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28623 No. 28623

prepare for feels

>OP will be on break next week
>> No. 28624
not the best chapter to go on break from. rather drab.

but on a lighter note: Luffy looks fucking awesome with a dragon around him.
>> No. 28627
I assume the cliffhanger was supposed to be if the child was going to die or not from eating an entire bag of candies.

But we all know she's going to make it.
>> No. 28628
Zoro continues his long-standing tradition of carrying his friends around.
>> No. 28629
Oda, please.

You're not going to kill a little girl off by having her overdose on supermeth. Who are you trying to kid? Not much to say other than that. Hmm.
>> No. 28631
Meeeeeeeeh. A bit of a forced tear-jerker. It adds character and needed background for the kids, I guess, but I dunno if it was necessary to stretch that into a whole chapter. It really looks like Oda is buying time; he usually likes to set these things up so the REALLY big cliffhangers are all arranged neatly before other bigger breaks. And we're now entering notorious break territories with December coming up.. so start clenching your anuses.

Incidentally, I'm tired of Caribou's Kehihihi in the "Caribbean New World" shit adventures. Can we move on now? I don't see this going anywhere and he's becoming a boring cock.
>> No. 28632
Hell yeah he does.
>> No. 28633
Talking of Luffy looking cool, I really wish he had worn a pirate jacket for his timeskip outfit like in some of the concept-art, instead of the ruffled shirt.
Needs one at some point, would look awesome.
>> No. 28634

Mangastream is out, no idea if it's better.
Includes 2 months of a neat looking calendar at the end.
>> No. 28635
I get what you guys are saying, but at the same time I always think back to when I began to doubt Oda.... and he blew my mind in a way I could not have conceived... Even if she lives, I think Oda has something big in store for us. Overall, this arc is dragging on, we need something new or powerful soon.
>> No. 28636
Oda only kills people when it has enough impact to shape other people to the core. Sanji didn't have anyone he really cares about die because that'd beat the point of his whole character's main drive with food and junk.

I don't think Mocha dying will happen, but as a Doctor he hasn't had that 'I couldn't save him' moment. He sort of had it with Hiriluk, but that was out of his control mostly.
>> No. 28637
chopper still doesn't have his "fifth"
maybe this is the trigger
>> No. 28639
Vegapunks Lab is starting to turn into Namek.
>> No. 28640
Really? Doesn't feel like we've been here too long.
>> No. 28641
What? It hasn't been THAT long. It's actually been... pretty decent-sized.
>> No. 28642
Why does Oda think we give half the fucks needed for a mini about Caribou? He's the worst designed motherfucker in the series, completely devoid of any redeeming personality quirks, and anything he could do isn't revealing or entertaining so soon after his "defeat".
>> No. 28643
Onto the chapter proper:

Arc should be Chopper heavy. It's not so far and probably won't be. Too many groups and story paths. No Franky.
>> No. 28644
Because it probably leads into something else and fuck you just because he's a bad guy has nothing to do with no reason to see him. The guy's got important information on Shirahoshi after all.
>> No. 28645
>> No. 28646
Each Strawhat gets a chapter named after them after they "officially" become part of the crew. "The Third", "The Fourth", etc. Sometimes it happens when they physically join, and other times it happens when major conflicts in their arcs are resolved. Usopp didn't get his until all the way into Enies Lobby.

I believe the only two without their numbered titles so far are Chopper and Robin. Yes, Robin still. You'd think she would have gotten hers during Enies Lobby, too. This leads a lot of people to believe Chopper still has some big problems to resolve with himself or others.
>> No. 28647
She obviously won't be killed but its still touching to see a kind child, who has already been warped by experimentation, do so much harm to herself to help the other children who have been affected and lied to just like her.

It's nice to see Chopper getting some time here, I haven't liked him too much post time skip. Now we just need to see what Franky is doing, I just hope it doesn't involve another mecha related machine of his.
>> No. 28648

Oh hey I haven't had to post this in a while.

Almost every strawhat has gotten a chapter called "the Nth" when they join the crew, or when they join "for real." Zoro, Sanji, Franky, and Brook had chapters 6, 68, 439, and 489, which were pretty much when they jumped on Luffy's ship. Nami and Usopp, both of whom had an issue which caused them to leave temporarily, instead got their chapters when that issue was resolved and they rejoined the crew. These were chapters 94 and 439. The only people who haven't gotten their chapters are Robin and Chopper.

Now, Robin's "The Sixth" has definitely been discussed and speculated about, because seriously, running off even after Enies Lobby? Really? However, the real enigma is Chopper, and his missing "The Fifth." It's just unfathomable, isn't it? Chopper betraying the crew? People thought it might have to do with his monster issues, but that seemed to be resolved quietly off screen. What's his deal, then? Maybe this arc is his deal.
>> No. 28650
Really doesn't seem so. I feel like if it was, it would have started to be apparent already. It already feels like it's entering the climax.
>> No. 28651

It also feels like a transition arc, or a setup arc, or whatever it is you kids nowadays call stuff like Jaya and Whiskey Peak. Law and Luffy's plan is that all of this is only "Step 1." When I remember this, stuff like Zoro vs. Monet being kinda lame doesn't really matter to me much anymore, seeing as how it's just leading stuff like Zoro vs [Vista equivalent].

