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File 135047595791.jpg - (355.97KB , 1000x760 , てん 1.jpg )
28238 No. 28238

Wake up, you sillies! It's out!

I don't understand Doflamingo at all. How the hell is a Snow logia expendable? Is his crew really that strong or is he just wasteful?
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>> No. 28239
Just having a Logia doesn't make you important
>> No. 28240
I hope Zoro gives her the business, one sword style
>> No. 28241
When the fuck is Franky going to get back into the story, it's been like five or six chapters since we've seen him.

Roughly calculating breaks in and it's been a bit more than two months since we've seen him.
>> No. 28242
Franky will arrive in an AT-AT walker and wreck everyones shit
>> No. 28243
Man, what was that business with Robin and Robin2. Get Zoro outta there and have them throw down, Oda.
>> No. 28244
File 135048262931.jpg - (239.33KB , 1200x856 , one-piece-3648057.jpg )
You are all missing the best part, Robin's hat being the best hat.
>> No. 28245

I somehow forgot that, since Franky is going to the Sunny, there is a non-trivial chance he could show up and save the day in a transforming mecha. I think One Piece is the only series where I could forget the mecha option.
>> No. 28246
>Trick or Meat
>Whiskey or Beer
>> No. 28247
File 13504871663.jpg - (126.51KB , 500x714 , avril_lav-ain.jpg )

>For the first time in the anime franchise, this next film will have two theme songs of its own: “How You Remind Me” and “Bad Reputation.” According to the magazine, Lavigne herself is a fan of One Piece, and One Piece manga creator Eiichiro Oda is similarly a fan of Lavigne’s music. After an exchange of letters and music between the two sides, the arrangement for the two theme songs were made.
>> No. 28248
File 135048808931.gif - (2.61MB , 275x195 , Hhhhhhhhhhhhuh.gif )
>> No. 28249
>> No. 28250
>Monet uses giant ice picks for weapons

Beautiful. But, like everyone else and their mother, I really do wish this had been a Robin vs. Monet throwdown instead of LOLZOROAGAIN.

Also, was it just me or did Momonosuke see, like.. visions of Doflamingo in his fatigued state? That part was weird. AND WE FINALLY GOT CAESAR COLORS!
>> No. 28251
>> No. 28252
I think doflamingo and momonosuke/kinnemon have some history with doflamingo.

Also, the kid ate a man-made fruit? They're making fruits now? Spose that means we can have doubles (could dragon still have a natural dragon fruit). Or, do they take the powers emanating from the fruits to transform people. Remember, Vegapunk somehow managed to put Kizaru's ability into the pacifista.

Momonoske transforms into a dragon because he ate the fruit. The small dragon with the strawhats currently....is it now JUST a regular dragon hanging around? what about the big dragon in the beginning? Are they human or not?

I'M SO CONFUSED ODA! Also, yeah, c'mon I'm bored by zoro fights. Let Robin do something fun for once.

Also, highlight, smokers beating vergo up with haki. Good stuff.
>> No. 28254
The artificial Devil Fruit was a failed project, after all. The other dragons were not Devil Fruit-related. They blatantly stated that Vegapunk made the big one.
>> No. 28255
>made a dragon

No big deal. Genetic cloning of some of the most powerful creatures in one piece, just another day for vegapunk.
>> No. 28257

MS is out. There are a few differences, but I can't really name them off the top of my head.
>> No. 28258
File 135050936456.gif - (3.97MB , 240x196 , 8834658565239625629.gif )
please no

please god fucking no

I'm Canadian so I've heard all of her shit on the radio and whatnot for years, please ODA DON'T LET THIS BE REAL
>> No. 28259
i think nami, chopper robin and zoro are all going to fight monet
>> No. 28260
I'm gonna guess that Robin is gonna slap the seastone cuffs Brook inevitably finds on Monet and go "ufufufu" while doing it

also god damn now we see man made devil fruits in action. I can see Akainu leading an army of fucked up man made devil fruit users and humans made into giants to fuck up the New World
>> No. 28261

I would've liked to see anyone but Zoro fight her.
>> No. 28262
File 135051264526.jpg - (42.01KB , 600x899 , Hellcat.jpg )
~he was a skater boy she said see ya later boy he wasn't good enough for her~

God they beat that one to death.

ALSO FUCK HER SHIT COVER, This is Bad Reputation.

