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Hey all!

There've been a few A:TLA kink memes over at LJ but they're all pretty dead now. How about starting one up here?

The basic idea, if you're not familiar, is to request and an fulfill smutty prompts put forth by other anons. For example, one might post "Combustion Man/Ursa, spanking!" or something more detailed, like "Kataang, ten years from now. Katara has been visiting Sokka and Suki for the past month and Aang decides to welcome her back as enthusiastically as he can. Outdoor sex, and make it romantic." You fulfill prompts that interest you and hopefully someone fulfills yours!

How about it? Let's get things about a Dangerous Ladies threesome?

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Oh, we totally do.
...We're just all too lazy.

Inspired by a couple of posts in the older!Toph thread: Toph's tall, powerful build and earthbending prowess remind Suki of Avatar Kiyoshi, which turns her on, and she insists on completing the image with some makeup. My assumption is that they're already in a relationship (Sukkoph optional), but if you can make it work otherwise then go for it.

I suppose this fits here. Apparently there's an LJ comm with a few Maitara fics I hadn't read before. You all might find it interesting.

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You are now imagining how awesome Azula would be in the sack.

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oh god moar

File: 126895952246.jpg-(105.22KB, 900x1350, Toph.jpg)

File: 127862860224.jpg-(49.25KB, 334x447, toph.jpg)

hide File: 127839414796.jpg-(9.46KB, 368x208, Last.air.stro.avi.001.part_snapshot_00.48_[2010.07.jpg)
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So, we finally have the first cam of this bad movie (pic related, it's a screenshot from it). I thought I'd link you all because I know some of you want to see what this movie's like without supporting it financially. Consider finding this my penance for paying to see this legitimately.

Please note: all cams are poor quality, and this one is particularly poor. In around the last 20 minutes, the camera shifts to the right (probably because a person was blocking part of the view), and this means we can't get the full impact of Iroh's DRAMATIC EYE ZOOM among other things. However, it should serve for the time being. As soon as I discover a better cam, I'll link it here for you.

IMPORTANT: This is split into two files here. You will need to use a program like HJ-Split ( to join them together. The program's GUI should be pretty straightforward. Alternatively, I know that if you have a media player like Media Player Classic or VLC, you can manually open up each of the files and watch that half of the movie.

I'm currently working on uploading a joined file to Megaupload, because (a) it'll be easier on you all to not have to deal with joining files, and (b) because hotfile is considered a "referral site" on 4chan and when I tried to share the links on /co/ it gave me a one-day ban. :P When this new upload is done (in about 3 hours) I will post it in this thread.

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>opening narration

Fuck this is gonna be painful.

Okay, guys, I uploaded The Last Airbender to my Livestream account. I think I'm going to show it tonight around 8:00 PM Eastern Time. If anyone is interested in making fun of the movie with me, then they should come to If afterwards you need your palette cleansed with something actually good, I have "The Gamers" and "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" ready afterwards.

If you go there before 8:00, you'll just see some of my favorite AMVs from YouTube.

I relish the opportunity to mock this movie...since I couldn't do so in a crowded theater the first time.

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Okay, so IGN just did a list of the top ten Avatar episodes, here they are.

10. Avatar Aang
9. The Blue Spirit
8. Bitter Work
7. The Firebending Masters
6. The Crossroads of Destiny
5. Tales of Ba Sing Se
4. The Avatar and the FireLord
3. Zuko Alone
2. The Siege of the North: Part 2
1. The Storm

I thought this was a decent list, it seemed to have the pieces but in the wrong order. At one point, they said the series finale wrapped up all the loose ends, which makes me wonder if they actually saw it, and I don't know what Zuko Alone is doing this high, but I've seen worse lists.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>No blind bandit
>No warriors of Kyoshi

Fuck this shit

File: 127854729593.png-(17.46KB, 379x214, imokwiththis.png)
>my face when I check /a/ 5 days later and my tier list has inspired:

> rage, sadness, and confusion

>Shit tier
>Appa's Lost Days

NO. Appa's Lost Days is on my personal tops list. In conjunction with that, The Desert.

hide File: 127846084411.jpg-(163.54KB, 339x500, pecos-bill.jpg)
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Pecos Bill was here.

