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hide File: 127925040232.jpg-(32.61KB, 300x353, Avatar_Sokka_and_Suki_by_rinoaneko.jpg)
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Bitches Love Sokka thread GO.

pic related. one of sokka's many bitches.

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File: 127925085880.jpg-(466.48KB, 1125x1500, Wang Fire.jpg)

>bitches for Wang Fire?

Well as awesome as it is (because,... well Wang Fire) I do not see how this is relevant to a thread about Sokka.
That is quite clearly Wang Fire after all.

hide File: 127934345953.jpg-(0.96MB, 2292x864, firelordportraits.jpg)
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Some of the symbolism on these paintings is obvious (the Comet on Sozin's, the gears of industry for Ozai), but what do you think about the others? What's the turtle-like thing under Azulon? And what's the moon-and-sun symbol for the Fire Lord before Sozin? Would that be an eclipse, the "darkest day in Fire Nation history"?

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I like this views.

I realize the solar eclipse is literally the darkest day in Fire Nation history, but why would it cause such tragedy? It only lasts for a few minutes...

Well, a ragtag team was able to tear ass into the firenation capital at the height of it's military power, so if a stronger enemy had made a similar attack before they were ever heavily militarized then it's possible the whole nation could have been occupied, even if just for a while. Once the civilian population had mostly been captured, freeing them would have been an ordeal once the bending had turned back on.

hide File: 125782768427.jpg-(100.19KB, 930x478, Avatar__crazy_foamy_guy_by_rufftoon.jpg)
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So we know that some of the people who make Avatar fan-stuff aren't just random doodlers, but people actually working on the show itself, whether as storyboarders, animators and the like. Anyone have links to their devart accounts or homepages? Muggins here is in the mood for some good art, and is too lazy to slog through 9001 pages of crud for the good stuff, sorry.

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So maybe one day we'll add Yamino's name to this list?

File: 127491984826.jpg-(17.23KB, 280x390, dossantos1.jpg)
>Dos Santos
Shite, man. He's awesome.

Well, I just added every one of these people to my watch. Any others out there?

hide File: 125544201746.jpg-(97.89KB, 566x613, Azula.jpg)
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Right before autosage, the last thread had a bombshell dropped in that working television voice actors and writers were actively participating in this fan project.

A bunch of successful 20-or-30-somethings are helping to make a young teen's dream come true.

I think the creator must have a terminal disease or something.

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Bad crossover fanfic = Skiffy
Really bad crossover fanfic = Skiffier
ICP DoD = Skiffiest

skeh-FEE. adverb. English origin. Usage: "Wow, that Twilight/Transformers fic was the Skiffiest."

You know, if this whole shakeup effects your main villain, I think Sharkman has already suggested the perfect fix.

I'd also like to say that, despite this setting you all back, and I'm sure it was a tough thing to do. It really does seem better for your project in the long run.

I don't know the guy personally, but just judging by his responses on this board and his apparent attempts to start some kind of "War" between the two projects I can't imagine he was a joy to work with.

...and I'm still trying to find what connection the name Jillian has to ICP. My Google-fu has failed so far, but there has to be one, why else would he have been so adamant about not changing it.

The fucker's responded with denial. See the original "Change of direction" thread.

Also, it was probably him who used the DoD account to fave some second-rate right-wing political cartoons. So yeah, fuck this guy.

hide File: 127925687891.png-(180.17KB, 654x764, davehatesavatar.png)
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What should I do?

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I never had a problem with the streaming versions for these. I'd give at least a couple episodes a shot.

Watch them all now. That's what I've been doing.


They stream fine but they display remarkably dark for some reason.

Of course, that could just be my tv. And desktop. And laptop.

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  So, who's going to Comic Con? There's no Avatar panel, but Mike & Bryan are doing a signing, at least.

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File: 12791785971.jpg-(21.85KB, 355x270, fred_phelps.jpg)
See you at Comic Con!

Is this guy picketing cons too??

Yeah, their church made an announcement that they were going to protest at Comic-Con because of "idol worship". But they're only going to be protesting for 45 minutes (no joke), so I don't know what they feel like they're going to accomplish.

hide File: 127912915561.png-(163.22KB, 640x449, 122229154759.png)
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Thought I'd dump the Moezula pictures I have since I bet there are a fair number of people here who weren't around for it.

