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File 13473667423.png - (93.60KB , 319x303 , what_a_gas.png )
27739 No. 27739
Chapter's already out, bakas! http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/681

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>> No. 27740
File 134736748187.jpg - (75.19KB , 1280x850 , throbbin_4_robin.jpg )
Its sad that we now live in a culture where creativity has not only been superceded by easily-generated crude mspaint edits, but is practically even frowned upon. Original thought? Sorry mate, I don't really have time for your meticulously-crafted prose, I've already got a backlog of photos of surprised-looking dogs with all-caps text pasted over them to get through.

But on the bright side at least you don't have to try and be funny anymore, the internet can do that for you. Much easier to make friends with people now. They're all gits who think "le monkeyface" is the pinnacle of comedy, but at least they won't tease me about how I smell.

Anyway enjoy your manga. Here's some tits. Walls slowly closing in around me.
>> No. 27741
Fuck, what was that bullshit about interrupting the fight to basically put in an ad for themselves? I'm out. These stupid assholes are too stupid and assholish for me to handle anymore. I can wait a day.
>> No. 27742
pretty much this. It killed it for me.

mangapanda shit aside, a cool chapter.
>> No. 27743
I'm glad Oda acknowledged the fact that Luffy really has no distinct reason to fight Caesar. I was starting to worry I missed something, but no. Luffy is just doing it because Law told him to so they could go fight Shanks.
>> No. 27744
>> No. 27745

Oh thank goodness.

What's miok gas? But oh man, a scientist baddie with a bunsen burner sword. So great.
>> No. 27746
File 134738380234.png - (267.52KB , 500x473 , one piece.png )
Calm down, bro. It's just le reddit faggots. You're basically flaming up over the scum of the internet. Chill.

As for the chapter, a few notes of interest:

-- We finally get to see Monet's power and it's even more mysterious than previously thought. She can create walls using her wings? And it's clearly NOT just her wings, because it's shown cracking and blowing apart. I don't think this is something we'd see from a Zoan, so I'm starting to think her bird appendages really are the work of Law and she has a completely separate paramecia Devil Fruit power.

-- Vergo shows us a little bit more of his. At first he seems to be using typical hardening armament or whatever, which Sanji points out, but when their kicks class, one of Vergo's legs is shown slightly cracking. Is this a sign of just haki?

-- Even Caesar seems genuinely surprised and distrustful of an alliance with Law, echoing Robin's earlier worries. And while I really doubt Law is as dangerous and evil as that last page made him out to be, I do think he's not going to end on a buddy-buddy note with the Strawhats. He seems to be out for himself first and to hell with the rest. Now we just have to finally see what the hell is in that "S.A.D" room once and for all. Momonosuke?

-- Caesar is officially the villain with the single best collection of reaction faces. No questions asked.
>> No. 27747
I think Vergo is using tekkai instead of hardening armaments, and Monet's wall seems to be made of snow based on what she called it.
>> No. 27748
Maybe a show logia? So she might not be a zoan, which would make sense because we actually haven't seen her change at all from the standard wings and legs. Makes you wonder why the fuck she agreed to be turned into a harpy by law.

Vergo might be a paramecia. But what's hard and cracks?

And goddamn, it's easy to forget that Law is actually known for his brutality and has the nickname surgeon of death for a reason. We must remember that these are bad people.
>> No. 27750
From Monet's explanation I think Donflamingo might be controlling her.
>> No. 27752
I've never really been attracted to that Rokushiki crap. I had to OPwiki what tekkai even was. It does seem to match what Vergo is doing, however, it still doesn't explain why his leg was shown literally cracking like stone.

Caesar once talked about Monet "transforming with her powers" if I'm not mistaken. I always assumed she was a harpy Zoan.. but even that raises more questions. A "harpy" is not an animal, it's a mystical animal/human hybrid. Why would there be a zoan of something that isn't even an animal? It would be like them having a centaur Zoan fruit. A bit redundant.

Of course she could always just BE a harpy, as in a species (i.e. Long Leg, yeti, etc.), but she was shown having normal human limbs before meeting Law.. so that kind of throws a wrench into that theory. Maybe she's really a tragic character; a pawn of Doflamingo who was forced by him to change even her body using Law's powers to fit his.. bird motif?

Iunno, man.. Looots of questions here.
>> No. 27753

> Why would there be a zoan of something that isn't even an animal? It would be like them having a centaur Zoan fruit

There's a Phoenix Zoan and a Buddah Zoan brah.
>> No. 27754
File 134739100688.jpg - (45.44KB , 395x345 , bones.jpg )
Guys you're all a bit confused. Vergo's wearing plain grey-tone pants, and Sanji is wearing all black. It's an x-ray shot of one of Sanji's bones breaking from blocking the kick.
>> No. 27755
>Maybe she's really a tragic character; a pawn of Doflamingo who was forced by him to change even her body using Law's powers to fit his.. bird motif?

