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File 132736773289.jpg - (420.36KB , 1599x1200 , 129334460762.jpg )
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Speculation? Anticipation? Concerns about disappointment/false hype? Bring 'em in, fellas.

>Also inbefore Xenomorph, get out Xenomorph, you are drunk.
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>> No. 39762
That was a fairly interesting video. I saw the movie in theaters, but never watched the DVD deleted scenes/director's cut. Can anyone say whether or not their assumptions in this video were proven true?
>> No. 39767
All good movies can be interpreted in different ways. For example, I could debate the merits of what >>39616 said, but ultimately those points don't really matter, as there is no evidence correlating them anywhere, and it would just be dudes arguing on the internet.

Even with DVD commentaries, Directors rarely talk about what they ultimately meant with the movie. A truly good movie leaves a certain ambiguity, because what a good movie does in addition to entertain is that it also makes you think, on some level. While I have my own idea about what the movie is about, generally there's a few highly valid interpretations for any movie that has that ambiguity. You can write that it's about this that or the other, but ultimately you're presenting a thesis and then supporting it with scenes from the movie, and discussing how those scenes support your thesis.

That said, all of the questions "answered" in that video are really things I'd consider to be kind of trivial to any comprehensive thesis about the film. They're little things that don't necessarily matter to the overall thematic and narrative arc, and while some of them are ambiguous, the mere fact of their ambiguity does not really change the thematic structure, or metaphor, whatever it is. For example: The question of whether Vickers is a robot is largely irrelevant to the theme, mostly because we never have any real hint one way or the other, and even if she was, what does that really change about the movie? And if she really was, wouldn't Weyland be more proud of her? She'd be a better facsimile than David. Ultimately though, the scene in which Janick asks her if she is a robot, and she responds by inviting him to her quarters, suggests that she is a red-blooded woman, and has no problem proving it to anyon
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>> No. 39770
That part is simply those guys fan-guessing, as much as you and me could. The black goo being a weapon is the theory presented in the movie, and while it is not set in stone (the captain was extrapolating from his experience, and we are talking about a total alien society), is the one we have unti a sequel is made, if ever. The Engineers in that base were not exactly good guys or even neutral, so I am partial to the idea.

As for why the goo was used to create life if it is a weapon, well consider how we can use rockets to put a man on the moon or to nuke a city. Technology having both civil and military uses is pretty normal, but once again, this is just fanguessing.

And about the matter of ambiguety and not giving all the answers, well the movie's theme is "finding answers", so there is a reason why some people were annoyed. Perhaps Scott's intention was to reply those philosophical questions with "sometimes there are no answers" or even "sometimes it's better not to know" (which would be very Lovecraftian!), but since the movie ends once again with a search for answers, that kinda dilutes the point. Myself, I see Shaw at the end as a reflection of the audience, angry at the creators and claiming for more answers!

File 138670221251.jpg - (452.39KB , 1009x1500 , Godzilla-2014-Movie-Poster2[1].jpg )
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Excuse me


Godzilla - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]youtube thumb

Personally I think this is a very suspect trailer. I really enjoy all the hazmat stuff I see, gives off the feel of an actual disaster movie. Not a disaster porn movie, but a DISASTER movie, with genuinely bad things happening to innocent people. That said I am disturbed by how very, very much this reminds me of the World War Z trailer.

Still got shivers during the Halo Jump though. That absolute devastation. . .
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>> No. 40250
I'll just put this here...

>> No. 40253
Just watched this clip


Lovin' how Godzilla doesn't give a damn about the puny humans firing their toy guns at his tail.
>> No. 40255
So, there are some reviews out. The consensus seems to be that:

A) Bryan Cranston was good, and the movie would have benefited greatly if he was the main character.

B) Aaron Taylor sucks ass, and he brings down the general quality of the film

C) the first third of the film actually spuns a nice mystery, but the second act doesn't really do anything with that, and nobody cares anymore when shit finally hits the fan.

File 139982599411.jpg - (34.01KB , 624x334 , shrek it's never ogre.jpg )
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My favourite has to be the second one. Hey Now - This is My Swamp! (S…youtube thumb

File 13284898612.jpg - (82.53KB , 1280x720 , Marvel's The Avengers Super Bowl XLVI Commerc.jpg )
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Marvel's The Avengers Super Bo…youtube thumb

This looks...really good.
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File 139654281881.jpg - (1.22MB , 1688x2500 , captain america is back.jpg )
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Seriously better than The Dark Knight.

