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The more I start to think about it, the more I'm starting to get disappointed with the entire Sozin's Comet conclusion to the series.

The first problem that I have, is with the many things that just suddenly and conveniently come into the ending. The White Lotus society, the unlocking of Aang's avatar state, the Lion-turtle, energy bending, Azula's insanity.
Granted, the White Lotus society has been hinted at throughout the series, but we really know nothing about them other than the fact that they are a secret society made up, conveniently, of many different bending masters that Aang met on his journey. There should have been an episode or something that looked into the White Lotus society and what they do rather than summarizing this into a few lines said by the characters.
Also, Azula's insanity becomes quite apparent since boiling rock, but she becomes out-of-control insane by the end. In the span of a few episodes, she loses her mind. It seems like too convenient a character shift just for the final episode. Maybe if Azula's hidden guilt and regret and mercy had been hinted at in some of the other episodes earlier on, the transition could have been better and more believable.
I'm not even sure if I have to talk about the lion-turtle. I mean, what? It just came out of nowhere to offer Aang guidance. Seems odd. I actually didn't really mind it because it was never an important part of the story and being suddenly introduced as a minor character I find to be okay.
Until the turtle taught Aang energy bending. What the hell. It made some sense, but it was completely out of nowhere. Just a convenient little thing to make sure that Aang didn't have to kill anyone.
And Aang going into the Avatar state because some rock happened to hit the right spot... was not very convincing. If it had been as simple as smacking a rock on the right spot, I think that Katara could have found that out with her healing.

The action scenes are also quite meh. The only decent one was the Last Agni Kai. The retaking of Ba Sing Se was kinda bad. The only things defending were fire nation tanks, and they weren't even a challenge to the bending masters.
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What about the fact that the writers robbed Zuko of his development-capping victory against Azula just to give Katara something to do?

That honestly bothered me more than anything.

Defeating Azula was never the point of Zuko's character.

You could say that teaming up with Katara worked more for his development. In S1 you can see how much he values his own opinion over others' and will do anything to go it alone. He probably couldn't have taken Azula by himself, even accounting for her instability.

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The old Tyzula thread is autosaging, so I figured that I should start a new one.

This picture is actually quite good. It's not perfect, but it's not bad either.

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File: 128415064362.png-(162.79KB, 480x640, 1283825571812.png)

File: 128484799532.jpg-(457.31KB, 1254x3627, 1283825522041.jpg)

File: 128484805810.jpg-(373.49KB, 1254x3627, 1283825590985.jpg)

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Older Toph thread.

Older Toph, alone or with others.

"Older" not necessarily meaning "in her late 20ies".

She was 12 I think... 15 or so is good too...

I'll start with a pic by MorganaGod:

Also as wallpaper:

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Oh god, not this ship again... funny though.


I like to think that they're faking the whole thing just to troll Zuko and Mai is unwittingly helping them out.

Now if someone could just do rule 34 on this.

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I was looking through the board when a picture caught my eye. It's in one of the threads.
The one of Azula and Katara hugging. sympathy_for_the_devil_by_azulera-d2ywrbz.jpg
"Sympathy for the Devil."
That reminded me of something long ago that I wish to share with you.

Once, I was browsing through g.e-hentai for some stuff to fap to.
To a man with a ferocious sexual appetite, his hand is his best friend.
I was looking through the site, randomly browsing through the stuff up on the site,
and then I thought "Hey! Why not search up AtLA?"
One search later, many links come up, each one very hot, very nice AtLA hentai.

But there are three links that catch my eye.
"Sympathy for the Devil"
"One Night in the Temple"
and "Follow your Heart"
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

First of all, that stuff you wrote about wanting to fap was a bit TMI.

Second, I just read that "Follow Your Heart" comic and am wishing I didn't. I should have stopped after the first few pages. It's complete crap. I know Azula and Katara getting together is going to be crack and OOC, but that was TERRIBLE. It was just as pathetic as some of the worst Zootara fics/comics, only with Azula instead of Zuko. After that, I don't think I'll be reading the others.

