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File 135169126194.png - (169.11KB , 811x1150 , 0cbd62695b3266fc1da1b529fd21132c.png )
28525 No. 28525
Where'd the last thread go?

Also. Mangastream's version's out.
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>> No. 28526
Did the mod's delete it for some reason?
>> No. 28527
You forgot the link.

Also I deleted that thread seeing as how I kept getting 403 forbidden errors, plus there were only a few posts.
>> No. 28528
>Tashigi's big "I'm useful!" moment is inflicting a tiny cut on Monet after Zoro has already done some weird logia cripple move
>> No. 28529
>Tashigi's big "I'm useful moment is defeating Monet singlehandedly while Zoro faffed about and used an attack that did nothing but psych Monet out.
>> No. 28530
No, >>28528 is right

Zoro could have completly destroyed Monet at any moment, the only thing stopping him was some chivalry-nonsense, which is the only reason Tashigi got to step up and still lose to Monet until he stepped in to save her.

I mean, its sort of cool she interacted with Zoro again which indicates she isn't a completly wasted subplot Oda has dropped while leaving her dangling around, but it was still a weak showing, like all her attempts at fighting.
>> No. 28531
Do you pay attention at all? Zoro didn't fight Monet because he had no reason to. TASHIGI thinks Zoro has some chivalry nonsense but she's WRONG. That was sort of the whole point of him actually jumping in.

Holy shit, Tashigi was fighting Monet pretty damn evenly until Monet got a single attack in. It doesn't matter if Zoro outclasses her or Monet, that was never the point. The point is Tashigi held her own, Tashigi dealt the final blow, all Zoro did was scare Monet. That's it. He didn't step in and take over the fight, he got Tashigi out of trouble and then stood back so she could finish the fight.

Holy shit everyone spends all this time complaining that Tashigi is dead weight and when she basically steals Zoro's Requisite Boss Battle, they STILL whine and moan. Don't discredit her victory just because Zoro could've done it too.
>> No. 28532
The stream translation makes that whole conversation go down way better. I don't really think it's chivalry that's entirely keeping him from cutting her, though. Zoro's really weird about declining to fight people one-on-one lately unless he's forced to.
>> No. 28533
Except... she didn't win? She backstabbed the harpy after the fight was over and she was only focused on Zoro...If Zoro hadn't been there Monet would have wasted Tashigi pretty handily.
>> No. 28534
Zoro has always had a weird history with women, it seems like chivalry at times but it didn't really feel that way this chapter, I don't know

I always thought that an important point of Zoro's backstory was that gender was meaningless. He wasted an entire dojo and when one student, a girl, was left he didn't think much of her and then she proceeded to kick his ass for pretty much the rest of her life.
>> No. 28535
[FUCK, think I just got a really bad trojan from Mangastream]
Does the Mangastream release have a page that the Panda release left out?
Cann't remember it when I read the other translation (they really suck)
>> No. 28536
The panda release wasn't missing a page, but every site that copied the chapter from them forgot it.
>> No. 28537
Zoro only said there're certain things he doesn't like slicing.

Nothing about women.

On the other hand, that line from Sanji is gonna keep the ZoSan shippers busy for awhile.
>> No. 28538

I think of it like this (keep in mind I heard this from somewhere else but I happen to agree so there)

When Zorro was a kid. Kuena outclassed him at every turn. And her defeating him was sort of a wakeup call for Zorro.

Before her, Zorro was "the toughest kid in his whole village" and probably would've grown into some petty thug who just mugged people. Kuena beating him repeatedly not only taught him humility but also gave him focus in life. It was the first time Zorro was like "Damn this girl's way better than me! I have to grow stronger so that I can beat her!"

And when Kuena died? Due to a random home accident that nobody could've foreseen, it was a further call to Zorro that he should practice and fulfil his promise to her. But that didn't really change his feelings to Kuena, specifically: her sadness over her father's words, the somewhat misogynistic view of the people of her village, etc.

Now. Zorro encounters Tashigi, and suddenly the glove is on the other hand. Suddenly HE'S the superior fighter, confronted by an inferior swordswoman. How does he react? Simple, he doesn't mock her for being a woman, but he doesn't back down either, he doesn't all-out-attack/kill her because that's not what Kuena did with him. They always duelled fairly.

Zorro is simply saying to Tashigi: "Get on my level". It's a challenge for her to improve herself, the same way Kuena challenged Zorro. Thus driving Tashigi to improve herself and maybe, just maybe, prove the elders of Kuena's village wrong. Prove that a woman can beat beat a man, nay, one of the greatest swordsmen of all time.

