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File 137628682822.jpg - (272.52KB , 700x638 , broken_toys-cover.jpg )
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Here's something quite different from what I usually make.
>glitch, post-industrial, breakcore
>> No. 38573
Well, it's certainly not something I've listened to before.
Not exactly my thing though.

File 135722620734.jpg - (79.56KB , 688x547 , 1261030605212.jpg )
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Old general auto-saged so yeah

>Spent the holiday marathoning Arrested Development
How... how could they CANCEL this?

That last episode holy fuck
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File 133343071569.jpg - (217.27KB , 960x1280 , 1332341274335.jpg )
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Second season just started and I didn't see a thread for it anywhere.
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>> No. 38229
So I just powered through season 3 today.

I want all the Frey's to burn.
Tywin is a really really nice guy. Loras' grandmother is awesome.
Ramsey looks like he's five seconds away from raping Tyrone at all times. Being Arya is suffering. I can't wait for the next season.

>> No. 38233

No no, Tyrone is the bald guy (see: >>36954).
>> No. 38263
do we hear whats happened to him from anyone other than cersei? she could be exagerating or making shit up

File 137368108187.jpg - (120.74KB , 664x1024 , swM7V43[1].jpg )
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Old thread autosaged
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>> No. 38327
Jävlar i mig!
>> No. 39337
File 138652765872.jpg - (167.36KB , 1024x768 , 1386527486395[1].jpg )

File 137385373848.png - (234.89KB , 622x584 , front.png )
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>dark ambient, relaxing chill ambient, industrial, harsh noise, dark electro and some drone
Music video from Corner
[dead_doll] Precious Nothing - music videoyoutube thumb

File 128916879752.jpg - (23.97KB , 231x333 , NIFFMGxnmWpCh0J.jpg )
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So how's about that show that started/destroyed Matthew Lawrence's career?
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>> No. 37893
Oh, so that's what happens during the credits? A side characters that barely gets any screen time lives rather than dies? Meh.

Either the movie or my theater seemed to have weird sound issues. The foreground noise of the battle would be so overwhelmingly loud that it would override the background music. The only thing you could hear was the deep bass of the background music. Kind of made the background music pointless.
>> No. 37901
I've been reading discussion in /m/ that Del Toro said that about an hour's worth of material was cut from the theatrical release.

If so, I definitely need to get a director's cut DVD.
>> No. 37902
It was everything I expected and more than I wanted also GET HYPE

Best Friends Get Hyped For Pacific Rimyoutube thumb

For real? I'm getting that the second it comes out.

File 136620011430.jpg - (1.27MB , 1085x1608 , MU_Bleachers_Online_1s_w2_0.jpg )
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>> No. 37822
File 137237127458.jpg - (193.58KB , 900x747 , 1372293600316.jpg )
So its been a week, how'd you like it?
>> No. 37823
I agree that this belongs in /co/, not here.

And I haven't had a chance to see it yet.
>> No. 37827
I liked it, after all, but I don't remember the characters that well from the first movie to judge. Felt it kinda lacked in music though.

File 137020491315.png - (655.33KB , 800x1169 , tumblr_mnr5uztmRc1rzbpp3o1_1280.png )
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So how 'bout that Hannibal?
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>> No. 37810
Given where Whedon's ended up thanks to his career of brilliant, cancelled shows, there are worse fates one could have.
>> No. 37812
File 137227749538.gif - (871.76KB , 250x200 , cryinghannibal.gif )
Is that a person? Ah sorry, should have explained. I said "invincible" because 1) I'm not convinced she's dead and 2) if she is, she'll live on in Freddie's probably insane book. The "veal" thing was obviously supposed to make us think that Hannibal killed her. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he did, but it could be a red herring. Why haven't we seen a body, for instance? I'm hoping that the end of season 2 or 3 will have Hannibal brought to trial, and that's when Abigail will come back as a witness. If she's alive. Which she probably isn't. I can dream.
you wound me so
>> No. 37813
I dunno, Abigail and Jack's Dead Rookie are probably dead but being kept somewhere Ala Richard Kuklinski.

File 133161350040.jpg - (26.57KB , 640x480 , Nathanlol.jpg )
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Recently a friend of mine showed me this album by Ben Frost and it's full of really creepy/unsettling music. Just listened to this track while walking home from the store in the dark rain, and it certainly made me feel pretty uneasy.

Ben Frost - Through The Roof Of Your Mouthyoutube thumb

So I was wondering if we could have a thread dedicated to this kind of music.

