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File 134683964322.jpg - (152.35KB , 800x1177 , one-piece-3571885.jpg )
27597 No. 27597
680 out http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/680/4
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>> No. 27598
File 134684101823.jpg - (181.75KB , 800x1173 , one-piece-3571913.jpg )
It's been a while since Sanji has been this fucking rad.
>> No. 27599
Tashigi is eternally useless.
>> No. 27600
File 13468425526.jpg - (236.93KB , 1200x886 , one-piece-3571919.jpg )
>Quick action leads to victory!!

In Canada we call it "He who hits first hits last."
>> No. 27601
File 134684540630.jpg - (20.44KB , 639x357 , Our God.jpg )
Vegapunk confirmed for Lifemaker.
Luffy runs so fast his feet becomes Ace.
>> No. 27602
I know, a woman wanting to become a swordfighter? Doesn't she know her gender cannot become swordmasters?

She should find herself long flight of stairs to take a trip down.
>> No. 27603
File 134684794032.jpg - (249.60KB , 640x427 , i_wann_liv.jpg )
Wow Luffy you're really burning rubber.
>> No. 27604
One Piece Ost-Fierce Battle! Zoro Vs Sanjiyoutube thumb
Now you gonna get it, Vergo.
>> No. 27605
Good lord this was a brilliant chapter. Sanji vs vargo and luffy fighting ceasar. Maybe smoker can help luffy fight ceasar if he uses his gas gas powers.
>> No. 27606
Well, Vergo did kick Law's ass in one-on-one too.
>> No. 27607
So did pandashit ever actually explain what "kichiku no Vergo" means? I can't find an explanation on the front page. Using my amazing ability to type things into google search it seems to be something like "barbaric Vergo," or "Vergo the brutal."

But seriously why would you make a translation IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO TRANSLATE?
>> No. 27608
That doesn't even count, he took out Law instantly because he had his heart in his hand.
Tashigi is just completly useless, if she wants to fight so physically she should have been born a man.
>> No. 27609
"Vergo the sloppy eater"
>> No. 27610
This was an amazing chapter. It's been a long time since I've gotten my blood pumped by a One Piece chapter like this. The Luffy/Smoker banter was especially nice. Also "The Brownbeard Bus."
Can't fucking wait for next week.

>she should have been born a man
She really should invest in a trip to to see the great Iva-sama.
>> No. 27611
Almost every woman in one piece has proven herself to be useful on and off the battlefield.

Except Tashigi. What the fuck Oda? Couldn't you at least have her go a few blows with Vergo before she was beaten?
>> No. 27612
Maybe she has a fruit power we haven't been told about.

The Worf Worf Fruit, rendering her incapable of defeating a newly introduced villain.
>> No. 27613
I'm getting a feeling Oda doesn't know what to do with her.

So far all she's done is prove Kuina right, that women can't be great sword users.
Except from beating a couple of random mooks all we've seen from her in all her appearances is charging in, lose near instantly - dither about quite a bit outside of combat - have guys sacrifice themselves to protect her or jump in to save her when she proves incapable of fighting.
>> No. 27614

Seems legit.


Well, just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're useful. Some people are just kinda scrubs. That only real disappointing thing about Tashigi is that the timeskip was her only real time to catch up, and all she did was reach "plausibly not insta-gibbed by rokushiki" level. I can't see her advancing much farther either, unless there's another similar long stretch of time (and everyone but her decides to nap through it). Oh well.
>> No. 27615

After the mess that was Sanji in Fishman Island, I think I can finally call Sanji my nigga again

Also a shoutout for Tashigi for training for 2 years to become just powerful enough to be completely useless without actually dying

looking pretty Aizen there, Vergo
>> No. 27616

Mangastream is out, even though the translation is better they don't translate Vergo's title either.

>> No. 27617
>Well, just because you're a woman doesn't mean you're useful. Some people are just kinda scrubs. That only real disappointing thing about Tashigi is that the timeskip was her only real time to catch up, and all she did was reach "plausibly not insta-gibbed by rokushiki" level. I can't see her advancing much farther either, unless there's another similar long stretch of time (and everyone but her decides to nap through it). Oh well.
Well, her being a minor character actually works in her favor on that point. She has a lot of time off screen, and that means she can spend a lot of the time that the strawhats spend fighting just learning. She could start to feel like she's weighing Smoker down, and go on a quest of self-discovery that ends in her being Endgame material.

