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File 134378656836.jpg - (31.88KB , 608x478 , Hinderbrandt-in-The-Deadly-Spawn.jpg )
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Horror is dead.

Shaky Cam is the box they buried it and it's headstone is CGI.
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>> No. 36234
This is a bit of a weird question, and it does incorporate /co/ and /jam/ into it a bit, but I felt this would be the best place to put it. Essentially, I want to know if it's just me, or if older movies and TV shows look more washed out in terms of colors, whether it's the technology used or something like that.

I first noticed this when someone was discussing the original season of Pokemon vs. the Black & White season. The colors in B&W were just so much more vivid. Or was it an intentional coloring decision?
>> No. 36243
Exclusive: Warm Bodies - The First 4 Minutesyoutube thumb

The first four minutes of Warm Bodies, uploaded completely legally.
>> No. 36267
I just tried a VPN and holy shit, American Netflix is Kilometers above Canadian Netflix.
They have an entire extra Season of IT Crowd! You can't even watch it on Canadian Netflix anymore.

File 135478725692.jpg - (271.50KB , 728x400 , Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-First-Official-Teaser-Post.jpg )
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>> No. 36070
Bic, there's a trek thread literally on the front page already.

File 13441482337.jpg - (30.68KB , 409x605 , Skyfall_51.jpg )
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Bond... James Bond.
SKYFALL - Official Traileryoutube thumb
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>> No. 35987
Slightly unrelated, but I think Moonraker is where my fondness for couples with major height differences first came from.

Either that, or the Disney version of Beauty and The Beast.
>> No. 36033
Rodger Moore funny is different than Pierce Brosnan funny. One at least had the excuse of being in the 70s.
>> No. 36035
Maybe it's because I grew up in the 90's, but 70's funny is still cute and funny, while 90's funny is sort of...painful to watch? I felt like the 90's in general had the cool stuff buried under a lot of crap.

File 135361033372.gif - (0.99MB , 500x190 , Deaconmouth.gif )
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Anyone seen Prometheus?
>> No. 35963
Yup we did.

File 135199500193.png - (146.88KB , 561x423 , capower_finixrising.png )
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Captain Power Reboot: First de…youtube thumb

He's back... in Phoenix Rising form.
>> No. 35891
I have never seen this series before, so I will check it out now.
>> No. 35924
Ohhh this aired after that old early '90s Superman show

File 135312189981.jpg - (33.42KB , 318x447 , BBCspaceodyssey-cover.jpg )
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In this thread we talk of docudrama, as the title implies.
>Image related
This is one of my favorite series... anywhere really.

A grand hard-sf adventure by the makers of Walking With Dinosaurs. It's beautiful, wonderfully british and has a soundtrack* that brings tears to my eyes. It's pretty much my go to DVD for when I'm depressed.

*Opening theme on the website of the composer:

File 135087277123.jpg - (543.30KB , 1280x1024 , mystery-science-theater-30001280-1024.jpg )
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There has been talk (by fans) of trying to recruit Robert Pattinson to riff one of the Twilight films, as he notoriously hates the franchise and especially Edward Cullen, comparing him to one of those "Nice Guys" who are overly helpful and nice until they get rejected, and then pull out a gun. I'd put it under "doubtful, but definitely hilarious if they could do it".
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>> No. 35607
Wiseau's a hard one to figure out. His company was pulling the riffs of The Room for awhile, but perhaps now he's embraced it, or he's come to the conclusion that money is money regardless.
>> No. 35608
I think he only stopped because they realized no sane person would watch or promote the film without Rifftrax.
>> No. 35610
I've only watched it unriffed, but we were riffing it ourselves as we streamed it, so that helped. Sometimes it's interesting to see what additional jokes people can come up with.

I find that whenever we riff something, we always come up with nicknames for the major characters (which MST3k/Rifftrax does too).

One of the first livestreams I ever attended was "Mega Pirahna". Colonel Diaz was "Colonel (Nintendo) DS" because of mishearing his thick accent, and the protagonist was "Batman" because of his deep voice. We ended up having a running gag of pointing out how the director had zero idea how hermaphroditism worked and how ridiculous literal flying fish were.

File 134710493018.jpg - (96.74KB , 625x469 , taken2quad.jpg )
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Is your body ready?
Taken 2 - Official Trailer [HD]youtube thumb
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>> No. 35582
Ah, yes. I was not aware there was a comic adaption of Taken.
>> No. 35585
The Pirate Bay
>> No. 35587
Forgot to comment, I didn't watch the whole first one, but didn't get what's -so- hateful about the wife in this one. If anything, the "At least my daughter is alive" moment made me snicker.

File 135009015077.jpg - (46.05KB , 660x528 , 289976-bieber-performs-at-the-2012-teen-choice-awa.jpg )
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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/tFM67mgQX9U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
>> No. 35512
>> No. 35513
>> No. 35530
Bieber puke fail THREAD FAIL

Also no one cares.

File 133317308376.png - (1.13MB , 1280x800 , That Dude in the Suede returns.png )
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And we will start it with... the best review of Pokémon The First Movie possible:
No, seriously, this is the best review of the thing I have come across!
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File 134959203882.jpg - (172.99KB , 810x516 , 1349580393002.jpg )
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Are you ready for it, /mtv/?
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>> No. 35456
File 134966026750.jpg - (175.57KB , 625x885 , suAsL.jpg )
Arrested Development season four. Comes out directly on Netflix Instant next year.
>> No. 35463

Would be neat if it showed on tv in my country, though. :/
>> No. 35491
Fuck yes!!

File 134901430777.jpg - (31.35KB , 620x380 , The_Prototype_screenshot_620x380.jpg )
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The Prototype Official Teaser …youtube thumb

This looks pretty hype, though it reminds me of an Outer Limits episode.
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>> No. 35428
File 134940801824.jpg - (137.59KB , 1680x1048 , hellguy.jpg )
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen
>> No. 35461
File 134967675043.jpg - (60.99KB , 500x384 , mite b cool reaction.jpg )
>> No. 35462
I pretty much have a fetish for AIs that try to be people, so this will def be on my radar.

File 134772868158.jpg - (295.27KB , 855x509 , 1189237276240.jpg )
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post a song with your name in the title

My Bloody Valentine - Kevin Songyoutube thumb
>> No. 35336
Cecilia/Amanda - Elliott Smith - 1998youtube thumb

The second one.
>> No. 35337
File 13488569135.jpg - (50.26KB , 314x400 , TikiGirl1.jpg )
John Hiatt - The Tiki Bar Is Openyoutube thumb

File 13481610209.jpg - (296.10KB , 1176x1626 , 1224183377440.jpg )
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Music videos taken with a single continues shot. Just because.
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (First Listen)youtube thumb
Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song [Official Video]youtube thumb

File 134495427131.jpg - (48.31KB , 612x816 , 1344409065222.jpg )
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>> No. 35104
You guys hadn't seen her before? Guess I was just lucky to have been on /co/ when they had a cosplay thread and focused on her like, 2 years ago or so.

That said.

Thanks, couldn't remember the name at all. Now to check for a DA...
>> No. 35112
Can we get back to the amazing tits?
>> No. 35122
File 134726062829.jpg - (1.36MB , 1293x1848 , NYF_Busty.jpg )

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