Aang is small time.

I was wondering about him, actually.
Does he happen to be the best?

File: 127848112822.jpg-(28.44KB, 500x375, Ash.jpg)
No, that would be me.

Well you see, once a band of rustlers stole a herd of cattle
But they didn't know the herd they stole was Bill's
And when he caught them crooked villains
Pecos knocked out all their fillings
That's the reason why there's gold them thar hills

hide File: 127803610812.png-(19.88KB, 600x463, graph.png)
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In this review I assume that you are familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender and that you don't mind being spoiled on an adaptation of that same work.

Aasif Mandvi's Zhao gets the movie's best lines and he generally does an admirable job with the material he's been given. Zuko is played by Dev Patel, and it's interesting to see how he manages a generally presentable performance when faced with direction cues that began and ended with "Use your outdoor voice." Shaun Toub convinced me that in a movie where Iroh is written as Iroh, he would have been an acceptable choice.

This is the extent of my praise for the film.

The only clear theme that presents itself in this film is that women are useless. The Last Airbender both starts and ends with this premise. The film opens with Katara drenching Sokka with water as she experiments with waterbending. This is also the start to the series, but where the two differ is that Movie Katara only once demonstrates any greater amount of proficiency. It's Sokka, not Katara, who begins the process of thawing out Aang, and in fact Katara's entire character arc was removed from the film. Rather than slowly mastering waterbending, she starts the series with no ability, jeopardizes her brother and Aang in the end of the first act, practices with Pakku without having to prove herself, loses to Zuko in less than a minute, and then later encases Zuko in ice when his back is turned and he's in the middle of a fight with Aang.

Yue is introduced in narration. While Yue and Sokka exchange weird stares, Katara tells us in voiceover that they quickly became friends. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your romance plot. When it comes time for Yue to sacrifice herself to bring back the moon spirit, she is not the one to make this decision. Instead, Iroh says "You can give your life back to the moon spirit." Instead of being the tragic sacrifice a leader makes for her people, Yue is demoted to sacrificial virgin as Iroh tells her "Kill yourself or we all die." In short, no woman in this movie makes a decision that is in any way consequential to the plot.

Suki, asskicker and important fig
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Here's a Twitter play-by-play of the movie.

It all makes sense under evolutionary light, why most societies are OK with exposition of violence but are so restrictive of exposition of sex. Since most people are uneducated in evolution, it makes sense for us not to understand why societies condone or persecute certain behaviors.

Accidentally posted my review in the wrong thread.

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Favorite moments, big and small, from the show: GO.

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I realized, the last night, that Iroh's line "today destiny is our friend, I know it" in the finale makes the hair on my neck stand on end. Every. Single. Time.

I love the scene where Aang goes into the Avatar state for the first time:
Sinking into the water, Katara's voice going "Aang, Aaaaaang, AANG!!" and bam, the music kicks in, he glows it up and shoots towards the surface.

Every single avatar state scene. Ever.

hide File: 127812776180.png-(345.27KB, 720x480, ep60-564.png)
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Why didn't Ozai use the Comet to wipe out the Northern Water Tribe once and for all, instead of burning the Earth Kingdom that was already conquered?

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> The EK was


The last trouble they got was a botched invasion...With Water Tribe ships.


During the finale, the generals were talking about constant rebellions and additional skirmishes.

The Earth Kingdom was basically like France in WWII. On paper and to an extent, they'd been conquered and were already occupied, but that doesn't mean they still weren't fighting like hell and giving the Fire Nation an actual serious problem.

On top of that, sure water puts out fire...but Fire can turn water to steam and evaporate it. Whereas Fire turns rock into "Really hot rock".

On top of that, the path of the comet is not going to be the ENTIRE world. Chances are even if it did affect him over at the NWT, he'd have had little to no time to use it.

hide File: 127827296735.jpg-(34.47KB, 640x480, waitaminute.jpg)
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Just thought I'd leave this here.

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I love you so much.

Yeah, but OP was going for character design-wise, I think.