...that said, I also agree with the people who say she doesn't need to become Zoro's equal. She's Smoker's lieutenant, and there's a decent chance that Smoker's not going to be endgame material either. Chances are they're going to end up contributing to the final battle in a significant way, but not by taking on enemies that are at Strawhat level.

Think of them like Zenigata--Zenigata is never going to be as good as Lupin, but his time fighting Lupin means that when he goes against just about anyone else, he's going to curbstomp them. It's entirely possible for Smoker and Tashigi to go down that road from here.
>> No. 27618
>they don't know that Tashigi is going to marry Zoro

I don't want it to happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens in some "where are they now" if OP ever ends

also all this retarded reddit/9gag shit at the end of chapters with mangapanda needs to stop
>> No. 27619
I don't know. I'll grant you that other than Usopp and Kaya, Zoro and Tashigi are the pair that would be the most likely to form a couple by the end of things in any other manga. But....One Piece isn't that kind of manga. I wouldn't be shocked by the two of them ending up together in some Distant Finale, but I'd be surprised by it.

We already know Oda's word on the subject--they're all in love....with adventure.
>> No. 27620
ChopperXCotton Candy OTP
>> No. 27621
Boy Tagashi it sure is fun to watch you get owned every week whoops no it isn't.

Christ even the comic relief samurai introduced this chapter has been more useful than she has her entire run. I'm not askin' for an Erza-level BAMF, but you can't just have a character be this fuckin' useless at everything.
>> No. 27622

But, looking at it realistically, why WOULDN'T the bumbling sidekick of an (only occasionally appearing) secondary character fail at everything she does? Isn't her role in the story basically the same as someone like Helmeppo? She's like, I dunno, a fourth string character or something.
>> No. 27624
Or you could realize the fact she's a minor, background character who doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things and stop all of your collective bitching. Smoker hasn't gotten jack shit accomplished either, why would she? If you think Oda keeps bringing these two out the closet once in a blue moon to do ANYTHING OTHER than appease some fanboys, you gotta wake up.

I actually prefer (I don't even believe it either) mangapanda's translation this week. Mangastream's was very clunky and awkward.
>> No. 27625

>If you think Oda keeps bringing these two out the closet once in a blue moon to do ANYTHING OTHER than appease some fanboys, you gotta wake up.

Ugh, it's all extremes with you people.
>> No. 27626
Then prove me wrong. How have they been essential to the plot? Who have they beaten?
You really think Smoker is going to do anything other than walk away with his tail between his legs (for like the third or fourth time) at the end of this arc? Maybe he'll get some sort of personal redemption by beating Vergo, but that's it.
>> No. 27627
>How have they been essential to the plot? Who have they beaten?
Yeah, because One Piece is about the fights, rather than the adventure. I forgot.
>> No. 27628
Are you honestly saying that you think that Oda has NO long term plans for Smoker, a guy he introduced in the second year of the story as a major focal point of that arc?

Sakazuki, Aokiji and Kizaru are CLEARLY irrelevant characters who are only going to show up in the future to placate fans then, I suppose.
>> No. 27629
Smoker and Tashigi keep arresting people. Hell, that's what they'll probably end this with: arresting Vergo and Ceasar.
>> No. 27630
The focal point of what arc? Loguetown was about Luffy's last stop in East Blue and his contrast to Roger's legacy. Hell, Buggy was more of a focus than Smoker; all he did was once again show up and arrest people. Which didn't even stay arrested, might I add. Whoops. Incompetence 101.
I obviously don't have a crystal ball to see the future, but it's HIGHLY fucking unlikely that Smoker and Tashigi will do anything rovolutionarily groundbreaking by the end of this arc. So no, Smoker has not been the focus of anything he's even been in. He's like one of those cheesy gumshoe cops who's only purpose is to mop up the mess while shaking his fist angrily at the heroes.

Yeah. Cool legacy: Get your ass handed to you at every turn and drag away the baddies once they're down. So badass. And Caesar is going away with Law once down, so they'll only arrest Vergo.

