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File 135106606448.jpg - (117.77KB , 513x435 , 562656256524.jpg )
28368 No. 28368

Zoro holdin back, Tashigi potentially being useful? I guess the shipping of these two may make a comeback
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>> No. 28369
sorry for linking it to the wrong page
>> No. 28370
Finally Tashigi, prove your worth.

Haha, I liked this chapter, nothing specific just all the stuff done by different crewmembers.

And Gas-Doc really is a hell of a lier, got his crocodile-tear technique down pat
>> No. 28371
Ceasars web of lies is actually amusing. how does he keep track of what he's said to people.

Anyways, Monet's fucking terrifying, nami and Robin got a few blows in, and hey, tashigi.
>> No. 28372
I bet now people are going to start complaining that the women in One Piece are unrealistically strong.

And caesar is a brilliant scientist, he should be able to keep track of his lies.
>> No. 28373
Why is Zoro being a bitch, there's no way he wouldn't win and he sure as fuck doesn't need Tashigi's help. Please tell me Zoro is holding back for a reason and Oda seriously isn't putting Monet above him
>> No. 28374
Maybe he hasn't mastered all the varities of Haki.

He can clearly defend himself against her, he isn't struggling to stay alive, he just doesn't seem able to finish her off.
>> No. 28375
Well hey looks like you're right >>28373
>> No. 28376
nothing against women, I just think the Mihawk-trained Zoro should be able to take fufufufu snow lady
>> No. 28377
File 135108188165.png - (143.28KB , 513x278 , 1351081099896.png )
>>mfw in the next chapter Tashigi slips on melting snow, hits her head and dies
>> No. 28378
Slightly off topic, but does it annoy anyone else when they put 2-3 pages of fanart before the chapter properly starts, i mean whats the point of that?
>> No. 28379
God damn, Monet, you're fucking terriyfing.
>> No. 28380
MS is out. Better than most sources with shitty translates.
>> No. 28381

I guess it's just "the new thing." Hopefully it's just a fad, but over the last few years the scanlators have been adding more and more shit to their releases. Sigh, I kind of miss the time before that.
>> No. 28382
More logias should use their powers to transform into element monsters. 2 out of *insert total number of logias* just isn't enough.
>> No. 28383
Who else did that again?

Anyway most of them likely just don't see the point to transforming into giant ugly monsters (it never helps)
>> No. 28384
>Nami and Robin doing cool stuff
>Monet's freaky snow harpy form
>Sanji and Zoro being petty dicks to each other
>Tashigi getting ready to kick some ass

>> No. 28385
Magellan, I believe.
>> No. 28386
Magellan is a paramecia
>> No. 28387
No he's like Mr3 the waxman, he just expels then manipulates poison, he isn't made out of it.

Why do so many people get this mixed up?
>> No. 28388
>> No. 28389
looks like zoro's still having problems hearing the breath of all things. probably hasnt figured out how to cut water/ice like mihawk can since he showed interest and amazement in cutting fire
>> No. 28390
Because they are very similar to logias in appearance and it's easy to get them mixed up.
>> No. 28391
Zoro doesn't have haki, Tashigi does.
>> No. 28392

He has haki he just doesn't fight ladies, this is a running theme.
>> No. 28393
Except he's totally fought ladies before

Whisky Peak?

Even if he doesn't want to kill them he's put a hurting on them.
>> No. 28395
Hell he's even fought Tashigi, he only refused to fight her from then on because her looking so much like his dead friend is something he can't deal with.
Zoro not being willing to fight other women makes no sense, he's not Sanji.
>> No. 28398

he hit them with the back of his sword or the hilt, he's never cut a lady.
>> No. 28399
so zoro confirmed for not having haki? that's dumb.
>> No. 28400
Why, really? I'm not seeing a big problem whether he does or not. We've never actually seen Mihawk use it.
>> No. 28401
I get the feeling Zoro holding back is the result of him being too tucking fough. There's deadly deadly gas everywhere outside and his moves are too powerful for him to cut lose without killing everybody.