That would be pretty funny, actually. You can't work for Doflamingo unless you get your own bird-theme.
>> No. 27756
Unfortunately, none of Doflamingo's other pawns really fit that. The bird arms was probably more Ceasar's choice than Doflamingo's, and she doesn't have any problem with them. She's probably not a logia, just a snow paramecia with a harpy theme. But that seems to be enough to keep Luffy at bay.
>> No. 27757

But doesn't Doflamingo throw all his pawns to the wolves anyway? Maybe if Bellamy and Disco had worn plastic wings they wouldn't be dead/a hobo nowadays. Bird supremacy.
>> No. 27758
what if it was an egg shell she made?
>> No. 27759

That's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it.
>> No. 27761
Thank you for clearing that up. Had no clue what I was looking at.
>> No. 27762
So Jinbe is at the G-5 base? Interesting
>> No. 27764
This is what I was afraid of. I don't want him anywhere NEAR the Strawhats; it will just serve to fuel up the Jinbe4nakamites. Ugh.
>> No. 27766
Jinbei 4 Nakama is old news.
It's Monet 4 Nakama now.
>> No. 27767
Man, shit's going down hard. Sanji's clearly got his work cut out for him and Luffy's gonna have to face off against Monet before he even thinks of going after Ceasar.

Personally, I'm really hoping that Tashigi and Sanji end up having to team up to take down Vergo.
>> No. 27769
I just had a crazy idea:

What if Monet is Momonosuke?
>> No. 27770
Are you trying to say that Vergo is a candy-man? Stuff does seem to stick to him pretty well.
>> No. 27771
that's pretty ridiculous, Oda goes out of his way to show how insanely strong Sanji's legs are and of course Vergo just happens to be able to kick even harder with little effort
>> No. 27772
File 134741987870.jpg - (37.73KB , 480x342 , Where+do+you+think+we+are+_5cbc3a22a4f58de6e138b53.jpg )
Well Kinemon has specifically said multiple times that he's looking for his son. As in a male. Unless Monet has been a guy all along like I thought when I first saw her and oh god oh god my pants are getting tighter and it's hot in here

I love how people complain when the foes are too weak and then also complain when the foes are too much of a challenge. This is the motherfucking New World, kid.
>> No. 27773
I don't see Vergo as exerting little effort. The guy only has one mode, but he isn't shown to be slacking in his kicks. He's pissed off and in murder mode.
Also Sanji can do more than just kick HARD.
>> No. 27774
This. What the fuck was that all about? Ignoring the usual Mangapanda shit, Good chapter.
>> No. 27775
I DID say it was a CRAZY idea.
>> No. 27777
File 134743613886.png - (31.12KB , 124x409 , bp.png )
Just a few things:

--those images aren't from reddit. We hate them just as much over there.

--That's Sanji's bones cracking, not Vergo's legs

--Vegapunk's expressions are indeed awesome
>> No. 27778
Couldn't harpys be a totally new species? It's not like One Piece lacks of strange creatures.
For me, Sad room could be the room of the frozen people we saw like ten chapters ago.
>> No. 27779

The thing is that she was a human with normal arms and legs in a mini flashback from a few chapters back.

Personally, putting my money on Law-created chimera with an unrelated snow paramecia. It would explain how she was so easily able to stalk Law, since most of the important things he was scoping out were located on the frozen half of the island. The thing she made also looked more like Mr. 3 or Kalifa's constructs than the sorts of things a logia would make. She became a harpy because why not?
>> No. 27781
That is NOT Vegapunk, dude.
>> No. 27785

Well they don't have the 9gag watermark plastered over it so where else could it be?
>> No. 27787
Isolated incidents?
Years ago, before I ever even knew what 4chan was, I was all about that idiotic mudkips meme.
>> No. 27788
I'm well aware its the New World, I just found it funny how its the first place they've arrived to and already we got a guy who can possibly kick harder than Sanji
>> No. 27791
File 134750699713.jpg - (67.60KB , 474x184 , Vergo bamboo.jpg )
I really don't think Vergo has stronger legs than Sanji, or even close, for that matter. What he appears to be is a master hardening haki user; his attacks look identical to Luffy's haki-infused hits. That, or he has a devil fruit which allows him to turn his body into some sort of metal.
SO if either of these is the case, all he's doing is turning Sanji's strength against him. He's gonna have to get more crafty to bring down Vergo.. assuming Shinokuni doesn't outright cancel their fight.
>> No. 27815
I'm entertaining the idea that Vergo has the Grill Grill fruit. His attire design looks a lot like grill lines on meat, plus the food stuck to him gag.
We've never seen any kind of Haki used on an outside entity, if it is possible to Armament Harden something not your own body then Vergo is the first to show it and probably like you said very proficient at it to be able to.
>> No. 27816
>We've never seen any kind of Haki used on an outside entity, if it is possible to Armament Harden something not your own body then Vergo is the first to show it

Actually, the Kuja amazons did it with their arrows and it was implied Rayleigh did it with his sword.
>> No. 27817
The Kuja used armanent haki on their arrows so they could pierce stone.
>> No. 27818
Ah, thanks.
>> No. 27819
If Robin fights anyone, I hope they keep up her streak of breaking everyone

I love how all of the fights with the rest of the crew are usually drawn out and explosive, meanwhile Robin casually snaps people/merman/whatever like twigs and moves on without giving a fuck
>> No. 27832
is the site still having problems? It stopped working for a while and all recent posts seem to have been deleted for me
>> No. 27834
Yeah. Iunno what's going on in this place.
>> No. 27835
>> No. 27838
>Monet joins the crew
>her and Robin sit alone in corners together all day whispering
>stare at people in the crew as they walk by and go "ufufufufufu" quietly

fund it
>> No. 27839
I think having a new iteration of laughinggirls.tiff every time there's some crew downtime would almost be worth my shitty joke prediction from back then coming true.
>> No. 27840
File 134801417055.jpg - (44.45KB , 446x400 , laughingwhores.jpg )
>> No. 27841
Times like these make me wish I could draw.
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