Joan Jett - Bad Reputationyoutube thumb

And really? how you remind me? FUCK THAT GARBAGE.

For every horrible, godawful cartoon Canada has ever produced they completely fail to come anywhere near the awfulness that is Nickelback. It is like a million Johnny Tests & Total Drama Islands exploding in your ears.

Come on Oda, you need to realize who Canada's best bands are.

The Creepshow "The Garden" (Official Video)youtube thumb

The Creepshow "They All Fall D…youtube thumb

Someone give Oda Sarah Sin and Hellcat's contact info and we'll have a fucking blazing soundtrack.
>> No. 28263
File 135051359892.jpg - (115.40KB , 500x588 , Creepshow-pirate-ship-lo-res1-500x588.jpg )
Fuck I forgot they even did a Pirate song with Impel Down style classic prison uniforms.

The Creepshow "Take My Hand" Official Videoyoutube thumb
>> No. 28264
Again, the artificial devil fruit was a FAILED PROJECT.
>> No. 28265
who can say they wont return sometime in the future? I never said they were strong or fully manufacturer but I can see the Marines eventually putting shit like that in their ranks as the Marines become more and more ruthless with Akainu leading them
>> No. 28266

Another possibility is Robin using her powers to bind her wings like she did to Pell in Alabasta
>> No. 28269
>Robin slaps seastone cuffs on Monet and goes "ufufufu"
>Monet turns her head around 190 degrees and goes "ufufufu", too
>Robin "ufufufu's" at her
>They both throw up on each other
>Chapter End; One Piece will be going on break for the next three weeks
>> No. 28270
so are they assuming she has the snow-snow fruit or did she say it off screen?
>> No. 28271
Kinda feels like Oda's running out of idea for Logias. snow and ice are even more similar than fire and smoke. I always thought an ice logia was weird though, considering devil fruits' relationship with water.

Whatevs. Gotta get that reasonable discourse. Maybe the artificial fruit was a failure because you can't change back.
>> No. 28272
Yeah, I'm really not a fan of all these Logias he keeps throwing around like nothing as of late. They used to be super rare and specific.. now we're getting gas Logias? Snow Logias? Seems like he's substituting his creative paramecia ideas (or ran out of them) for the easy way out.
>> No. 28273
New World, man. It's the Grand Line's Grand Line.
>> No. 28274

anyways, logias are so yesterday, haki is the in thing now
>> No. 28275
Yeah, I'm aware. So does that mean all the boring, overpowered shit fruits dwell in the New World, and the first halves of the Grand Line and East Blue have all the cool, creative and challenging ones?

Alright. Send me back to the beginning, then.
>> No. 28276
No, it just means that Logias now aren't so invincible and rare that they're a big tier above everything else. You're just as likely to see them as any other type. Remember that the man with the plan behind ALL of this is someone who has a Paramecia of some sort.
>> No. 28277

It's like you don't even realize Devil Fruits are based on the creativity of the user and not any raw power. Only reason these fruits are "strong" is because the user is smart.
>> No. 28278
when did you all get so cynical?
>> No. 28279
What if the snow fruit and gas fruit were both artificial?

So if Monet's DF is snow, then where'd her harpy legs come from and why didn't she melt on the hot side of the island?

Can we safely assume that Kaku and Kalifa's DFs are artificial? What if they get some funky side effects too?

I wish Oda would make more non-DF users, though. Even if they are more common in the Grand Line, it's still tiring.
>> No. 28282
>Robin using Seastone Cuffs
>A Devilfruit user

>> No. 28283
>then where'd her harpy legs come from

>why didn't she melt on the hot side of the island?
Logias are not ALWAYS made of their element, it is something they can do.

Kaku and Kalifa's were natural, they were just mysterious. Seriously, "failed project." They're NOT EVERYWHERE AND COMMON.
>> No. 28284
Robin just has the plan, never said she was gonna be the one to do it. That's what the hired muscle is for.
>> No. 28285
So I'm guessing that Wano Country is very likely gonna be a stop at some point and I'm perfectly fine with this. I think it could make for a very cool arc if it doesn't just focus on action and Zoro.
>> No. 28286
My issue is there are a lot of characters recently with random devil fruits that SHOULDN'T have a devil fruit. I mean.. why do they? It seems like almost everyone introduced has one now. Why in the hell does Kinemon have a devil fruit? Caribou. Pekoms. Baby 5. Then Monet. Then Momonosuke. Then your mother. I understand this is a place where the strongest gather, and naturally that would bring a lot of devil fruit users.. But come on; it's almost predictable now.
I'm still not ruling out Vergo having one, either. I would not be surprised in the smallest if he turned into a giant humpback whale by the next chapter.

