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File 135991339449.jpg - (38.12KB , 350x350 , 1.jpg )
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Cyberflash - Powertronica

Neptune Primeyoutube thumb

>Electronica, hard, trance
Worth checking out if you miss good music... I do
Reminds me of the great, experimental music of the 90s
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>> No. 36509
what about Infected Mushroom dood?!
>> No. 36522
Agreed. When intelligent artists created good music. Heard Powertronica, I think it's trying to go back to that, kudos to the artist.
>> No. 36538
Blackbird Blackbird - PURE (of…youtube thumb

File 136019907978.jpg - (80.54KB , 620x388 , derek_2191238b.jpg )
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Bravo Ricky! You've done it again!

File 135991339581.jpg - (38.12KB , 350x350 , 1.jpg )
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Cyberflash - Powertronica

Neptune Primeyoutube thumb

>Electronica, hard, trance
Worth checking out if you miss good music... I do
Reminds me of the great, experimental music of the 90s

File 128916833322.jpg - (69.80KB , 604x378 , 10Red.jpg )
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Time to fix that.
New History of the Power Rangers by Lovhaughyouknowho.
Including Red Forever and how awesome that episode is.
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>> No. 36498
File 13600263235.jpg - (148.83KB , 800x645 , IMG_3178-vi.jpg )
1:1 Replica looks pretty good front and back. Sounds seem to be limited (Comm Beep, Metal Clang and Roll Call Theme) Some complain about the lack of Animal sounds but I don't remember those from the show during transformation.
>> No. 36502
Whoa! Any more info on that?

File 135900844448.jpg - (305.39KB , 1200x900 , dtosh.jpg )
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So, is Daniel Tosh a rapist? Or just a totally douchey fucktard? How do you get to be so famous for being such an utterly repellant persona?

In any case, here's a thread to generally complain about assholes with tv shows, assholes ruining the ensemble casts of tv shows/movies, or assholes that guest star on things to make them so much worse.
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>> No. 36442
It does seem redundant, but in fairness, they said they'd give him a show and he basically said "yeah I wanna make fun of youtube videos on primetime TV for money".

I get what you're saying about redundancy but this is a constant issue of comedy, originality. Tosh's stand up routines are fairly original as far as topics go, and his twitter involvement both on and off the show is an original notion itself, at least as far as he can work it into the show. That the show itself is more or less a dirtier version of America's Funniest Home Videos doesn't really pose an issue for me. It may have drained him a little though.
>> No. 36443
He knows comedy. The science of it, at least.
Doesn't mean he isn't tasteless from time to time.

That said, some of the humour is based on being different from his real self, in a way of "personas."
Take for example, he jabs at soccer alot, but in real life he likes it. Stuff like that.
>> No. 36444
His standup is a lot better than Tosh.0, I'll give him that.

File 135782309877.jpg - (58.68KB , 950x534 , Academy-Awards-Statues.jpg )
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Oscars Nominations 2013youtube thumb
Let's see how this rolls.
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>> No. 36325
i'm definitely more meh about the seth macfarlane choice.
they can't be bothered to include things they don't consider art into their award nominations but they will pander with celebrities for ratings.

this whole thing is a sham.
>> No. 36334
If you're not nominated for anything or aren't even going there is no sense in being hyped.
>> No. 36414
That's always my problem with the Oscars. They really don't seem to know if they want to be an artistic awards show or a mega television event and they generally fail at trying to be both. The Sundance meets the MTV Movie Awards thing doesn't work for me.

File 135796132458.jpg - (381.07KB , 3000x2189 , HQ-Jennifer-at-the-Silver-Linings-Playbook-photoca.jpg )
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Is Jennifer Lawrence the greatest film actress to ever live?
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>> No. 36378
File 135874822355.jpg - (41.73KB , 500x334 , AND627122.jpg )
You are now slowly realizing Lindsay Lohan could have been tailored for some of Jennifer Larence's most well received roles, if she had not degraded herself.
>> No. 36381
First off, you've never seen SLP if you think it's a generic romcom. 80% of that movie was tense family drama. Secondly, Hunger Games might not have been A-list material, but that doesn't make her acting within bad. You're focusing on the films she was in, and not her performances.
>> No. 36394
Lindsay Lohan could have done a lot of things. But she pulled a classic "child star" career path. Drugs, law problems, and pathetic desperate attention seeking.

If she'd gotten into heroin instead of cocaine, she'd be dead already.

File 135201590957.jpg - (127.08KB , 800x600 , the_movies[1].jpg )
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Let's have a Movie General, for those movies not necessarily worth their own thread.

Saw Cloud Atlas tonight. I wouldn't call it "great", but it was certainly a very interesting... something. Feels like one of those movies I need to see one or two more times to see if there was any subtleties I might have missed (YES WACHOWSKI BROTHERS THAT SURE IS A SHOOTING STAR BIRTHMARK).

