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27540 No. 27540
No new thread? You guys are slow.
>> No. 27542
Solid chapter, great to see Zoro and Tashigi interacting again. I've been waiting the whole arc for it.
>> No. 27543
>that last page
I missed really wanting bad guys to get their asses handed to them. Fishman Island had some bad dudes, but nothing like Caesar.
>> No. 27544
Monet you crazy bitch, what ARE you doing?
Oh man that last page, though. Thank god there wasn't a flashback at least, that is HARSH ENOUGH AS IS.
>> No. 27549
how does one piece always manage to punch me right in the feelings
>> No. 27550
God, what if they get a small one in the anime?
I don't think I could take it.
>> No. 27551
how many chapters in this arc don't have at least one of the Straw Hats running somewhere
>> No. 27552
How many chapters in the ENTIRE SERIES?
Besides strawhatless chapters like Norland or Jinbe's mega flashbacks.
>> No. 27553
Exciting chapter! Can't wait to see who fights who, and what Vergo can do.

On another note, I am sick of this shitty fan art attached to these chapters lately. I'm very thankful for translations, but please keep your shitty fan art on DA. Thank you.
>> No. 27555
>Drinking rounds from Franky's keg cock

An okay chapter; just more buildup.. I'm torn between wanting to see what happens and just wanting this arc to end already. It started so lighthearted and soft and fun (I honestly thought this arc was gonna be East Blue-size, like Drum or something), but it just keeps getting more and more complicated and hyped up.

Also, I feel like we've seen that forgetful bit from Vergo before on another character.
>> No. 27557
Shiki had a somewhat similar shtick.
>> No. 27558
Strawhat Adventure Recipe
>Get split up
>Couple of people get fucked up
>Find a goofy little animal mascot
>Get reunited
>Beat the bad guy
>> No. 27559
Vergo was Iceburg the whole time
>> No. 27560
The artwork here isn't shit.
>> No. 27561
...why do I get the feeling Virgo's power is somehow velcro-themed?
>> No. 27562
something tells me that the reason Caesar's so flamin obsesed it poisons the rest of them is because it has a weird effect on devil fruit users
>> No. 27563
He's obsessed because he wants to look good in front of the brokers and all those people want to kick his ass. If they survive, his several year experiment goes to complete waste and someone's planting a gigantic rubber fist in the back of his skull.
>> No. 27564
Wow. They got all my headcanon color schemes spot on.
>> No. 27565
Its still shit cause its a recolor, not to mention the horrendous texturing between panels. Oda's art is beautiful in Black and White, and its meant to be in black and white. Its not a damn coloring book, and we don't need to see damn recolors like the person is five years old.
>> No. 27566
Color spreads and volume covers are Oda's art in color and they're great. Stop being such a tightass.

I mean I don't like the non chapter pages either but their quality doesn't really have anything to do with it. It's more that they're entirely pointless and a waste of space.
>> No. 27568
Recolors like this look amazing, I don't get why all the fuss.
>> No. 27569
>implying that colorspread isn't amazing
>implying recolors don't, by definition, mean coloring something that's already been colored
>implying Oda's actual original coloring schemes aren't horrendous
>implying that tree branch up your anus isn't impeding your sense of fun
>> No. 27571

Most of the colors used in that spread are canon Oda colors from Volume 67, douchelord. Then 2 of the others are Oda colors + white coat.
>> No. 27572
Then what the shit is it you're complaining about? Robin, Law, Usopp and Zoro weren't on the spread, and it would stand to reason Kinemon would have a white and red coat since he's from a country that's basically Japan. Just stop being an attention whore, you needy queen.
>> No. 27574

I wasn't complaining about the shitty colors or whatever the fuck. All I was doing was white knighting my precious Oda waifu. That post was some other guy. AND HE HAD A NAME, so you can't even use the "I though all the other anons were the same guy" excuse.

>> No. 27575
YOUR ASS IS BUSTED, you trifling harlot!

also orange Kuma
>> No. 27578
You know, judging from the last two arcs, I'd say Robin's stealth powers have been greatly amped up during her time as a revolutionary. She keeps on just popping up places.

Helps for an assassin, I guess.
>> No. 27579
>> No. 27582
She's still with the Revolutionaries on Baltigo, hooked up to a Devil Fruit Amplifier. She's able to spawn multiple versions of herself thousands of miles away, fighting the Revolution, staying with the Strawhats, working undercover in World Government establishments, and searching the remaining islands for the other Poneglyphs.
>> No. 27583
I would flip the fuck out if it turns out Robin was never actually on the Sunny the whole time.
>> No. 27585
Fucking with Franky, cause that's apparently where he headed off to.
>> No. 27586
Headed off to fuck Robin?
My OTP. For reals.
>> No. 27588
They're about to head to a big fight and Robin's like "Oh! Well, I hate to run, guys, but Dragon needs me to be up and about. I'll catch up with you later." And then poofs out of existence.

And then poofs back in afterwards, and goes 'Oh yeah, I hadn't told you guys about THAT. Well that must have been awkward, how'd we do?"
>> No. 27589
That...that'd be awful.
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