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File 134040089717.jpg - (29.58KB , 324x359 , Blur lol.jpg )
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Post your face when.
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>> No. 34716
Google is your friend.
>> No. 34975
File 134619477457.jpg - (37.61KB , 500x364 , Blur awesome photo.jpg )
Okay, this is pointless now, since the Swedish Pirates already have this.

BUT, the downside of this box set are missing tracks and terrible mixing. It's almost like the bass is consciously trying to DESTROY your eardrums.
>> No. 35093
File 134697418488.jpg - (46.03KB , 293x400 , damonwink.jpg )
Man, I had forgotten how much I was into their later shoegazy stuff.

File 134031469929.jpg - (53.52KB , 657x445 , joquin-phoenix-the-master.jpg )
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I thought we could have a thread for all the films, that came out this year, recent films and stuff. A thread for them, if they recently came out or coming out.

I'll start this thread, with some of the most promising films of the year, Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master.

The Master - Official Teaser Trailer 2 [HD]youtube thumb

It just looks.... incredible. The acting, Phoenix does crazy brillantly, and the back and forth between Hoffman and Phoenix is incredible. And just the cinematography, those brillant, subtle shots.
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>> No. 34926
Seven Psychopaths- Trailer (Co…youtube thumb

The next feature from the writer-director of the very underrated In Bruges, comes this film. It does look like a bit too silly and goofy, but the performances look terrific and some moments made me laugh out loud.
>> No. 35078
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunte…youtube thumb

... Hansel?

>> No. 35079
You May Not Kiss the Bride Off…youtube thumb

So I guess Rob Schneider got tired of being the sidekick in an action comedy.

File 13467925146.jpg - (103.78KB , 280x280 , MyBloodyValentineLoveless[1].jpg )
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What's some good atmospheric music for someone with a less-than-average-but-not-necessarily-short attention span?

Pic semi-related. Been kind of liking it but it doesn't necessarily have to be shoegaze or similar to that.
>> No. 35071

You'll go for the good beats, you'll stay for the maximum chill.

File 134619380729.png - (885.14KB , 859x1105 , awesome dragon arght.png )
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"Terminal Frost" by Pink Floydyoutube thumb

Listen to this and you'll realize where I am going with this thread.

Picture unrelated, but awesome.
>> No. 34976
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - T…youtube thumb
>> No. 34988
The Devin Townsend Project - K…youtube thumb

Not his best, but I like it.
>> No. 34993
Holy guacamole, that is awesome!

File 134451410462.png - (14.17KB , 300x181 , 300px-Star_Wars_Logo_svg.png )
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Guys, I have a question that erodes my mind and haunts my dreams.

Star Wars. The wars that happen in a star.

After so much retardation, after several attempts by it's creator to whore out his creation, after so many cheap stuff being made in its once hallowed name... is Star Wars still cool? Does the good still outweight the bad?
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>> No. 34844
Okay. What I always thought was this...

Obi-Wan and Anakin, two orphans from different planets, grew up together, possibly within the Jedi Academy. Being a brash asshole, Anakin left to become hot shot pilot...only to become a captain of a spice frigate (like Owen said). However, The Clone Wars break out (not clones of Jango Fett god dammit) and the Republic enlists the Jedi to fight for them, Obi-Wan becoming General Kenobi. Obi-Wan is assigned to smuggle the Queen of Alderaan off planet for her protection as assassins are taking out key members of congress (Palpatine, of course). They leave Alderaan on...a Spice Frigate, captained by Anakin Skywalker and his mottley crew of Owen Lars and others (possibly a child Han Solo). Anakin falls for the beautiful queen but she has eyes for the more noble Obi-Wan. Adventures ensue, Anakin resumes using the force, fighting in the wars (like a Han Solo analogue) and being sent on missions by Palpatine, using him as a father figure. He reveals he has been using darkside powers to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan implores him to turn back before he falls to temptation and does something he'll regret. The two begin butting heads. Eventually the Queen reveals she is pregnant with the child of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin, betrayed, goes after Obi-Wan and the Queen. Shortly after giving birth (to TWINS), he kills her in a fit of blind rage. Obi-Wan goes to engage him in the Imperial shipyard on non-descript volcanic planet. Obi-Wan, emotionally wrought, asks why his 'brother' would do this? He replies that Anakin Skywalker is dead, the man he faces is Darth Vader, apprentice to Lord Palpatine, the man who created the 'Clone Wars'. After a fierce battle, Anakin is defeated and falls to his 'death'. Obi-Wan goes to Alderaan to collect his children. He chooses for Leia to stay with her grandparents on Alderaan, and he takes Luke to Owen Lars on Tatooine, keeping him away from him knowing that he is on Palpatines shit list, along with any other Jedi.