Get to see some hot Asian ass and tits, though. Oh, and fucking yellow face everywhere. Hugo Weaving in Yellow Face. Tom Hanks in Yellow Face. Bae Doona in White Face.

Almost saw Wreck-It Ralph instead, I will wait for it to hit a $2 theater.
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>> No. 36382
So, just came back from The Last Stand (aka Accents: The Movie).
It had a lot of stuff from the current movies I hate (yellow filter, shaky camera all over, the way the blood/violence effects are presented) and... yeah I couldn't help but notice how older Schwarza looks compared to my favorite movies with him (;_;), but the second half of the movie was pretty fun. He can still kick ass.

Also, I'd never guess Forrest Whitaker could look taller than him.
>> No. 36383
File 135881672656.jpg - (77.71KB , 509x755 , stand_up_guys_ver3.jpg )
Wish I could go see this movie but alas, it has Johnny Knoxville in it.

Anyway, I saw this recently, probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
>> No. 36385
I didn't know it was Knoxville until the end credits. To be fair, his part isn't half as bad as in MIB 2, but that would be hard.

Also, pity, I'd be down to give that movie a shot for Christopher Walken. Likely not in cinemas, though.

File 135831437494.jpg - (322.09KB , 700x438 , new.jpg )
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Hey Anons. Im a German RnB Singer and released a new Single! You can hear it On: vibedeck.com/Streetsoul

Facebook: /officialstreetsoul
Please like and Comment!

File 135706336864.jpg - (99.21KB , 900x644 , la-vieille-radio--old-redio-dominique-serusier.jpg )
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ITT we gather around and remember our beloved /radio/ and gives our thanks back to the community for exposing us to more music.

We do it by sharing the songs that blew our minds:

http://www.moskva.fm/artist/blossom_dearie/song_2431676 (can't find it on Youtube for some reason)
Charles Mingus - Goodbye Pork Pie Hatyoutube thumb
Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie …youtube thumb
Faith And The Muse 'Running Up…youtube thumb (The urban vibe I get from this version is amazing, it paints such vivid scenes in my mind)
Garbage - Push Ityoutube thumb
Three in the Morning - Midnight Crewyoutube thumb
Simultaneous - Chef (Isaac Hayes)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 135594059315.png - (348.41KB , 640x480 , Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 1_22_43 PM.png )
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Hard mode: must be as awesome as this one:
Lego Todd Rundgren: Espressoyoutube thumb

File 134278267356.jpg - (272.15KB , 1474x920 , dark_knight.jpg )
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(Replies to this thread are hidden with magic unless you're in the thread, so no need to hide the thread itself)

This thread is for people who have watched the movie and want to talk about it. No spoiler tags needed here. This thread will have spoilers. This thread is the only thread on the site that allows Dark Knight Rises spoilery discussion, spoiler tags or not.

Posting spoilers in any other thread will result in a ban.
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>> No. 36095
It was okay, I guess? Not a whole lot of Batman in a Batman movie. I think I agree with most of the bullet points in this.
Honest Trailers - The Dark Knight Risesyoutube thumb

Somebody come find me when I can buy the Bane song on Amazon.
>> No. 36112
Well this thread just paid off I guess.
>> No. 36183
There's always this.

File 135043416793.jpg - (103.66KB , 612x796 , A5XZEX-CAAE_Kn8_jpg large.jpg )
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>> No. 36115
Does Hub put the episodes up on the site like the other stuff?
>> No. 36141
I think they do. It's on an Adult Swim schedule, where they rotate stuff out after awhile.
>> No. 36177

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the most Japanese thing ever.

File 128635725653.jpg - (511.22KB , 2617x1987 , protomen prototypes.jpg )
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so whats the deal with the city? it sounds to me like its the only human civilization, but how? zione-esque last refuge of man? mining colony on another planet?
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>> No. 35580
I have been told I would like The Protomen, but can I get into them with little to no knowledge of the Megaman series?
>> No. 35584
Absolutely yes.

Make sure you look up the liner notes for the songs, though-there's a lot of story in there you might miss otherwise.
>> No. 36129
File 135530294438.jpg - (201.25KB , 800x1133 , PROTAUS.jpg )
probably only relevant to me



File 135525001080.jpg - (150.60KB , 951x1500 , 2001 nostalgia.jpg )
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then you can do it again

and again

are you ready???

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!youtube thumb
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>> No. 36124
>> No. 36127
Not to rain on your parade, but I'm pretty sure the official Hobbit thread is over here:

>> No. 36128
you know what? this is the brand new one.... about lord of the rings marathons instead? I don't know, I feel terrible now.

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