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File 138492646512.jpg - (71.06KB , 960x643 , best WOV mk 2 photo ever taken.jpg )
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>> No. 39743
COOK DA BOOKS John Peel 18th February 1984youtube thumb

File 138719628561.jpg - (190.86KB , 920x920 , 2014 best picture nominees.jpg )
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Oscar thread.

Only a few weeks away
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>> No. 39389
Eh I find it funny as we "watch the Hollywood Club fail at trying to steer culture back to them."
>> No. 39600
It begins
>> No. 39601
>Those Lists

Careful Hollywood, don't want to give up the game entirely that this is just a circle jerk of a celebration of how awesome you think your culture is.

Bet this years snobbery reaches new heights.

File 135467444790.jpg - (77.34KB , 332x500 , 1354672225212[1].jpg )
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/mtv/, let's talk Trek.
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>> No. 39465
I vaguely remember an episode of DS9 where Quark was flirting with a Vulcan woman and he brings up the fact that Vulcans don't lie, so I guess that's still a thing.
>> No. 39468
Pure yes but Half-breeds get the bullshitting half race bonus. And if we stick to the New Universe that bonus can be applied racially instead of by individual now I'd guess since the number of Half-breeds would outnumber the still pure-blood Vulcan. Specially since once them Vulcan's get into alien gene pools, they aren't getting out of the water for nothing. I always find it humorous that Vulcan's are kinda horndogs for aliens once they get off planet and start mingling.
>> No. 39520
File 138891649018.jpg - (87.89KB , 1440x1080 , Warbird6.jpg )
This thread could use a little more Romulan Warbird. The best ship in all of Trek.

File 138410024522.jpg - (38.11KB , 359x226 , 34520_home_feature_classicalmusic.jpg )
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Gimme some good stuff. Any genre will do…even dubstep.

OC ReMix #1723: Mega Man 3 'Th…youtube thumb
>> No. 39209
You came to the right neighborhood, buddy
Darryl Way: Music for TV and Filmyoutube thumb
>> No. 39423
Blackmore's Night - Mond Tazn (instrumental)youtube thumb
>> No. 39424
Poets of the Fall - Late Goodbye Instrumentalyoutube thumb

always a fave of mine.

File 138714001333.jpg - (21.85KB , 270x400 , gravity_poster_2804.jpg )
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Film of the Year thread
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>> No. 39417
File 138748333974.jpg - (4.74MB , 2400x3556 , teaserposter-hungergames2[1].jpg )
I haven't seen that yet. Or Hobbit 2. But so far for me it's Catching Fire.
>> No. 39418
The most correct.

Also good.
>> No. 39421
I wanted to watch this one on theatres, but didn't get the chance. Looked fun.

File 137578731819.jpg - (336.12KB , 1280x834 , 134822784222.jpg )
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August 11th.

It is returning.
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>> No. 39284
So is this as unrelentingly dark and depressing as it seems?
I'm not sure I have the energy for that.
>> No. 39289

It's worse than that. I assume you just started watching? If you can't handle the dark of the first season or two, you probably shouldn't continue.
>> No. 39291

No, but it does go to very dark places.

File 134984898314.jpg - (71.17KB , 250x370 , Walking_Dead_Season_3_Official_Poster.jpg )
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Are you ready for round 3?
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>> No. 39249
File 138487421248.jpg - (109.05KB , 800x800 , cormac[1].jpg )
>that feel when Hobo Governor

Apparently this broke the show for a lot of people. I liked it.

The Guv was always so boring in the comics. Herp derp war crimes, herp derp rape so xtreme. I like to see an angle of him that still retains some measure of humanity.

Plus the scene with him driving the army truck made me laugh out loud.
>> No. 39250
I completely agree, The Governor is an actual character in this and that's great.
>> No. 39253
Punished Governor.

File 133778067874.jpg - (48.02KB , 500x519 , max.jpg )
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Hey guys, was wondering if anyone else partakes in musicfaggotry?
I've dabbled in composition a bit, and have done a few remixes of cartoon songs.
Ex. about a year ago I did this remix/extended version of Alien Heart from Phineas and Ferb.
Alien Heartbreakyoutube thumb

I know it's not great, but it was an interest of mine for awhile.

I thought this kind of thing would be more /coc/, but they told me to go here instead.
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>> No. 34207
Here's a little (mostly) original piece I did a few years back.


It was at a point I kinda started getting the hang of it but didn't completely know what I was going for.
>> No. 34774
Gravity Falls remix: Anti-gravityyoutube thumb
>> No. 39247
Hey guys.

Made this.

Just bumping in case anyone would like.
Also would absolutely love to hear what you guys have done.

Any suggestions for additional software? I'm using FL Studio pretty much exclusively at this point.