See above posts.
>> No. 27631
What if it becomes a running gag. Smoker arrests people luffy brings down like crocodile and gets promotions. This, of course, drive shim nuts because a) he hates promotions and b) LUFFY takes his prey down before him.

And yeah, Smoker lost to Law in his fight, but at least he went a few blows before losing. I would have liked Tashigi to, i dunno.....block something before losing. Cmon Oda, you're usually pretty good with this. Nami and Robin get moments....
>> No. 27632
So I'm assuming Caesar is gonna pull some monsters or something out of his ass fro the crew to fight.

We have Sanji taking on Vergo and Luffy taking on Caesar with Smoker possibly helping. That leaves almost the whole crew, potentially Smoker and Brownbeard. I'm guessing more dragons and those Yeti bros. will be the other primary enemies for the rest of the crew, maybe Monet but she seems to just sneak around a lot (like Robin, maybe a fight there?) and maybe someone will go back-up Sanji depending on how things go (maybe Tashigi might actually help him in some fashion, her first time being useful!). Personally I'm kind of just hoping for the two main fights to be focused on and end fairly quickly without the whole crew fighting because I want this arc to end somewhat soon but I doubt that'll happen.
>> No. 27633
>Yeah. Cool legacy: Get your ass handed to you at every turn

Smoker has consistently beaten Luffy more than anyone else in the story. He only gets away due to luck or intervention.
>> No. 27634
Come to think of it, Smoker's only lost one fight and that was to Law. Every other combat situation he's been in, he either won or had to end early. Combining that with his constant conflicts with Luffy (where he tends to beat the kid down with little difficulty) and the man has an astounding track record.
>> No. 27635
Smoker is pretty much just Clint Eastwood at this point. He's a loose cannon cop but DAMN IT HE GETS RESULTS.
Mcgarnagle - Billys Dead.youtube thumb
>> No. 27636
Smoker is pretty much just Clint Eastwood at this point. He's a loose cannon cop but DAMN IT HE GETS RESULTS.
Mcgarnagle - Billys Dead.youtube thumb
>> No. 27637
Smoker has lost 1 fight out of the many he's been in, and it was a struggle for both fighters not a curbstomp.

Tashigi has lost every real fight she's been in quickly.
And no she's not meant to be a goofy bumbler comedy character who loses in an over the top manner, she's just a female character who sucks in battle and loses for drama/so a guy can take over.

And whats this talk of fanboys out of nowhere? Is this the same person that keeps whinging about 'THE FANGIRLS!' whenever one of the supernovas appears on panel or someone else?
>> No. 27638
Tashigi is an awful character. I'm not going to say that ODA IS SEXIST PIG BURN DOWN JAPAN, but he definitely doesn't know what to do with her.
>> No. 27639
I think the main problem in this arc is that he simply has too many good guys and not enough strong villains to occupy them all. Ever since the crew has reached more than like 5 members there's always been the issue of making sure everyone gets a matchup.

I wouldn't mind if the members who have functions that normally don't include fighting, don't have to fight. (like Nami. The whole lightning rod is pretty lame imo)

Then again this is still Shounen...
>> No. 27640
One a separate, non-whiny baby note, I really like Kinemon's role in the story. He fits in with the group, his antics are fun, and he's got pretty neat powers. He doesn't hog the spotlight like some other arc companions do, and his obvious overlap with Zoro and divergent goal and responsibility keeps the nakama talk away. Not to mention he quickly stopped being a combat liability as soon as he got put together, unlike pretty much everyone but Wiper and Jinbe. I think he's probably my favorite arc companion ever.
>> No. 27641
I can't get over how tall Kinemon is. It's not really THAT huge and it makes sense that all his body parts had to be bigger to stand out on their own, but holy shit he is Brook's height and proportioned like a normal man. The guy's a little giant standing next to Zoro.