Or we could all just wait till next chapter or two to see what's up.
>> No. 28402
....so what? Why can't he hit this harpy-woman with the back of his sword?

He's not attacked her at all, it makes much more sense he can't hurt her rather than he's pulling a Sanji on someone who's attacking his crewmates.

Why? He might not have mastered it, or at least not the CoA branch.
Its not like Mihawk is seen using it much. Maybe he only trained Zoro in pure swordfighting, leaving him to build up his Spirit.
>> No. 28403
I thought Law specifically asked who could use haki in the Strawhat crew and it showed a panel of Zoro, Sanji, and Luffy? Maybe my memory just sucks.
>> No. 28405
Zoro refusing to attack Monet only out of some chivalry bullshit would be awful, while I think it would be cool to see Tashigi actually help in a fight for once but Oda setting it up in such a stupid way? Not so much.
>> No. 28406
Yeah, I mean Monet seemed a little shocked a swordsman has haki.
>> No. 28407
if it turns out its because she is a woman I'll be pretty pissed. He's made slight remarks like that in the past about attacking women even if they are capable like when Enel fried Robin. Gender bullshit should never be an issue for anyone besides Sanji, if they are a genuine threat to people gender should be a non issue.

I'll be also somewhat pissed if its because Zoro can't use haki to beat monet. I understand not having it at Luffy's level but come on, he has to be able to use it some capacity. For fucks sake, Tashigi used it on Monet at the end of the chapter, I have hard time believing that Tashigi can use haki to cut while Zoro, who was leagues beyond her 2 years ago and since then trained with the greatest swordsman in the world, can't.
>> No. 28408
His missing eye makes him less good at precise cutting. While he's still an indestructible death machine he's not good at precision jobs and going all out would mean he'd destroy the entire room
>> No. 28409
Haki != swordsmanship. As a Marine, she gets haki training. This is not a guarantee in any way for Zoro, because he was only trained as a swordsman. How is this hard to understand?
>> No. 28410
There's different kinds of Haki, not everyone is equally proficient with all of them,
maybe she focused on learning that (since being but a frail and feeble woman) she's physically weaker and needed to add some oomph to her slashes.
And hell as for Zoro maybe in some sort of hard knocks training Hawkeyes didn't teach him that kind of Haki,
He has to learn to put his soul into his swords by himself or something.
Big tweest? Hawkeyes doesn't use it at all, there's some other way to increase your cutting skills.
>> No. 28411
Sounds silly

Applying sword to gut is pretty lethal

A building destroying attack seems pretty needless in order to kill one person, who's weaker than him apparently apart from his inability to touch her

You think she could laugh off the slash that crippled Hodi underwater if it wasn't for her Logia?
>> No. 28412
The breath of things does seem to be something on its own. It doesn't REALLY relate to any of the 3 types of haki, and there's been a bunch of other things in this series that it doesn't have to be a subset.
>> No. 28413

I really do hope she's 10 times stronger than him. And I really do hope he DOESN'T have haki. Haki's a nuisance; maybe without it he'll be a mildly fun character again.
>> No. 28414
Stop shit-starting and throwing the words Fan-'whatever' around please
>> No. 28415
File 135112687743.jpg - (16.22KB , 320x240 , tumblr_m4ustqU3LI1rx90rro1_400.jpg )
Truth hurtin'? Eat my balls.
>> No. 28416
i dont understand why you would want to be castrated and then have someone consume your now removed testicles.
>> No. 28418
File 135112765170.jpg - (191.37KB , 1439x1080 , Foxy.jpg )
Because you're a filthy fanboy.