>it could make for a very cool arc if it doesn't just focus on action and Zoro

Except you know it will. Because Zoro Zoro best charaktur evur right behiind sassuke XD XD
>> No. 28287
Doesn't it seem a little late for that?
>> No. 28288
Man, Momonosuke's a little wiener...And also apparently a horrifying shadow monster before he ate that fruit
>> No. 28289
A little late for what?
>> No. 28290
Zoro's legit, he's not overused or anything, he's like the anchor of the crew and he puts Luffy in his place when he needs to, plus there is plenty of humour that revolves around him. He's nowhere near the faggotry that is sasuke
>> No. 28291

You don't really need to dignify that with a straight response, you know. It's just venting, at best.
>> No. 28292
For either of those sentiments. Especially the bit about Zoro.
>> No. 28293
A little late to feel how I do about devil fruits? No, most certainly not. And I will continue to feel this way until things change and I am proven otherwise. Besides, what I think, or how "late" it is, is irrelevant.. Because I'm not on speaking terms with Oda -- at least not anymore.

Your face is venting at best, you blue-bellied bitch!

But it kind of is.
>> No. 28294
I'm not saying that there aren't a lot of Devil Fruits, I'm saying that it's not a recent thing. The whole "anyone and everyone can have a Devil Fruit" has been so since Drum Kingdom.
>> No. 28295
I'm actually okay with Zoro fighting Monet.

On one hand, no Robin fight, but on the other hand, everyone'd be crying about how it was "da designated gurl fite" if it was.
>> No. 28297
>everyone'd be crying about how it was "da designated gurl fite" if it was

Who is everyone? Cause every single person I've come across feels the same way about wanting Robin or Nami to get a one-on-one already.
>> No. 28298

Would you want to see her fight if it devolved into retarded fanservice like the Nami vs Kalifa fight?

Seriously, it doesn't look like Oda's gotten any better at managing his sexual frustration.
>> No. 28299

Yes. Better that literally nothing, plus she has a good track record for non-sexualized one-on-ones (a whole 1 out of 1! clap clap clap).
>> No. 28300
It just hit me that Robin has literally only had one fight in her entire existence as a character. Her and Yama. Everything else has been a one hit hold/strangulation/breaking-something move.
>> No. 28301
Robin is more of an assassin, shes never been about straight up fighting so the limb breaking/one hit moves are appropriate.

Though now that she has developed her powers more she may get more actual fights.
>> No. 28302
I don't give two shits about Nami and Robin getting fights, their fights really aren't that entertaining to watch anyway.

What I want to see more fights with is Franky and Brook, they're still so new to the series and their potential for interesting fights is pretty never-ending.
>> No. 28303
I'd also like to see a new Franky fight, though I'm kinda concerned about how it would go. I want to see Franky boxing and strong right and not just lasers and mecha armour. Brook's last fight was basically just comic relief, his fights sadly will probably just be joke fights now that possibly end with a cool humming technique.

I disagree on Robin at least, she's an assassin as opposed to a fighter but her one fight in Skypeia was really cool and her new giant fleur moves could be awesome in a fight.
>> No. 28306

>Nami and Robin getting fights, their fights really aren't that entertaining to watch anyway.

This kinda.

I mean don't get me wrong, but our only two Female Strawhats are "fighters" only in that they have marginal self-defense skills and most of their use to the crew comes in the form of general utility.

No matter how good Nami gets at weather changing and staff chucking she isn't much for actually fighting and Robin's style of assassin seems more focused on quick takeouts than prolonged one on one fights.
>> No. 28307
Uh, maybe cause Oda has never expanded on them.
>> No. 28310

He does. In a character sense anyway.

Nami and Robin's only flaws are that they're primarily non-combat characters in a shonen fighting series.

Plus I feel like Oda may have written himself into a corner by having so many characters cause, even if he can split them up, there's still the issue of what happens when the utility one is right next to the combat one. Take the Monet scene:

Assume Robin did decide to fight Monet right there... okay. Good for her. Except the guy who's a major combatant and force to be reckoned with is standing right next to you and is not only better equipped and trained to fight something head-on, but is also probably better for the job in general.