Making Obi-Wan Luke's father gives a whole new level of emotion to scenes in the original trilogy, especially Vader's speech about being Luke's 'father', giving him a muc
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>> No. 34881
I don't know. I think it'd be good if Star Wars went sort of dormant for a few years until George gets frozen in carbonite.
>> No. 34898
Obi-Wan being Luke and Leia's dad is dumber then anything in the prequels. Robs Vader of his tragic villainy. Would he even give a shit about saving Luke from the Emperor if he was the son of Obi Wan and that cheating bitch?

File 134394314413.jpg - (184.72KB , 500x500 , cover.jpg )
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Chillwave has become something of a joke within the indie music community, but as a child of the 80s and a fan of all the music that inspired the movement, I've never found it a laughing matter. There were the early stars like Washed Out and Neon Indian and there were the surprising finds hiding in the basements, bedrooms, and bandcamps that I knew the world needed to know about.

So I put together this compilation of my favorite songs and artists from the scene. Some of this you've definitely heard, but some of this has had very little recognition, such as the groups Soft Lightning and Casa Del Mirto.

I also am self-indulgent, pretentious, love concept albums and alternate histories, so I've taken the compilation and come up with this fun little story to go with it
>> No. 34704


1. A Gap Between - Orange Horizon
2. Toro Y Moi - Blessa
3. Ice Choir - Teletrips
4. Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You
5. Small Black - Camoflage
6. John Maus - Head For The Country
7. Brothertiger - You're Afraid
8. Ray & The Prisms - Astrograph
9. Twin Sister - All Around And Away We Go
10. Com Truise - Sundriped
11. Casa del Mirto - Weak
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>> No. 34878
I completely forgot to thank you for making this. I already had about half of the songs on this compilation, but it was interesting to listen to them this way.


File 134456374929.jpg - (94.88KB , 493x700 , tumblr_m79jklaax11r8p0cuo1_500.jpg )
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>> No. 34854
File 134488519631.jpg - (154.34KB , 480x627 , batman returns.jpg )
>> No. 34865
I'd like it even better if the title was at least half-way legible.
>> No. 34875
It's Dracula.

File 134179552448.jpg - (225.26KB , 612x500 , ed-209.jpg )
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Oh my, so the Robocop remake is finally happening.

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>> No. 34359

This is an awful trailer. Not a trailer for a bad movie, necessarily, but badly made in itself.
>> No. 34724
When I talk about grey, indistinct sludge, Total Remake, as it turns out is what I'm talking about.

I swear to god, It was TRYING to be a Bay movie so hard.
>> No. 34725
That said, like a Bay movie, turn your brain off and it's fun.

File 134099090980.jpg - (19.78KB , 500x332 , 600full-frank-zappa.jpg )
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I've committed myself to a huge endeavor, and i've been sharing it on my blog. Long story short, I'm a huge Frank Zappa fan, and I want others to be too.

But his discography is MASSIVE. 70+ albums. What i've decided to do is to compile a 4 disc compilation called Essential Zappa, which is, duh, all the essential tracks to introduce you to the most imaginative composer of rock music in the 20th century. I wanted to share it with you guys.
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>> No. 33941

Also: Holy shit, your Ween and Talking Heads compilations are perfect.

Seriously, you even included Fancy Pants. Not many people remember that one!
>> No. 34697

Thanks, I appreciate the compliments. I'm glad you liked the Ween one. It means a lot, I think, now, to introduce new people to them now that they've split up.

And to your other comment, I haven't put a lot of live stuff on the mixes, because as amazing as Zappa was live, I don't think that material is *best* for introducing people to him. Obviously, there are exceptions, but personally I don't check out bands' live albums until i'm REALLY into them. Obviously on Phaze Two that's not a hard and fast rule because there's stuff from Roxy and Elsewhere and others.
>> No. 34698

Thanks, I appreciate the compliments. I'm glad you liked the Ween one. It means a lot, I think, now, to introduce new people to them now that they've split up.

And to your other comment, I haven't put a lot of live stuff on the mixes, because as amazing as Zappa was live, I don't think that material is *best* for introducing people to him. Obviously, there are exceptions, but personally I don't check out bands' live albums until i'm REALLY into them. Obviously on Phaze Two that's not a hard and fast rule because there's stuff from Roxy and Elsewhere and others.

File 128968661015.jpg - (1.16MB , 900x900 , Sun Giant - Fleet Foxes.jpg )
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AKA the music recommendation thread. Because this should have been done a long time ago.

First up: Sun Giant, by Fleet Foxes

Sample (Fleet Foxes - Sun Giant): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFkmQMJXMaA
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>> No. 30876
File 132425415735.jpg - (84.51KB , 975x180 , 2027974358-1.jpg )

All albums are free. Just click the Buy Now button, then put $0 for the amount. Sends you a link to download through an email.

