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Was just watching Jackie Chan Adventures because hell yes and I was curious to see who voiced Jackie. Turns out it's a fellow named James Sie. So I go to his wikipedia entry.
>He has provided voices for numerous animated television series, including Avatar: The Last Airbender as The Cabbage Merchant

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No, that was worded poorly. There will be a Kung Fu Panda series. This fall on Nickelodeon.


What he said.

File: 128348714989.jpg-(79.89KB, 720x540, shot0001.jpg)
bad day bad day bad day

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Okay...something I noticed...

Water Bending Level 2 = Ice Bending
Earth Bending Level 2 = Metal Bending
Fire Bending Level 2 = Lightning Bending

So...What's Level 2 Air Bending?

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I honestly don't see why an earthbender couldn't bend lava by themselves. It's still rock, just in a different state. Waterbenders can move water whether it's liquid, gas, or solid, so I don't see why that should stop an earthbender from moving it.

Ooh, AWESOME thought just occured:

Airbenders SHOULD be able to move Dry Ice (made from CO2)!

But it's a solid.
If you say he can bend one solid gas, then he can basically bend most everything because technically if you threw it near the sun it would vaporize so it's a gas but only a solid, or airbenders can bend water because it's just condensed water vapor.

In regards to the "can benders bend something that's half their element half not," Roku could bend lava, so I don't know if that's him just using firebending or him using earth and firebending in unison.

So in my mind:
Water+Earth= Mudbending (though you don't need two benders for this)
Water+Fire=Steambending? It seems feasible. Roku redirected hot gas from a volcano.
Air... doesn't mix with a lot, unfortunately.


Ok, but CO2 is something that Airbenders could bend in its "natural" state. It's still "air" even if it's been condensed. Earthbenders can't bend water that has been solidified, and Waterbenders can't bend oil because it's liquid. So, and Airbender should be able to bend solidified air.

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So, how does /a/ like my Isuzu Trooper engine rebuild.

Now, I've just got to finish that damn boomerang!

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Sadness... to have such talent and no taste *giggle*

Let me clarify that he saw the movie and hated it but loved the series once I got him to watch it.

That's much better.

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I... I need to lie down...

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Hah! You should throw in something about Sokka and hormone therapy, explaining why he looks so much like a girl here.

as was said earlier

>>83300>>83304 in this comic good people develop breasts thus sokka as the water husband of the queen(lets be honest about how ms diaz will handle it) starts on the estrogen pills as proof of his benevolence

I think we just autosaged

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Dude, that's stupid. Download it, don't pay for it.

The promise of potential improvement is not taking my ass to the theater to watch their sequel. I rather watch a movie I already know will be good.

>>"We are going in a different direction with this"

That was the problem in first place, and two wrongs don't make a right.


I'm just wishing he hears the phrase "You're fired." sometime in the near future.

I love the Snatch reference.

hide File: 127537238235.jpg-(175.70KB, 400x298, craig_zuko.jpg)
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Confession time, /a/. Secret Zutara whore? Fapped to Toph foot fetish porn? Thought Azula was a lame villain? Got drunk and blew a 40-year-old Aang cosplayer? Here's where you let it all go.

I'll start: instead of, you know, paying attention, I wiled away the many hours of a course on American foreign policy this past semester by writing random Avatar yuri porn.

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Aang's goal was to destroy the drill, not kill Azula. Azula, by contrast, was trying to kill/stop Aang. One of these two succeeded, the other didn't.

Or as Mai put it, “We lost.”

First, I disagree your claim that she take on Katara and Aang evenly . That fight had just started, arguing how each side was doing is stupid, as almost no fights in Avatar end that early. Hell, Zuko lasted that longer than that against Azula in Avatar State. The only fight between named character that was shorter was the second Katara-Zuko fight in Siege for North, and that was with a near dead Zuko.

Nor does it change the fact that without Zuko’s intervention Azula would have lost. She was trapped. Not to mention, Zuko held his own against Aang in the same time period.

Furthermore, her one striking Aang out of the fight isn’t that impressive, given Zuko just did the same thing (the reason he was able to help her). And needing Zuko’s help to take out Katara’s defenses, is again, not a good argument for someone who is supposed to be a ‘godhax’.

So let’s review.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


Mai’s sarcasm rivals that of Sokka, and on the mission of the drill, Aang obviously won. On the actual battle between the two, Aang was getting his ass handed to him left and right and only won the battle because of an interruption by exploding sludge. The fight was so obviously in Azula’s favor, that Aang had to refocus on the drill itself as a way to prematurely end the fight with Azula just to not practically be killed, along with what his mission was. The urgency was far more as a way to avoid azula than it was the destruction of the drill at that point.

