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File 129367451736.jpg - (140.95KB , 320x479 , dooleyfrench320.jpg )
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Murder Ballads thread.

Songs about death, destruction and deception leading to homicide.

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>> No. 39246
File 138473331431.jpg - (34.25KB , 402x402 , Henry-Lee-Lucas-11735804-1-402.jpg )
Electric Wizard - Venus In Fursyoutube thumb

Os Catalepticos - Henryyoutube thumb

The Damn Quails-The Ballad of …youtube thumb

"All I remember was slapping her alongside the neck, but after I did that I saw her fall and decided to grab her. But she fell to the floor and when I went back to pick her up, I realized she was dead. Then I noticed that I had my knife in my hand and she had been cut. Better than seeing what I did once I met Otis and got a taste for it I suppose."
>> No. 40027
File 13965315649.jpg - (43.05KB , 400x533 , axeman.jpg )

>> No. 40028
File 139653347411.jpg - (252.80KB , 1046x1600 , _origin_Mitiskie-radijumi-8-6.jpg )

Beware of Long Lankin that lives amongst the gorse;
Beware the moss, beware the moor, beware of Long Lankin
Make sure the doors are bolted well
Lest Lankin should creep in.

File 138486401957.gif - (2.34MB , 275x200 , 1285516959122.gif )
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>> No. 39252
>> No. 39334
File 138647845955.jpg - (17.87KB , 400x300 , 1207179361532.jpg )
>> No. 40026
The Total Riff Off special on the National Geographic channel was hilarious. The second episode with the demon bat was perhaps the best, with every jab aimed at the host. Some of these segments were actually funny on their own, like the Dog that kept eating thongs. Also, what was with that Badass Animal program? That tried way too hard.

File 13394488679.jpg - (315.49KB , 625x925 , 1337023386186.jpg )
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The Spider-Man reboot by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) premiers July 3rd.

Here's the four minute trailer:

The Amazing Spider-Man Super Previewyoutube thumb

Sony has also released six 25 minute videos documenting the making of the movie. Part one is below:

The Amazing Spider-Man - B-Rol…youtube thumb

And here's Spider-Man taking on a Yeti:

The Electric Company - Spidey Meets the Yetiyoutube thumb
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>> No. 34732
Then you are lost.
>> No. 34733
I was a little disappointed by the lack of banter in the last fight.
>> No. 34735
File 134413422021.jpg - (29.97KB , 640x454 , rf no u original.jpg )

File 136700328968.jpg - (403.47KB , 1777x1000 , iron-man-3_sofa-relaxation[1].jpg )
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Fans aren't going to like the Mandarin, but I enjoyed this movie more than the second one.
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>> No. 39227
File 138461140670.jpg - (325.33KB , 600x738 , 600full-sean-connery.jpg )

>bunch of awesome suits fly in
>it's dark as fuck so you can't see any of them properly
>catch a glimpse of Thumper, a few split seconds of JARVIS flying some kind of samurai suit
>the rest is just flying around and pew pewing in the dark


kind of like how The Mandarin was wasted on the movie because he didn't exist

funny, that.
>> No. 39228

>bunch of awesome suits fly in
>it's dark as fuck so you can't see any of them properly
>catch a glimpse of Thumper, a few split seconds of JARVIS flying some kind of samurai suit
>the rest is just flying around and pew pewing in the dark


kind of like how The Mandarin was wasted on the movie because he didn't exist

funny, that.
>> No. 39232
The art team had all this cool shit storyboarded but we just get like five minutes of them.

That, the Mandarin and War Machine's role were disappointing.

File 134232044164.jpg - (349.33KB , 550x1550 , marvel-phase-two.jpg )
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Have a look at the logos for Marvel's next five films.
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>> No. 39295

It just made no sense to me. The Asgardians all speak friggin' english. The aliens working for Thanos in the Avengers movie all spoke english. Why not the Dark Elves? It seems like such a nonsensical choice. Honestly though, subtitles wouldn't have mattered that much if the villains had any good lines outside of stock phrases and exposition.
>> No. 39296
It was obviously to accentuate that the Dark Elves were extra alien-like (even from the perspective of millenia old extradimensional space gods), coming from whatever darkness was before the universe.
>> No. 39301
I'll have to disagree on that last part.

File 139307827494.png - (446.46KB , 500x713 , tumblr_n1dgfaJLvL1qhh17lo1_500.png )
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If you aren't watching True Detective you are making a mistake.
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>> No. 39952
File 139515757565.jpg?spoiler - (69.39KB , 800x451 , image.jpg?spoiler )
Just started watching this, two episodes in and this is already 150% my jam. I am so fucking down for CSI: Innsmouth (even if nothing actually supernatural ever appears - I don't know one way or another, I've been avoiding spoilers).