Here is the album that the song is on:

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>> No. 36492
For what you can get on the talk page of it's wikia entry, that could be the case but with murder instead of rape.

And yeah, I miss them as well. Is been a loooong while since we have a pretty cool prog band like them.
>> No. 37477
The Haxan Cloak — The Fallyoutube thumb

This board needs more spooky.
>> No. 37764
File 137193416280.jpg - (162.54KB , 960x960 , 6281_10151377258421423_2080663940_n.jpg )

Actually payed real green papers for this, but I think it was worth it.

File 137084129264.png - (199.41KB , 350x350 , Picture 2.png )
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This is real
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>> No. 37598
File 137100116161.png - (290.28KB , 497x469 , NC holy shit.png )
Christopher Lee. A Heavy Metal Christmasyoutube thumb
>> No. 37702
He just came out with another Charlemagne album, Omens of Death, that retools the songs from the first one into proper heavy metal as well as adds some new ones.
>> No. 37706
But did he play guitar? He didn't, right?

File 129643677372.jpg - (107.12KB , 625x742 , henrycavillsuperman.jpg )
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>> No. 37763

Cripes, people can have different opinions about things.
>> No. 37826

I like Cavill and his thoughts on Justice League that we should have a build up for his fellows. Thinking of such could Two Heroes Co-Star in films to shorten build up? Seeing Atlantis as a stones throw from Themyscira I could see them as a reluctant duo stopping some local turned global threat and at the end hearing the Speech Supes probably gives in the second movie about "I'm a protector of the world." They decide to contact him seeing there is a greater good to be done for the world. Next Flash and Cyborg and then Batman and GL. If anything the combinations would be interesting depending on whom is used. Ohh Batman and GL hunting Manhunters.

File 137081921288.png - (2.86MB , 1920x1080 , semi-original.png )
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It left like a billion plot threads hanging, but it was pulled off so well I can't get mad at it. I guess that just gives us time to speculate, then!

Are they're planning to follow things up with the movie or another season? Because I seriously wonder if that would work for a movie.
>> No. 37634
Sally Sitwell pushed Lucille 2 and set up all the Bluths to make it look like they all have a motive for doing it.

In other news some guy on Reddit re-edited the episodes together in chronological order. His cuts are kind of awkward in places but he couldn't change the narration so it's understandable. It's up on thepiratebay now.
>> No. 37638
It really does require multiple viewings.
I had completely missed that the reason all these twins kept showing up was because George Michael got put into a twin dorm.

File 136547320374.png - (53.91KB , 200x200 , but is your body ready.png )
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Welp, he released another one.

It's called State and it's awesome.
>> No. 37197
Why is no one exited?
Sir Reality Todd Rundgren live…youtube thumb
>> No. 37513
For those who don't know who the fuck Todd Rundgren is, here are but a few examples of his awesomeness:
Todd Rundgren - Fair Warningyoutube thumb
Todd Rundgren - Parallel Linesyoutube thumb
FUTURE by Todd Rundgrenyoutube thumb
Todd Rundgren w/ Ethel- Courageyoutube thumb

File 133624286877.jpg - (121.83KB , 550x551 , 1336242016299.jpg )
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Bringing sex to your ears, free of charge.

A Piece of Strange, by CunninLynguists

Sample: CunninLynguists - The Gatesyoutube thumb

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?2unkgjxl04c
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>> No. 37282
File 13692693375.jpg - (130.07KB , 300x300 , 54205055.jpg )

SORNE - FIRST BORNyoutube thumb
>> No. 37339
File 136960785034.jpg - (905.70KB , 800x800 , front.jpg )
by Sweet Trip

sample: Sweet Trip - Fruitcake and Cookiesyoutube thumb

>> No. 37388
File 136989609696.jpg - (354.88KB , 864x864 , a2310922008_10.jpg )
New album released just now. Name your price like normal, but don't be afraid to part with some of them dollars if you are willing.
Also this album if particularly full of oh my god it's seeping into my brain.


Rainbow Syrup - Choongumyoutube thumb
Lightyears Away - Choongumyoutube thumb

File 135163440721.png - (40.34KB , 400x400 , disney + lucasfilm.png )
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I'm interested. Star Wars could be good again with a full creative team in place instead of just George Lucas and his yes men like the prequels.
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>> No. 36515
>> No. 36517
there's already an unauthorized HD version of the original trilogy, utilizing blu-ray clips where they are the same as the original films, and the best transfers and touch ups possible for other scenes. I forget the name of it but it's been around in the download/torrent sector for a while, there's even clips of it on youtube.
>> No. 37313
I agree.

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