And my sex life is complicated and dying.
>> No. 28419
I like this idea. It would differentiate Brook''s swordsmanship from Zoro's a lot more.
>> No. 28420
Mihawk sure as fuck would be familiar with haki, Tashigi was never indicated to have haki training pre time skip

so she learned haki within 2 years training with some marines and zoro didn't training with, again, the greatest swordsman in the world who pretty much guaranteed can use haki? That is bullshit
>> No. 28421
Zoro isn't attacking Monet, because he is in love with her. That's why he got pissed the marines were complimenting her, and that's why Tashigi won't leave the two of them alone.
You heard it here first.
>> No. 28422
Except we've seen him cut a guy down without causing a massive death explosion
>> No. 28423
>the greatest swordsman in the world who pretty much guaranteed can use haki?

Why is it guaranteed? Seriously, the only thing he's ever done that could remotely be haki is have scary eyes. With the Marines we already know that they get training for it, and that EVERY Vice Admiral can use it. You might as well bitch that he doesn't have soru or tekkai.
>> No. 28424
If Luffy and Sanji could learn about Haki in the timeskip then why not Tashigi? Smoker as well depending on how much of the theory he knew back then before actully learning to put it into practice.

Also Its starting to sound more plausible now, that Zoro might have learned 'something else' from Mihawk, the world's greatest swordsman, rather than colour of armaments.
Heh, watch as it turns out samurai of the new world use a superior technique/style/ability to the swordsman of the rest of the planet, which is why the new guy can cut fire and explosions, and Mihawk is the best because he mastered that sword ability.
>> No. 28425
It is entirely believable that Mihawk taught Zoro haki, but he didn't give a shit because it wasn't about swords. And there's no way Tashigi didn't get some haki training as a Marine about to be deployed to the New World.
>> No. 28426
hei guis jinbe 4 nakama? yes or yes?
>> No. 28427
If post time skip we are being introduced to henchmen and lackeys who use haki, like pekoms and vergo, I think its a fair shot that a guy who fought people like Shanks on a daily basis, has the most powerful slash in the world and who is feared by almost everyone can use haki.

If you don't have a devil fruit you basically need haki to be relevant judging from how the New World is being presented, Mihawk in all likely hood is a master of haki

>If Luffy and Sanji could learn about Haki in the timeskip then why not Tashigi

Were talking about haki to attack people with. Sanji has only demonstrated observation haki and Luffy was trained in isolation with Rayleigh, a man who could fight on even ground with Kizuru with haki being one of his main lessons before he could use it

Haki training is stated to be very difficult and it takes time, vice admirals and above use it but they are all experienced veterans. Tashigi suddenly being able to use it and Zoro not doesn't seem right
>> No. 28428
>If you don't have a devil fruit you basically need haki to be relevant judging from how the New World is being presented, Mihawk in all likely hood is a master of haki

Who the hell says? We've had ONE non-Devil Fruit opponent in the New World, and he's a Vice Admiral, who we all knew had the stuff beforehand (as well as a bunch of rokushiki techniques.) Are you really going to assume they'll all be Vergos, and that nothing Mihawk's done so far could net him a relevant place in the New World?
>> No. 28429
I can understand where you're coming from, but why are you being such a bitch about it?

It is inferred and implied that Mihawk can use haki since he's so powerful, and everyone in the New World probably uses it too.

There, end of discussion
>> No. 28430
...why are you suddenly being so abusive?

You can't just call someone a bitch because they disagree with you and claim the discussion is over.
>> No. 28431
bitch this discussion is over
>> No. 28432
Haki is one of those skills that everyone specializes in differently. Luffy gets a pass to rock all three as the main character, but it's entirely possible Zoro just isn't capable of the Arms color.
>> No. 28433

You joke about that, but I ask you this: can you really be a swordsman without haki?

