luffy should be able to take on just about any of the opponents that the rest of the crew can, save a handful who are especially well-suited to shutting him down. But Luffy's not an army in and of himself--he gets stuck, he gets held up, and he can only be in one place at a time. So perfectly human obstacles that prevent him from being there shows us why he needs a crew in the first place--they're not bodyguards for him and they're not pawns to be sacrificed, they're friends who can handle situations when he can't be there or that can keep things stable until he does.

Plus, Luffy is an idiot who doesn't really think about what he's doing or, a lot of the time, look where he's going. If he didn't get completely shut down by stupid things from time to time, he wouldn't be Luffy.
>> No. 28150
It's not weird, it's actually an ingenious and admirable way of moving the plot along and advancing things while taking the protagonist out of the fray. Luffy never has any plans or reservations about holding back; he's always going to charge full force into whatever enemy he's up against. So him doing something stupid and inadvertently getting taken out of the equation plays right into the personality he's always had since day one and never lost.
Also, think about every time this has happened. It's not entirely pointless; something, somewhere else entirely tends to change. And a lot. Hell, even him getting a giant golden ball stuck to his arm served a purpose to the story.
>> No. 28151
Luffy heads for a fight first, but his fight needs to be last. It's his place as protagonist.

So to keep the points in harmony, luffy has to be delayed by some inconvenience.

But hey, lets list em.

-Gettin lost in ussops arc
-Gettin stuck in stone in arlongs arc
-Ms. Monday changing his emotions an having to focus on saving his friends in little garden.
-getting punked by crocodile TWICE
-golden ball attached to his hand
-moriah won't stay fucking still
-stuck between houses
-gotta chase lucchi and robin for an hour
-hindered by a bubble and trying to stop a giant falling ship

I feel like there's more.
>> No. 28161
>I feel like there's more.

Impel Down. The arc.
And you're thinking of Miss Goldenweek, not Monday.
>> No. 28164
Eaten by a snake~
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