Also yeah, he's hilarious. Portraying him as some sort of country hick samurai was a great idea.
>> No. 27642
I can't think of many Japanese series where the character from Not Japan is one of the least dignified cast members.
>> No. 27643
Yeah, Kinemon is pretty r0xx0rs b0xx0rs. Even though Momonosuke is gonna turn out to be someone or something completely unexpected.
>> No. 27644
Aren't we being a little quick on the draw here? For all we know the next chapter could be Tashigi going "FUCK THIS BULLSHIT I DON'T NEED NO CHIVALRY" and hulking out.
>> No. 27645
And then the dragon flies back and beats her down with one hit.
>> No. 27646
I want Robin to fight Monet; they both sneak up on each other and fight for 3 pages going ufufufu the whole time

also, Tashigi wouldn't be as noticably pathetic if Oda didn't have her fucking crying all the time now. God damn, she's spent 2 years in the most hardcore marine base as the subordinate for the most badass marine and yet she's been crying so damn much this arc.
>> No. 27647
Ok, I don't think crying is a fair one here. EVERYONE in One Piece cries. ALL THE TIME. All of the Marines getting manhandled by Vergo are on the verge of tears! And why shouldn't they be? Their comrade, the one who gave them so much hope, has betrayed them and is about to kill each of them!
>> No. 27648

The problem is that Oda makes a point to show how helpless and weak she is.

If she we're a dude, she'd be angry and frustrated about it, not "WAAAAAH I CAN'T MOVE".
>> No. 27649
Or if she were a different woman for that matter. Nami, for example, would generally only cry at points of extreme anguish, like in Arlong Park.

Oda has enough female characters with enough different personalities that one of them being a weak fighter and emotionally fragile isn't really that notable.
>> No. 27650
Sounds like Coby.
>> No. 27653

If she was a guy he'd still be crying like a baby at being manhandled by a stronger dude, just like big bad Blackbeard did when papa Whitebeard beat the crap out of him. Also nobody would give a shit about him to begin with and this stupid argument wouldn't have even started. Dang, Tashigiro got beat up again and started crying! Haw haw what a pussy!


Damn, you though up a better example of what I was saying while I typed. Scratch that last part and just paste "Tashigiro" over any Coby mocking you see. Especially when it's about Coby getting one-shot by Luffy or him hiding and crying when he felt people dying with his haki.
>> No. 27654
of course its a fair one. Weaker characters tend to cry yes but its more often used as a humourous effect, the same with some of the stronger characters.

but Tashigi is just straight up crying a lot, no humour involved. She's been continually pretty useless and now cries more than ever despite being a captain for the toughest marine base.
>> No. 27656
Nobody gives a fuck about Tashigi. Stop your whining. Who cares.
>> No. 27657
Obviously quite a few people do
>> No. 27659
Herp derp my fanfic predictions are canon for the sake of my arguments.

Are you god damn stupid son?
Stop it.
>> No. 27661
File 134699008617.jpg - (93.96KB , 526x415 , Oh_yeah?.jpg )
>> No. 27662
aren't you the guy who kept arguing about the blatantly obvious apple-into-devil fruit sequence being just a close-up or whatever long after you were proven wrong?

because if you are, think harder about throwing them stones, bro.
>> No. 27663
Yeah I'mma beat you up. You wanna go? Throw down, brah. I'll be waiting outside.

Yes, yes he was; don't even bother, I'm pretty sure he's a troll. Or truly and earnestly a fucking retard who pays no attention to the plot of what he's reading.

Law's plan is to capture and kidnap Caesar Clown. Why would they allow Smoker to just take him away?
>> No. 27665
Mononosuke = SABO!!8!

Robin vs Monet could actually work. They can both fly, right? Whoever is the most apathic, wins.
>> No. 27666
Robin can't really fly, just glide for a bit.
>> No. 27667

She actually CAN fly. As in, she can actually go up for a bit. She just doesn't actually do it much because her range is so short that there's almost never a time where it would be useful. On the other hand, all the strawhats fall almost as much as they run, so the wings end up used parachutes a lot.
>> No. 27668
Or robin could just lock her wings and break her back.
>> No. 27669
>implying Oda's ever going to have another girl vs. girl fight again
>implying he won't just give them background fodder forever

oda y
>> No. 27671
We will, but don't expect it to be a regular thing. It's not like ussop or chopper always get 1v1 fights either. Only the big three get consistent fights.

I expect blackbeards crew will be one of the only 1 v 1 crew fights we'll get left.

Also, I'm not sure Robin and Monet will have a reason to fight. No one really knows whose side Monet is on now.

