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Do you think the avatar world will ever resemble our current world? Where the avatar is a celebrity and with media resembling our own?
.gif hopefully not related

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I've never read one of those high school/real world AUs that actually kept the Avatar concept in. Most of them do away with bending entirely and just turn it into generic highskool drama garbage

Every fandom I come across does this. I don't know where they get the idea that they like the show, but think it would be better if it were degrassy or I Carly or whatever

I think Mort is aiming less for an AH and more for a vision of the future where Old!Korra has to fend off paraprizzi (non-lethally we pretend to hope).

Do not take my original post seriously, I was tired and forgot to remove my name.

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Dumping all my gifs because I'm bored.

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File: 128055839637.png-(86.32KB, 377x302, mort5.png)

File: 128056653528.gif-(1.82MB, 440x320, sokka's peyote adventure.gif)


Reminds me an awful lot of the finale kiss.

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Can Toph/Aang be done well, either in fanfiction or art? HIBY got me thinking about it. Curse you, you absolutely terrible fan comic.

I'd like to leave Kataang/Zutara discussion out of this as much as possible.

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Wow, very well done, interesting ending. One of the more mature romance fanfics i've read in a long while.

File: 128061404723.jpg-(188.51KB, 730x730, 1db5e4fcab1aaed78bb1cfbe0979c105.jpg)

File: 128061406719.jpg-(121.22KB, 900x924, _TaangAU__Footsteps_Color_by_Kimbawest.jpg)
dat Toph

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You're saying it as if I haven't stated that several times, which shows me that you haven't read my posts and that you're set in your incorrect ways. If you had read my posts you would see that in no way has anyone even attempted to dispute my reasons while saying that the burden of proof is on me when in fact I've provided proof, and they haven't.

Excuse me, what the fuck is this?

Eh just some photoshop on dA.

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So I had this idea a week or so ago, but put it on the backburner cause I have other things going on. Since Legend of Korra might actually do alot of the ideas I thought of and more, I will probably abandon it entirely. But why not share it here anyway!

Book 4: Spirit

Structure: Picks up right after the end of Book 3, and comprises of 20 'episodes' that I would do my best to write and wrangle other fans into. It would all be done in comic form, and I would have tried to get various fan artists interested in doing parts of it (main reason I didn't start on it was all the connections I'd have to make).

Super Deformed nature of the picure not related.

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Well, honest opinions are the only ones that help at all, so doing worry about being harsh. Bringing the Dai Li more to the center would be interesting, they were simply too organized, too powerful and have lost too much to just disappear without a fight. I can definitely see doing more with them. Also would be an excuse to bring Long Feng out again.

The face off with Koh is something I know someone more capable then I would love to head up. It and the Bumi/Toph ideas are ones know others have got to have kicking around in their heads, and I would love to see.

The fight idea in Sunset is probably just some random urge to put violence everywhere, but I do think the idea works well without it. Having the Star Society (still a really, really tentative name... maybe if I knew more about paicho) pose actual threats to all the sources of bending would be important though, I just have to think of enough ways for them to do it.

The idea in the 'reforged' episode is actually for Piandao to just loan him a sword so he can quest for his old one. Thanks for the input... now what's this about an unreleased nick comic?

>what's this about an unreleased nick comic?
When the Nick magazine went out of print, a bunch of comics went unpublished.

Oooooh, thanks! I hadn't seen this before!

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Air Nomads, were they really wiped out, or is that just Fire Nation propoganda?

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Ty lee is actually quite anomalous, actually.

all the fire nation we've seen are:

The royalty (jesus fuck these people are stodgy and boring. zuko's humorless, ozai and azula are evil/insane, iroh is... well iroh is multinational, but he certainly isn't perky or anything. Oh, and mai.), colonials (Dock and Shu are kinda perky...), the schoolchildren and teachers (schoolchildren are repressed creatively and emotionally to a degree because they're conditioned that way in terms of behavior, and of course teachers).

So really, besides Ty Lee, fire nation CULTURE ITSELF is based on honor and loyalty and dignity, which doesn't allow too much room for perkiness.

But Ty Lee is a rebel, if you will, who's trying to stand out and be different. So if the rest of the Fire Nation is a bunch of stuffy old HONOR! loving types, she's going to do what she can to deviate from that.

There is, of course, the circus Ty Lee worked at. They seemed pretty lighthearted, but then again the animal tamer was an asshole to Appa. However, we did see that Fire Nation performer in season one. In fact, everybody at that Fire Festival seemed like they were having fun not being dignified.

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Can we get some Avatar reaction pictures in here?

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she is delicious.

File: 128036585146.jpg-(35.61KB, 790x700, brittany.jpg)


File: 12803889638.jpg-(53.01KB, 720x480, Jin.jpg)

hide File: 123456467780.jpg-(165.79KB, 800x783, Avatar___Ember_Island_Players_by_Dailan.jpg)
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... could we have a Fire Nation Royal Family thread, plz? With more focus on the adults rather than Azula and Zuko?