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File: 127912952485.jpg-(56.68KB, 777x500, moezula.jpg)

File: 127912953768.jpg-(309.38KB, 894x768, tinytophice.jpg)

File: 127915236281.jpg-(27.02KB, 305x334, ecstatic_laptop.jpg)

hide File: 12782996614.jpg-(124.52KB, 500x364, 12451247227.jpg)
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Hey, I was mentioning ATLA to my dad and he said he might want to check a bit of it out. I was wondering if there are some sites out there where one can easily watch the episodes online. He's not particularly internet-savvy so I'd like to find something easy to navigate.

Barring that, does anyone have some Youtube videos showing off some clips of the show with really nice animation? My dad works as an artist and I think he'd be interested in it from that perspective.

Moezula unrelated but cute.

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if you have a netflix account, you can watch them all streaming online for free

they even save your place

Sign up for 30 day free trial.
Before trial ends, cancel trial account.
No Charges

hide File: 126929772483.jpg-(54.39KB, 500x733, LastAirbender_Bk1LE.jpg)
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Dammit, and I already have the full series.

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I haven't noticed this at all. Maybe it's just your discs are bad or something.

That's kinda what I was thinking. I got it from Walmart, so maybe the mormons cursed it because of all the eastern spiritually in it (mormons do that, right).

Maybe I'll just take it back and exchange it.

silly mormons, i wish they all returned to their planet kolob and never came back

hide File: 12788223327.jpg-(21.62KB, 413x483, 1278822269018.jpg)
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Hakoda and Ursa are newly weds at the start of their marriage. The only problem is, their kids are coming along for the ride! Can Hakoda's children put up with Ursa's kids? How will they handle when they get a new room mate in the form of The Toph? Find out Wednesdays at 8 O'candle only on the White Lotus Network!

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Ok, if someone were to do a very special episode where one of the girls pulls a Jessie Spano, should it be

A) Azula
B) Katara
C) Zuko?


Azula. Because it's totally something she would do thanks to her pathological need to be perfect and Ozai's influence. Katara might come close, but she'd allow her friends to smack some sense into her before she tripped over the point of no return.

(Hey, no Sokka option? He and his cactus juice are a Very Special Episode waiting to happen!)

Ty Lee.

hide File: 127890845664.jpg-(31.12KB, 563x422, 0709102016.jpg)
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I was not thinking about ownership I was thinking if I was seeing what you looked like which is always strange for me on forums

You wish he did, don't you?
You'd just LOOVE to do that reflection in a heartbeat.


truth be told the face could be a deal breaker for that one and I can not clearly see the body enough than get the vague thought of white and female or effeminate guy

hide File: 127846853887.gif-(21.66KB, 1131x602, ScreenHunter_0001 Jul. 06 19.04.gif)
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Oh, hey guys

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I believe he means I miss spelled it

Oh thank god he's coming back. I missed him.

You also misspelled, "misspelled."

But I'm not one to nitpick.

hide File: 126300865225.jpg-(146.04KB, 900x1200, ArtOfAvatarLastAirbender.jpg)
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From AlisaChristopher on dA:
> Avatar Artbook - May 26th
>No, not the one with all those blue smurf-kitties, the one with Aang and the Gaang, out May 26th.

I think this is something I'll have to buy. :D

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As an Azula fanboy i was kinda pissed about that as well, still great book

Those eyes are mass murd'r eyes if I ever seen them.

Were you under a rock back in December?

hide File: 127866317713.jpg-(158.69KB, 542x430, Untitled-1.jpg)
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Over at /co/ we've had an amazing idea for a new character for Legend of Korra, but we need to know if any creative types are interested enough to make fanart.
She's called Detonation Girl. She's the descendant of Azula and someone who may or may not be Combustion Man. Her real name is Soza and she can make things and people explode if she makes physical contact with them. She wears plate armor to protect herself from her own power but is covered with Yakuza-like tattoos and is more muscular than any of the other girls from Avatar. Here is an artist's conception.

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Well if it's not Combustion man, then why infer it's him at all? If there's a chance that it is, he's still a pedophile.

But she makes more sense as Combustion Man's descendant then as Azula's!

Bending isn't genetic and Combustion Man LEARNED his ability, he wasn't born with it.

Why is he being mentioned at aloh wait you're all 12 aren't you.

hide File: 127848325284.jpg-(381.01KB, 1119x1701, candle light.jpg)
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Don't know if I support.

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>all excessive fans are insane.

Yeah but the Avatar fanbase has Zutarians, JCA fanbase wins.

Aww, I'm really hard on myself sometimes.

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