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Here's the sneak peak of the film shown last night at the MTV Movie Awards.

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>"It's very sad. But my wife and I planned this film weeks ago. We thought about not coming, but then figured that was silly and letting a crazy person win," one fan told FoxNews.com.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2012/07/21/dark-knight-rises-fans-flock-to-theaters-despite-colorado-theater-shooting/#ixzz21GzRNPKd

It's good to see people aren't letting this cowardly asshole scare them off from watching this movie, or any move in the foreseeable future. I wasn't feeling great when I walked into the theater yesterday, after hearing what happened the night before, but my mood picked up when I saw seats filling up as usual and people cracking jokes ("I'm unarmed".) I'm not letting that bastard ruin my movie experience and neither should anyone else.
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File 134031511599.jpg - (10.86KB , 280x280 , boardsofcanadaep.jpg )
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I thought we could have a thread for music, I'm a huge music buff, and I thought we could diccuss it more.

Here's my favorites of all-time:

LP: Aja - Steely Dan
EP: IABOITC - Boards of Canada
Single/Track: Blue Monday / The Beach - New Order
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File 134219131758.jpg - (148.33KB , 385x387 , smashing-pumpkins-oceania.jpg )
What do you guys think of the new Smashing Pumpkins album Oceania? I'm a long-time SP fan and I haven't stopped listening to it since I bought it 2 weeks ago. Now it's not Mellon Collie good, but it's at least Gish good. And it's leaps and bounds better then Zeitgeist.
>> No. 34213
>Now it's not Mellon Collie good, but it's at least Gish good. And it's leaps and bounds better then Zeitgeist.
I'll agree with that assessment.
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Sweet! Anyone else? I find the first four tracks to be particularly good. Violet Rays belongs among the tall trees of Today, Galapagos, Thur the Eyes of Ruby and Ava Adore.

File 134224146961.jpg - (41.50KB , 640x430 , Blake-Lively-Savages-640x430.jpg )
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Blake is like a solid seven and her "talking" voice is okay in the film scenes themselves, but my god, her narrating was murder to my ears. i don't know if it was what she had to say or because it was just her disembodied voice talking for what felt like minutes on end, but i was wishing for a Mexican death squad to decapitate me before her intro was even over. someone should have gagged for that

aside from that and her not being naked like at all (man ass makes an appearance at least twice if you're into that sort of thing) Savages is a pretty fun flick

File 134174308294.jpg - (120.28KB , 639x480 , porter.jpg )
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Just watched this. Apart from the fact that it's similar to Max Payne 3, is "Get the Gringo" a sequel to "Payback"?

File 134169371022.png - (203.14KB , 377x271 , jp.png )
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NATIONAL ANTHEM Lana Del Rey k…youtube thumb

File 134071185887.jpg - (25.02KB , 479x272 , %01.jpg )
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Hochsprung Slow Motion Leich…youtube thumb
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Bullet timeyoutube thumb

File 134010169065.jpg - (17.96KB , 214x317 , MV5BMjEwMjI0NjU2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDk5Mjc4NA@@__.jpg )
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Recommend some dramedy
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File 134010171732.jpg - (17.30KB , 204x317 , MV5BMTgyNzQ0MjY5Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDgyNzkyNw@@__.jpg )
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File 134056090456.jpg - (15.49KB , 214x317 , hesher.jpg )
Hesher is really good. It gets kind of dark, but, it's really well written.

I'd also suggest ANGUS. It was primarily aimed at kids when it came out in the 90's, but, I think it's a great film with an awesome soundtrack.

I've got a stack of films like this I'm working through, at the moment. Broken Flowers, Get Low, and Cyrus all seem really good, too.

File 134023981384.jpg - (14.68KB , 250x156 , pinebarrens.jpg )
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>> No. 33673
What the hell is Michael Imperioli doing with Mitt Romney?
>> No. 33680

Thanks for the jokes, but, not to be rude, can you help with the thread?

Best episode of The Sopranos, in your opinon, and other episodes of TV shows you love, episodes that just stick with you?
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File 133143882110.png - (834.50KB , 1197x674 , Eaglebones and Eaglelady.png )
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ITT: The Aquabats! Super Show

If this show proves popular enough to warrant a second season, I really hope they don't tone down the wonderful amounts of weird the series seems to pulsate with.

Also, here's hoping for more Mega64 cameos in the future.
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>> No. 32795
"Weird Al" Yankovic as President Stuncastin
>> No. 33642
File 134014972161.jpg - (826.30KB , 1280x853 , groupaquabatsfistrevised.jpg )
>>dat season finale
>>dat Catboy and Chainsaw
>>dat Space Monster M

If they cancel this show, it will be the stupidest decision the Hub ever makes.
>> No. 33668

Almost as stupid a decision as removing the horn section from the band.

Protip: You are men, not Devo.

File 133876572355.jpg - (106.45KB , 600x559 , mib3-promo[1].jpg )
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This movie was fantastic.

Everyone should see it. Let's have a thread about it.

dat ending ;~;

This more than made up for MIB2
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>> No. 33653
I completely thought it was too, you're not alone.
>> No. 33654
It was what I was wondering the whole time as well.
>> No. 33657
File 134017428780.jpg - (43.64KB , 640x330 , boris.jpg )
>Also, I had no idea Boris The Animal was Jemaine from Flight of The Conchords.


File 133999737895.jpg - (75.13KB , 504x713 , Mars.jpg )
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There won't be a sequel to this, thanks to idiots in marketing, bizarro word-of-mouth that turned people against it before it even came out, and people that went around saying the movie was bad because they couldn't follow the seriously damn simple plot (how the hell did they manage to make sense of Lord of the Rings?)

And for that I am well and truly pissed off.

This was GOOD, Goddammit.
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>> No. 33648
Dude. There isn't a non-porn studio on Earth that would make the all nude version of John Carter. There'd be NO WAY to make their money back. At all. Ever.

The higher the rating, the fewer the screens. The fewer the screens, the lower the box office take. The lower the box office take, the less money coming back to the studio. Producers only front money for movies that will turn a profit, and John Carter's Flacid Penis on Mars would open to like 47 porno theaters and then end up forgotten, after netting a spectacular -$240 million dollars.
>> No. 33652

No. You're talking crazy gibberish. This has NOTHING to do with Disney, and everything to do with the fact that you are living on Planet Earth. Maybe on MARS an idea like this would fly, but not here on Earth. NOBODY would do that, do you understand? The amount of money a decent John Carter movie would need is not going to be small (huge cast, lots of special effects, exotic locales needed to simulate martian terrain), and nobody with that kind of money would ever in a million years consider investing that moolah in an "All Nude Movie". You can stop blaming Disney for this, okay? They put in decapitations and a man stabbing a giant white ape and then stabbing more and more until he emerged from the other side. It's not a Disney thing.
>> No. 33656
>Producers only front money for movies that will turn a profit.

The dread of every fanboy!

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