Bad thread, or at least bad opener. Sorry man.

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Looks like the last Kataang thread ( >>48642 ) is past its bumplimit, so here's a new thread!

(and check out the last thread, there's a fun Kataang comic!)

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File: 128479290218.jpg-(853.71KB, 900x4397, kataang___aang_returns_by_crusanite-d2yo5w8.jpg)

File: 12847929372.png-(357.84KB, 900x411, kataang___hug_by_crusanite-d2yliof.png)

Not even graph paper can stop the adorableness of older Kataang! By the way, what's up with deviantart attaching random letters and numbers after the artist's name now?

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What. What is this.
Maiko thread is autosaging and there's no new thread? For shame.

Last thread at >>30269

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File: 128406150341.jpg-(34.83KB, 602x401, zuko&mai245.jpg)

File: 128406153785.jpg-(356.24KB, 1000x782, zuko&mai248.jpg)

File: 128476961992.png-(62.30KB, 480x640, 128471165624-1296.png)

hide File: 128452088884.jpg-(111.43KB, 900x630, Speedsketch___Zuko_and_Sokka_by_AnimantX.jpg)
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I noticed something, as I was trying to get some work done on a story I'm writing, there are a lot of gaps in the time line. Its assumed that most of it was spent traveling, but what about in Book Three? After the "Day of the Black Sun" they spent most of there time in one place, so how much time is in between the episodes? If anyone can help with this it would be very much appreciated. I just need to know how much time passes between the eclipse until the end of the show. Thank you for any help you can provide.

>I just need to know how much time passes between the eclipse until the end of the show.
If you take all of the below posted information into consideration, there could be as much as a four month period of time that passes between the eclipse and the reunion scene at the Jasmine Dragon.

I have a working detailed timeline but I make a lot of unsubstantiated assumptions about how they keep time in the show. I assume there are twenty four hours in a day, seven days in a week, four weeks in a month, and three months in a season. I also assume that each book spans roughly one season with weeks worth of time passing between Books 1 and 2, and Books 2 and 3.

TL;DR ahead...

There's exactly two months between the season 2 finale and the eclipse.
>"General Fong's base will serve as the launching point of the attack. (a closer view reveals colored stone markers representing military units) In exactly two months, the Army and Navy will invade the Fire Nation on The Day of Black Sun."
- General How, taken from ASN's transcript of The Guru

And there there's this:
And then there's this:
>"Listen carefully. (Scene cuts to a close up of Fire Lord Ozai. His body is black against a wall of flames.) Sozin's comet will return by the end of the summer."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Thank you very much. You are a huge help. Though I don't think the coronation would have taken place the next day. For one it would take time to get the ceremony planned and put together, and two, It would also take time to get all of the groups from the other nations together as well as tracking down and releasing all of the POWs. Other than that, your time line seems flawless. Thank you so much.


Glad I could help. :)

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Not trying to viral market what is in the image, but I was wondering if the folks here go to any other Avatar imageboards, forums, or communities? I usually just go to, KorraForums, and Civilchan's /a/.

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Wait a minute... THERE'S NO AIR IN SPACE!

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File: 128443520834.jpg-(11.71KB, 450x300, elvira1.jpg)
He's a giant turtle for sure, but he's hardly lion. He's far too honest for that.

....My God....


(sings Gamorrah song)

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because he Rocks harder then you

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I'm guessing you took Saturday Morning Watchmen to heart, too.

I understand what you're saying, but that's not the game we're playing.

>I'm guessing you took Saturday Morning Watchmen to heart, too.
Well, so did I, in that I memorized the lyrics and can recite them at a moment's notice. But that's probably true of most people on this site.

Guess I should've said "Saturday Morning Watchmen's intent".