Man, now I'm just picturing Azula accidentally panty-flashing Zuko. And Zuko pulling down his boxers to do the same to her.

Feels bad man.

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I know a few folks here joied ATLAland for fun a few months ago. The old mod pretty much handed over the reigns to some fresh folk. If you were apart of ATLAland, please come back! If you haven't before, join! There is dire need for Air Nomads and Earth Kingdom folks. And DESPERATE need for LULZ.

This looks cool. I'd join, even though I really only keep active on communities rather than my own journal.

Any quick intro to what this is for new folks?

*Uses copypasta* "ATLA Land is an interactive online community with challenges and friendly competitions. There are four teams for each of the four nations: Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and Air Nomads. Each season we will have special challenges for the Spring Equinox (Earth), Summer Solstice (Fire), Autumnal Equinox (Air) and the Winter Solstice (Water), among other special themes. Each team will compete for points in order to try and stay ahead of the other teams.

Points are earned when you complete challenges. Some challenges will be larger than others--such as fanfiction challenges with prompts or fanart/graphics challenges. These, obviously, will be worth more points than smaller challenges.

Speaking of smaller challenges, not everything is going to be as time-consuming as fanfiction and graphics. Other challenges will be more like games, such as crossword puzzles and trivia. These will be worth less points, but will most likely be more common and frequent than the larger challenges.

Membership is restricted. In order to join you need to fill out an application here after reading the rules, and then wait to be put on a team. Once one of our moderators has placed you in your spot you will be given an invitation to both the main community (this one) and your sub-community for your team. It's up to you to request to join all the challenge communities!"

Though it started and died around Christmas time, they're rebooting the points and rearranging teams. I used to be in Water Tribe but since there were a billion people on Water Tribe, I switched on over to the Earth Kingdom.

Right now, they're looking for folks who are flexible in what team they want to join, or want to join Air Nomads. Water Tribe and Fire Nation are the most populous teams so far. I think this might be due to the fact they were winning the contests before the game died.

And I'd like to thank Murph for rejoining! :D

hide File: 127769483268.jpg-(157.25KB, 566x480, map.jpg)
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We haven't had one of these threads in a while so I thought it'd be fun:

Where would you want to live?

>Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.

>Earth is the element of substance. The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong. They are persistent and enduring.

>Air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom.

>Water is the element of change. The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together through anything.

I'm completely split on this one and am gonna answer different facets of the question. I'd like to live in the Earth Kingdom. Water Tribes are too primitive and environmentally harsh for me, Air Nomads are dead too ascetic (plus their chicks have weird hair and are segregated away anyway), and for some reason the Fire Nation has never really attracted me. After taking a trip to NYC and its Chinatown, I especially like the idea of a massive city / cultural hub like Ba Sing Se (post-Long Feng of course).

But I wouldn't want to be an Earthbender. I think that Waterbending is probably the most practically useful of the elements in everyday life. But then also my personality seems split between an Airbender's and a Waterbender's.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Earth Kingdom for sure I wouldn't mind being a bender but Earth Kingdom is the best For their strength as people

File: 127821565475.png-(310.97KB, 637x480, Azula.png)
Fire Nation.

Enjoy the feel of our boot on your necks, other nations!

File: 127821771622.jpg-(31.47KB, 640x480, az.jpg)

I'd much more prefer them bare my dear.

hide File: 127813659892.jpg-(71.99KB, 450x600, Jiang qing.jpg)
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Sup guys. Jiang Qing here. Just being the obvious historical inspiration for Azula.

>Jiang Qing served as Mao's personal secretary in the 1940s and was head of the Film Section of the CCP Propaganda Department in the 1950s. In the early 1960s, she made a bid for power during the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976), which resulted in widespread chaos within the communist party. In 1966 she was appointed deputy director of the Central Cultural Revolution Group and claimed real power over Chinese politics for the first time. She became one of the masterminds of the Cultural Revolution, and along with three others, held absolute control over all of the national institutions.