Am I saying that Tashigi will beat Zorro one day? I dunno. But I think that's more or less the parallel Oda's trying to create.
>> No. 28539
Me again, think I've managed to fix it.
Is there a more safe way to read mangastream translations without going to thier site?
Don't want to repeat this anytime in the near future
>> No. 28540
Okay, but how does that apply to Monet who is the one he was going easy on during this confrontation.
>> No. 28541
Stop that.

Otherwise good post.
>> No. 28542

exact same situation as the last several times hes pulled his blad since the timeskip: he can already size up most of these guys and they dont present a challenge to him. For him, swordsmanship is like chess, opponesnts he can easily outclass can dull his focus and skills, so he avoids them until its necessary.

He did pretty much the exact same thing to the octopus swordsman, just with nobody to call him out on it, and this time both outside parties happened to be female.
>> No. 28543

maybe he likes da pretty burdies
>> No. 28544

That's how Zorro is spelled. At least for the Spanish Fox variety.

Also, I/E sound very similar in Japanese and it's hard to get the two confused. Cut a guy a break.
>> No. 28545

Zoro likes fighting people with swords unless he HAS to.
>> No. 28546
Is Monet dead or what? No way she'll be alive from that attack. And even then, it looks like she'd be in unimaginable pain.
>> No. 28547
Is Monet dead or what? No way she'll be alive from that attack. And even then, it looks like she'd be in unimaginable pain.
>> No. 28548
Her being split in half was just a normal person's attack, she can reform from that. Tashigi's cut was the sort of thing people survive all he time.
>> No. 28549
Ok, MS is out in not-shitty form. Time to read...
Alright, I think I get it. Fist off, the Sanji part was obviously there to have his chivalry contrast to Zoro's bushido, and show that Zoro doesn't really have any chivalry himself. Really. I don't think the fight would have changed in any way if Monet was a guy. Whoever mentioned Hyouzou was spot on, and in fact if you take out Tashigi's mostly pointless interlude the entire exchange would have gone exactly the same: Zoro somehow ends up fighting some uppity scrub that he doesn't really care about, Zoro disables the scrub and tells them to piss off, and eventually the scrub tries to go after Zoro again, at which point Zoro takes them down. In this situation, Zoro's goal is to stop Monet from going after the others. He can accomplish this by taking her down, which he doesn't really want to do because she's a wuss, or by faffing around until enough time passes. Easy. So, someone shows up to duel with her a bit during that time? Doesn't matter, when she loses he just moves on to the "cut his swords and call him a frog" step. The fact that Tashigi stole the last step isn't important, and I don't doubt Zoro when he says that he would have done it anyway.

Now, what I don't understand is what was the point of all that. Is it to show that Zoro's not sexist? Huh? Why spend an entire chapter on that? Is it just a battle chapter and the whole point was to show some neat fighting and moves, and to have Monet be defeated? Well, that's fair, if a little weak. Is it to have Tashigi stop being so willfully ignorant and maybe motivate her to not be worthless, eventually? I think we can all agree this would be the best case scenario, but I don't really buy it. As far as first steps go this one is pretty alright. It's just that, Tashigi has gotten scenes like this before and she always gets to where she is now i.e. too useless to help but too useful to die. The whole thing is weird.

TLDR Zoro has Tashigi issues and weak opponent issues, but not lady issues. Tashigi has usefulness issues and she might try to change them after this, but will probably fail.
>> No. 28550
File 135171880832.jpg - (16.62KB , 250x250 , 2012.jpg )
>people dying in one piece from a simple sword attack

Pell got exploded a mile into the sky and still survived. I think it's safe to say Monet will live
>> No. 28551
File 135173119487.jpg - (29.73KB , 485x201 , hurp.jpg )
Good job not knowing the difference between the plural and singular forms of "woman", Mangastream. You now have the grammatical skills of every other 12-year-old online.

Anyway, the cover story was probably more interesting than the whole chapter itself. Zoro cuts things, boo-hoo. Tashigi sucks ass, waa-haa. Nothing new (except for some mad rhymes, yo). I just thought Monet would have gotten to do a bit more before being put to sleep for the arc.

Next week better not be entirely devoted to Smoker vs. Vergo. Ugh.
>> No. 28552
Why, did he call her a "Yuki-onna" in that one or something? Because if so, yeah, "Snow Bitch" is a complete swing-and-a-miss.
>> No. 28553
Yeah, that's my one big complaint; this fight was over a little too quickly. Would've been nice to get at least another week out of it.
>> No. 28554
I fucking called him using one sword style in one of the previous threads

That's his first time using it post time skip isn't it? I always loved the way he used it, especially in Alabasta on Mr. 1 and the way he uses it in Pirate Warriors. It's just something about how he uses this complicated three sword style and then just pulls one sword out for a single clean strike
>> No. 28555
Zoro left a person to fate worse than death.