But yeah, strong together, united forever, they're the best of friends.

hide File: 128315820867.jpg-(204.22KB, 682x870, ZUKO_SO_HAPPY_by_spacecoyote.jpg)
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Say, I have this plot bunny in my head, and I need your help raising it. See, I got to wondering "What if Zuko found Aang first?", and the developments there on. Was it ever mentioned what the Fire Nation was going to do with Aang after Zuko found him? How would Aang react to being held by his people's murderers? And without Aang to drive off the FN, how would the Northern and SOuthern Water Tribes fare?

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If Foo Foo Cuddly Poops isn't his animal companion, I'll be very upset.


And then out of nowhere: Sokka on a motherflippin' moose-lion.

Actually, no, I sort of want to hang on to this one and write it myself.

Basically, though, the one change made that makes the story possible is that Aang didn't freeze himself during the storm, but rather used the Avatar state to disperse it. And then stuff happens from there.

Of course.

hide File: 128343326277.png-(551.64KB, 720x480, ep41-1228[1].png)
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I really don't mean to start a religious flamewar, but something on the avatar wikia just caught my attention:

>There are various Judeo-Christian references throughout the episode. Avatar Roku and Princess Yue appear in celestial beams of light shining through the clouds, reminiscent of angels. Avatar Roku physically resembles traditional depictions of the Abrahamic God while Princess Yue is physically very similar to the Virgin Mary. Aang is comparable with Christ in this, as it is his destiny to save the world but he is given comfort in the troubled times and affirms his resolve to see his destiny through. Zuko is similar to Judas Iscariot, given his moral confusion and his betrayal of Aang. Ozai and Azula meanwhile, represent satanic figures in that they tempt Zuko to the path of evil and both frequently appear wreathed in flame.

I can agree with some of these points, but it seems like whoever wrote this was looking too hard for references. How can Roku and Yue resemble both angels and God/Mary (and how the hell is Yue supposed to look like her?)? Ozai is never tempting Zuko, if anything the point of revealing his face was meant to show he is just a man. Azula isn't surrounded by flames, and when that actually happens in the finale she's anything but satanic.

However, do you think some of those similarities were actually intentional on the writers' part?

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No, the show is actually suprisingly deep and mature all on its own.

Ok, who just opened this thread on 4chan!?

File: 128390583181.png-(38.88KB, 352x288, fffuuu.png)

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  Yay. Want Airbender soundtracks to get me off of this stupid jpop.

>Aang singing with Momo in the corner.
No brain, think of something else.
>Appa singing with Momo in the corner.


hide File: 127664548263.jpg-(171.50KB, 500x500, moar.jpg)
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Previous Thread: >>76098
Wiki (now hosted on Wikia):
Story Archive:
Thread Archive:
deviantART Group:
IRC: #plus4chan on

Over the past few months we've had some new faces join, and some old faces return. So I just wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone and say what things are like here.

Above all else, these characters are "original characters please steal." None of us owns them, and the fun comes from different people taking them and going wild. As Dr. Professor said a while back ( ), "they're just our action figures." So if you're interested in coming up with something, you don't need to ask for permission or anything -- just go right ahead, be bold! :)

In many ways, these threads themselves, the time we spend here having fun and making things for each other, is the real meat of GJr. So if Gaang Jr is interesting to you, please post here, and ask or comment on anything you like no matter how small it seems (or talk to us on IRC!). While the wiki is useful for compiling information, it's not where our attention is focused, and you'll miss out on a lot if you don't hang out with us. :)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 128371796080.jpg-(11.07KB, 800x138, action 001.jpg)
Yi Lin jumps back and swings out her staff, creating a swirling blizzard of papers fluttering around the room. In the commotion, Yue dives through the guard's legs and flees the office, heart pounding in her chest. Thinking fast, Yue runs down the stairs to the main level, grabbing a huge jar of powdered pangolin-otter scales she remembered seeing earlier in the day. She scrambles back into the office to see Yi Lin just barely keeping herself out of reach of the guard's massive arms. Any surprise the guard was feeling at fighting an Airbender was more than offset by his ability to keep himself so firmly rooted to the floor that Yi Lin could not affect him, especially in these close quarters.