>However, Jiang Qing's political success was limited. When Mao died in 1976, Jiang lost the support and justification for her political activities. She was arrested in October 1976 by Hua Guofeng and his allies, and was subsequently accused of being counter-revolutionary. Since then, Jiang Qing and Lin Biao have been branded by official historical documents in China as the "Lin Biao and Jiang Qing Counter-revolutionary Cliques" (林彪江青反革命集团/林彪江青反革命集團), to which most of the blame for the damage and devastation caused by the Cultural Revolution was assigned. When Jiang Qing, along with the rest of the gang, was finally arrested, many, if not most, Chinese citizens rejoiced. Though initially sentenced to execution, her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 1983, however, and in May 1991 she was released for medical treatment. Before returning to prison, she committed suicide.[1]


hide File: 127800149147.jpg-(38.00KB, 604x483, 1278001059046.jpg)
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>make avatar movie
>create shit storm
>avatar franchise is ruined
>avatar creators depressed and lose their jobs
>Vacation in South Korea, offered a position by a lucrative, snazzy Korean buisnessman
>captured by North Koreans
>forced by Kim Jong to create cartoon propaganda
>USA demands creators back
>Meanwhile, Dev Patel assassinates Obama, and US is overrun by the poor. Everywhere, hell breaks loose. Businessmen take over governments.
>Without the US, EU, etc. Saudi Arabia takes over all of Africa and Middle East, oil price becomes insanely high and making Saudi Arabia immensely powerful, China and other countries at war with them while relying on inefficient, infantile green energy sources.
>Saudi Arabia secretly trades oil with North Korea
>North Korea, the only buyer of oil, becomes insanely powerful, annexing everything
>Creators of Avatar assassinate Kim Jong Il and take over the New World State
>All money poured into techonology, the poor are all killed and population reduced to only few million elite
>Everything is globalized
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Thats better!
Oh frag off!
Lets just say Rotf and chang the suppjekt.

>Lets just say Rotf and chang the suppjekt.
The subject was already changed, you changed it back with your idiocy/trolling.

Just accept that it was terrible, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Like Syamalan's TLA movie.

But TLA is newer, therefore it is worse in that it has not learned the mistakes of those that have gone before it.

hide File: 127803862573.jpg-(179.55KB, 1074x1500, 1273288545022.jpg)
80879 No.80879 quickreply   Reply
There is something that has bothered me for as long as I've been familiar with the show.
Why did the Fire Nation eradicate the Air Nomads in order to ensure the death of the Avatar? If Aang had been killed as a baby, he would have been reborn in the next nation in the cycle. Would they then have wiped out the Water Tribes? Would they have continued to do this until the Avatar was born Fire Nation? Or am I missing something?

expand 13 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>Well, Word of God did say post-series that Aang really will be the last airbender; none of his children/descendants will inherit the art.

Source? I remember them clarifying that Aang was the Last Airbender but it sounded like in the context of there being no other Airbender survivors. The Q&A at the back of the Sozin's Comet novelization mentioned that any kids Katara and Aang would have would either be Airbenders, Waterbenders, or non-benders, so it sounded like the possibility was still open.


I checked, but I couldn't find the interview I thought I was thinking of, so you're probably right. Still, I'm not sure that the Avatar cycle would be as vital in a theoretical future with a decreased bender population. Nature would probably pop out some other creatures to replace the dragons and the sky bison, and let the animals keep the balance themselves; it's what they were doing before, anyway.

Word of God:

Doing it wrong

Doing it right

People really need to start paying attentiont to the stuff M&B expand upon on interviews/complementary material.

hide File: 127796078813.jpg-(239.54KB, 550x741, d72d557eddb6781309f85ab831ca1937.jpg)
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Speaking of movies: Do you think the Avatar would work as compilation movies, one for each season? Basically, like the compilation movies for Gurren Lagann, original Gundam, Gunbuster, and animation, with maybe about 15-20 minutes of new footage.

I think you'd be better off just reanimating them all.

I've kinda been wondering if someone could pull off a fan-edit compilation.

Funny i was just saying the same thing on /co/. Cut it all into one movie , get rid of the filler, add some new scenes , all with god tier fuck awesome animation. It would have been glorious.

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