He cut that bitch in half, and she could not move but was still alive. Can you even imagine that? You can't unless you like an athlete and then you've been paralyzed or something.
>> No. 28556
No, look, she can't control her body because she's so afraid. She's not actually paralyzed.
>> No. 28557
Paralyzed...with fear!
>> No. 28558
I thought this was interesting, it sounds like a very Mihawk like trait which is obviously appropriate

>inb4 Zoro can actually use his left eye and it looks like Mihawk's now

that would be going too far though and kinda gay
>> No. 28559
yeah it would be sharingan gay, and that's not for One Piece.
>> No. 28566
I'm just here to remind everyone that men are stronger than women. trufax
>> No. 28568
I just cannot get rid of this virus bullshit I picked up at Mangastream
It won't let me run my virus/malware scanners or even go on websites related to them.
I loaded another kind of program onto a drive and ported it over, and it managed to get some things, but its still not letting me do anything with the other antivirus programs
>> No. 28585

Alright everyone is ignoring this, but i'll bite. Exactly how did you pick up a virus from mangastream?
>> No. 28586
I went on mangastream, I got warning of trojans being removed by my antivirus software, something pops up saying a program needs authorisation before opening so I clikeced no/cancel, then it pops up immediatly after while I'm trying to do something else and I accidently click [yes]
Now I can't get rid of it, even when Superantispyware finds stuff and removes it that still doesn't solve the problem
>> No. 28587
This is why you use adblock.
>> No. 28589
and script blocker
>> No. 28591
From reading the MS version, personally i think this chapter was to showcase just how much the strawhats outclass the marines at this point. Granted Tashigi was pretty much always a jobber but she is just blown the fuck away on how strong and brutal zoro and the SH are after just 2 years.
>> No. 28592
I thought those seastone cuffs Robin sent Brook to get would be slapped on Monet, now maybe they'll be put on Caeser
>> No. 28593
Well he's the only one that's getting kidnapped.
>> No. 28596
She's an awkward gosling second in command, why does everyone expect so much from this fucking character? If Tashigi is letting you down it's your own fault for having some grand vision of what her character should be.
The one that matters, Smoker, is where you should be looking. Tashigi isn't going to compete with the Strawhats or grow as exponentially as main protagonists/antagonists/rivals will and have.
>> No. 28597
Well look at that. For once I half agree with you.

Miracles can happen.
>> No. 28598

I've been meaning to ask.

Are you... actually keeping that name? Like, for real?
>> No. 28599
File 135214473730.jpg - (774.42KB , 1556x1686 , 128094683440.jpg )
Oh hey, I guess people will have a reason to ship these two together again if they keep interacting
>> No. 28600
File 135214512290.jpg?spoiler - (64.30KB , 500x381 , untitled.jpg?spoiler )
Of course he does, Monet is just so Moe~
>> No. 28601

Looks to me like they blasted all the way to the "bickering married octogenarians" part of their relationship.

Congratulations, Zoroshigi shippers?
>> No. 28602
Well "bickering like an old married couple" is an established standard when it comes to these things...
>> No. 28603
>> No. 28604

If that's true then Sanro has been canon for much longer.

... not that people haven't been shipping that equally as hard.
>> No. 28605
File 135216642451.jpg - (242.52KB , 492x654 , 12605093204.jpg )
Well OF COURSE Sanji / Zoro is canon, but sadly one-sided.
What with the poor soul being a heavily in-denial homo who makes over the top proclamations of love and attraction towards every woman he encounters in order to try and quell and deny the urges he refuses to acknowledge.
>> No. 28606

but how come he turned to stone the moment he saw Handcock?

If he was in denial wouldn't it not have worked at all? Don't her powers only work when someone is legitimately enthralled by her beauty?
>> No. 28607
Even gay men fall for the supernatural allure of Hancock

Only asecksual rubbermen are safe
>> No. 28608
Calm down, kid; it's a joke.

Though Sanji really is super fucking gay.
>> No. 28611
>shipping Zoro with anything other than his swords or bandana
>> No. 28612
File 135221293963.jpg - (170.47KB , 600x825 , Zorofemale.jpg )
Too bad Zoro is not a women, or -Z/Her three swords- would lead to some really kinky fourway porn
Use your imagination boyo
>> No. 28613
Swords are sharp; you can still have your fourway.
It's just going to be little kinkier.
>> No. 28614
I suppose that would be doable, getting impaled by only three swords is nowhere close to a mortal wound in one piece
>> No. 28619
File 135224159833.jpg - (235.51KB , 739x1029 , 151220112019-olaugn458r9m0cvt17bw3e6hspkf2yjdxzqi.jpg )
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