Yue quickly climbs on top of the desk and drops the jar on the guard's head, and pieces of ceramic and powder covers their foe. He flinches from the surprise attack, stumbling, hacking, and coughing. Yue tumbles off the desk just before a summoned gust of wind sends the heavy wood flying into the guard's chest, and consequently sending both flying against a wall.

Panting heavily and coming to terms with the seriousness of what they are doing, Yi Lin and Yue grab some nearby rope and, struggling to remember their knots and wishing Tseng were there, they tie up the unconscious guard and with great difficulty push him underneath the desk, then take his keyring and lock him in the office.

The girls quickly make their way downstairs to the animal room, a long hallway lined with caged animals. Taking opposite ends of the hall, Yue uses the keyring and starts frantically opening cages left and right, while Yi Lin breaks the locks with an Airbending slice, or cupping the locks and blowing into the keyhole with Airbending to make the metal devices explode into useless fragments in her hands.

Yue finally gets to the pangolin-otter's cage, the last one, but the lock won't open. She is about to call for Yi Lin to help when a sudden bellowing shout echoes nearby: the guard had finally escaped his bonds, and upstairs the locked door smashes open. As he appears at the bottom of the stairs, they can tell that while he is shaken and lightheaded, h
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 128379346743.png-(72.29KB, 246x259, oh_my.png)

>my face when I read

"she runs her fingers across the hard scales, dimly noting how the further back she felt, the more she noticed their irregular shape, how many of them suddenly ended with rough, straight-cut lines, and finally how some scales seemed to be completely missing, exposing skin that made the creature wince when Yue brushed against it, and when she draws her hand back there is blood on her fingertips.

"A horrific realization dawning upon her, Yue spies a pair of large, sharp, iron pliers leaning against a nearby wall, and watches the pangolin-otter watching her as she slowly reaches out to them, and as her fingers touch the metal, the beast tenses and pushes itself against the back of the cage."

D: D: D: This reminds me so much of Appa's Lost Days. A fine example to follow, seeing as that episode was a Genesis Award winner. Poor Po!

Yue/Yi Lin team-up stories always seem to be the most zany capers, too. This story is no exception. Their personalities feed off each other in many ways and their partnership allows Yi Lin to showcase her airbending as the main "weapon". She's such an awesome Big Sis to Yue, too.

>Hayoda and Tseng reading Wolfbatman comic scrolls

The circle of life is now truly complete.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

I'm really glad you enjoyed reading it!

>Yue/Yi Lin team-up stories always seem to be the most zany capers, too. This story is no exception. Their personalities feed off each other in many ways and their partnership allows Yi Lin to showcase her airbending as the main "weapon". She's such an awesome Big Sis to Yue, too.
I think what makes their action scenes so interesting is how they both really cleverly think on their feet and have to use their environment to their advantage, since they're typically physically outmatched by their foes. In contrast, if you have Hayoda or Irah (or to an extent, Tseng, as long as he has access to water) fighting, what they do is mostly unchanged based on their surroundings.

In this case, I had nothing previously written from the time they land in the office and when they break Po out. It was just "they've landed in this room, there's a guard in front of them, what can I have them do to get out of this situation?".

If the kids were playing an RPG, I could really see Yue being the kind of character with lots of sneak attacks and actions that cause status effects.

That bit with Yi Lin and the fish was actually something my sister and her friends did on campouts. It seemed like the sort of thing Yi Lin would like. :P

>There's an odd irony about the guard getting blinded by their abused pangolin-otter's ground up scales.
Haha yes, definitely. Between this and Po throwing his captors into a prison of their own making, I wanted some poetic justice.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Christopher Lloyd would be the best Bumi ever. That been said, Avatar live action casting thread.

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File: 128370239842.png-(1.40MB, 1206x645, suazo.png)
Humberto "Chupete" Suazo as Aang.
It'll suck Chilean viewers into the theatres.


I lol'd

Chilean BTW

You chilenos are always total bros.
Awesome player you got for us, too. Suazo fucking rocks.

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