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 New Thread

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Gonna have a little fun here.

An anon requested in >>52881 that I make fapfic based off >>52853

I'm going to make this in short bites starting tonight with the first part and hopefully continuing every night until completion.

Part 1 incoming! Art (tegaki comment) by scrappster

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Get off page 9


Erm, the story was slightly reworked and was posted to AFF long ago, but...thanks for the bump I guess?


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If the Fire Nation is fine with genocide on the Air Nomads, why bother taking the Waterbenders alive? They're lucky it was only Hama who figured out bloodbending and escaped.

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I've always assumed the genocide of the Air Nomads wasn't completely intentional. Many Air Nomads were killed in battle, some probably died as POWs, and the women, children, and elderly people who escaped died of starvation/exposure/other natural causes while on the run. Of course, the Fire Nation knew they were driving an entire culture to extinction, but they didn't particularly care until they realized they'd fucked up and now had to go looking for the Avatar somewhere else.

As for the waterbenders, the Fire Nation couldn't just wipe them all out, because then the Avatar would be reborn again, and they'd have to go wipe out the Earth Kingdom. World domination is no fun if there aren't any people left to dominate.

>I've always assumed the genocide of the Air Nomads wasn't completely intentional.
I think it was. I think Sozin was trying to give a giant "fuck you" to Avatar Roku. Backfired on him when he couldn't find the newest reincarnated Avatar.

>>World domination is no fun if there aren't any people left to dominate.

Zhao's orders probably weren't specific, and he likely wanted to take the Avatar alive because it's all the more glory for him.

hide File: 127778282485.png-(587.16KB, 720x480, ep61-1241.png)
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What if the entire war was a vast conspiracy perpetuated by Fire Lord Sozin, the Air Nomads, and the White Lotus Society to bring the four disparate nations under a new, unified world government, guided by the Avatar and bolstered by a newly-pacified Fire Nation?

And what if it worked?

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How have I never seen this before? This is awesome!

They secretly orchestrated the population transfer of 1/4 of the planet?


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I'm convinced that the artists must have used that angryblackkid.jpg as reference for that Sokka face. I mean, LOOK at it.


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File: 127770090272.jpg-(2.20MB, 2448x1899, There is no War for Ba Sing Se.jpg)

File: 127770420615.jpg-(36.03KB, 426x500, 1277676773155.jpg)


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The Averton High Battle of the Bands is coming up!

Can this new kid defeat last years champions?!

I have no idea what possessed me to make this thread

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File: 127770462882.png-(549.13KB, 900x600, ec37ddac1b0170716a8aa40b247ab488.png)
Yeah, I wish Hina would do more with her High School AU. It looks awesome but she only has a couple of pictures dedicated to it.


i like the high school AU better, too, because the whole music thing is extremely boring what with no one coming to a consensus. at least everyone could do something with a high school AU.

Looks like you've hit puberty, Charlie Brown.

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So, we know that each of the basic bending styles in the show were based off of real martial arts styles:

Air: Baguazhang
Water: Tai Chi
Earth: Hung Gar, and Southern Praying Mantis for Toph
Fire: Norther Shaolin Kung Fu

Each was chosen to represent an element because they matched the natures of the elements.

ITT, we go in reverse, and apply the paradigm of the four elements to different martial arts and/or sports we pick, talking about why each fits, and posting interesting things about them.

Tae Kwon Do: Fire
Friend of mine has been learning this along with my next one for 12 years. It translates somewhat literally into: "way of the fist and foot", and is entirely aggressive. Using Tae Kwon Do in a fight means beating your opponent down as quickly and efficiently as possible with swift, strong strikes. Definitely more offensive than defensive. Nifty video semi-related:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Alright this thing won't let me fucking embed for some reason so I'll just link this:

Mako Vs Bruce Lee fight from The Green Hornet

And Bruce Lee screen test for same

File: 127753248272.png-(357.86KB, 552x532, kravmaga jesus.png)
So, what about /k/'s favorite: KRAV MAGA?!?!

Krav Maga would probable be a fire type. From what I understand (and please bear in mind my knowledge of Krav Maga outside of the internet is one practitioner), it emphasizes an active offensive posture in order to eliminate the threat of armed enemies before they can draw a bead on you.

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what if.... what if the new series is based on the movie and has the characters all redesigned to look like the movie counterparts?

(indian azula might not be so bad)

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I could live with this... except they'd have to change Iroh. And then I would...
>explode in a pillar of rage
You could see me from fucking space, man. I would disrupt telecommunications across a wide area. Farmers in New Zealand would find strange mutant lambs for years to come. South-eastern Australia would become a desolate wasteland for years to come. Thanks to my rage... if they mess with Iroh.