Seriously though what the fuck is this shit? These kids are creeping me out.
>> No. 39955
Got all the way through and it's probably one of the best Grizzled Cop stories I've ever seen. It doesn't place high in my personal favs for the year because like I said, as fresh as some of this shit is, as was previously mentioned, a lot of it is really old hat. Very good series though
>> No. 39957
Just finished it. That was fucking great. I love how the supernatural elements were kept almost entirely in the realm of the Fantastic, int he structuralist sense: ambiguous as to whether something truly supernatural is taking place or not. Rust's hallucinations provide a perfect vessel for it; is he really hallucinating, or is he "mainlining the secret truth of the universe" as he put it back at the beginning of the season? Rust would tell you they're just hallucinations, but we as the viewer can't be sure. This is probably the best approach, as confirmed supernatural risks hokiness and disproven supernatural comes off as a red herring.

I don't know if they'll be able to bottle this lightning again for season two, but I'm eagerly anticipating watching them try.

File 137264784066.jpg - (63.43KB , 500x500 , Deborah Holland's new album.jpg )
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Do you know an underrated musician you think deserves more love?

Well, plug them away!

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>> No. 39137
I'm 100% sure none of you have ever heard of Tom Lips, given that he pretty much only exists within Ottawa.

All of the Churchbells by Tom Lipsyoutube thumb
Tom Lips This Love Is A Weedyoutube thumb
>> No. 39904
File 139423252872.png - (21.56KB , 413x145 , Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 5_48_23 PM.png )
The Sums are almost done with their new album. If any of you care about the (alternative) rock scene of UK, you can check it out soon.
>> No. 39926
Caro Emerald - Just One Danceyoutube thumb

>"Echoes of the dance halls in French occupied Saigon. Tension seeps underneath the parkay floors, where ladies wait as men peruse their potential partners from head to elegant toe.. Music leads to money, money leads to lust, and in Saigon, lust can lead to anything..."

I did the math, and a dollar during the French occupation ('46-54) was, on average, like $10.87 current dollars today.

If the lyrics mean a dollar a minute, that's one expensive escort.

File 133637198566.gif - (84.33KB , 470x317 , Mew stuff.gif )
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Mew Why are you looking grave?youtube thumb
>> No. 32946
File 133649268142.jpg - (36.99KB , 450x400 , NoMoreStories.jpg )
MEW- VACCINEyoutube thumb
>> No. 38278
File 137515948123.jpg - (76.47KB , 445x503 , Mew the best photo possible.jpg )
Mew Roskilde 2012youtube thumb
>> No. 39922
Finally, this particular music video of theirs is back!
Mew - 156youtube thumb

File 139164324716.png - (142.24KB , 700x300 , movie grimlock in best shop ever so far tumblr_n0h.png )
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So should we talk about this here or back to /co/?
Transformers 4 Age of Extincti…youtube thumb
And Prime is still a dick, smashing historical stuff like that.
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>> No. 39911
>Furman is probably feeling like being punched in the face.
Given all the movie comics he's writen that he now can put Grimlock in, I dont think so.
And as long its have hype moment of robot gore and fun stupid shit, the podcasting tf-fans and I will probably think its awesome!
For a month at most, then we will say: "that were we thinking!"
(just go back and listen the old Moonbase 2 movie review episodes, good times.)
Atlest the money will go back into making more Transformers stuff...
>> No. 39914
The Murrica-ness doesn't seem very strong going by the trailer. The first sign of the government is black suits descending on Marky Mark's farm and tossing his family around. Whatever group that "We don't need you anymore" guy represents will undoubtedly get deepfucked and have to rely on the robots to bail them out. And the Dinobots, the likely morally grey but ultimately necessary muscle the Autobots need in order to save us all, are found in China.

Then again very first trailer ever showed Blackout ruining the military's shit and then in the film he gets taken out by the USAF and a shot to the crotch. So maybe I'm an idiot.
>> No. 39917
I did not mind the Transformers being vulnerable to at least some human weapons. That fact actually does justify the robots having an alternate mode and the need to keep and use it.

File 139327077361.jpg - (19.67KB , 520x324 , Egon_GB1[1].jpg )
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>> No. 39892
I actually thought that game showed why there shouldn't be a Ghostbusters 3. It just repeated everything done in the first and second film.
>> No. 39893
Film Critic Hulk actually has a pretty convincing argument that that's why sequels to comedy movies don't really work ever. Comedy is generally about saying something that a person hasn't heard before. Comedy movies become beloved and popular because they manage to catch people off guard with a unique way of saying something that people find amusing. Movie sequels are more or less required to be "the same but more" of their predecessors in most cases, and unfortunately jokes just can't survive well when you've already heard the same joke, just for smaller stakes, previously. The joke can still be good, and it can even be better than the original joke, but it won't be as memorable or enjoyable as that first joke because you've already heard that thought, to a lesser extent, and in more or less the same way.