ANYWAY, what this means is that Chopper has a bit of breathing room, story structure wise. Like, he might have some sort of personal conflict right now, which would only be resolved near the end of whatever this meta-arc ends up being. Kind of like how Usopp started angsting at pretty much the worst possible moment during Water 7. I HAVE wondered why this subplot with the kids was added when Shinokuni and artificial devil fruits could probably carry the arc on their own...
Maybe it's going to be a parallel plot thread, like the whole thing with the Merry and getting a new ship during CP9?

Honestly though, making predictions for things that'll only happen in YEARS is starting to get into silly territory.
>> No. 28654
I think it's cool that Oda can take an obligatory 'cute' character and make him so fucking awesome and likeable.
>> No. 28655
...bet you Mocha has a freak reaction to the overdose and turns into a giant.
>> No. 28656
I don't think the candy is what makes them giant. It's their reward for being parts of the experiments.
>> No. 28657
Its basically stated the candy is the medicine, and its poison because in a hundred years artificial-giant projects have never succeeded
>> No. 28658
"Dr. Chopper" moments are among some of my favorite in the series. Seeing him just SNAP at Hogback for not being a real doctor was beautiful.
>> No. 28659
being a giant is overrated anyways.
>> No. 28660
Outside of John Giant, oh no it is not.
>> No. 28661
Guess you miss some stuff when use the anime to catch up.
>> No. 28662
Maybe when compared to total badass fighters and legends like you saw during the Marineford war, but think outside of that

You put a giant against grunts and those guys are pretty screwed, so being able to make your own soldiers into giants is still a pretty big (h0 h0) force multiplier
>> No. 28663
Marineford's the only time giants didn't mean much, anyway. Little Garden? Massive warriors who fight for a hundred years and utterly annihilate a massive Sea King. Enies Lobby? Two giants are the absolute biggest problem there besides CP9 themselves, and then become the heroes' strongest allies. Saul meanwhile flips a battleship like a table and it takes Aokiji to stop him. And then there's the supergiants of Oars, Oars Jr and Sanjuan Wolf. A giant is never something to be taken lightly, unless of course you're Whitebeard.
>> No. 28664
I wonder if Big Mom is a giant, too. Or maybe half giant? I used to think every giant in the series was from Elbaf, but that can't be the case judging by all the different classes of giants we've seen. Even with the humanoid ones, there's clear size differences. Dorry and Broggy were much bigger than John Giant and the others on the Marines' giant squad.
>> No. 28665
There's also giant humans (or overgrown ants in the eyes of giants).
She might be something freakish, a huge and powerful mass from her gluttony, also depending on any df power she might have
>> No. 28666
Not all giants are from Elbaf. Saul stated so when he met Robin, calling them a bunch of barbarians that give giants a bad reputation.
>> No. 28669
Nothing else to talk about? This is the only halfway decent place to talk about the series I've found, this makes me sad

Do we really have to flame each other to get something going?
>> No. 28670

Well I guess I could drop One Piece Z spoilers.

However, I think the amount of people on this board that care about Z AND like reading spoilers is approximately 1.
>> No. 28671
No chapter coming Wednesday, and this one was more of a transition than anything else. /op/ is a very slow board the majority of the time.
>> No. 28672
One Piece Z? Is that the new movie set after the timeskip?

Yeah it is kind of semi-dead.
There used to be more non-chapter threads, like shipping image-threads for one particular instance, but I get the feeling someone would just derail a shipping-related thread by shitposting and calling everyone fangirls.
>> No. 28673
Wow, dude. You're seriously traumatized.
>> No. 28674
Saying this board has gone downhill is stating facts.

Though someone who takes a name like that is well aware of that fact...
>> No. 28679
Then do something to turn things around instead of endlessly bitching about the state of the board in every other thread you go into. Ironically, you always manage to derail them for the worse - just like this one.

tl;dr: you're a whining bitch
>> No. 28680
Thats uncalled for, especially when I'm not the one who started it.

And I have done so in the past, but like I said this place is dead, and too many of the remains are just people trolling or getting agressive at each other.
the only thing we have anymore is a place to get links to new chapters as they are released and shortlived discussions upon them.
>> No. 28688
>I'll definitely save you
>forcing himself to look happy
>you'll definitely become an adult
>crying while hiding his face

even though she probably lives, Oda still did a good job here and its nice to see Chopper having a larger role
>> No. 28691
>too many of the remains are just people trolling or getting agressive at each other

Like you? Starting up shit for the mere purpose of "keeping a place alive" is a disservice, sir.
>> No. 28692
Yeah, even knowing she'd probably live that was heartbreaking.
>> No. 28696

Hey fuck you buddy, the one trying get more posting around here by starting shit is ME.

But I'm too busy to post much nowadays. Oh well.
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