We need to find some way to commemorate this. I propose we declare June 25th to be Where The Fuck Am I? Day. To be celebrated with cactus juice.

File: 127752203488.jpg-(50.91KB, 458x458, 12258606037.jpg)

Aang looks all disproportioned here. His head's all big and the arms are too skinny. Good reaction pic otherwise.

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Anyone else feel that the Fire Nation is going to have a rough time with Zuko as the Fire lord?

To begin with, you have a 15 year old (i think thats how old he's supposed to be) as the ruler who from my impression of the series didn't come across as a particularly strong focused chaarcter, and he probably lacks the training in statemanship he would have recieved if he hadn't been banished.

I doubt he has much if any real support in the Fire nation. He is a prince who was exiled in shame years ago and was probably pretty much despised by the rest of the Fire nation. He got into power through what was essentially a coup with the support of the fire nations strongest enemies, and now he wants to go against 100 years of indoctrinating the country to believe they were superior to the other nations and try and make peace with the Fire nations enemies. I doubt anyone would have any support for him.

The way i see it, The Fire Nation is doomed to a decline after the end of the events of the series. The combination of a weak and upopular ruler, a strong army and navy with no one to fight and a politically powerful, dissatisfied and ambitious noble class would result in the nation dissolving into feuding factions trying to seize power. Zuko, with his generals turning rouge and the Earth kingdoms unlikely to lend him support (they are still rebuilding) or shelter him (the earthbenders are unlikely to have forgiven the fire nation so quickly) would face being disposed very quickly/

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We have no proof that all the generals were all like Zhao; willing to die instead of admitting their faults.


Point, but all of the “father's to their men” were also the ones who rebelled. The loyal generals (names flashback guy, Zhao, and arguable Azula/Ozai, depending on if you want to count them) defiantly weren't. That implies to me that anyone to friendly to their men would not have gotten far in Ozai’s court. Though there might be some generals who were encourage to retire early for being too soft that Zuko can look up.

And I’m not so sure about the go home part either. First a lot of the top generals seem to hand around at the palace of the Fire Lord. So they’re probably able to visit home any time the like. Secondly, going home in victory, sure? Going home in disgrace? An artifact of an evil war?

Some could be his allies. And the middle and lower class of solders. Who are getting sent out on long mission with a high risk of death could be his allies(though you might have to get over hatred from years of fighting and seeing earthbenders kill their buddies)


They don’t have to be willing to die, just willing to make trouble for Zuko and chaft under his rule. Sure he can have them executed, but executing all the former generals of the Fire Nation is probably going to put a crimp on the “We haven’t surrendered just seen the right way of doing things/ I’m a nice Fire Lord” vibe.

I like your continued analysis. It shows real thought and understanding. I also feel we're reaching toward some kind of consensus here, which might be a good basis for fics. Your post actually makes me think of the situation in the late Ottoman Empire, or Japan around the Meiji restoration. I could certainly see a general of the type you describe attempting to set himself up as a shogun of sorts in some part of the Fire Nation (or perhaps the colonies), far from the Royal Capital City, perhaps even suborning de facto control of the Fire Nation for a brief time, before Zuko's rule is restored by something akin to the Young Turks (restoration as a constitutional monarchy) or Satchō Alliance (restoration as an absolute monarch).

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  I think it's time we had another one.

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See pic here: >>73585
Also, just realized you might be "murph", so it could be redundant.

Video's pretty nice. It certainly sparked more emotion watching it than Naruto ever did with that song. Wonder why?


Yep, that was me. I was just listing the character parallels the AMV used in the spoiler tags.

I guess either way might work, really. The Aang = Shepard connection seemed to fit more than making Aang Wash cuz he's "pilot of the ship".

File: 127748788145.jpg-(237.28KB, 463x415, wrex.jpg)
At first glance, I thought you were talking about Mass Effect, what with Shepard and ship's pilot and all. And that made me wonder who Appa would be.

hide File: 127733267040.jpg-(44.03KB, 300x400, the_last_airbender.jpg)
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Can you help me +/a/?

I'm currently living in Japan and I wanted to watch Avatar in Japanese. I found this clip
and apparently this show aired on nick japan.
My googlebending is weak. Is there a place where I can find and watch/download the entire series?

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>>80009 An underage character in a show in Japan? She wasn't popular enough so they just cut her out.

...Wait. Sorry, no.
Can't get it myself, it seems.

I've searched so hard. Those previews make it look like it actually aired, but I guess noone recorded it? The DVDs on are just the imported ones from the US.