Go see it.
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>> No. 40175
It seems more likely to me that Doctor Strange is going to be a tie in through the Netflix Marvel shows.
>> No. 40176
Damn is it really? I'm behind on my news. Not sure how he'd hold up to an entire movie, but I am pumped to see him on the big screen
>> No. 40228
File 139927408583.jpg - (276.83KB , 1280x2703 , avengers vs_ falcon.jpg )

File 139380673377.jpg - (902.64KB , 1024x1152 , tumblr_n1u30w0Ojk1r8posjo2_1280.jpg )
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Watch Hannibal, Just do it.
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>> No. 40145
File 139790583020.gif - (0.96MB , 250x250 , tumblr_n49wkoHlI91qkllneo4_250.gif )
Starting to getting into some of the book stuff now with the introduction of the Verger's and some of the book symbolism popping up.
>> No. 40148
File 139796275147.gif - (414.42KB , 500x188 , tumblr_n4aq5rjVsz1tx3uo0o3_500.gif )
>It was a man who did this, an engineer.
>A man who wants to build himself into an animal, the strongest animal.
>> No. 40217

Though truth be told I should figured it out easier after that office scene.

File 131351159314.jpg - (69.06KB , 960x546 , Expendables2.jpg )
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Van Diesel
Van Damme
The Rock
De Niro
Angelina Jolie
Danny "Machete" Trejo
Tony Jaa
Chuck Norris
John Travolta
Steven Seagal
David Hasselhoff
Mr T
Harrison Ford
Main roles for Willis and Arnie
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>> No. 35167
File 134755254249.jpg - (59.82KB , 575x852 , mc3s0p.jpg )
>> No. 40117
Is there a problem with post dates in this thread?

Anyways, Snipes, Ford and Gibson, finally!
>> No. 40126
No; spambots are bumping threads, but the threads don't fall back down when the spam is deleted. So they'll resurrect threads from two years ago...

File 135106363756.png - (116.57KB , 358x213 , Doug is a pirate.png )
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Well, we finally know what Demo Reel will be about:
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>> No. 40058
Well, I know what I'll be watching soon.
>> No. 40085
I think I found a plothole. The movie is likely more than one hour long.
>> No. 40115
File 139754191478.png - (57.47KB , 214x196 , Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2_03_31 AM.png )
Why Suede, why?... Why did you put the two things so close?

File 132450181799.jpg - (2.18MB , 3656x1500 , hbt-dwf-0071.jpg )
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>> No. 36320
Romantic Comedies? Supernatural Romances? Whatever genre Seltzer and Friedberg's movies occupy?
>> No. 36321
And by god that shit doesn't get nominated or have its own category either.
>> No. 36323
Alright, fair enough. It's just for every ten shit movies we get a Cabin In The Woods or a similar ilk, and it's a shame that that can't get awards because so much of the genre is dominated by shit, and it shouldn't be. Horror can be done really well when it wants to be.

File 139741896885.png - (627.57KB , 639x481 , Sbstitlecard.png )
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The Tiny Toon Spring Break special will be shown on Hub on April 20th at 1:00 PM and April 25th at 2:00 PM! It has never been released on video and was aired only once in 1994 on Fox!

File 137037157790.jpg - (255.78KB , 1920x1137 , VoorWOOOSH.jpg )
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Place your bets! Will 12th Be Male or Female, Black or White. Or just the plunger someone fished out of the loo and stuck a hat on?
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>> No. 39681
Saying that and I now see that outfit as being a good one for Old Man Parker.
>> No. 40050
>> No. 40051
I'm ready for Moffat to leave (or have him someone there to reign him in, which Davies needed as well in my opinion), but I am actually kind of looking forward to Capaldi as the Doctor.

File 128630088434.jpg - (117.08KB , 900x563 , Seek_and_Destroy_by_GolgothisTitanicus.jpg )
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New Trailer.
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>> No. 30359
>> No. 31036
Okay this more /toy/ but DAAAAAAAMN!
Just read the list of stuff.
>> No. 32920
News bump.
Also lets see if I can keep this thread alive intill the next movie comes out.

File 133236205666.jpg - (274.44KB , 950x1432 , 251631-jenna-louise-coleman.jpg )
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Well, here's the new companion, folks.

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>> No. 35053
Awww I really wanted her to join him now.
>> No. 35055
No confirmation on the cybermen yet, but Gaiman is definitely writing another episode.
>> No. 35056
File 134669618848.jpg - (178.70KB , 657x522 , The-Easter-Dalek.jpg )

File 13813636497.jpg - (193.86KB , 1600x1063 , vinyl_never_die_by_axhellwood-d45ycs5-2.jpg )
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Because why not.
Eurythmics - Sing-Singyoutube thumb
>> No. 39093
Plastic Mode - A Jazzy Womanyoutube thumb
>> No. 39309
Eurythmics - This City Never Sleepsyoutube thumb
>> No. 40041

(vinyl recorded)

File 139631071372.jpg - (34.67KB , 350x490 , PMScop.jpg )
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Bizarre, yet amazing.
>> No. 40031
Not serious! Really? LMFAO

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