Zoro out, Jinbe4swordkama
>> No. 28434
File 135117960973.png - (722.87KB , 1586x659 , Chapter668.png )
In chapter 668, Luffy confirmed that Zoro has haki. Since Law was talking about people who can "clad themselves in haki", he probably has Armament Haki.
>> No. 28435
y'know, this makes sense. Zoro was initially impressed by gaimon's elemental cutting, which is probably due to some extension of the breath of things, and would thus have zoro being able to combat logias without haki being shoehorned everywhere.

also where the fuck is franky?
>> No. 28436
Back on the ship, doing something crazy.
>> No. 28437
File 13511923506.png - (364.83KB , 580x500 , Gaimon.png )

>gaimon's elemental cutting
>> No. 28438
He meant Kinemon.
>> No. 28439
god you are retarded

I love how anyone who tries to reason about Zoro's strength and abilities gets answers like yours, shitposting like you're on /v/ or something

yes haki you stupid faggot, strong people without devil fruit abilities are being shown to generally have a strong understanding about haki and can use it effectively, Zoro more then likely can use it and it seems as if he's holding back, if not and tashigi can use it then its kind of strange
>> No. 28440
>strong people without devil fruit abilities are being shown to generally have a strong understanding about haki and can use it effectively

But the thing is, this isn't necessarily true. It's true SOMETIMES, but not always and not to the point where you have to assume anybody strong also has to have it. Haki's not just something anybody gets from leveling up enough. It's entirely possible for someone that can use it to be much weaker than someone who can't (in the same way that Helmeppo and Coby learned several Rokushiki techniques but Zoro can't use any of those either.)
The only reason we know Zoro has any one of the three haki techniques is because Luffy said he did, nor is there anything stating that Mihawk has to just because he's powerful.
>> No. 28441
Simple explanation:

Zoro is not the smartest guy in the world and probably isn't very good at Haki. Mihawk probably taught him some stuff, but Tashigi had organized, military training in it. Tashigi isn't STRONGER than Zoro, she has more precise control of Haki. Which has sort of always been their thing. Zoro is a shitton of uncontrolled raw power and Tashigi is precision and control.

Also possible, Zoro was too busy covering NaRoCho's escape to try and go on the offensive.
>> No. 28442
File 135121107879.png - (45.50KB , 412x389 , 1351207593315.png )
>>My harpy can't be this cute
>> No. 28443
File 13512118359.jpg - (60.19KB , 500x375 , Posting cat.jpg )
Calm down, girl. Replies like that only further prove you're nothing but another ignorant fanboy.
>> No. 28444
If they are a girl would that not make them an ignorant fan...girl?
>> No. 28445
Well, him not wanting to strike a girl is dumb.
And him in love with her is dumber...

Maybe he's trying to get her rustled up and spill something important?
>> No. 28446
Wait, what? Who's in love with who?
>> No. 28447
I'm talking about why Zoro won't attack Monet proper. All the reasons I could think of make no sense.
>> No. 28448

Me. The angry ranty dude. I'm in love with...

supernova-shipping fangirl. I'm sorry my brothers. I've failed you.
>> No. 28449
There's only room for one angry ranty dude here, you little shit. Unsheathe your katana at once.
>> No. 28450
File 135122875745.jpg - (38.53KB , 600x450 , tumblr_mb6iuffm361rd6tjyo1_1280.jpg )
pls don't fight you silly boys
>> No. 28451

Hahaha let me just interrupt this pretty weird roleplay to say that that picture is HILARIUS. Like, they both have this "I got paid juuuust enough to do this, but not enough to do it with effort" face going on.

It's not just me right?
>> No. 28452

Why is his nipple orange.

Why are his lips orange.
>> No. 28453
That's not a nipple, that's leftover spaghetti sauce.
>> No. 28455

Why does Kid look like Willem Dafoe?

That's not just me, right?
>> No. 28462
I was going to say Christopher Walken but that works better.
>> No. 28479
Just wait till it zooms out
>> No. 28500
File 13515880687.jpg?spoiler - (572.24KB , 1800x1450 , 1351585708313.jpg?spoiler )
This seems like the place to drop spoilers for the next chapter
>> No. 28501
So what...this whole thing with swordchick stepping up was just a further chance to show she has absolutly no credibility?

Why is she even here, the only thing her existance does is prove Kuina was right in saying chicks can't be swordmasters, the only thing she's accomplished in all of her appearances is the longest losing-streak.
>> No. 28503
She's here to finish off the women that Zoro doesn't want to hurt.
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