And don't give me "Zorro could help stop the kids", because I'm PRETTY SURE Robin's probably better at stopping someone via nonlethal means than Zorro is. So yes, Robin could've taken the battle, except it really wouldn't have made a lick of sense at the time and only served to make it look like Oda HAD to have the women fight each other.

See? If you twist your logic around enough it's literally a lose/lose situation.
>> No. 28311
Women can't win fights

Even against other women
>> No. 28313
to be fair, kinnemon's power is to make clothes appear on people if they put an object on their head, and momonosuke is a zoan.

And also, from what I can see, Vergo has no devil fruit power and is strong with just roushiki and haki.
>> No. 28314
So is Doflamingo really the top of the chain or is he potentially working for the mysterious Kaidou we know little about? I remember hearing how many carry the flag of a yonko for protection, or at least, in the case of Kidd, focus on just being a nuisance to one yonko (which would probably mean the other yonko wouldn't want to bother him if he solely fights Big Mom's forces) instead of running around and doing whatever you what all across the New World as the yonko rule supreme. It's hard to believe that Dressrosa is a complete secret to everyone in the New World besides Doflamingo and his crew.

Hell, even Jinbe took up a yonko flag, showing that shichibukai are not below serving yonko if necessary.
>> No. 28315
btw I obviously know Jinbe isn't a warlord anymore, I'm just saying that people as powerful and influential as warlords/former warlords take up yonko flags
>> No. 28316

Are Donflamingo, the Amazon woman and Hawkeye the only warlords left?
>> No. 28317
Mihawk, Hancock, Kuma, Doflamingo, and Law are all currently active. Depending on how things play out during this arc Law might be able to keep his title, but it's looking unlikely. Buggy might have gotten an invite, which he might have accepted. Otherwise there are 2 unrevealed slots.
>> No. 28318
Wait, when did Jinbe take up a warlord flag? I know he liked Whitebeard, but I thought they were separate. Warlords and yonkou can't really cooperate publicly.
>> No. 28320
Random baseless theory: Doflamingo is affiliated with the Big Mom pirates, who are also the Yonko crew that Law is planning to take down. Big Mom is pink, Doflamingo is pink. Big Mom's crew is miscellaneous themeless weirdos, Doflamingo's crew is miscellaneous themeless weirdos. Law's primary and only motivation, being the edgy teenager that he is, is just to stick it to his mom and older brother (whom his mom likes better).

With just these incredibly vague and meaningless connections, this is already the best supported theory on this board. Fact.
>> No. 28321

Isn't the entirety of the fishman pirate crew affiliated with Bigmom right now?
>> No. 28322
I believe so, but he's not a warlord anymore. I know he's the same level of strength (sort of, his nomination was partially political) but there's a large difference between someone who was governmentally sponsored in the past siding with a Yonkou, and someone who's still on their payroll.
>> No. 28323
File 135086601439.png - (957.46KB , 995x830 , Shirley.png )
Jinbe's involvement with Big Mom is not really known as of yet. What's more likely is that he went into an uneasy alliance with her pirates sometime during the two year skip (after he had dropped his Warlord title) because both parties were looking after Fishman Island's protection. I highly doubt he was affiliated with them when he was a Warlord before the skip. And he was also never part of Whitebeard's crew or was even affiliated with them - they were just on friendly terms because of Whitebeard's protection of his home. The Warlords are nowhere near as solidified in a group as, say, the Marines. Meaning that, as pirates, they're free to affiliate themselves with whoever the Hell they want.

TL;DR: Jinbe whores himself out to whoever is looking after Fishman Island at the time.

>is just to stick it to his mom and older brother (whom his mom likes better)

No please. This is not Naruto.
>> No. 28324
Jinbe was with the Big Mom pirates
>> No. 28325
check the OP wiki if you have questions, they have most information up to date

right now since Law is clearly done with them, there's Boa, Mihawk, Kuma and Doflamingo.
>> No. 28333
Does Kuma even still count? I thought the real Kuma died, or at least was no longer any different from any of the other Pacifistas.
>> No. 28338
None of the other Pacifistas have a devil fruit, so.. He's also much stronger than them by far. The fact he completely lost his will and is nothing more than a puppet of the government pretty much assures he's still a Warlord.
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