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Avatar fandom is home to an awesomely huge number of ships, from Kataang to Tyzula to Jetko and everything in between. So I thought it might be interesting to have a thread where people champion their ships so to speak, kinda like the LJ community ship_manifesto.

So, +/a/--what do you ship, and why?

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ZeiKuei, and to a lesser extent MaiTara. I shall provide no explanation, as there is none, beyond me being an obsessive freak for the first, and the porn is really hot for the second.
Also, I would really love sauce on this pic.


if she did happen to care for Azula (I think she did, but not much) it would only have been because they're friends. kind of like how we care about our friends nowadays. i dont think its a strong bond, but you never know. i've always felt that ty lee's bond with mai was a lot stronger than ty lee's bond with azula.

Okay I've skimmed through most of this thread and I haven't seen the FIRST Toph/Sokka pairing.
Well then again she is like 12...

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So my girlfriend came up to me and said,

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File: 127726330825.jpg-(29.95KB, 490x326, im12whatisthis1.jpg)

Oh, Aang. Someday you'll learn. Katara will teach you.

File: 127728226282.jpg-(40.21KB, 500x700, katara milf_.jpg)
Best Thread on /a/ right now.


Prepare your anus!

hide File: 127723909150.jpg-(107.87KB, 640x480, avatargame.jpg)
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(Couldn't find a picture of Zuko from the games)

This is going to sound really weird and probably stupid as hell, but does anyone know if Zuko's voice actor has an Xbox360?

I just played someone in Super Street Fighter IV with the gamertag "Dante Basco" and while I seriously doubt it's the same guy, I can't help but wonder.

It's probably not him, but here's that guy's info.

Hah, that would have been cool if it really was him.

hide File: 127679209214.jpg-(22.58KB, 600x442, 1_843867457l.jpg)
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How come Airbending Avatars are the only ones that get additional glowy?

Or will any tattoo glow in the Avatar State?

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File: 127681992577.jpg-(24.87KB, 422x466, mom-tattoo1256089966.jpg)
Nah, if anything they'd have one of these.

Well, I remember him saying in the pilot (voiced by Michel Musso, apparently) "It's in the legs."

Which, I suppose is fundamental for Tai-Chi, so eh.

Wrong, that tattoo clearly belongs to Zuko.

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Ozai: great villain, or lame one?

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I'm sort of inclined to agree with them. Maybe it's because the Gaang interacted with him more, maybe it was his more subtle, sinister approach to being a villain, maybe it was actually killing someone on-screen. Ozai may be the Big Bad, but I think Long Feng scores more points overall.


These right here. As an antagonist/villain he's alright, but as a character, he's just a bit one dimensional. What's the driving force behind him? World domination, yes, but why did he care for it so badly? World domination for world domination's sake is cliche and weak story telling. Did he want the world because he thought he could make it a better place like his grandfather did? Did he want the world because he thought it would improve the quality of his nation and people? Did he want the world because he thought waging war was an easy way to keep his people employed and obedient? This question is never really answered. Ozai has no known motivation for continuing the war.

And the subject of caring is the biggest flaw of his character. Forget asking about why does he care that he conquers the world. The question should be does he actually care for anything at all, even for selfish reasons? He doesn't care about his troops, his wife, his son, or inevitably his perfect daughter. As characters, Zhao cared about his legacy and rank in the navy, Long Feng cared about his own position and power within Ba Sing Se, and Azula cared about being perfect and making her father proud. These deep rooted motivations are all things the three worked their entire lives to achieve and said motivations demonstrate why they all went to the extremes they did to achieve their goals.

But Ozai? Ozai's position in life was plenty safe without the need to wage war against others. What did he stand to lose if he didn't take the actions he did? Nothing really, and that's why he just falls flat; he just doesn't care about anything.

With the least edits to the show as it is, the easiest way to give Ozai motivation for continuing the war and to show he cared about at least one thing would have been to make his key motivation have something to do with Iroh. Iroh was first born, a general, and off in the world almost conquering Ba Sing Se. Ozai on the other hand was second born, no real job, and just sat around the palace. All you'd have to do to is add a quick flashback scene in season 2 where we see a jealous Ozai confront Ir
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


His motivation was probably glory. His desire to be Fire Lord in Zuko Alone, and his later crowning of himself the (I'd assume) first ever Phoenix King before setting off to burn the Earth Kingdom to the ground (with a newly discovered technology too) definitely scream "I WANT GLORY!" Also, his joy at seeing the Avatar in the finale speaks to this as well. Killing the Avatar and then conquering the world as the Phoenix King (while ending a 100 year long war) would permanently cement him in history.

But yeah, he was a really undeveloped villain especially considering Avatar's track record.

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