Which is why comedy sequels are almost never as good as the original, unless they go in an entirely different direction from the original (or unless they're better movies, i.e. plot / character-wise, rather than joke-wise). The exception being comedic sequels to non-comedies, c.f. Army of Darkness.
>> No. 39894
Dunno man, the game gave a lot of protagonism to Egon instead of beign centered around Peter, which is something I approve. And it was nice to see the 'busters doing investigative work, plus how they turned Ivo Shandor into a supervillain was simply awesome.

It's a game that relies on nostalgia and on delivering fanservice, so it obviusly couldn't tread into fully original territory (remember the terrible reception the earlierl, more action-oriented concept got from the fans?).

File 139212868970.jpg - (8.06KB , 204x204 , imgres.jpg )
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Post your personal Bandcamp, Souncloud, etc.
>> No. 39772
File 139212881128.jpg - (715.57KB , 1257x1024 , IMG_4601_5.jpg )
>> No. 39806
>Remixer/arranger of nerdy goodness

File 139267288943.jpg - (52.28KB , 385x263 , gay_buenos_aires.jpg )
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Hey, /mtv/, does anyone know of an independent movie about teens getting ready for a dance(prom?). In it, there’s supposedly a kid in a purple cape who might be a LARPer and there’s a scene where someone asks a girl to the dance with a sign in a thrift store (Neither of them talk). One of the characters is maybe named Kevin and he may be the kid in the cape.

There's also a scene near the end of it where the mean girl is, maybe, ditched by her friends, and she has a conversation with the cape kid (who also didn't go to prom) and he talks about his thoughts on love, and it leaves her respecting him a bit, but no desire to date him.

There might be someone that looks Michael Cera who is also not Jesse Eisenberg also none of the actors are either unknown or relatively unknown.

It also came somewhere between 2010-2012 probably. My friend saw it in theaters around that time in Utah.

We've concluded, conclusively, that it's not:

- Role Models
- Prom (Though prom has a similar sign scene)
- Homecoming
- Babe: Pig In The City

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 137574170984.jpg - (244.66KB , 1281x722 , 130843548410.jpg )
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So every reaction I've come across is "ugh, I guess it's okay" or "I FUCKING HATE THAT MOVIE!!"

So to me it's come out about the same as Green Lantern and in a year it will be used as examples of how yet again to fail at Superhero movies and how DC can't make a decent not Batman movie to save their lives, just like Green Lantern.
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>> No. 39727
Hey, if it keeps moving up, maybe the third one will get the villain's hair trimmed a bit and that's all.
>> No. 39728
>gets a hangnail

Darksied invades earth.
>> No. 39773
Man of Steel from a Baby's Perspectiveyoutube thumb

File 132020934466.jpg - (1.79MB , 1950x1000 , KAOScvr.jpg )
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So, there is this man, named Roger Waters, and he did this album, "Radio K.A.O.S.", in the 80's. He supported the album with a tour, and that tour ended up being more impressive than the album, with songs added and whatnot. There are multiple fan recordings of the concerts, and, among the most impressive (audio-wise) was the Illinois one, named Kaos Creek.

The concert recording is perfect. But there is one problem: of the 10 Rar parts posted, #7 was posted twice. If, by some chance, you have the album (I know SOME people do), could you please share the 4 tracks missing? They are "Nobody Home", "Home", "Four Minutes" and "The Tide Is Turning".
8 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 30409
Well, it finally happened!
>> No. 34302
Okay, who saved that one?
>> No. 39756
File 139192038877.jpg - (790.81KB , 1851x1450 , 027-KAOScreek_tray.jpg )
After several agonizing months of waiting, I got my hands on the original recording. If anyone wants it, feel free to say it.

File 138876220165.jpg - (179.14KB , 630x838 , com1[1].jpg )
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Harmon is back, and back with a fucking VENGEANCE.
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>> No. 39723
Wow, they aren't holding back on how terrible Brita is at all this season.
>> No. 39729
I'm still hoping it can avoid death for one more season. Come on Harmon, pull that and then all you've got left is the movie.
>> No. 39744
File 139178495024.png - (502.42KB , 971x609 , birthdayhorror.png )
There's reason to be optimistic. Ratings are (marginally) up from last year. And they're about the same as Parks & Rec's which already has a tentative renewal. It also helps that like last year the rest of NBC's comedy line-up has crashed and burned.

If the numbers stay where they are and Dan hasn't been an asshole (okay, that's impossible. If he hasn't been less of an asshole) they regret rehiring, season 6 should be a go.

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