And, as I already pointed out, Azula fell into a trap. Peyton Manning gets sacked sometimes, Jet Lee’s character dies sometimes, the friend you know who is simply the best at whatever game it is you play loses sometimes too. She needs Zuko’s help but even with the “hey, kind of stuck over here, can you break this tentacle” break we see absolutely nothing of Azula getting her ass kicked.

Which brings the next point, you complain about the brevity of the Aang/Katara vs. Azula fight? That lasted 3 to 4 times longer than the entire summation of the Katara/Azula fight put together. We don’t see enough of Azula/Katara, just a “dodge” and a “gotcha”. From Katara/Aang vs. Azula, we see two people needing to work together just to defend themselves from azula’s attacks, azula dodging Aang’s earthbending, and other general attacks, ending in a stalemate that doesn’t necessarily say that Azula is at a disadvantage until Zuko shows up (where the viewer goes under the assumption that Zuko’s become a good guy now).

And I was just literally listing the scene, Zuko launched aang as well. Azula did send him further and did it while aang himself was building as much momentum as Azula but like I said, I was literally describing the happenings of each scene.

And Zuko did nothing more than fight Katara with those old flotation noodles that kids use outside the pool to whack at each other. It was a stalemate, but does not say more of that Zuko therefore is far more efficient than Azula.

And just to draw from your school of thought, Katara nearly drowns Zuko (who’s aid
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 128322864179.png-(387.10KB, 720x480, ep28-1667.png)
I think what the other Anon is trying to get at is Azula isn't really 100% godhax. She's a very powerful and tough villain, but she's had moments where she's been in trouble too. Before she snapped and started "slipping" in season three, I think her most obvious defeat was in "The Chase". She was clearly losing when the entire Gaang was taking her on, and if Iroh hadn't been there or if she hadn't taken him out of the fight, she really would have had her ass handed to her. She was retreating and "surrendered" as a distraction to think of a good way to escape. If she tried to keep fighting, she would have lost unless Mai and Ty Lee showed up to help even things out.

In "Crossroads", again, she wasn't invincible. I don't agree with the other Anon that Zuko was more useful or that she necessarily would have lost to Aang and Katara alone, though she might have. Zuko joining her was clearly a factor, and if she had to fight him as well, then she would have been in trouble again until the Dai Li showed up. But even if you take away the Dai Li, keeping the fight between the four main characters, there's no guarantee that Azula and Zuko would have won. I think Katara and Aang would have at least held them off long enough to escape, unless Azula got in another surprise attack.

tl;dr Azula is not invincible über-leet godhax. She's just very, very good at what she does.

hide File: 128162076112.jpg-(49.45KB, 368x500, book-of-earth.jpg)
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How did this book turn out so good?

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Seconded. Although I would prefer some pants on Iroh.

File: 128314450548.png-(580.77KB, 720x480, ep31-163.png)

File: 128314462558.png-(487.94KB, 720x480, ep50-93.png)
Pants are an illusion, and so is death.

hide File: 12453085833.png-(377.11KB, 720x480, ep44-267.png)
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New thread for Drawfags in general!

I figured two things recently:

One: We don't have an active Drawfag requests thread at the moment.

Two: We don't have anywhere for potential/incumbent drawfags to show off their stuff and get tips on how to get better. Sure, we've got /coc/ but I figure it might be good make a thread here, focused on Avatar content

Anyway, let's see how well this works!

ITT: Drawfag requests, and art help in general.

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File: 127520738295.jpg-(40.04KB, 400x500, one_free_internet.jpg)

Dreams do come true!

Come out of hiding, drawfags.

hide File: 128305908976.png-(108.50KB, 250x188, 250px-Lu_ten_002.png)
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So I'm interested in Lu Ten fanfics - anything interesting which can help expand on his life and military career. Can /a/ help out?

hide File: 128097210794.jpg-(2.09MB, 1700x2400, scan0001.jpg)
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So I've decided to scan the artbook, but it's my first time scanning something and it doesn't seem like I'm doing a very good job.
I will post the 7 that I have done so far, 1 which is resized, and I don't know, if you guys want me to do the rest tell me if this is acceptable and if it's too big/small/off center, etc.

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I thought of Beavis and Butthead when I saw that drawing

It just got to my house yesterday. I'm surprised at the size (as in height and width) of the thing.

