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File 136092788593.jpg - (137.03KB , 689x1181 , 1360863465830[1].jpg )
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Previous thread hit limit.
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>> No. 37225
File 136900254938.gif - (428.21KB , 200x183 , 1368992718891.gif )
Oh Akiba
>> No. 37226
File 136900290581.jpg - (626.71KB , 640x2149 , 1368992482978.jpg )
Heh its Bizzaro /m/
>> No. 37253
File 136911747755.png - (875.58KB , 526x679 , 1502f9e79094237bcaea09402c01fe5f.png )

File 134714186224.jpg - (77.06KB , 482x340 , dinosaurs on a sp[aceship.jpg )
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lets get this started.
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>> No. 37421
I am okay with seeing him go as well.

Pretty interested in 12.
>> No. 37463
Word is Wheaton knows who 12th Doctor will be. Bit too much crap going around from that "Doctor Who is Racist" article to get a good read on the next bunch of candidates other than the group pushing for a black doctor. Personally for that I'd want Mos Def going in that direction but zero chance in hell them being cultural as well as color blind.

File 131949197074.gif - (497.63KB , 500x375 , recordskip.gif )
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Post songs that've been stuck in your head lately.
Undisclosed desires- Muse Full…youtube thumb
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>> No. 36970
File 136730670997.jpg - (265.00KB , 357x572 , tumblr_mm0fm2BNLM1qcznd7o1_r2_400.jpg )
Skullgirls: In Just A Moment's Timeyoutube thumb

This thing isn't even out for PC yet...
>> No. 37114
Mr Weebl vs Right Said Fred : …youtube thumb
>> No. 37120
Borderlands 2 Short Change Her…youtube thumb

I really hope they release a full soundtrack sometime.

File 136739160714.png - (969.43KB , 1280x693 , vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h20m42s66.png )
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Can we discuss Jacob's Ladder, quite possibly, the greatest movie ever?

Please don't spoil the spoily things.
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>> No. 37006
That's not what the plus in the title means.
>> No. 37008
Stop taking everything at face value.

In other news, after watching the movie I can see how it inspired Silent Hill so much.
>> No. 37028
However, you are complaining about spoilering even though that doesn't hurt anybody in anyway.

File 133939471470.jpg - (376.09KB , 796x1176 , 1339384061760.jpg )
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Breaking Bad Season 5 Promo #1 (HD)youtube thumb
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>> No. 35284
Fixing Good 2youtube thumb

no really, why
these jokes are so lame
>> No. 35291
File 134851297299.jpg - (428.17KB , 1275x1632 , breaking bald.jpg )
I liked the first one but the second one was just silly.
>> No. 36942
Finally got to see season 5. Or at least the first half.

>Say my name!

This show is really like nothing I've seen before. I've never seen a man go from hero to villain like that. I don't agree with what he does, but I understand, it makes sense for once.

File 135003405943.jpg - (255.43KB , 820x820 , cover.jpg )
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Hello, fellow plusers.

We are a stoner/hard rock band from Brazil and we have just recorded our first album, all by ourselves. It is available for free download/streaming at http://sednamusic.bandcamp.com .

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience (since we aren't supported by any label, this is our only way of getting our work to be seen).

Greetings from BR!
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>> No. 36873
If I get proper internet I will listen to this, probably do to my BR fetish. If >>36840 is anything to go by, it should be pretty cool, even if I tired of post-rock sound a few years back.

Where in glorious BRland are you guys?
>> No. 36874
Hey, Pablo, thanks for the interest.
Well, in my opinion, we are really far from sounding post-rockish... anyways, that was an interesting comparison. Hope you like it!
>> No. 36875
Oh, and we're from Maceió/AL... a very hot, violent (yet beautiful) place in the northeast part of the country.

File 13602926232.jpg - (106.33KB , 500x348 , tumblr_mhasxowb1D1r3kmkso1_500.jpg )
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>Daft Punk releasing new album this year
>No thread about it.
I figured people would be going bananagrams about this.
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>> No. 36685
If any song on the album is half as good as this mashup is


I'll be happy
>> No. 36817
>> No. 36822
Oh, hey, interviews with their contributors.

File 136511118182.jpg - (36.64KB , 631x598 , 1345781891621.jpg )
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>> No. 36743

Guys an Onion article is actually TOUCHING help me I don't know what's going on
>> No. 36797
>> No. 36900
Siskel & Ebert On The Criticyoutube thumb

File 136097535955.jpg - (322.67KB , 915x864 , BJ.jpg )
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Recorded Live - Digitally Remastered - Album Out Now
>> No. 36571
>Live recording
>digitally remastered

Oh great, now I can hear Americans clapping in 24bit!
>> No. 36680
All compact discs are 16 bit.

File 136115813268.jpg - (31.91KB , 546x769 , tenebre.jpg )
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Tenebreyoutube thumb
>> No. 36617
always wondered where Justice got that sample

Disco Science- Mirwais- Snatchyoutube thumb
>> No. 36627
The "time passing" montage from Rumble Fish.

And no, it is not on YT.

File 136124868867.jpg - (1.51MB , 3123x2085 , The_Wonder_Years_still_slide_1_MITMVC.jpg )
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The greatest television show ever made.
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>> No. 36620
He's gotten crazy religious and made videos trying to prove evolution is false, stuff like that. Some of his former co-stars won't even talk to him anymore.
>> No. 36621
Dude, I think you're thinking of Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains.

Fred Savage is just like, a TV producer/director now.
>> No. 36622
I think you're right. Disregard that, then.

Even as a kid, I always got them confused for some reason.

File 136069454727.gif - (588.27KB , 200x200 , party soft.gif )
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Copypasta your playlists, then we can put checkmarks next to the ones we have in common.

In The Navy
I'm Too Sexy
The Cup Of Life
It's Raining Men
Hot Hot Hot
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
All By Myself
She Works Hard For The Money
Love Shack
Shake Your Bon Bon
Hot Stuff
We Are The World
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 36545
What kind of circuses do you go to?
>> No. 36549
The kind in my head as I am laughing my ass off internally imagining different circus animals doing tricks to some of these tunes.
>> No. 36585


File 136110761677.jpg - (137.59KB , 1000x1333 , HD598_hires.jpg )
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Is this where we go to talk about headphones?
>> No. 36582
/diy/ would be a better idea actually.

File 133549466681.jpg - (94.88KB , 600x400 , Community_law_and_order_NBC.jpg )
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Holy fucking god, that was a good episode of Community.
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>> No. 36554
There are a very large number of ways to get a two week or one month free trial in Hulu Plus. While that means you'll have to rush through the series, that's still an option.
>> No. 36572

And now I can't unthink it.
>> No. 36574
Heh, that bit made me think of Sasha, too.

So I thought the last episode was really good! And I rewatched History 101 and thought it was better the second time around. Actually the more I think about it the more I think it was a genuinely good episode instead of just OK/not the soulless husk of its former self people were making it out to be.

The things I'm mostly worried about happening this season are Shirley not getting enough focus, and that Annie seems to have regressed a bit, especially with the crush on Jeff in full force even though she had that epiphany that she didn't actually love him, but I guess there's nothing to do but wait and see what happens.

File 135970289818.jpg - (204.81KB , 1358x1600 , jess.jpg )
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Is she the Julia Roberts of the 90s?

Is there anything she can't do?
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>> No. 36464
Ah, that's when she holds an oscar in front of her competition.
>> No. 36465
I'd say Julia Roberts was the Julia Roberts of the 90s

But that's just me
>> No. 36548
File 136072950391.jpg - (78.27KB , 630x708 , ohyeah.jpg )

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