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File 134707660787.jpg - (35.60KB , 477x477 , cricket_925.jpg )
27672 No. 27672
Alright, I got a crazy conspiracy theory about Cricket. That's all it is really, but I always thought some shit was kinda shady.

1. Masira and his crew show up when the ship falls out of the sky awfully quick. Sure, maybe that's just luck but it's like within 5 minutes.
2. Usopp even points out, why does Cricket help rebuild the Going Merry for free? I mean, sure, dreams and all, but it does seem a bit weird.
3. The fact that he readily shows off the gold and hints at an island in the sky.

I'm wondering if those guys, because they are pirates and all, have a plan to trick people into sailing right into the knockup stream, where they then wait and collect the spoils when it falls. The Going Merry actually getting fixed was either an accident because Bellamy interrupted the sabotage or because... this is just a crazy conspiracy theory.

There's also the idea that Bellamy only beat Cricket up because of all the pirates he'd killed, and stole the gold to give to their families, but that's also probably the crazy talking.

Anyone else have any crazy conspiracy theories?
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>> No. 27673
File 134707691921.png - (159.97KB , 317x238 , Cricket_Gold.png )
That's right Straw Hats, there's a whole lot more gold! In the sky! More than you could ever dream! Now, go find a mysterious bird, and we'll make some free adjustments to your ship that will make you fly MILES into the air! Haha. HAHA! MWAHAHAHA no seriously get out of here we need alone time with your ship.
>> No. 27675
File 134707980024.gif - (906.03KB , 250x205 , tumblr_m6fd6k3Nye1qbkuo0o4_250.gif )
>There's also the idea that Bellamy only beat Cricket up because of all the pirates he'd killed, and stole the gold to give to their families

>> No. 27676
Guys, guys.. What if Cricket was actually Sabo all along? WOOOOOAH!

>because they are pirates and all
But.. they're not. Cricket SEEMS to have been an ex-pirate; they're all deep sea divers/treasure finders now.

OP please take your pills.
>> No. 27677
Well, both of the monkey guys do have huge jolly rogers on their ships.


I'm pretty sure they're supposed to be pirates.
>> No. 27679
They are pirates. Cricket isn't (anymore.)
>> No. 27680
File 13470965718.gif - (876.04KB , 410x305 , surprise.gif )

Or... IS HE?!
>> No. 27681
That explains why the Merry was so damaged she couldn't sail anymore after Skypeia. Not because Usopp is a poor shipworker.

BECAUSE CRICKET SABOTAGED THE SHIP. If going Merry hand't liked the crew so much, she would've fallen apart in that knockup stream.

What's more, Bellamy even tried to warn them about how dangerous it was to belief the things cricket said. But did they listen? NO. They beat him up.

Poor Bellamy.
>> No. 27682
Huh. I actually didn't know they were pirate crews. Hm. Go figure.
>> No. 27683
Okay, there are at least two big holes just in the foundation of it. The first is that supposedly it's suspicious that Masira shows up quickly after the ship falls. According to the conspiracy theory, he would have known it was falling because they know the knockup stream and thus would just 'catch' the ships as they come back down.
But the ship was incredibly old. It fell off Skypeia, there was no 'schedule' for that. Even if there was some elaborate plan, there's no way Masira would have known it was falling then and there. There's nothing suspicious, it was just luck and that they're ALWAYS searching.
And if Cricket hadn't repaired the ship, it would have been completely wrecked in the knockup stream. It's blatantly stated by Cricket (and honestly the ship was in pretty poor shape), the Strawhats see the ship getting its shit wrecked during the stream and Blackbeard's vessel (which hadn't been touched by Cricket) can't take the thing at all. Why bother sabotaging a ship that would never survive the trip already?

But really the craziest part is that Bellamy's supposed to be a kind hearted hero and now I'll stop being a dick about it.
>> No. 27685
Spreeses, stop going anon. It's dumb.
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