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This made me d'aww. If I was ever going to feel sympathy for Ozai, this piece of fanart would do the trick. At first I thought they were in prison together, but reading the filename, I headed on over to DA and clicked the link to the fanfic. I don't recommend anyone else do this, though. It's short, but it's terribly OOC and somewhat confusing.

File: 12689352089.jpg-(98.61KB, 700x697, 7ad8a8103ef65ec7f4cb1c7c4a8ce943.jpg)

Here's a question for all of you: Would the fact that Ursa is Avatar Roku's great granddaughter have any impact on her marriage to Ozai? Would it cause a stir, since she's the relative of the Fire Nation's enemy, or would it be seen as a way to win over the descendants of the Avatar?

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In an attempt to revive the board, Gaang Pets topic!
-Give us some fan art
-Something I've never understood. How smart are Momo and Appa?
-MoAppa. I think it's pretty weird, but it's a free country.
-Hawky. Why did he never come back? :,(

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File: 128030727223.png-(142.54KB, 700x525, ATLA__Fire_Prince_+_Turtleduck_by_kirui.png)

File: 128030733836.jpg-(114.39KB, 800x1053, Turtleducks_are_cute__by_lady-voldything.jpg)

File: 128036472564.gif-(30.30KB, 826x426, BUTTFUCK.gif)


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Is it possible to be gay for a thread? Because I think I'm gay for this thread.

I hope that in the new series Korra has a similar personality to Kamina. Just make her the female version.

And Meelo or Mello or whatever he's called is Korra's Simon.

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After her daring escape from the fire nation mental asylum, Azula's first words of freedom...

You are thinking of them.

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Ty Lee?

Azula to ty lee. Should have clarified.

Aang: Red
Ty Lee: Pink
Sokka: Black
Katara: Yellow
Toph: Blue
Zuko: Green

hide File: 128020734029.jpg-(590.39KB, 1200x1851, 1280202684997.jpg)
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I wonder if Benders would have a natural fear of Superman.

If they had any idea how powerful he was, I suspect caution on those who did not know how much of a Boy Scout Kent is....

hide File: 125358869646.jpg-(79.46KB, 524x452, katara_n_Sokka__Not_Funny_by_Avatarded99.jpg)
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Let's have a Water Tribe siblings thread.

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File: 126705875454.jpg-(112.31KB, 709x550, Lullaby_of_the_south_pole_by_Maki_moun.jpg)

File: 12671843769.png-(396.85KB, 720x480, ep7-1168.png)
That is so adorable, "d'awww" doesn't even cover it.

One more bump. I had pics to post, but I lost them.

Among all the other disappointing/rage-inducing things about the movie was the ruination of Katara and Sokka's relationship. Sibling shenanigans are replaced by weepy, wimpy Whitara and a wooden Old Man Rathbone. Feels bad, man.

hide File: 124436008638.jpg-(315.75KB, 1600x1200, preboomerang.jpg)
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For the last couple of weeks at work, I've been thinking about making something Avatar related out of metal, but I couldn't think of what. Than today, I finally figured it out.

Sokka's boomerang!

It was one of those "why the hell didn't I think of that before" moments. The idea hit me when I was looking through my scrap metal and came across this (pictured) 1/4 inch sheet of steel. This would be perfect. Depending on the size, I may even be able to get a few out of it. Though I've never made anything quite like this before, so this is all experimentation on my part

I do need a small amount of help though. The most advanced graphics program on my computer is MS paint, so I need someone to get a picture of Sokka's boomerang, convert it to an outline (the holes included) so I can print it out and use it as a template.

I just got a plasma cutter last week, so I plan on using the paper template to cut out a plywood mock-up that I can then clamp down to the steel and trace around with the plasma cutter.

I'll, of course, post the progress of said creation in this thread.

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make a bone club too.

File: 126702609947.jpg-(388.62KB, 576x432, Sokka\'s_War_Club_by_alternatecoppa.jpg)
Not OP and didn't make this, but I think it's relevant to your interest.

Sooo, did this ever get made or not?

Last time I'll bump this thread, unless you guys want to post other fan-made Avatar weapons or discuss them. In a rare moment of usefulness from the Avatar Extras, I learned the name of one of the polearms in "Zuko Alone" (the one that looks like a naginata) is called a bisento.

hide File: 12802097366.jpg-(35.02KB, 429x605, Mandolin Samurai.jpg)
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Hey, /a/. Was browsing /co/, and I came upon this pic. Got me wondering- who were the other awesome-looking bit characters from the series (I know there's a widescreen pic of more of them)? Were they given names, bios, anything? 'Cos I want to write a fanfic series, kinda like Star Wars' Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, that kind of thing, about them, and so any pics/episode names would be helpful.

File: 128021032551.png-(1.12MB, 1601x480, ep9pan4.png)
I always was really interested in the various background characters we see in "The Waterbending Scroll." Like this one-armed guy with a missing eye. I wonder what his story is.

Come to think of it, the mix of backgrounds here (and the non-standard colors they're wearing) makes me think this sort of bustling variety needs to be present around the docks of Republic City.

File: 128021042363.png-(506.90KB, 921x481, ep9pan5.png)
Or this blind dude wandering around with a sword.

Anyway, there are a few more on this thread: >>59834

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