Yeah, me too.

Memorable lines:
>Once revealed, I wanted [Bumi] to have the creepy, long-limbed, hunched posture of Gainax's Evangelions.
Can't unsee.

>The idea for Zuko's disguise and the plot for "The Blue Spirit" came to use very quickly after that, but initially in the writers' room we thought of him as teh Red Spirit... Unfortunately, with the red mask he was looking a bit like an ancient Korean version of Spider-Man.
>Chong: Think ancient Tibetan T. Rex/Slash

Mai apparently had another pair of those spring-loaded bolt launchers on her legs but I can't remember if she ever used them.
I'm surprised there were so many character-designs based on real people we hadn't heard about before (all the pirates from "The Waterbending Scroll" but the leader, Jeong Jeon, Due, Tho, Joo Dee, Chit Sang, and to a small degree Combustion Man).
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

She used them once int he second half of The Boiling Rock, I think.

hide File: 128274574093.jpg-(37.62KB, 466x355, it's on.jpg)
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Sokka: Lee!
Ty Lee: Sokka?
Sokka : Lee! Where you at?
Ty Lee: Sokka?
Sokka: LeeeeeeeeeeeEEEeeee!
Ty Lee: What'chu do? What'chu do?
Sokka: I did nothin' I swear. These guys just came out of nowhere makin' trouble.
Ty Lee: Hey, hold on guys. We don't want no trouble.
Sokka: You tell'em Lee. Watch out, my man Ty Lee here is on a secret mission. She's got no time for you moppheads.
Ty Lee: Sokka!
Sokka: Lee?
Ty Lee: Sokka!

Okay, Ty Lee is basically a female Jackie Chan, Sokka is her Chris Tucker/Owen Wilson. They have an adventure, Ty Lee don't want no trouble. The rest is up to you! Go!

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>Jeong Jeong and Bumi

you might as well say Murthaugh and Riggs!

anyway if you're going to get a buddy cop situation you will need an angry, screaming boss...

I've got the perfect screenwriter for that:

File: 128293160835.jpg-(48.74KB, 420x316, avatar-the-boulder.jpg)
T"he Angry Police Captain thinks you're a loose cannon. "

hide File: 128142818695.png-(230.92KB, 425x460, Katara.png)
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long ago the four nations lived together in harmony, then everything changed when you read this in my voice.

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File: 128286718432.png-(68.89KB, 213x328, clever.png)
>the guy playing him in the Ember Island Players (voiced by Derek Basco.)

I did not know this.

Well, according Edgar Wright's blog, he and Mae Whitman enjoyed the video as much as we did.

You know that panel at the end of vol.6, where Envy hugs Scott and the word CLOSURE is above their heads and he has this shiny-eyed, blissed-out smile on his face? Totes my face right now.

I'mma go see SP for a third time, I think.

hide File: 123880929488.png-(436.47KB, 576x712, Why_Does_This_Keep_Happening__by_Burning-Ice.png)
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Some random pairings I've seen here got me thinking. What are some of the more uncommon ships you've seen? Almost any kind of pairings welcome ITT, but I'd like to avoid pedoships like Toph/Iroh or Zhao/Aang. If you have to Spoiler/NSFW a pic, mention the characters involved so those who don't like teh gay or whatever don't get an unpleasant surprise.

For starters, here are some already on other threads:

MaiJune >>49915 (I want MOAR so much!)
Maitara >>52497
MaiToph >>54095 (NSFW) and >>46901
Maizula >>52424
Juzula >>52626
KueiZei? >>54422
Hakozai >>54513 (NSFW)

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Lo and Li.

File: 128220030954.jpg-(374.33KB, 1050x651, 2006_Comic_Con_Uncle_Lo_n_Li_by_Fierymonk.jpg)
Iroh sandwich!

Okay folks, I know you guys like crackships.

Just.. just be polite, is all.

hide File: 124096594384.png-(241.72KB, 628x652, lol_zukaang_by_schellibie.png)
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File: 128264593218.jpg-(216.98KB, 900x1302, A_TLA___MOTIVES_by_Engelen.jpg)


HNNNNNG Zuko's smile in that last panel


Be afraid, Jet. Be very afraid.
Or happy, if you like hot boys.

hide File: 128267341047.jpg-(82.78KB, 500x400, Todgermole.jpg)
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This is the only one I will not take credit for.

Oops, should have gone on the other thread

Then just delete it and repost.

No luck. Oh well.

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