Choongum - Meteor Bathsyoutube thumb
>> No. 34671
Fantasy http://choongum.bandcamp.com/
>> No. 34676
You should really put new albums in the new Music Sharing General thread, because almost every link here is dead and so that people don't get confused. But thanks anyways, I didn't even think to check Choongum so soon after his other release.

The other thread is here: >>32868

File 134115308227.jpg - (217.27KB , 760x1126 , is.jpg )
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Did anybody else enjoy Iron Sky, or do I simply have a poor taste of humor?
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>> No. 34626
I personally liked the scene where they parodied the angry Hitler meme with President Palin.
>> No. 34627
Iron Sky - Downfall Parody Sceneyoutube thumb

That one was a delightful surprise as well.
>> No. 34635
This is actually what happens IRL when the cameras aren't watching.

File 132184325480.jpg - (51.29KB , 300x446 , Muppets_ver4.jpg )
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For you lucky people who got to attend a pre-screening...

I thought the guy who voiced Fozzie sounded a little bit...off. I could be a bit of a Muppet puritan, though. Also, I loved the shout-outs to the previous films.
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>> No. 33471
File 133948079937.jpg - (61.27KB , 375x281 , cheatwindow.jpg )
I never got the chance to see this in the theater, but I finally watched it today. It was wonderful, but at the same time kind of strange, because you do get the feeling that the writers don't have much affection for any of the films or specials past Muppets Take Manhattan. I know it's been a mixed bag since then, but that doesn't make the premise of everyone having forgotten the Muppets and Kermit being so out of the loop that Jimmy Carter and Bob Hope are at the top of his contacts any easier to buy.

I guess I understand why they would focus on the... continuity established by The Muppet Show and the original films? I'm not sure if that's the word I'm looking for, but whatever. It feels kind of alienating in a way.

(Would it have been so much to ask for Gonzo and Rizzo to bro it up a little, at least?)
>> No. 33472
>Would it have been so much to ask for Gonzo and Rizzo to bro it up a little, at least?

Yes, because all Rizzo managed was basically a cameo.

Also, their lack of affection for A Muppet Family Christmas is disconcerting, as it's one of the greatest Muppet things ever.
>> No. 34629
Caroll Spinney's raising money for his biofilm


File 134345270740.jpg - (48.93KB , 288x288 , historys greatest monster.jpg )
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ITT: Dark Angel, Titus, Undeclared, Action, That 80's Show, Wonder Falls, Fast Lane, Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Skin, Girl's Club, Cracking Up, The Pitts, Firefly, Get Real, Freaky Links, Wanda At Large, Costello, The Lone Gunmen, A Minute with Stan Hooper, Normal Ohio, Pasadena, Harsh Realm, Keen Eddy, The Street, American Embassy, Cedric The Entertainer, The Tick, Louie, And Greg The Bunny.

And anything else FOX murdered within five seconds of acquiring.
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>> No. 34608
File 134350818182.jpg - (130.61KB , 1024x576 , Wonderfalls_1x07_001.jpg )
I still can't get over how screwed Wonderfalls was. Very little advertising in spite of critical praise, an inexplicably delayed premiere because the execs thought it'd look like a Joan of Arcadia ripoff, aired against Joan, moved from Fridays to Thursdays with no promotion, and cancelled after just four episodes were aired out of order. Nice.
>> No. 34611
That's because Dollhouse was terrible.
>> No. 34618
Agreed. Also Guerrero is one of my favorite characters in anything ever.

I'm glad at least J.E. Haley and Chi McBride have new roles on other things now, at least.

File 134068502015.png - (371.01KB , 897x538 , Kristen-Stewart-in-Snow-White-and-the-Huntsman.png )
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what was up with those mild christian overtones?
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>> No. 34565
>mfw she recreated Adventureland
>> No. 34615

HA HA HA! If true that fan rage just went over the now customary number response indicating very high levels of power.
>> No. 34617
Man, that sucks.

File 132875096132.jpg - (16.63KB , 220x342 , 220px-Dark_City_poster[1].jpg )
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I just watched Dark City last night. A couple of weeks ago I watched Gattaca. I watched both of them because I heard good stuff about them and mostly because Netflix suggested them to me based on what I like. And I suddenly remembered watching these on TV in my early teens. I never really thought about them that much, they aired on a channel that often showed foreign indie movies. La Cinquieme/France 5/Arte whatever the channel is called now. I often caught a movie already started and watch until the end but I never tried to find a title.

As I watched Dark City I couldn't remember the story but I remembered the ambiance and some little details and realized that these movies contributed to shape my current taste in movies.
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>> No. 34610
The only consistently great part of that show is Cho.
>> No. 34612
and in the last episode they'll flip his switch and roll him off to storage.
>> No. 34651
I'm just gonna state it flat out.

If you ever liked any shaky cam movie then you are a cancer and a pox, you are the death of good horror movies incarnate, especially if said shaky movie contained CGI.

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