I'll be happy if I just get to see Tashigi FIGHT someone and not get one shotted every time. At least Coby got a hit on luffy after cp9.
>> No. 27674
I'm pretty sure she can fly now, but I hope she doesn't because that move freaks me the hell out.
>> No. 27678
File 134709021613.jpg - (76.33KB , 479x630 , hands.jpg )
there is nothing to be afraid of my friend, they're just hands
>> No. 27689
I hope they have that giant party to celebrate their arrival in the New World like Zoro wanted when this arc is over

I'd like to see an arc that starts off slowly for the first time since the time skip. Learn some new, mysterious lore about the New World and then get into things instead of shit exploding immediately
>> No. 27690
Honestly I'd just be happy if Tashigi could win against SOMEBODY who's reasonably important.

It doesn't have to be a high level dude, it could even just be one of the bad guy's more memorably subordinants
>> No. 27691

She's not a protagonist dude. If anything SHE'S the one who should get beaten up by, like, Nami or whoever.
>> No. 27692
That, and like I said earlier, she really doesn't fucking matter.
>> No. 27693
But no seriously, she totally should have gotten beaten up by the strawhats. I mean, just look at this pathetic list of non-fodder antagonists this arc:

Rock and Scotch (punked almost immediately)
Brownbeard and the other named centaurs (completely worthless)
Smiley (currently an inanimate object)
...that's it. So 3.

Compared to the 12(!) mostly competent dudes they're up against, plus Tashigi, it's just too lopsided. Even the new 11 vs 5 that would have happened if the marines had stayed adversarial would be pretty weird, but at least it would've begun to approach seeming fair. It kinda feels like Little Garden, only now there are a bunch more people and instead of being in mortal danger the surplus good guys are just kind of chilling on a croco-bus.
>> No. 27694
Actually, I'd argue Monet should be completely taken out of that equation. She's done nothing antagonistic or even threatening. It really is just everyone vs. Caesar and Vergo.
>> No. 27696
File 134724662121.png - (307.03KB , 832x1280 , 00.png )
Dang, I've been meaning to say something about this for a few months but I just keep forgetting. Mangarule is a good site if you're patient enough to wait a few days yet somehow not patient enough to wait for shonen jump alpha. If you fall into this specific range in the patience spectrum you are rewarded with:

-Better translations from someone seems to actually read One Piece and speak english. No "Kehihihi in the Caribbean New World" in sight.
-Higher quality scans
-No stupid fanart that nobody gives a shit about
-No terrible watermarks ruining the art
-Both direct downloads and an online reader. I think I remember someone asking for something like this.

I mention it today specifically because new chapter is out, and jesus shit someone finally translated Vergo's fucking title. WAS THAT SO HARD?

>> No. 27697
That link's uuh .. not really working, brudda. I think some dangs are in order here? Dang, dang.
>> No. 27705

Dang dang, that's really weird. I can just click it and it goes to the page, or even middle click it to get it in a new tab.

Maybe this?
>> No. 27706
Still doesn't work for me. Says it can't locate the page. =/
>> No. 27707

Only the most radically pure hearted may click on the mystic link to access the legendary phantom website.

I'm sorry. I'm really dang sorry.
>> No. 27708
Maybe try this one.
>> No. 27711
smoker/law are wildcards. Technically antagonists from time to time.
>> No. 27714
Yes but they're on the side of the "angels" right now. Ceasar still has that freezer room though to help even the odds, and all things considered he's held his own quite well.
>> No. 27724
ceasars a pretty powerful guy, fruit wise and ingenuity wise. I don't suppose he spent much time working out his body or haki.

Also, was Vergo using shigan? Guys a haki user and a rokoushiki user?
>> No. 27726
Rokushiki is a standard marine moveset, it's not exclusive to CP9. Coby and Helmeppo both can use Soru.
>> No. 27728

Just looking at the few higher ranking marines, it kind of looks like haki and rokushiki, (and swordsmanship?) are just a normal part of marine training. Off the top of my head I can think of Momonga, Dalmatian, and Coby all doing rokushiki.
>> No. 27749
makes you wonder why cp9 were so special. Perhaps they were just more efficient at it?

That arc was so phsycial heavy, it was great.
>> No. 27751
They knew all the rokushiki techniques, and most of them had specialized techniques within that. Even then they were assassins, not just brute force masters like an Admiral or Vice Admiral is supposed to be. Lucci's strength was something COMPLETELY unexpected.
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