File 13831668761.jpg - (96.21KB , 1000x1000 , hallow'send_draft.jpg )
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[dead_doll] - Hallow's End
>dark ambient, industrial, glitch
Album art won't be finished until after Halloween, so I'm putting this out now.


File 138153700145.jpg?spoiler - (19.01KB , 480x360 , 500full.jpg?spoiler )
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Bout time we shine some light on the practical effects side of things, post your favorites!

Kudos to Phenomena for having one of the few face reveals that really got me.
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>> No. 39100
File 13816959699.jpg - (29.67KB , 720x384 , 2009-08-28-swamp_thing.jpg )
I know what I'd like to see again. Shame DC likely has no interest.
>> No. 39101
File 138170274620.png - (243.96KB , 961x541 , THIS FUCKING THING.png )
Deep red had some great moments.

like when the door to Gordonni's office shoots open and that horrible mechanical child-like laughter starts blaring as this awful doll comes sprinting at him.
>> No. 39103
File 138171037771.jpg - (423.39KB , 1920x1080 , puppetmaster3bdcap3_original.jpg )
Of all reboots I'd love to see this get a chance. I think Laika could do it well.

File 136517659689.jpg - (28.28KB , 534x302 , 2r6lmpy.jpg )
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TL;DR: Not very well versed in horror. Would like to be. Suggest some stuff. Don't just limit it to TV and film, anime/manga and cartoons are cool, too.

Things I've seen:
* Both Hellboy movies (Dunno if these count, but I like them)
* That movie with Patrick Wilson and the guy who sang Tiny Tim (Disliked this, but I can't hate Patrick Wilson)
* The Shining (Only part of it, I need to see the rest)
* Zombieland (Loved it)
* Shaun of The Dead (Loved it too)
* It (First time I was genuinely a little unnerved by horror, but not for the reasons I think it was supposed to be scary)
* Scary Movie 1 and 2 (I dunno if this counts either, first is decent, second is cringe-worthy)

Other things I've played/read that I liked:
* Junji Ito's Tomie (and one other story of his I'm blanking on the name of)
* Higurashi: When They Cry (only the first two question arcs, I need to read the rest of the manga)
* Killing Floor
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 39095
Love both original Fright Night movies. Since the effects from Ghostbusters are one of my standards which let me take no excuses for shitty effects on blockbusters nowadays... please tell me those guys are still working. Need more effects that don't look like blatant CGI.

Also, apparently the new "Fright Night 2" came out on DVD without much noise, and it's actually another reboot? I'm actually curious for this one, in that it at least doesn't try to retell the exact same movie which didn't need retelling to begin with.
>> No. 39096
I actually liked the Fright Night remake quite a bit, found it as fun to watch as the original.
>> No. 39097
Thank god for David Tennant's leather pants.

File 137966507115.png - (124.11KB , 328x258 , what am i looking at.png )
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Okay so, I know its been a long long time since the +4chan radio was a thing. But there was a song about Flash in it about how slow everything is for him, and it had a sad tone to it. Would anyone happen to know what that song was? Hell, would anyone have a list of all the songs from the old +4chan radio? I enjoyed a lot of them, but I forgot just about everything except the fact that Megas XLR's theme was on it.
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>> No. 38935
Oh, thanks man. I'll go check that out.
>> No. 38966
I can remember about a dozen of them or so, but that only goes so far.
I'll scour through to see what might have sprung up from there. Though I will say that there were a lot of them that didn't really have anything to do with comics or cartoons.
>> No. 38967
I can remember about a dozen of them or so, but that only goes so far.
I'll scour through to see what might have sprung up from there. Though I will say that there were a lot of them that didn't really have anything to do with comics or cartoons.

File 137737107992.jpg - (44.34KB , 483x449 , bTjCTUcXng0.jpg )
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whats the name of that song played on Alton Towers 80's Audioyoutube thumb from 2:54 to 4:12?
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>> No. 38728
that's not the one it goes da da da
>> No. 38729
>> No. 38733
Oh for god's sake, just because they spiced it up with a guitar riff doesn't make it a different goddamned song.

Some more versions! "da da da" indeed...

Francisco Alves - Brazil - Aqu…youtube thumb

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Brazilyoutube thumb

I'd recommend this cover by Jazz Manouche legend Django Reinhardt:
Django Reinhardt - Brazilyoutube thumb

File 137683885612.jpg - (254.20KB , 1070x1500 , Orange-is-the-New-Black-poster.jpg )
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Okay this is REALLY GOOD.
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>> No. 38705
File 137737107825.gif - (335.98KB , 150x150 , 137188771681.gif )
>> No. 38707
Sorry, plus4 went weird again.
>> No. 38712
File 137739605198.gif - (1.88MB , 400x265 , Crazy_tiffany.gif )
Healy is the fucking worst.

File 137720655384.png - (1.10MB , 1920x1080 , Wakfu is awesome.png )
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Europe - Prisoners in Paradise…youtube thumb

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